Sunday, December 17, 2006

ok, so the math isn't perfect.

I'm 27% City
66% Country.....
your turn

How CITY are you?
[x] I've been to Starbucks more than once in my life
[ ] I link arms whenever I walk with someone
[ ] I shop at AE, A&F, or HCO
[x] I own 2 or more polo shirts
[x] I will never be caught without my cellphone
[ ] I straighten or blow dry my hair on a daily basis

[ ] I wear flipflops no matter what the weather
[ ] I own an oversized pair of sunglasses
[ ] I own 1 or more pairs of ripped jeans
[x] I layer my shirts
[ ] I will do anything to get the best Myspace pic
[ ] I had a "Myspace mirror pic"

[ ] When I'm not drinking starbucks I prefer water
[ ] I get annoyed with tom-boys
[x] I own an oversized bag or purse
[ ] I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach
[ ] My new addiction is two a days
[x] I say "lol" in every sentence of every online conversation
[ ] I own tight jeans

[ ] I wear large necklaces
[ ] I own an iPod/mp3 player
[x] The internet = survival
[ ] one of the sports I play/played is football,Baseball,Basketball
[x] have 5 or more pairs of shoes

[ ] I have said "lol" in a real conversation
[ ] I love shopping
[ ] I shop whenever I have a chance
[ ] I own a bathing suit that cost 100 dollars or more
[x] I have watched the Simple Life

***add x's and multiply by 3 and put "I'm % city***

How COUNTRY Are You?

have you...

[x] ridden a horse
[x] owned a horse
[ ] owned land
[x] been 4wheelin
[x] said "ain't"
[ ] been cow-tipping
[ ] been deer hunting
[x] been swimming in a lake
[x] caught a fish
[ ] seen a deer get skinned
Total: 6

You ...
[x] have worked on a ranch or on land
[x] have lived in a house in the middle of nowhere
[x] have went swimming in a river
[x] driven or have owned a truck
[ ] own a rebel flag
[x] like to fish
[ ] have a funny accent... or thats what people tell you
[ ] own/owned a pair of cowboy boots
[ ] own/owned a cowboy hat
[x] own/have owned a big dog
[ ] sometimes say "y'all"
[x] have gotten made fun of for sayin "y'all"
Total: 6

You also...
[x] cuss when you're mad
[ ] have dipped/dip snuff
[x] go to church on sunday
[ ] owned/own a bird dog
[ ] have riddin a horse to somewhere in town (NOT YET!!!! ON THE LIST)
[x] have gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch
[x] have eaten deer meat
[x] have shot a gun
[ ] own a gun
[x] have parked your vehicles in the yard
Total: 6

[ ] have gone shopping...for a gun
[ ] get the kids in your family a toy gun for christmas
[x] wear long sleeves even in the summer (AT THE RANCH)
[x] know what stirrups are
[x] have fed the deer
[x] Swam in a watering trough
Total: 4

***add x's and multiply by 3 and put "I'm % country


Beth said...

OK, so what's really fun is pretending you are Babysheff, and filling out the questionaire!

megsheff said...

So..I'm 66% country and 39% city.

T said...

48% city
30& country

so where did the other 22% go?

Anonymous said...

I am 60% city ... woohoo!! good thing I live downtown toronto!

and I am 15% country ... and still trying to shake those country roots off me :)

and 25% Gypsy !

Anonymous said...

60% Country
12% city

Maybe the remaining 28% is suburban?

JKC said...

I'm 36% City, and 48% country... don't know what the other 16% is...