Friday, April 05, 2013


I have GOT to stop watching strange programs/ reading about strange programs before going to bed.

Currently I'm suffering through "4400". The acting. oh... dear... the acting.... But, the story line is great.  It's kind of like watching a train wreck though... the acting. I can't look away.

Anyway last night's dream:

Somehow I was sucked back in time while shopping in Zellers,  into a Theatre where someone was attacking my male counterpart, we escaped through a series of doors that we choose from a rolladex type thing holding doors, and then set up our lives together, eventually falling in love.. having babies... all in sort of a 50's/medieval time period... because those exist.
Eventually we'd saved up enough Canadian Tire money that we could give a try on the good old time machine installed on the wall above a bench in the community centre. The idea was "if you put the right number of bills in the machine in the right order, gold lego bits will spew out. When that happens, collect them up because you'll need the money to restart your life back in your own time period. Then enter in the documents/letters of request into the machine and it'll decide wether to grant you access to the future." BUT. We were living undercover, so my date showed up and asked me what I was doing (while my husband and children and the towns people milled about).. because living undercover means you should be dating someone? Um.. side note: My date was a guy named Tom that I went to grade school with.
Anyway, I turned to my husband, rolled my eyes and said "I'm just going to tell them" and yelled at my date, "We're aliens from the future and we're trying to get back home". Obviously my date left. The towns people all faked shock and acted like they were going to get on their horses and stab us with their jousting poles ... but instead everything went foggy and the time machine thing transported us all outside.
Now the stupid thing was in a giant pumpkin that I had to crawl into to try to feed it the last of our documents, but at least you can cut open a pumpkin, so I used a scalpel and just cut into it to get a note that said "he is the key". We all turned and looked at the littlest baby.... he smiled... and WOOSH, we ended up in my dad's living room back in the future.

The rest of the dream was kind of boring... explaining to people why I was suddenly married with several children.

There was way more detail about the pumpkin that isn't worth sharing to make the story work... like how we had to re-cut the jock-o-lantern's smile larger so I could get my arm in, or the way I basically performed surgery on the pumpkin so no one would know I'd bypassed the system. And the strange things that were inside plugging up the machine.

I could use a real life nap.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Ok, it's April.. I can get writing again now right?

When I started this blog, it was to save me from sending home bulk emails (which tended to bounce back and be annoying) while I was in Togo. This weekend I got to see my Togo family!

The Friesen's second daughter Beth got married in Niagara-on-the-lake... it was lovely.
And seeing the entire family (and some of the other girls from Kara) all grown up was just wonderful.

What else this weekend? Um, everything I own is broken... (it feels like) but there was an Easter miracle and my cousin is giving me his old car... I still don't even know what to do with that information, other than crying in a grateful puddle.

Last night, weird dreams about renting giant buildings with terrible carpets and strange passageways/doorways...  with too many people as room mates and kissing men I shouldn't be kissing. Just a normal night in dream land.