Wednesday, October 25, 2006


ok, at T.Lam's the other day....
Sherpa asks us if we heard about what happened while they were at the phantom farm....
most of us answer "no", T dot starts laughing, and a girl now known as "Bill Nye" looks quizzically at Sherpa.
Sherpa starts to tell the story... "so we were parked in the line up for hours, when this crazy girl starts walking back and forth between the cars..."
Bill Nye says "I was there, I don't think I heard this story"
Sherpa says "honey, you are the story"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

one more

So I thought of a quick story... I needed a topic to get me going.

re:yesterday's post::

So, I went to Togo... we know that much. Months later, I get this message in my inbox from some reporter in town that was a comment put on my blog. I was confused. I went to my blog and couldn't for the life of me figure out why someone would write that. Then I was more confused because I couldn't even FIND the comment on my blog. Turns out, he'd been reading the archives, left a message there re: Togo stuff...
Since I wasn't still on the road, I sent him a quick message to say sure I was interested, but that it wasn't really relevant anymore, and passed on the name of some other friend from Cobourg who was doing some travelling who might be able to help him out.
I never heard from him again.
I was sad.

another flash from the past

Well... really I don't have time to post, but I know that there are a few faithful readers who expect to be given something... anything... to take them from the doldrums of work.. fear not I am here for you.

Last year at this time:: looked a little like this

and I'm not ashamed to say it... looks exactly the same this year.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

flash back.

My first October Blogging = something like this

aka. woah... that was exactly 2 years ago?


not to be confused with weeded.

Manda is now a married woman, she survived the day... not only that she did it gracefully, beautifully, and in the company of many friends.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

did you know? FAQs

It's Manda's wedding on friday:: she will be beautiful, it will be beautiful, and we will all have lots and lots of fun. PLUS the weather will be perfect.

Dalton is coming home:: I am very very excited.

Also:: Katherine Maclellen is playing at the Oasis tonight... I hope you made your reservations.

Also:: Horses are NOT bothered by the colour red.. they could care less what colour you're wearing, they're prety much colour blind.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wet. and locked.

So today, though it was the birthday of two fabulous people... it had a bit of a rough start.

This morning, I'm laying in bed, after fighting with my alarm clock- it seems that the snooze button is nearly toast. I've fixed it twice... but this may be the end.

right right, I'm laying in bed thinking... "it's now 6:55, I have 35 mins till work.. I'm off work at noon for an appointment... that means I'm working how many hours?" trying to do still-asleep-math in my head... I then realize it's tuesday. And I'm suppose to be at work in 5 mins.

I JUMP into my clothes (calling the night staff to say I'll be a few seconds late) and fly down the stairs... remembering just how cold it's been I grab a nice fuzzy coat to stay warm, I'm dragging the coat over my head as I burst out of the house.... into the DOWNPOUR.

it's raining

I dash to the car, thru the GIANT puddles, in my shoes that have a giant crack in the bottom- effectively soaking myself to the core. Scramble into my car, dig in my suitcase sized purse for my keys and zip to work. I pull up, and the co-worker is sitting in his car with it running... (I am 3 mins late) he pulls out as I open the door...

I walk into the house and am greeted with the usual chorus of "why are you here", "where's so and so?", "what's for breakfast?", "so and so said this"- "I DID NOT" "I'm going to stand here and act like a baby till I get my coffee" "who's working tonight?" and some other lines sung together creating a cacophony of "send me home-ness" near intolerable heights.

I set down my bag and reach in for my work keys.

this is important.
EVERYTHING in this home is locked. EVERYTHING. frige, cupboards, closets, office, freezers, you name it, it has a key.

I set down my bag and reach in for my work keys.
I take all the garbage out of my purse and look for my work keys.
I take out everything and look for my work keys.
I go to my car and repeat the process.

it's about this time when Golum says "your keys are in the office lady".

*sigh* so is the phone.

Big day for some FABs

so today is a big day for two fantastic people.
Today is 24 for the Harem leader himself.

AND today is Bethfield's Birthday too!

you should wish them both good wishes!

Monday, October 16, 2006


pretty much the best part of the last post is the spelling error I didn't catch.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

writing in the future

I'm setting the date for this one as if I wrote it tomorrow morning... just to keep up the facade of writing a post a day. Not that I actually write every day....
In fact, this is still Saturday night.
I've just gotten home from the dock. It was the second of the season, we've moved to every other saturday night... it seems like there aren't the same numbers backing it. Not that numbers matter, I know that numbers encourage newcomers, but I could care less how many people are there.
Tonight marked my most nervous signing experience in awhile. Not nearly as nerve wracking as say the SVFF experience... but pretty bad.
Tonight I led worship.
And I nearly remembered to sing the melody for every song. I'll always be an alto, but I was excited to see how much my voice has grown.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

big numbers

9 more vists till we reach the 1500 hit mark.

she's... so... pop...ular

a trick?

MUCH to my disbelief last night I was let in on a little secret that left me scrambling... I didn't believe it at all... In fact... I spend a better part of the conversation trying to figure out if it was a hoax....
But it was true.
So that means....
that though it will be late in it's arrival, I'll have a date for Manda's wedding next week.

Dalton's coming home for reading week.

(I'm SO excited!)

Friday, October 13, 2006


With the wind there comes a change....
or restlessness?
Please pray, I've got some fairly large things to deal with right now. Thanks Ninjas.

In other news:: speaking of "Big" that's a movie I haven't seen in awhile. I'd be up for a viewing if you were....

Also, speaking of "Big" there's the big farewell to be done as we bid ado to the ladies... Two weeks today.

Also speaking of "Big" there's a big ol'wedding taking place next Friday... That would be... ONE week from today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Popeye would be crying

My spinach woes::

Last night we got together to celebrate the engagement of Amberly and Steve at Caseys. Ams and I did quite a bit of reminiscing... The day we all first met, it was just a year ago. Strange.
That time in the Bean- Manda and I were out for our daily mug, T.Lam walked in with Ams, Then VanDan showed up with Dolly and Steve. It was funny because we'd never all hung out before... We just all showed up at the same place at the same time. Who would have known then......

But that's all besides the point. The point is, Caseys is NOT serving their spinach salad due to the E.Co scare and I am devastated.

Monday, October 09, 2006

the hand off

Out for my walk today, I could have sworn it was the end of June and not the beginning of October.

Some sights stain your mind.

I was walking past a coffee shop when I noticed this guy at his car. Most people don't go to their trunk when they get out at a coffee shop, so he sort of caught my attention. He grabbed a small carry-all bag, navy blue, and shut the trunk. This little guy around 5 or 6 jumped out of the car and met him at the back. The man (presumably little guy's dad) passes him the bag and crouches down. He's down on his knees and he wraps his arms around the little guy in a great big embrace. Not a hug... More, a "hang on for all you're worth". It lasts a little longer than your typical father/son embrace. The man is POURING his love on his child.
As it's happening, I know instinctively what's going to happen next.
The man straightens up and the child peers up at him... Both of them are so in love. Then the little guy looks around his dad and spies what they are there for, he throws his arms up, bag banging against his elbow as he runs to a woman, she's walking toward him, cell phone to ear, cigarette in the other hand. She greets him with half a hug, still talking on the phone, I worry about the cigarette by his little head. She doesn't even acknowledge the man who's just delivered this precious little guy to her, she turns him as he tries to wave and she walks back to the picnic table, still smoking, still on the phone.
They sit down and she's still not speaking to him.
I don't know the full story.
But I cried while I watched the short form.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

drummy drummy drum drum

a collection of emails::

Subject: Chicken?I think not!
to those of you who thought "hey, i'm kinda hungry...maybe i'll go get something to eat..."
... IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!! at 6:22
(my clock said: "beep beep....beep beep....beep beep") there was an earthquake in Hunger-bay...... good thing I didn't confuse chinese food with the cat under my bed......
your try-some-chickenballs friend

Subject: A lady? I think not!
to those of you who thought I was a lady...
(my clock said 6:32.... but mine's 10 mins slow!) there was an earthquake on the Thundermug...... good thing I didn't confuse the earth shaking with the lady under my bed...... your trumpet friend

Subject: Lazy? I think not!
to those of you who thought I was Lazy...
IT WAS A milkshAKE!!!!! at 6:22
(my clock said 6:32.... but mine's 10 mins fast!) there was an milkshake in Thunderbay...... good thing I didn't confuse a milk shake with the cat under my bed......
your triumphant friend

Sometimes in your life, a person makes such an impact in your life, that you hang on to the most ridiculous things. Sometimes a person shapes you in such a way that years later, you can't imagine who you would be now if you hadn't known them before. Sometimes you are so influenced by a person, that you lose your train of thought while you are holding a microphone when they walk into the room.
Sometimes you just aren't brave enough to tell them what they've done for you.
grandpa train, it was good to see you again.


fall seems to be a time of reflection.
or at the very least, fall seems to bring reflection to me.
everything around me causes me to pause and look again. the colours standing against the graying sky, the geese drifting to a halt on the fields bare of their crops.
blankets of fog. not just blankets, heavy down comforters of fog, enveloping me.
this morning I drove up to peterborough, and the fog was whisping and swirling around. I had a 15-20 foot envelope of visibility to work in most of the time, like a large parachute of vision pulled tight to the ground by a dozen school children. sometimes the chute was lifted and I could see a little farther, and sometimes for the briefest of moments, the air left the chute and fell to the ground as I hit a thick wall of mist, seeing nothing but the hood of my car.
at one point a single sun beam broke thru the clouds above, and I saw for the first time a rainbow inside the mist. It was amazing, it flickered like a candle, swept across the trees beside me and then lit them on fire with colour. orange became ORANGE, reds became RED and the green dripped with the deepest hues I'd ever seen.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The other night was house group.
I LOVE house. It's great, small group stuff for the teens at a church in town that I help with, each week we get together for a few hours of ridiculous fun games, and some serious chat time. We've only been going for a few weeks so far this year, and it's been neat to see where these kid's hearts are.
part of the House experience is a service project out in the community once every 4 weeks (I think.. maybe it's less often?) So the other night we had our first. We combined the two groups and hit the town for a food drive that covered most of the town. It was advertised on the radio all day, and people were talking about it around town... here's the thing...
These teens were doing something to help others.
They were taking time to help others.
They were using normal teen time that would have been used for homework or hanging out with their friends to serve others in need.
We went door to door, and I COULD NOT believe the number of people out there who closed the door.
We'd give our speal, "we're from.... and we are doing a thanksgiving food drive to help out our local food bank.... would you have..."
and people would either close the door, or if we were lucky, they'd say "not at this time".

a box of Kraft Dinner guys... that's all we want!
I was really surprised at the fact that at the Thanksgiving season, people weren't willing to share what they had, even when we made it easy for them by coming to their home... I know most people say they don't help out because they don't have the time.... but seriously! All in all I was dissapointed in my town. I'm a little frustrated still.

Friday, October 06, 2006

stolen pic

Lantern Festival
Originally uploaded by vario in da haus.
So, I did go to the lantern festival, and I did take many pictures.... the thing I didn't do was get a copy of any of those pictures. OK by me, turns out I'm a lousy photographer, and most of them were blurry. I think the ones T.Lam posted at his site were shots he took.
Anyway, I've procured this photo from flickr, and it's all lights and colours, and basicly that's what the evening was... lights and colours and lights and colours.. it was beautiful.
Going in a large group isn't so much advised. It's dark. It's crowded. go on a date instead.
I'm excited to go again next year, I'll be sure to go a little earlier in the evening to really take things in.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

passport to a new land

so what do my hand and my passport have in common this week?
They're both covered in stamps letting me into cool places...

Thus far, the Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place, and the Toronto Zoo.

I love the zoo.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


the only thing worse than having mice in your apartment, is having one with it's head split open in your trap.