Saturday, March 15, 2014


Spent the evening woth a mix of festival and players friends at the Burnham farm... 3rd annual st.patty's gathering. Low key, fun, sober.

I know I'm in love with the people that I'm with and that I'm not spending enough time with them when I go the entire evening without checking my phone or updating something social media wise.

This isn't growing up... this is getting over the interweb connectedness.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Who's in the house?

Carman's music is laughably awesome. 
(Who's in the house? J.C!)

Last night marked the end of our run of Jesus Christ Superstar.  I haven't spoken to another human being since last night... I hate this part... sort of wandering without purpose, the last of the communal energy dissipating, the drying well of physical proximity and touch.

Trying to pretend to be a normal person again.

Not really ready to put the effort into being with people who haven't been down the rabbit hole themselves.