Friday, December 31, 2004

Thursday, December 30, 2004


I'm sickened at my own compliancy, at my inability to do anything, and my complete ignorance to the pain that's out there.

expressed much better here. See post dated Wednesday Dec.29.


so, something that I don't really understand is that I've checked my profile, and it say's I've only got 25 posts in my site.... the problem is, it's said that for weeks now. And I know I've typed more than 25... what gives?

Lome sunset 2004

doesn't that look nice and warm?
I wish I was nice and warm again.


So the point of yesterday's post...
the princess thing. I got a little caught up in playing with the editing.

I have officially slid back into an annoying Canadian Young Adult habit. I am a consumer.
I like it.

I decided on a dress for the new year's eve party, I feel like a princess. And I get to wear a tiara. The only thing that remains is: will he be there?
No matter, I will not pursue, I will be pursued.
Besides, Manda will be my real date anyway.... NO KISSES!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Like a princess

Did you have a good Christmas? I had a good Christmas. Santa was very generous this year... Did you know that there was such a thing as a wind-up flashlight? How handy! I'll never need to buy batteries again! Now.. If only dear Maggie would make such a creation! *sigh* soon and very soon I imagine.
So, I had the pleasure of working Christmas morning. Where would the pleasure be in that you might ask?
I got to watch the guys open all their Christmas gifts!!!! How fun!
AND this year we had a little extra money around I guess, because the gifts were a-piled high!
At one point Mr. R turned to me (as I put yet another gift in front of him) and said "I can't keep up with Santa" Then he shook his head in disbelief... I laughed.

ok, so I'd forgotten the joys of creating links to web-sites... Please forgive me until I get it out of my system!

Friday, December 24, 2004

soft shoe routine anyone?

so right now the Friesen family (and Barb too) should be right in the middle of a soft shoe routine in order to get their Christmas presents!!!!
hee hee hee
I set up a little game before I left.
In order to figure out which present is their's; they've got to do a number of silly stunts and scavenger hunts and clue finding/busting.... oooooh, I wish I was there to see it!

good luck guys!
And thank you Alaye for your help too! (Did they get the word for belly button right?)


Ok, so you may remember a little thing known as WA-WA (I've had a few people bring it up since I got home)

See post from 10/22/2004 "Grrrr Wa-Wa" if you're not up to speed on that.

So I'd like to make my own little adjustment to it....


Canadian Arctic Wins Again

Yesterday a whole bunch of snow and freezing rain hit central Ontario. It seemed to stop right at the edge of Port Hope, Cobourg got only a little snow. Later in the day we had rain... The rain turned the little snow to slush... No problems here.

This morning I decide to go warm up my car before I go to work... I didn't really feel like walking, being as the temp at 6:30 was around -20 C. Yeah, remember that comment about the "slush... No problem"? The slush is now an inch and a half of ice holding the garage door shut.

I went back inside and called Dave. "Dave" says I, "I'll be 10 mins late, I've got to walk".
Now it's snowing. When I finish work I plan on arming myself with several pots of boiling water and rescuing my Morgan from his icy jail cell. Poor little dear.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


I'm home...

I'm cold.....

WHY do we go caroling in the cold?????

someone kick me please if I EVER volunteer to do it again.....

I'll write more tomorrow night.

*teeth chattering*

Friday, December 17, 2004

whipped cream

well, I'm Ethiopia, and so far so good.. we haven't had to stop for plane parts this time! Although after our first landing (in Nigeria) I thought we'd have to stop and buy some new tires, know how usually the plane bounces a few times, like it's testing the runway? The pilot DROPPED us on to the runway... and half the luggage compartments popped open! it was pretty funny.
Ok, so I saw the coolest thing... other than the goat that was tied to the top of the taxi yesterday... tied standing up ON TOP of the taxi... and other than the lady with the four dead animals on her head.. I think they may have been goats, don't know, they were skinned...
ok, so we take off in Lome and follow the coast for a little while, the air is clear, big fluffy whiter than white clouds are towering into the sky around us (but no further than the beach, there was nothing over the water) then we turned north. We had only been going that way for about 2-3 mins when I looked out and saw this strange fog... dirty fog that we were about to fly over... then you could barely see the ground. it was like looking at a slightly out of focus sepia photograph. It was Harmatan! I hadn't thought about the fact that you could see it from up there.. ok, but the coolest part was the clouds... they looked like little red cotton balls below the fog, but in some places they reached out above the harmatan, whiter than white. It kida reminded me of iceburgs floating in weak tea.... very cool.
praise God I had two seats to myself on the way here (window!!!!!) it was nice!!!
see you soon I love you

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Ok, so tomorrow marks the last morning that I wake up in Togo… lol, today that sounds like a great idea, I’d forgotten how HUMID it is down here in Lome! When we arrived yesterday my hair was straight, but by the time I’d carried my bags to my room it was curly… go figure!
I spent my last day in Kara being a tourist, taking pictures, visiting the market, practicing my bad Kabye at the centre… the day went by pretty quickly. It was hard to say good bye to people… I hate good byes!!! Marv drove me down to Lome, and Lisa came too, so I had to do goodbyes with the rest of the family back in Kara… I am going to miss that family… let me tell you!
So, is there anyone interested in putting together a team to do the kid/teen program this summer? Let me know SERIOUSLY. It’s two weeks of VBS stuff (so a three week trip- gotta factor in travel time etc) in the end part of July. A wide age group, the parents who are missionaries with SIL/Wycliffe have their Spiritual retreat/conference, and they need a group to do child care/VBS/Youth group while it’s on. Email me if you want some more info.
Ug, I can’t remember all the things I wanted to write today….
Check out Brian and Christy’s website if you get the chance. They’ve got some great pictures and stories of their time here. They are a young couple (ok, the ONLY people my age who speak English) working as teachers for another group of missionary families. They are amazing, and I kick myself a little each day for not getting to know them sooner. They arrived around the same time that I did, and they are staying for the full school year, pray for them when you remember!
Well, I’m not feeling so articulate this morning,
Labi jet (see you tomorrow)Les

Sunday, December 12, 2004

soon and very soon

This will likely be my last post until I get home. I leave Kara to drive to Lome on Wednesday morning, and I don’t think we’ll be bringing any computers with us. SO if I’m not too jet lagged on Sunday, I’ll try to get a little report in :)

Praise God
I’m tired, I’m hot and I’m lonely.
But I get to come home soon, and it’s been an amazing time. I’ve seen first hand how God plans things out even when we don’t really understand the purpose of things. And it’s been an incredible experience being a part of His plan! I still remember thinking last spring, when I first felt like I was suppose to be going on some sort of short term project, that it was strange timing, and short notice… I remember seeing the reaction on some people’s faces when I said “I’m suppose to be going somewhere in September, but I don’t know what I’m suppose to be doing..” and realizing that their reaction was exactly what I was feeling in my own heart. It’s pretty neat…

Now I’m sitting here listening to Spot (our spot-free “guard” dog) try to catch the skink that I’ve just chased out of the living room onto the porch, and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! In a matter of days I’ll be home. No more mosquito nets to fight with at night, no more washing my feet more often than brushing my teeth, no more geckos falling from the door frame onto my head… (no more wriggling gecko tails on the front porch!) (Spot likes to leave that part behind) No more chickens, pigs, goats, mosques, church bells, loud insects, pentads, motos or others waking me up at 4am. No more sun burnt nose (for a little while longer anyway) No dust filled eyes, ears, nose, mouth (read teeth), hair. No more pot holes with pot holes in them, no more scary roads… someone really should build some sidewalks here! BUT that also means no more tomato ladies, no more village experiences, no more “Larium Delirium”, no more market, no more interacting with the people here, no more working with the kids, no more children singing “yovo, ansi” no more amazing views and sights, no more “ladies in training” (hey, I didn’t give it that name, they did) - girls bible study, no more being a part of life here… that’s not true, there are tons of things I can being doing from home…

Does your church have a missionary (or missionary family) out in the field/at home on furlough? contact them (EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER MET THEM!!!)… ask them how you can being praying for them… send them letters.. send them Christmas cards. Let them know they haven’t been forgotten. We continually say we want to be doing more for missions… these are the simplest of things that can be done!!!! The people here are working hard, but they NEED to have support from home. They NEED encouragement. They NEED prayer…
sorry a little tangent there..

love you all,

Les Tomates

Tomato ladies. So the other night Barb and I were sitting on the porch swatting mosquitoes and dreaming of ordering a pizza. HA (that was a Pastor Scott laugh). Were trying to figure out how we would give directions to people’s homes for delivery… if in fact there were a pizza place that delivered. If in fact there were a pizza place. If in fact anyone knew what a pizza was. (untrue, you can get something that resembles a pizza at both restaurants in town). We imagined sending them to Brian and Chirsty’s place (see new link in “people I love”, more on them later). “Ok, so deliver the pizza to the second or third street after the bigger soccer field, pass the moto repair place… well, maybe it’s not moto repairs… maybe it’s just a resting spot for moto drivers… pass them, go to the place where the road splits, take the one on the left, it looks more like a bike path. Then pass the house with the cement walls with diamond shapes in it… it might be the next house or the next house. It’s cement, with a rust-coloured gates, and the trim on the windows is painted blue. But you can’t see that part because it’s behind the wall.” Those are the actual directions I was given when I called Christy. As for our house, that’s an easy delivery! Take the main road. Turn when you reach the tomato lady corner. first house on the right after the pig hole with working lights… unfortunately the tomato ladies leave after the sun sets, so you’ll just have to guess which corner it is, and it’s dry season now, so the pig hole is gone.

This morning I went to church with the Crocker family up to Tamburma-land… I love church under a tree. However, there is one draw-back. There are lots of interruptions! In the middle of prayer time, who should wander into our midst? One big fat pig. Benjamin chased him away, much to everyone’s amusement.. Ben is just over a year old. Not much later, three Banty chickens wandered into our circle. Not more than 5 mins later a flock of Pentads walked right past us… they are NOISEY! (you can find some of them at the Peterborough Zoo, right behind the playground equipment, it’s that random looking pen that looks as if there’s nothing in it.) There’s one yelling right now outside the window!
I love going out to the village for church. This is the one with the CRAZY mountain pass (see picture) and the area where people live in tatas (little castle homes).

I found out that Lynn’s 70!

ok, too hot to type, going to stop, will write more despite what the second post says… ok ok, I wrote it first.

pass to Tamburma-land

Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
yep... we stopped just for a short break, there were a few trucks on the mountain ahead of us...
Then we realised they weren't going down at all... they had driven too close to the side of the mountain and had tipped INTO it... so they were wedged and waiting for help to eventually come... there wasn't anything we could do, and no one was hurt... despite the fact that the cab of the first truck had FOLDED under itself, so the grill was on the ground and the cab had come apart from the body of the truck... the driver had climbed out the window.

Monday, December 06, 2004

rainy season

village church 056
Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
some of you have seen this one too. It was taken before I got here... (yup, I've been borrowing pics from others) This is the Crocker's truck on the way to Church in the village. Sometimes the puddles get a little deep.
A friend of mine has this great picture on their computer of them crossing the river to get to the village...they had to tie a rope across first so that they'd have something to hang onto!!!
But, now it's heading into dry season.... I haven't seen a puddle in forever!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
Well, I wish I could say I took this one... I plan on blowing it up when I get home. This was taken down at the Lome beach, fishing boat waiting for morning. The beach (from a distance) is so cool to see, the fishing boats all lined up, men sitting repairing their nets, women doing their laundry, kids splashing in the waves. The palm trees line the beach... it's like a postcard come to life. lol, untill you look closely. When you go swimming, you have to dodge the palastic bags that are floating in the waves, and watch your step! Lot's of people use the main beach as a public toliet!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

togo tata

togo tata
Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
Remember a waaaaay back when I was going to Church with the Crocker family up North.. crazy mountain passes and all that jazz??? Well, this is a really bad picture of a Tata... I don't have one of the front of the house... well, I do, but it's not on the digital camera... sorry, you'll just have to wait to see the whole thing :)

Kara Mountain

Kara Mountain 2004 (2)
Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
This is a view from partway up the Kara mountain... the who valley is Kara (the town where I am working). It's like a bowl surrounded by the mountains...

more pics

Originally uploaded by L. Bo.
This photo was taken from the top of the water tower at the centre, this is what lies behind the centre. The mosque thankfully wasn't allowed to set up their loudspeakers, so while I was living on centre I wasn't woken up very often... except on occasion by their "elephant"... Where I'm living now there's a fairly large Mosque, with an extremly loud P.A. system.... I don't need a clock to wake up in the morning... *sigh* I wish I did...

behind bars...

Hey Ninjas,
I had the opportunity to visit the prison yesterday with Lynn. This is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.. Lynn has been doing prison ministry here in Kara for a number of years. Originally she started her visiting with a Catholic mission, then as she became more well know with the guards and officials, she began her own work there. She brought in a pastor and they would preach and do counseling… Then the prison officials closed down the building to all visitors and mission activities… Lynn came up with the idea to have a medical clinic there!

Lynn approached him with the idea of a clinic and he said yes, but no preaching… Lynn said no. But the guard knew they really did need someone to come in and give some attention to the medical needs, so he eventually gave in.
Now Lynn and a few others go in once a week, and provide care… They don’t do it for free, the cost of a consultation and medication is one memorized bible verse. We stayed for 2 hours and saw 60 people, Suzanne and Lynn treated everything from earaches and Malaria to Eye infections and abrasions.
Emotionally it was a wearing day!
Pray for Lynn and her ministry there… she shows the Jesus video each week, goes in to provide councelling, provideds food for those who don’t have relatives to provide for them, brings clothes for people as their old clothes wear out, each Christmas throws a “banquet” for all the prisoners, and ensures that EVERY inmate has a sleeping mat. Did I mention that she’s a grandmother???
If you want I can give you some contact information to reach her, I’m sure that she’d love to know if you are praying for her… email me and I’ll send it to you :)
Things you can pray for- Continued relationships with those in charge, safety (this is a prison!) medical supplies, and opportunities to serve….

I met someone who will be on the same (first) flight with me on the way home! Lydia works in Ethiopia and has been here at the SIL centre doing some training for the past two weeks. It’s nice to have a traveling companion!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

first sight?

Kara Mountain 2004 (13)

yup, attempt # 100 000 002

this should be a picture of my neighbour's house... if its not... you're all going to have to wait until I get home to see some pictures... if it is..... I'll post a few more :)


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