Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hic... up.

When I'm stressed I get the hiccups. It has something to do with the way that I carry myself. Something to do with the tightness in my chest... more specifically... my stomach.

Being cold ... really cold... has the same effect.

I got into my car... and seriously, I swore.
Out loud.
To no one.
Because it was so cold.

I haven't stopped hiccuping since I left the house.

on a sad side note, Will @ be the boy detective agency is going to be no more for awhile. (I say awhile, in hopes that he realizes-once a blogger, always a blogger) (lol, although, I did love the "not blogging is the new blogging" someone wrote in the comments)
He's one of my favourite bloggers... you should definitely go read some of his stuff... and then some of his wife's stuff too...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I get the days mixed up

Tonight I opened my facebook account and read "our statuses are slightly meta" on my wall.

I have a friend who is lovely and deep. She writes, and it means more than it says, and often I am jealous. That's just the way it is.

Her status read "Golden is never enough, and always too much"
My status read " L.Bo can't ever get enough".

I had to go to her wall and confess :: "I wish mine had a deeper meaning... I was just thinking about Jonny Cash."

(oh man, we're so not friends anymore... not since I called her Golden just now)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bunday Monday

better late than never.

I've been trying to get a shot of Goobery McGoobersons while he spits meds all over me... but I'm finding that all I want to do is get it in him, and get him back on the ground as quick as possible. He gave a mighty grunt and tried to thump while he was on my lap tonight, so now we're setting up special "let me sit and heap love on you" sessions, so he doesn't forget that there is some love for him deep down somewhere...deep... deep.... somewhere.

Him, beat from the fight..... Me, beat from the fight.....
(note the goo all over me... and not him)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

take over

I used to have a second blog.
One where I didn't have to be PC. One where I did a lot of swearing. Where I'd write about the things that were going on in my head- but didn't want to say out loud.
There were a few people who knew about it, people I trust.
I liked a lot of the stuff I wrote there.

I deleted it a few months back, trying to make a clean slate.... and forgot about it.

Two days ago I got a txt from Be-Bop (now there's a name that hasn't been around in awhile...) he wanted to check in I guess... and couldn't remember the address to that site.... it left me searching my brain... I couldn't remember at first either.

Someone else has claimed it as their own. And.. funny thing is, their first post is so much like my first had been.

spell check is working again!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's Cosby?

You remember that TV show, where Cosby would sit those kids down and (humiliate) interview them? I'm pretty sure it was "Kids Say the Darnedest Things".
I help out with a youth group.
Not little kids.

Last night we were talking about the Pregnancy Crisis Centre in town, We did a small fundraiser for it last week, and some of our kids took a tour and talked with the director.

G.I.Netty asked those kids to share with the others what it was that they learned...
Hyper Girl pipes up (for once paying attention to the conversation) (twirling her hair)
"We learned that we should practice procrastination."
Everyone looked at her a little dumbfounded... till a friend translated.
"I think you mean abstinence."

Thursday, February 21, 2008


no, not an extended "go"... that would be Goo.
As in... slimy.
As in, bunny medicine.

Not that this blog has become dedicated to the sole purpose of updating you on the buns. But...

Guess who decided that he really didn't like the medicine after all?

Oh, yes, that would be Sir Flopsalot. Mr. I hate to be force fed. Little Bunny Scrachsalot. Giant Goober-covered-in-white-goo-hitting-me-in-the-face-with-his-giant-ears. King of Disaproval. Angry Bunny. Guy Spittle. Spitty McSpitterson.

I've dedicated a sweater to the cause.
Two doses and already it's covered in paste.

Now, this would be no problem if there was lots of time to coddle and soothe. But. I made the mistake of taking a second job now- so later, I can be lazy. That leaves me with a 30 min turn around between jobs in the morning. Time enough to brush my teeth, wash my face... and get to my next job. Not so much time for early morning bunny wrestling.

Praying that it gets better with time,
your's truely,

Ms. Wishes-she-had-chosen-goldfish.

(uh... I know that the time stamp doesn't really reflect the morning turn-around, I just really like to post late at night and pretend it's the morning.) (I'm a dork)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


well, it's done, and he's half the man he used to be.

errr... something like that.

In the end, putting him out was enough to relax him... and I quote "and it's not like he's small in any way... I couldn't figure out how he got those inside of him!" (from his vet)

He was pretty well behaved, and loved the attention dispite being in that tiny little cat carrier. There were squeals from the vet techs as he came in... I told them a giant bunny was coming, but... I think they thought I was kidding.

I was surprised that he only weighed 11.7 lbs, I thought for sure he'd be well over 12 by now...

I'm thankful that everything went well... and I'm also thankful I'm not going to have to force feed him the meds, he was trying to chew open the syringe to get to the last drop last night....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Just got a call from the vet's office....

Seems like Pontouf has got himself in such a state of worry that... well... there's nothing to Neuter. He's sucked them back up.
She's going to try to knock him out in hopes that he'll drop them...

I can see this getting expensive.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Bunday

pulled from the archives.... I left my camera at work again.

Little baby Fynn Pants, sitting on some of his siblings. He likes to sit on Pontouf too.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the day after

the gala was lovely... really really lovely.

it was almost like bootcamp for festival season, running around, getting things ready, keeping things moving, so tired you want to cry. But much shorter. Over before it had really started.

It did keep going afterwards, a group headed out to the B&B (more about that place later) for music and song and libation.
I headed to bed.
Knowing that my morning shift was going to be coming all too soon.

I walked thru a snow bank in open toed shoes just to get to my bed faster.... it was that important.

And as I lay snug in my sheets, I wondered "did I lock the door?" as I heard the sound of someone coming into the house.

They wandered around, I heard some thumping in the kitchen....

I rolled over in my bed, pulled the sheets higher, sighed... and thought to myself "well, at least if they kill me I won't have to go to work in the morning." then promptly fell asleep.

Sadly I awoke to my alarm.
It had only been my roommate coming home.

Friday, February 15, 2008


tonight's a gooder.

how do you make an annual general meeting fun? (other than the fun-ness of SVFF it's self?)

Dress up with fun folks.

SVFF gala event!


Song circle...

Kicking myself that I never got around to learning some new songs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

you're kidding right?

(note::this was written last night)

I wasn't very nice to someone on the phone this morning.... No, scratch that... I wasn't OVERLY polite... like.. Canadian polite.
And I think this lady was expecting me to be...
It was the realestate agent.

remember when I said the landlord was thinking of listing early? Yeah... the house is being shown at noon tomorrow.

So... now I feel terrible for bringing my two roomates into this mess...
AND I feel annoyed, because when it's a "friend of the family" type thing, you don't want to stir the pot.

It's a great little house... but not worth what they're asking for it... and the number they've chosen is way out of my price limit.

Here's what gets me though. She told me she was going to list in April.
She told Roomie #2 she was going to list in April.
When we first looked at the house and were considering moving in... she said if we didn't want it right away... she was going to list it in the paper to rent. Did she figure strangers were going to be ok with being misled? Or, just more comfortable misleading people that "were friends" knowing we probably wouldn't rock the boat too much? It really isn't worth the trouble... we're still dealing with the crazy lady from the old house.... still no rent receipts... still no post dated cheques.

Supposedly there's to be a late closing date...
yeah... right.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I know I said I wouldn't... but....

"this cheese... and Leonard..... I don't need anything more in life."

"please tell me you're not going to blog this?"

"uh... yeah."

Monday, February 11, 2008

not so much theory... mostly just fact

disclaimer:: the link which you are about to follow may or may not lead you to some unsavoury language. However... it's worth it.

Remember how I'm in a band (theoretically?)

not only that... I'm now quoted on the band's site.
Can you guess which entry is mine?

Bunday Monday

I turned around just in time to see little Fynn Pant's tail sticking thru the side of the cage... I couldn't reach my camera, but my phone was handy... hmmm, two phone pic posts in a row!

look at that lill' tailio!

note:: check the completely blissed out 'Touf down below... a little blurry, but you can see his white belly fur, he's taken to doing the full bunny-body-slam flipping onto his back when he lays down. He hurt his front paw pretty bad on tuesday and only just started putting weight on it Saturday, he's been banished to the bottom half of the cage so he won't hurt it more jumping up and down... I'm pretty sure it was a sprain of sorts, he had full range of motion with the leg, and there were no strange bumps or hot spots.
His neuter is next week, and he's been picking on Fynn a lot in the past two weeks... which makes Fynn chase him... and makes him fall off the second floor of the cage a lot trying to escape... silly bunnys. They're seperated right now, (Fynn has the second floor) which makes them both miserable - they are really bonded to eachother well.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes a little TMI

:: disclaimer.... this might be more than you wanted to know::

Back after my birthday I wrote that I had a TMI post coming up. But, in the end I didn't write it. My dear friends, after a small gathering that included one boy (who didn't flinch away too much), may I present a post entitled "a pirate in my pants".

Sometimes, I have a pirate in my pants.
Sometimes a happy meal.... k, wait, no, that sounded really bad.
Most of you know that Roomie one (to be henceforth known as DoulaS) and I were taking great pains to cut down on out environmental inpact at our last apartment (we're still trying, just getting back into the groove around the new house). Small steps that we took to cut our water consumption by HALF, and reduced our garbage (not including bunny cage stuff) to just over half a bag every two weeks. I'm not sure how much we reduced our electric bill, 'cause many of the choices we made there... we started when we first moved in, switching our light bulbs to those crazy energy efficiant ones, not using the air con unless the candles were melting (cause those are good indicators that you need to cool down), lights on timers, lights off when you leave the room, using the georgie instead of grilling and broiling (george takes way less time and energy than that old stove) yadda yadda yadda. We did some composting in the summer time, but we didn't have a yard, so we had to hang on to the bucket or bag (biodegradable) till we were going to a home with a composter... We even started thinking about setting up our own worm bin in the kitchen (vermicomposting)!
Some of the changes included switching to recycled paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) and trying hard not to use those paper towels- which is why so many of our tea towels are now stained funny... I should really do something about that.
We both switched to the Diva cup and I haven't bought pads or tampons in a year and a half!

Which now brings me to the pirates and the happy meal... and the bunny, and the diet coke... in my pants.

DoulaS found her true calling. Back when we were in high school, and I thought that maybe I was a quilter at heart, when things would get really annoying... somone would shout "THAT'S IT! I'M BUYING FABRIC!" and we'd stomp over to some store and dig thru the bins of pretty fat quarters. Well... now I've got piles of cute fabric, (and paper!) But DoulaS found people actually putting that hording instinct to good use, and started to investigate cloth pads. (Check her site for a bunch of links)(down in the "that time of the month" link section)(I'm not even joking).
I had NO idea that people still did that... but there have been a ton of changes since our granny's pads...

Anyway, for my birthday, I got a selection of pretty pads... (don't worry, the picture is of them new and unused)

meh... camera phone pictures always suck.

that post ended up being a lot longer than I intended.
All I wanted to write about was the pads.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


ok, so Mandamanda was in town this weekend, and we stopped by the little fancy place to have supper.
I hate expensive places... well, when they're expensive for no reason I mean... like.. the $48 steak.... who eats a $48 steak? really?

anyway, I was cheap. I had the red curry. I'd heard people going on and on about the red curry in the past, so I gave it a go.
It was good.

It had SO much cocconut milk in it, that with the rice...

it tasted like rice pudding.

curry rice pudding.

Friday, February 08, 2008

.... wishful

well, that's decided it then, I'm moving out of the country. Probably back to Africa.
How great would it be if that was true???

believe it or not, leaving our last apartment WASN'T the end of the crazy landlord! We found an envelope in our mailbox (at our new home) on Wednesday that had been hand delivered... from... yes... her.
It appears that she is now holding our post dated cheques and our rent receipts ransom.
How great would it be if that WASN'T true???

Yup... a letter stating that we needed to deliver the gas bill in person to her husband at his place of work. And a copy of a tenancy agreement... with the part about giving 60 days notice circled and starred. I'm pretty sure that 16 degree weekends and daytimes cancel out any holdings to any sort of tenancy agreement (we only gave them 46? days.... but moved out after 30) ... though they did start entering the place without our permission before we moved completely out...... anyway, once we delivered the gas bill to him he would give us the post dated cheques and receipts.
yeah... no.
I was done yesterday after 9pm.... he wasn't going to be at his work at that hour, so now it sits in their mailbox. with a note that says "sorry I missed you at work" and another letter asking for our receipts and cheques AND a S.A.S.E to make it easier for them.

But, on a happier note. Our new house is great.
Though the landlord is putting the house back on the market 3 months earlier than she said she was.

Did I mention I'm leaving the country?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

holy-holey-wholey- hoo lee.

(note:: I wrote this yesterday... but I'm posting it today...)

Hoo Lee, the first Chinese restaurant that I ever ate in… that WASN’T a buffet… is closing.
Or, at least, someone told me that the other day… I should probably read the note on the door when I walk past it tomorrow.
But that’s not today’s topic.

It’s Shrove Tuesday… the beginning of Lent.
Pancake day.
I forgot to eat pancakes.
I ate a bowl of taco casserole instead.

At the office today we were talking about pancake Tuesday… “Harvey” was with us, and was running his usual stream of thought… it was then I remembered that I’d just read an archived post last week (while looking for slothfest info) about the last Shrove Tuesday we spent together. So, of course, I shared the story with them...

Tonight for work I went to church to eat pancakes.... (remind me when you see me
that I've given up all potatoes and their products for lent) walking out of the
church, JB turns to me and says (as per usual) "that was a big big portion eh?"
I went into auto response
"yes yes, it was big big" (because apparently
I was Jacob Two Two in a previous life?)
Then in a change from what should
have been next (that being: "a big honkin' portion")

"those were
Anglican sized pancakes"

what? Anglican's have their own sized pancakes?

I finished my story... and they turned and looked at me. First laughing, then deadly silent.

"are you blogging about us?"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


ok, so I'm doing an interview...

and I've got a few ideas, but now I turn to you... What is something that you want to know about someone you've never met before?

If you were doing an interview with a stranger.... what's the first thing you'd ask them?
Keep in mind, this is a blogger, used to sharing the random bits and pieces online with whomever'd care to read it.
I want to send this person their questions this evening, so act now!

stupid spell check.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Bunday

I was getting ready to post for today, and was flipping thru some pictures, trying to decide which shot to use... when I opened this one I got excited....

I've been looking for that stupid tie-dyed sock for a week.... look careful, somewhere near a pirate's mouth.

(pirate slipper that is).

Sunday, February 03, 2008


also at work...

a discussion about Spain.

"now Spain.... that's the one like Mexico... but Spanish right?"

/me nods.

right right right

If you know me... you know that sometimes... I just miss it.

I've yet to watch the movie "Transformers" in it's entirety, but it's been playing in the background at work for weeks now.

Today I sat down for a little while to watch some of it.

As I was sitting there (I don't know any of the character's names) they showed the back history of the story.... the grandfather of the main guy had made a discovery that had set the events in motion....
He fell into a cave of ice and snow..
his glasses fell from his head,
he hit JUST the right part of the transformer,
and it somehow happened to be lined up with his glasses JUST right...
and the transformer dude was able to encode something or other into the lenses of his glasses.
Years later, the kid still has his grandfather's glasses...
and is selling them on Ebay......

I stand up and think.... "yeah right! Who keeps a pair of their grandfather's crappy cracked glasses that long??? this movie is soooo far fetched!"
and walk away.

wasn't for like another hour that I remembered that he was also talking to a robot from outerspace.

spell check is still down.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


That last post wasn't intended to sound nearly as synical as it ended up being.

and my computer is acting up.... spell check isn't working, msn is cutting in and out, and I can't pirate due to "crazy lag" (I CAN sword fight though... watch out).


I did spend the morning at the bean... and partook (like partake, but past tense) of their new and splendid brunch.
I reccomend it.
And if you'd tell them that I reccomended it, I'd apreciate it. Thanks.

Friday, February 01, 2008

great big experiment

Not one to miss out on the opportunity to join in on something... (one always has time for something more yes?) I've jumped aboard the great interview experiment! Like an unending, but self gratifying chain letter, The Citizen of the Month site wants to feed into every blogger's need to feel like a somebody.... it's true... why do we blog?
If you leave a comment, you're in. It's that simple. The person who commented before you has to interview you.... Then, you contact the next person to comment, because it's your job to interview them! ... and so on.....
SO, currently I'm reading lots of archives, and trying to come up with interesting, yet funny, questions.... because that's my job... to try really hard to be different just like everyone else.

I love this!