Tuesday, February 28, 2006


this is Pascale... he is handsome .

Sunday, February 26, 2006

tribute to Stewart, because 22 mins shouldn't have all the fun

imagine the disappointment on my face and in my heart...

Friday, I rode my bike in the sunlight,
rays of silver flashing from my classy streamers....
chain rattling in the cool air.
like the rattle I heard when the cows broke thru the fence that one year, and they came after me and my friends.
Wind messing my hair,
but giving me that fantastic rosey glow that I can't seem to find in any bottle......
where was I?
That day I rode my bike to the Bean to meet with some Sheffs for coffee...
and I decided that the sunshine was so great, and my need for vitamin D so strong.. that I was to go directly to the skatepark after work saturday- with my blades.
It's something I've been thinking about for awhile... one of those things that I'm sure I will be able to do, I've willed it into my mind that I am capable of doing fancy things on those ramps. jumps without falling, turns and skids.
I willed into my mind that I could blow smoke rings... and with my first cigar, on my first puff, it became reality.

I've just yet to try this on something bigger. I think maybe those ramps will be the proof.
Like when you practice a piece of music till it's killing you and you've killed it ... flogged it... and you go "sleep on it"... and can play it perfectly the next day... yeah.. I've been training my mind for the skatepark.

so again... imagine my disappointment when Saturday morn' I opened my door to head to work, and found the front steps to be the home of a snowdrift so high, I couldn't just jump over it, I had to take the shovel to it... and my further disappointment when I realized, that wasn't just because of a few blowing and drifting flakes... because somewhere in the blizzard that was stabbing me in the eyes. lay my car. and the street. and the rest of the neighborhood... which had become invisible in the storm.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Today is Thursday....
making tomorrow Friday.

Nathan Caswell is playing at the Bean on Friday night, and I like his music... you should come with me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ALRIGHT already....

k... I get the point.. Here's the answers.

4 jobs I've had (really)
1) Chicken Sexer
2) Pig Inseminator
3) Rodeo Clown
4) Choir Conductor

4 movies I could watch again and again (this one's hard)
1) My best friend's wedding
2) Fight Club
3) Man from Snowy River
4) The last unicorn

4 places I've lived
1) Cavan, Ontario
2) Pickering, Ontario
3) Kampala, Uganda
4) Kara, N. Togo

4 TV shows I watch (occasionally)
1) Sapranos
2) Canadian Idol
3) 24
4) Anything on Discovery Channel

4 places I've been on vacation
1) Murchison Falls, Uganda
2) Bon Echo Park, Lake Mazinaw, Ontario
3) Goodness Knows where, Conner's cottage, Ontario
4) Cuba... twice.

40 Websites I visit daily
1) cuteness...
2) Charlie
3) MANY BLOGS (see sidebar)
4) eavesdropper
and soooo many more... it's a wonder I ever get anything accomplished.

4 Fav foods
1) eggs
2) cheese
3) chocolate
4) meat
any food containing any of these ingredients are good.

4 charities I'd give bucketloads of money to (probably the hardest question)
1) Watoto
2) YFC
3) Wycliffe
4) AHHHHK! I can't decided. Cancer society, MS Foundation, Asia Span/Outreach,Evergreen, Maple Creek, ahhhhhhck!

Norty.. you're tagged... get to answering.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

and the dialogue went a little something like this

the original peanut gallery was in attendance at KCC this morning. Needless to say Scott had to deal with silliness, though I did earn myself a chocolate bar out of the whole ordeal. Note:: we are a very "back and forth" "conversational style" gathering... it's good.. I learn way more.

it all started with this... (members of our sketch today will include Pony: P, Pastor Scott: S, Ziggy: Z (not work related) guy sitting behind us:G, and me: M)

S:: for those of you who are married, and would like to stay this way.....
Z:: HA!
S:: we've got a marriage retreat coming up
Z:: HA!

(fast forward, we're talking about living "wholly" this week- the whole day wasn't about marriage, but more about BEING whole, so love was a large portion... Want more? Go to the Dock next Saturday night... Aaron's doing his version there)

S:: what do we need to grow?
S:: what else?
S:: what else?
Z:: (insert some profound statement here)
M:: Chocolate

(fast forward)

S:: Does anyone here own a vineyard? No? Ok, so no one's going to correct me later?

S:: What does a vine need to grow?
M:: Chocolate?
S:: Chocolate? Who feeds their plants chocolate?
P:: no no, you BUY the chocolate for the plant... Then when it refuses to eat it... You eat it so it doesn't go to waste.
S:: ok

(fast forward)

S:: Is it wrong to ask God? Is it Wrong to ask God for a marriage that has this attribute ? Or to ask God for a relationship that has this attribute? Is it wrong to ask God for a marriage .. That... (trails off for next point)
M (to P):: is it wrong to ask God for a marriage?
P:: any old marriage?
M:: yeah... Um, I'll just take him to that marriage retreat.
G:: HA!
P:: NO! You need a booth.
M:: a what?
P:: a booth... Outside the marriage thing... With a sign..
M:: a what?
P:: a sign that says "if the retreat didn't work for you"

I nearly pee'd myself

While we were packing up, Scott hands me part of a chocolate bar... "You made me hungry".

I've got some crazy thing happening in my neck behind my ear, an infection? Pray it doesn't move into my ear... I don't want that messed up again.

Friday, February 17, 2006

the end is near

I think I can go ahead and die now.. the funniest web site EVER has been found... and it's all thanks to Stew again!


Note:: I don't know if they planned to keep it a secret, but I refuse to because I'm a loudmouth.

VanDan and Jonny will be serenadeing us at the bean tonight. THAT will be good fun.

Also today...
I was driving in to work (yes, I know I should be walking but have you LOOKED outside?) this morning when this crazy cloud flew past me... I couldn't quite understand what I was seeing (it was early, I stayed up too late) picture this with me if you will.... It is Friday morning in Downtown Cobourg, Recycle and garbage collection day for this fine part of the town... It is also gusting up to 70kmph. The recycle bags have been blown onto the street and two trucks have just HIT several of them.... the result? A cloud of recyclable trash outrunning the traffic down University St.

Fast forward...
(I've got the song "things that make you go hmmmm" stuck in my head- not that the song has anything to do with what I've seen today... it's just there)

Again, picture with me as you will...
A dark cloud has dropped over the town, billions and billions of tiny stinging type snowflakes are being lashed about in the wind.. near whiteout conditions... When suddenly, the cloud parts and the sun steams down into the snow .. Creating a brilliant wall of blindness for each driver... Cars stop and people stare at what's unfolded... "Beautiful" does it no justice.

Fast forward again...
there's me... Sitting in the office doing income taxes for the guys at work.

what a day what a day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


to those of you who've been doing your part....

Norty Does Christmas has moved to a 58% winning
Norty P the real deal has moved to 56%

and Ross Bun down to 51%

thank you....

St. Valentine

I had the most lovely valentine's evening one could ask for...
Photo evidence is forthcoming.

Men... the bar has been raised.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Percentage of cute

I really like cuteoverload.com, and they've got this great competition where they match two cute pictures against eachother and you have to vote for the cutest....
Ross Bun is winning 67% of his battles...
and Norty P is only at 50%...... Could you please go there and rectify the situation?

Monday, February 13, 2006

not flakey... lovely flakes

it's just barely 6 hours till valentine's ... and there's narry a flower to be seen at my house.

there are lovely flakes of snow falling softly in the street ... and I am not walking in it.

note to self:: this is the last year of self pitty

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I got to watch a nooma video at church today.... (#10; Lump) (made me cry) (big surprise)
I love nooma.
I love my church.
I love our sound board.
I love that I'm singing with Pony next week.

Echos of great thoughts

On this upcoming Valentines week, I'd like to pause for a second and echo the posting by my dear Stew.

One small change though...

No batting cages.... perhaps tulips or glow in the dark mini golf instead.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Experimental.. Or just mental

So I love working days.. I just miss my daytime life too.. yes. I want the best of both worlds. ummm, does anyone know a nice single rich young man who would marry me and let me live a life of luxury?

I've been trying a bit of an experiment the past two weeks. I'm limiting my time online (not just online... ON KEYBOARD) to 20 or so mins a day. Now... That's 20 mins of idle time... Not to be confused with the time needed to catch up on people's blogs... it DOES include my commenting, my outgoing emails, my blogging and my searching for useless information... Needless to say, it results have been pretty interesting. I've discovered that I depend SO much on my computer as a medium for communication! I use messenger more than I use my phone, and WAY more than email.... I miss activities and scheduled events without the reminders offered by screen names and emails... AND I've read three books.

I forgot how much I love to read. Growing up I devoured books. I craved long car rides that would result in hours of uninterrupted reading, I skipped homework assignments, I stayed up late with the flashlight under my covers (coughing ever so delicately to cover the sound of my lamp turning on). Evenings, I'd sit in the wingback chair legs over the one arm, book balanced on a pillow on my lap to bring it to just the right height... hmm. I think I'm going there now.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The other night I drove over to Dad's place to get the mail and check on things there... it had been snowing a bit in the 'burg, but I didn't think much of it as I drove into P.Hope...

I got to Dad's and pulled into the pile of snow that was his driveway and thought "super! I have some shovelling to do!" (I LIKE to shovel.. I like the exercise.. I like exercise with purpose.. Other than the purpose of getting in shape, I like to have results and reason) I slipped and slid all over the place as I shoveled the one side of the driveway, then moved my car, and did the other side.. Satisfied with my accomplishments, I went inside and decided that I deserved a nice shower... Started to get in, and the phone rang. On the other end was my elderly and quite deaf neighbour Mr.I. He hollered into the phone "Lesley? DID you KNOW YOUR CAR IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD???" no... Obviously I didn't know my car was there...
I tried to thank him, but he couldn't understand me... Eventually I yelled back "OK I'LL GO GET IT" hurriedly re-dressed, ran out the door to find my car had indeed ended up in the middle of the road. It had slid down the icey driveway right out on to the centre of the road.... it took me three tries to get it back in the driveway.... I parked with one tire in the snowbank to avoid further incidences.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I can not even breathe... this is huge. (no pun intended)

Megsheff, thank you for drawing my attention to this... I WANT one.

more info..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

as I was saying

I was trying to explain this video I saw some time ago... but I figured I was better off just giving you a link to it!

Falling gracefully?... it's a long one

also.. one of my left knuckles is PURPLE... I don't know what I did to it.. and I can barely bend my fingers on my right hand... what gives?
K's quote "I'd hate to see the other guy"


I would just like to say... Congratulations to me... I've gone a whole 4 days without using my stat counter. I believe that I probably deserve a metal or cup for this accomplishment. And I will humbly accept it.

Today I'm wearing the best shirt EVER (although I do still have embarrassing pant leg syndrome -see below- could be helped by using that iron on it... But who wants to FIND the iron?)

I received a T-Shirt the other day from T.Lam, it simply reads "I'm blogging this". Know what? It's truth!
I spent quite a bit of time trying to explain the meaning of the shirt to a non-blogger today...

Back to work tomorrow, guess I officially start the new job this week? I'm not really sure, my boss didn't tell me, and she wasn't around before I went on my vacation... I just filled out the paperwork and left it for her...

I'm feeling pretty weary tonight... I think it was all the late nights this week... Well worth it. Sorry I'm not very interesting today.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quarantine perhaps... yes, that's an idea

Today I suffer from that terrible affliction known as::

"embarrassing pant leg syndrome"

Does anyone own rights to the inoculation? Where can it be found?

Rock out

I have a rock star car... it sounds like thunder?
ok, so maybe Rockstar isn't the right word for it... the other day someone said it was sounding very "stockcar"-esque. No, the muffler isn't falling off.. it just sounds like attitude.

Yesterday, whilst driving in my old neighborhood, I came around the corner (in second... Who needs to drive in something higher than that in a subdivision?). Ok, I'll admit... the car ROARED around the corner.. Not by speed.. By that sound factor... There was a lady about two blocks away at the top of the hill walking with a baby stroller... I watched her (as I drove in second, at 30kmph) JUMP from walking behind the stroller, to walking so she'd be between myself and the baby (if indeed I ever did pass her).. Then I watched her begin SCREAMING bloody murder at me! I was able to make out most of her rantings thru the closed glass, and as I putzed past her (still at 30) I watched her scream about "the !$#$# kids needing to slow the !$%! down, can't you see there's a baby?!?!?!?"
I was hurt at first...
but then I had a good laugh.