Sunday, July 31, 2005

limited time offer

your's to be had for one and ONE day only, coming soon.... for a short window of time....
that picture which has caused quite the stir in blog-land:
:: "two-tonne-tessys and their love slave"
yeah yeah, I'm refering to the pic of Man and Crilly and I.

to each his own

Friday morning I was taking one of the guys I support at work to his day placement. We were driving along, playing "volkswagon" (the dumbest game EVER created... you see one and you yell "VOLKSWAGON" and count it... the person who get's to 10 first wins... generally, but mostly we let this guy win otherwise he gets grumpy and everything just goes down hill from there) and talking about being healthy. This guy, let's call him "Harvey", turns to me, and with a look of sadness on his face asks me why he needs to take medication. This opens up the discussion to taking care of ourselves, and helping our bodies function to the best of their God-given ability, by exercise ect ect.... Harvey then asks me if he'll need to take medications his whole life... he's looking pretty dejected by this point... I answer, but to make him feel a little better, I add that lot's of people take medications for long periods of time, and that even I take some meds. Harvey asks me if it's for high blood pressure, I say no, but also that it's a pretty personal question....
Then he sits back, wrinkles his forehead in worry and concern and says:

You're handicapped aren't you Lesley? It'll be ok.

I managed to say "we're all handicapped in our own way buddy"...

but in trying hard not to drive off the road... I miss seeing two more volkswagons....
"V-V-Vuh-Vuh-Vuh-Vuh VOLKSWAGON!!!!!!! that's 19 for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I'm now at the point where, when driving down the street by myself, I yell volkswagon when I see one.
I HATE that game.
part of the fun of writing a blog is coming up with fun and catchy titles for each post.

Lot's of things have been going on, but I can't seem to come up with an all-encompassing title that will inspire me to write.
ok, yeah.. again, I'm a dork.

Last night I had the opportunity to catch 4Him in concert (freebie concerts at Lakeshore.. gotta love them).Sarah and T and I packed ourselves into a tight fit near the front, and were blown away. Now, the sound board guy sucked, but 4Him were so good it didn't matter WHO was back there.
They did a pumped up version of their old song "back to the basics" that was just fantastic.... made me cry... not just the lyrics, but the harmonies were SO SO tight- even with some random taking one of their regular singers places....
Today I ran into them at the Bean (while dodging my husband) (oh, more on that later) and was able to tell them just how blessed I'd been by their performance... ok, no... being as I'm a chicken and easily star stuck, it was more like. "Um, Hi." long pause "I just wanted to say, (super speed talking now) you guys were amazing last night... at the concert... really amazing... thank you for doing it..." then I dashed to the safety of my regular seat (out of their line of vision). I later passed them 3 times on the street.... by the last time they were waving and smiling at me... I wasn't stalking them though... I was walking for work related reasons.... not that they'd have known that....

what the heck is going on at the beach????????? there's gotta be well over 2000 people there... that's not counting the park.... NOT a spare patch to spare!

Friday, July 29, 2005

cryin shame (or) run as fast as you can

Last night I laughed harder and louder than I have in a darn long time...
I finally picked up my film from Wallymart (and yes, they messed up my order again) and thought I'd put a few shots on the site... There were some pics from J+C's wedding, and some from the recording studio (sorry guys, none of the cheerleading cows) a couple from L+M's wedding and some from a work trip.... Lake on the mountain.


I slowly... oh, so slowly get the pictures on to my computer and uploaded to the photo hosting thingy (my my, I am a techie wonder!) and discover that I can't flip the pics! no prob, I'll post one anyway, people can turn their heads!.

I post, but am unable to view the site right away ....

Meanwhile.... roomie is reading to me while I'm on MSN with a friend... I'm laughing at conversation, and at the book... oh my... this book is something else I'm telling you!

:: side note:: my roomie is a Dula (go look that up) and she's reading all these books on child birth etc... this most recent book is a direct translation book, so the wording is a little funny to start with.... but not only that, it's about birth stories, up north... au natural... at the time of the posting; roomie was reading about a woman who was stuck out in hunting season; who ran out of food; and was stranded. Two of her children died... so she ate them.

I finally get to check on the blog and.... tah duh!!!! the picture I've posted is not only still sideways, but now stretched out to fit the space of a normal upright picture.... making us (our happy harem from the wedding: Man, Crilly, me) FAT COWS. I saw the pic and started to laugh SO hard, then I read the comment left by Man... I nearly wet myself... so I ran to the bathroom and sat there laughing and peeing.

for those of you who were online last night around 10pm, you had a rare treat... it's erased and never to return.

every time I think of it I gafaw or snort in laughter....
I'm not sure how to get a hold of myself!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


today I got flowers....
seriously, I've got the best friends ever.

It's funny, I thought that with time things were suppose to get easier. But this month it's felt like there's even more of a hole in my life. It's lonely without your family functioning as a family. Praise God that I've got some pretty cool people around me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

she's so pop-ular

ok, you have to sing the song to get the full title effect... for those of you too young to know how it goes... fagettaboutit!

So today I had the lovely pleasure of speaking to this fine gentleman . What can I say? I've entered the hall of Folkie-greats.... now.. if only I could come up with catchy tunes of my own....

Does anyone remember ANYTHING other than A7 and G from Ukulele class?????

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a request

Could those of you who live in the Kara, Togo (West Africa) region, please pin down Michael Friesen for me and give him a great big Birthday kiss today?
Happy 9th Birthday Buddy! (quick now, 7x7 is ?)

adventures of M.Do

ok, so look to the side of the page.... see that list of "links to the people I love"? Let me intoduce you to my buddy Mark, a.k.a. M.Do. (Like J.Lo or better yet, L.Bo... you get the picture?) Mark has just set out on the adventure of a lifetime.... I enjoyed his first newsletter so much, I figured you'd like to have a little read so you can be doing your "nija best" for him too! It's a little long, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.
(hey Markus, I hope it's ok I posted this!)

Subject: Hey I'm in Indonesia

Hello Everybody...

Well yesterday marked a week of me being here in beautiful Lippo Karawaci, so I thought it was time I wrote. We have been incredibly busy, and my time on the internet has been precious and short... have an hour free right now, so I'm at the internet cafe around the corner.

Anyhow, the flight was ok, but LONG. St. Paul to Tokyo took forever (12 hours) but Tokyo to Singapore seemed quick (only 7 hours). Most of the newbies stayed at the Traders Hotel, which was quite nice... I recommend it to anybody needing a very expensive place to stay in Sing... You didn't even have to get your own ice... it was delivered to the door! Much better than all the Journey's End Motel's I've stayed in in the past. I was able to meet quite a few of the teachers at the hotel. Jess (from London ON) and I flew together from Sing to Jakarta.

We arrived in Jakarta on the Monday night... got to my NEW APARTMENT, and it's not bad... needs a bit of a paint job, but it has cathedral ceilings, and new air con, so it's a pretty good place to stay. We had orientation all last week and we went shopping on Wednesday and Saturday to equip our apartments. I managed to drop about 3 million rupiah, which is about $400 Cdn. Sunday I went to church in Jakarta at International English Service(IES) which is an Assemblies of God congregation. It was pretty good, although the worship leader wore a bright yellow shirt and a matching bandana. It was a good thing the fashion police weren't at the service.

This week has been meetings and classroom prep. I'm teaching one of four Gr. 4 classes... I have a wonderful team and a wonderful teaching partner named Ibu Betty, which means Mrs Betty.... Which brings me to the fact that we go by our first names here... the Indonesians are Ibu (Mrs) or Pak (Mr.) and the Expats are Mr., Miss, or Mrs. So that means the kids will be calling me MR. MARK.

When will it end?!

I am very excited about meeting the kids on Monday for our 'meet and greet'. I have 20 little ones, so the teacher/ student ratio is 1:10!!
My flat is in an area of Karawaci where there are a number of similar flats... most of the singles live in this area, so I think I may have an abundant social life. In our unit (or Taman-- which means garden) there will be 5 Canadians and 1 Australian... The other Tamans in the area have a good number of singles as well...

Oh ya... I've been travelling around by Ojek... which is a very fast and cheap way of travelling... on the back of a motor bike. The cost to school is 4000 Rupiah (~60 cents) and back home is only 3000 Rupiah. If I want to go the Mall, it is 5000 Rupiah. At first it was kind of unnerving driving at breakneck speed between cars, but I've adjusted.

Today I got cable which was a hassle, but it was finally installed after pleading the kabelvision guys (who were at Jess' house) to come... they needed a permit, which, apparently aren't given out after 4pm... grrr...

I also got a maid today! I will be sharing her with Gary, a senior school teacher who lives in the Taman across the road. She will be washing AND ironing my laundry and cleaning my flat. I wouldn't normally boast over opulence, but it's not everyday one gets a maid.

Well it's been quite an adjustment and I wish I could fully explain what life has been like here... it's so different and at times I'm loving it, and at times I just want to come home! I do miss you all and think of you often... I wish you could experience this with me:)

I will be updating my weblog soon, so pleased keep in tune to what's happening in my life, and please be in contact! I would really be excited to hear about what's happening in your lives,


~Lesley again... I've got itchy feet just reading that!

Monday, July 25, 2005

pumped up then shot down!

Ok, I was so excited today (being monday, my general hang with the fam. day) Because Bethy-B got a new digital camera... "For sure!" thought I, "I'll be able to run around and get shots of all those things that I want to include on my site, and Norton will finally be able to start posting again!"
As Norty IS a bunny, he'd much rather be photo-blogging, typing doesn't work so well with his little pigeon toes... rabbit with pigeon toes? Needless to say, he's not updated his site in many a month.
la la la la la... where was I?
Right, was excited to get some photos uploaded.... sadly I cannot find the wire to upload from camera to computer.... another day then?

Slightly aside... I was leaving the park the other night and saw this little moto parked by the harbour... as I was walking up to it I thought "hmmm, looks a little like a Norty" as I got closer.... IT WAS!!!! If I were cool and rode a motorcycle, I'd ride a Norton. lol... who am I kidding, those things scare me! I'll stick to my pimped out bike.
see that baby at the top? picture her in red.... with a bell, basket, light and best of all.... blue and silver streamers..... oh yeah... she's a beaut.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

home::sweet house

Guys, I've found my new home.
It looks as though I'll have to build it myself.
It's on page three of this week's "Home Building Centre" flier.... (sorry, it's too new, it's not on the web site yet)
now, all I need is a piece of land.

ohh ohh ohh!
I found my barn too

Dear Santa:
I'd like the 24x32x8 model please and thank you, I've been a nice girl this year.
ps. I'll leave you milk and cookies.

home sweet home

I've spent alot of the last two weeks running around. And you know, it wears me out! I start to stress out about things that really don't need to be stressed about, and when I can't find something to be stressed about- my mind fills in and creates emergencies!
Laughable (now) emergency of the day: I was in a panic after schedualling myself to work Sunday morning, and realizing that I was suppose to be "on sound" at Church...
not a big deal you might say, someone could step in for you at the church...
except that we don't have a church, we do set up and tear down each week in the college, so someone has to show up an hour and a half early and drag around the sound system and get everything set.
I 411 to find our head sound dude's number only to find he's at work... then go online again to find the schedual to see who else's number is needed... discover I've erased the schedual... I knew I'd rememeber that I was on sound the first sunday and the last sunday of the month... yeah, I remembered TOO LATE!
So I play phone tag, stress for a day, finally call T&T because T's a levelheaded girl with ALL the connections... and then she tells me:
"there are 5 Sunday's this month, you're on sound next week".
take a bow Les.
Tonight I'm home. Work is done, no one is around. This is good.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

in a flash

it's amazing how quickly July is going... I remember in April thinking it was so far away! I've been looking forward to this month (what with all the weddings and events and general good stuff) and now it's nearly done... whoa nelly.
Can't keep up!

There was J&C's wedding (GREAT PARTY! I think I want to take Salsa lessons now.. thank you G!) Then our band out at the camp... that was a pretty big deal to me... moment of sheer terror when our monitors cut out at the beginning of an acapella song- oh yes, we all started in a different key *sick*. L& M's wedding was beautiful, the drive to Chatham LONG but totally worth it, saw a bunch of people I've been missing from Trent, hung out with some lovely Chathammites (ok, my own word... is there a different term for those of you from there?), Things have been gearing up for the Shelter Valley Folk Festival (yes Muffin and T... he DOES know I spent the day with him). What else.... Ummm, Godstock this weekend, general daily humiliation of self....
I don't even know what to write about when there's so much going on. Give me a call, I'd rather hang out.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quote of the Day:

Nivek (yes, that's his "star wars" name... ummm, yeah) comes into work today... and I tell him
"I spent the day with Aengus yesterday"

to which my tall friend replies:

"Does he know he spent the day with you?"
WHAT?????? What's that suppose to mean?

That aside, I think that there may have been a a leak.... Aengus, are you reading this????

Note :: the A-man's in the park tonight at 7

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

too much

I had no idea that this COULD be an action figure....
I didn't pay enough attention in history class to make up enough of my own story line....
ohhh boy

this one's for you

actually that last post was directed more at Be-Bop-Kins.... apparently writng about licorice wasn't enough for him to read about and he said he was bored.... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? who get's bored with licorice stories?
and yes:: Face in the Crowd:: I love to write the word licorice... that's part of why I've become obsessed ...

dear friends: please pray... there's still alot on my mind.... :)


I seem to have fallen into that despicable habit... the one that causes me grief when others are afflicted... that one where I don't write and keep my blog updated.
and you know what, it makes me grumpy.
I LIKE writing...
I like the fact that I have a chance to speak without being interrupted, and that the topic isn't changed before I'm ready to drop it. It's nice.
When I DON'T take the time to write... well, there's just too much going on in my mind. There isn't enough time in the day or the right person around to hash out everything that's going on in there.... muddled... that's what I become. So even when I just write something stupid, at least some space is made... and I've spent some time focusing.
*relaxed sigh*
I feel better already

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

two topics for today.

so far we have three nearly-tied contenders.

please note:: all entries may be dropped off at 503 George St. for their audition for the part of "most perfect black licorice ever"... no one will be turned away.. unless of course they are double salted... don't bother to bring those. -hey, I'm not Dutch.. forget it!

the top three are (in no particular order) 1) honey black 2)Panda Bar (not the stuffed bits... and not the honey-combed bits) 3)Coin (going to have to find the name of the makers of both the coin and honey)
there have been to date 7 other varieties, there has been no work done on the aging process of twizzlers, but if someone wants to set up a fair trial, I will lend my taste buds for the testing.

secondly:: I am a dope.
so I was going to send an inquiring email to my family in Togo to see if perhaps they'd received their care package... I mean I think I sent it about three months ago....
yeah, um, so I was cleaning my car yesterday to get ready for the drive to Chatham (Laur and Mike's wedding!) and um, I found in my music bin (that which I keep all my loose sheets of choruses and works in progress) well.. I found the care package. Turns out I just THOUGHT I'd sent it. or, I tossed it in the back seat to go to the post office... and someone stuck it in the bin... don't go in the bin much lately.

Sorry guys, I'm mailing it tomorrow... guess it won't be a surprise now....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

to boldly go....

it's true, I'm setting out on a new quest....
to discover that which has alluded so many in the past.
that which I seek is, in it's most perfect form; both soft and firm; chewy but not tough. Both lightly perfumed and rich in colour, mellow in it's taste yet powerfully charged with flavour.
that which I seek is the perfect piece of black licorice.
who will be the contenders?

could someone please teach me the proper use of a semi-colon? please.... I like the way they look, never use them enough... until that is I realise that I've probably forgotten to use them and therefore go overboard in their use.... *sigh*

Sunday, July 10, 2005

busy busy bee

(sorry, spell check is down and I'm in a fast typing mood)
(ohhh, fast typing= dumb postings... bah!)
it's been a crazy week leading into a crazy weekend.
Joel and Cassie's wedding was beautiful, and we only screwed up the music a little bit (not noticable to those in attendance... ok, not noticible to MOST of those in attendance... some there were of the super-human in musical ability, I'm hoping that they were distracted by the bride walking down the isle)
Dinner was almost a disaster, the BBQ fell over! There was a big drum BBQ with charcoal in the bottom, at one point it fell over and the drum rolled away! Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the lid stayed on... and there was no food IN it at the time. The men folk gathered round and discussed what to do about it, and the women ran to get oven mitts... (lol... isn't that the way it would happen?)
The dance was fantastic... I recommend that EVERYONE marry a mexican, if only to have a bunch of other mexicans at the wedding dance.... we salsa-d all night long.. I LOVED it! AND Manda's and my date (we shared, our own little harem) was a dance machine!!! it was great, he joined in for every song that we were up on the dance floor for. Great guy. They didn't play many slow songs (to my great disapointment) and no waltz music was to be found... *sigh* maybe next wedding.
This morning our band played at Lakeshore Camp.. that's a huge deal to me. HUGE.
God is good, things went ok. We had a strange glitch happen with the sound system at THE most inopportune time. But thankfully we didn't die of embarrassment, no one rememberd it by the end of the service... because they were all SO blown away by the group that did special music (His Season) hokey-stink... they were increadible. It HURT... they were so good... (for those of you who are confused... when I hear good, true, powerful music... where everything works the way it should... something hurts in me.. I think it's like that twinge of my soul recognizing pure worship... the stuff we're going to be a part of in heaven... and my soul just wants it so bad....longs for it, reaches for it, pulling and tearing inside of me) *whew* it hurts thinking about it.
The pastor spoke about not live in the "what if's" of life.. but giving it to God and trusting Him with it.
I think I need to get rid of some "what ifs"...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

secret identity

Over the past week::

::I've had 6 people accuse me of getting a perm

(because getting a perm is something to be accused of?.... hellooooo humidity)

::I've been mistaken for someone's wife on two occasions

(I am in fact NOT somebody's wife -yet- sorry to the two of you who were part of the non-marriages)

::I've changed my mind 4 times over what to wear to the wedding and rehearsal

(bah! why? who am I trying to impress?)

::I've stuck my foot in my mouth only 3 times

(the week is still young)

::I've debated quitting my job and riding the VIA back and forth across Canada 5 times

(but only told my boss I quit twice)
(as usual she laughed at me)
(and not 5 trips across Canada.... 5 times I've thought about doing it. make that 6 now)

::Quoted random movies and songs that no one else has heard times 17.

(I thought the "Ladies Auxiliary" song would have been more popular)

::other things have happened that are equally noteworthy, but you have to start somewhere.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

official (again)

ok, this time it's for real.
Pirate Dave has left the building.
No more juggling at the bean.... how sad.
YYYYAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGG Pirate, you'll be missed.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Log Driver's Waltz

Today I was wishing I could find Jacky... The waterfront fest went well, thanks for asking. I spent the whole day there, from 9am with the boys (for work) till 8:30pm with the Sheffs.
(Happy Canada Day!)
Aengus played in the park at the band shell. It was a pretty short set (I think everything was running far behind)but he sang "Log Driver's Waltz"!!!!!!
Every morning before school; thru grade school and into high school, Bethy-B and I would watch about 15 mins of TV, We'd watch the CBC to see the National Film Board's showing of the cartoon-film-short and the first 10 mins of "Camp Cariboo" (I've got a head like a ping-pong ball, I've got a head like a ping-pong ball... I've got a head like a ping-pong ball.... PING like a ping-pong ball) ... don't sit in denial, I know you're singing along.. I can even hear you.
Anyway, really.. it was the highlight of our morning when we could catch the short... it's a classic! My favorite part is when the log-driver is twerling-wherling, down the white-water with his gaffing rod, and the rod morphs into his woman... she looks like a broom stick. I smile every time and wish it was me being spun around.
Funny! Maybe my desire to dance DID'NT come from the sound of music! I was watching national film-board shorts WAY before I first saw Lizel and Rolf in the gazebo.... "I am sixteen going on seventeen".
Aengus sang it REALLY nicely, I liked his way of singing the verses better then the original, but have to admit I still hold true to the original rendition of the chorus.
For that song and one other, there were people waltzing at the back of the crowd.
It made me sad.

new leaf

soooo, I've decided (in the past month) that it's time to lay my obsession aside completely.
Yes, I realize that it's hard to believe, but in order to avoid some serious drama and awkwardness over the summer... I'm giving up my Aengus infatuation.
I've said it.
Now, I hold you to keeping me accountable.
I've instead transferred my affections to Seamus O'Reagen of the CTV morning News- "Canada AM". I think that is a wonderful idea.

That said, Aengus is playing at 4:30 in the town park....