Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I used to get annoyed when I'd have to make the change between instruments, the down time.
Then I watched a live recording of Neil Young. 15 minutes of setting up his harp neck rack.
"I've got this down!"
Then this time when this guy dropped his beer in the middle, and I just kept making beats and blowing the harp, waiting for it to come back together.
like when everything is going well, then something falls apart and you're just trying to hold it together.

*begins next song, banjo... harmonica*

a pause

Damn Bb.
This is the wrong harp.

Somebody, drop a beer.

a little sampler of what you missed..

what a great guy. seriously.

And, best version I've heard of his Boxer Returned From London... I've listened to it a few times online, this was the first time I felt I was getting the full story.

A little bit of swoon... boys in suspenders, get me every time.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time flies

I'm sure that the term "time flies" is the most over-used phrase in the world of bloggers. Mostly as it refers to the times between when we blog... the ever lengthening times when we don't blog.

I used to feel bad about not blogging, like I'd somehow let myself down. It's not the case anymore- I just feel better when I do take some time to sit and think about what I'm seeing around me. Processing time?

Today is rather worth marking (or rather, worth remarking about)...  it's the blog's 8th birthday... and my how we've changed....  today is post 1482. I wonder what things will be like when this blog celebrates it's 10th year..


A first dash of spice....

Now people are going to think that I've started a cooking business... or even a recipe site... nope, sorry to dissapoint you.. the parsley (of course) comes from a little run in with a young lady named Jaymie... Jaymie sat in the back of her mother's car one day desperatly trying to remember my name... from the back of the car I hear "umm, parsley, will you play barbies with me?"
end of story...

Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend was one of the lovely moments that just don't come around enough.
Saturday was filled with markets and long time friends... the perfect type of saturday, followed by dinner with friends who are family...

Sunday was magical.

I spent most of the week watching the weather forecast for this Sunday. We'd had rain and thunder and lightening nearly every day... but there was one day of clear hot sun on the forecast, and I knew it was going to keep on shuffling around until it would finally settle on Sunday... I was right. Thankfully.

14 friends gathered in my backyard, lights twinkled, food was shared, music swept us up. It was perfect. I wish there was a way to make every house concert happen just like that.

I'm listening to my new Paper Beat Scissors album right now... it's lovely.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Mandamanda just stopped by (oh, remember those days when she could just "stop by" anytime?)  with a gift for me.... A big ol' bag of sheepy fleece!

A bundle of black/brown and one of white.

Next up?

Learn to skirt, wash, and card the fleece!

Let the games begin....

oh... and she said I should be selling my spun wool online. yikes.. Am I going to have to break down and start an Etsy page?


I have the stomach flu... it's been going around at work. But I'm at that point now where I can't tell if I'm queasy or hungry.

It hasn't kept me from occasionally going out to the garden. There were tomatoes to plant and things to be watered.

I'm green, and so are the plants.

Last night I loaded up on Gravol and took in the Vinyl Cafe in Port Hope at the Capitol Theatre... I can now check another thing off my life list. What a great show.
AND the tickets were free! The Clown and I won the tickets on facebook.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


1000lbs challenge

Harvest June 5: 100grams spinach, 50 grams mixed greens (beet greens and chard)


Spinach 700g
Mixed greens 50g

(every bit counts!) I think I'm in the lead....

Monday, June 04, 2012

spinny and green

guess what?!
Crazy Kijiji lady had a no-show on her spinning wheel sale and contacted me..... and dropped the price back down.... and now I'm in the possession of a single treadle lendrum wheel!

While I haven't had a chance to actually spin anything on it yet (what with the amazing weather and the market work- more on this in a moment) I've spent some time sitting just treadling, getting used to the feel of a single treadle and the ins and outs of this wheel. She's lovely. Really lovely. I actually find there's a smaller "dead zone" on this wheel vs. the Ashford traveller I've been using- that space where the treadles won't move the wheel- I was quite frustrated with the Ashford's dead spots. The only downfall with the single treadle, I have to give the wheel a push by hand to get it turning in the direction I want- with the double treadle, so long as I wasn't in the dead zone, I could start it off the right way with just my treadling.

ok, geeky spinning wheel story over.

Market stuff!!

I've teamed up with the handsome men from The Victory Garden   and they're letting me use a corner of one of their tables to sell market bags (crochet ones and sewn double sided shoulder bags) and produce bags (made from mesh- as light weight as those nasty plastic bags from the grocery store produce section, but reusable).. I'll be occasionally selling worm tea kits and worm composting kits too.... So fun! In exchange for the table space, I'm hoping to help out when needed in the garden harvesting and bagging for the market.

Some spending money that I feel really good about!

Not only that, but the Victory Garden is the same garden I was working in two summers ago! It's so nice to see that it's being loved ... I can't wait to show you some before and after pics!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

1000 lb challenge update!

I've been on blog hiatus- The weather! the GLORIOUS weather! Honestly, I'm tanned like it's July... May was very very good to me and to my garden.

backtrack: May 31st and I have two tiny tiny tiny tomatoes on my tiny tim plants!
1000lb challenge you've nothing on me... so long as I remember to weigh my produce.

Tally thus far?*

Spinach: 600g

Hey, that's over a pound! WOO WHOO!

What's in the beds?
Bed 1: Garlic, beets (gold and red), rainbow chard, tiny toms, habinaros, eggplant, peas, spinach


Bed 2: Green Beans, mini sweet peppers, sweet alsort (peppers), carrots (purple and nantes), soy beans, brussles sprouts, ground cherries (cape gooseberries), tomatillos, basil, onions.


Speckled Roman (paste tomoato), Groseille (current tomato), Sun Sugar (BEST EVER cherry tomatoes!) in the front bed.

Strawbales: cantaloupe (something keeps digging it up though), spaghetti squash, buttercup squash, Fedierly (a weird paste tomato that is suppose to be a good all round variety too), Black Cherry toms... and space for the mystery tomatoes. Oh! and another Tomatillo, and a broken tomatillo from yesterday's storm- I dug up the root ball, it had three leaves below the break, we'll call it an experiment .