Monday, May 23, 2005

twinkle spin lock promanade

Today is monday, and there are lots of reasons for me to be happy.
I am blessed in so many ways....

but today I'm sad.

I realised that I don't have any more dance lessons to look forward to any time soon... our last lesson was on Thursday.

Let me tell you...

I loved it.

Doing something for ME, that I enjoyed, something that made me feel excited and full of life, something that make me feel sexy. Something that was a challenge, and has sat on my "life list" for as long as I can rememeber. There were nights that I smiled so hard my ears hurt. It was such a great feeling to float around the room.

At the end of the class everyone just sort of looked at eachother.. with a look of loss. Our faces read "That's it?" or "but what's next?".
We're planning on meeting up with this other couple to go to a dance in the petes at the end of next month... But I don't want to wait that long.

On a more hopeful note, Jack said he'd like to sign up again in the fall.... more ballroom or latin perhaps? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ohhhh! how fun!

ok, so this is pretty fun... but I'm lacking in posting the fun is on hold for a day or two... WHICH is EONS in the world of a blogger right????
I've been reading this one blog (followed a link from Joey's site) and decided to make a comment.. thought it harmless, people are always avoiding getting into good debate in a comment section right?
ha ha ha... silly me... and I should have proof read it before posting... leaving out one little word can make a HUGE impact on the way that people interpret what you've written....
this is what I said...
"I guess it boils down to this....
do you choose to believe everything that God has said in the Bible, or you decide to create your own faith (build your own idol) based on the things that are comfortable for you to believe?"

should have read:

"or do you decide to create your own faith...."
that little word "do" softens it up a bit....
ohhh! the fun begins in the comments that followed!!!!!
I'm excited.... little sleep is now schedualed for friday night!!!
check it all out at

next up "fair vs. just" (quivering with anticipation!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Undeniably THE quote of the day:

Guess how smart I am

(is this a trick question?)

Who knew I made this real smartness?

side notes

I wish I could make a little space where I could follow the tread of a previous post... you know a little window to open up and continue.. I don't really like leaving my own comments.....

Took a look a the afore mentioned "wee-Da-vid" on Sunday. He's not "wee" in any way any more! the guy has grown a good foot this past year... he towers over even his dad... I think He's rivaled Scott.
If you're a fan of yesterday's artist, check out Da-vid's band.... seriously, I can't stop saying good things about these guys, there's a link in the side bar (Beautiful Misery).

a fool

I've really liked Jack Johnson's lyrics for about a year now(thank you wee-Da-vid for introducing me to his poetry).
Last week I turned on the radio and changed the channel (yes, even I can only handle SO much of the overplayed Switchfoot songs!)
Ok, so there was MORE switchfoot on the secular station, but Jack was on too... I love this song, so before it gets too over-played I thought we could listen to it together.... I should have written this.
oh yeah, I'm always playing the fool...

I was sitting, waiting wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you would see the signs
But Lord knows that this world is cruel
And I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool
Learning loving somebody don't make them love you

Must I always be waiting waiting on you?
Must I always be playing playing your fool?


Saturday, May 14, 2005

ohhhh snack pac...

I know I've said this before... but pudding makes me SO happy.

The best (no doubt) is frozen fat free chocolate... but our freezer is doing funny things, my last two batches have gone all crystally... not what you want in a good frozen pudding.. really, consistancy is key here. You're looking for the gillato type ... a smooth frozen, so when it's slightly defrosted... ummmmm
next best is full fat vannila right from the cupboard... ohhh so good.

Anyway, I decided to pop the bubble of my world and meet some new people, learn some new things... I've got the most gorgeous D'jembe in the world (or so I think) but I'm increadibly intimidated by it's voice!!! I hit that puppy and wince from it's loudness.. I back off from evry rhythm that I figure out certain that it will eat me! Yes, I'm scared of my drum... it's silly I know.
That said, I need lots of prayer... so ninjas, your new assignment:

~~I've joined a drumming circle... never before have I been so excited to get away from Christians... I think though that I might be a little out of my comfort zone.... I came for the rhythms... I may leave for the Pagans.

So, I've joined this women's drumming circle (we had a meeting today), thankfully everyone is very respectfull of everyone else and their beliefs, there's no pressure to get involved in the spiritual stuff
BUT please pray for protection... I've never been really in tune with the whole spiritual warfare world (I rely on you ninjas!)I want to be a good witness to these women, and I want to learn about my drum and drumming.... Today was a really great day... but scarey. It's been a long time since I've had to defend what I believe... This group has 12 women, 6 of them would be quite serious about the pagan side of things, 3 are big into native spirituality, and the other 3 are undecided...

Also, it's about learning to express myself very differently.... We are always told growing up to be quiet, to follow someone else's lead, to be "little women". Drumming is pretty different... so I'm learning.... and I'm still really intimidated by it all...
but by the end of the first day I was EXCITED about what I had accomplished.
(sorry my spell check is still down)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

out for my walk today, plenty sunshine.

Dappled sidewalks.

I think I like the sun mostly for the shadows it makes...
The leaves are opening!

absolute zero

(sorry my spell check is down today)

Scott had the greatest anlogy this week at church.
It was a tough topic.. and probably not the greatest timing in the world. But an EXCELLENT job done.... the whole message had me wanting more, left me feeling challenged, answered some questions and raised new ones in my mind. Too bad we ran out of time, the question and answer period was getting really good.
Our topic for mother's day sunday?
Part two in a series entitled "Tough Questions: A friend of mine asked m; is there life after death" (Last week I heard Aaron speaking on "tough questions: A friend of mine told me the Bible contradicts itself")
So yeah, Scott gets all warmed up to his topic... then realizes... shoot, it's mother's day... does a quick apology to those of us who may be having a rough time of it (having lost various loved ones) then dives back in.... good guy, get on with it! I did apreciate it, I don't know that I would have delt with a mushy tribute very well...
Anyway, the part that grabbed at me (made me want to set up on the closest street corner and evangilize the town) was when he was talking about absolute zero.
There's no such thing as cold, just the absence of heat.
The less heat applied/exposed, the cooler it feels.
As the temperature drops it reflects the absnce of heat in a place.
We've heard of absolute zero
~The theoretical temperature at which substances possess no thermal energy, equal to -273.15°C, or -459.67°F.

When people choose to spend their lives apart from God, they move from being in His presence... At death, they've in esscence chosen to spend eternity away from Him.. they've rejected Him, they reject the things of Him.
Heaven is spent in God's presence.... (ohh, let's not dwell to long on that thought... I get too excited!) Hell is spent away from His presence. Absolute Zero~ possessing nothing of God... that means spending time in absolute zero of His attributes!
What is God? Even just looking at the TINIEST definition of Him made me start weeping! God is Love... what is love? Love is peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, self control.... that's spending eternity away from ALL those things ... *whew*
that's scarey.
I hadn't thought of all those things that people would choose to be apart from... makes the "hellfire and brimstone" version a picnic.

Monday, May 09, 2005

surrounded by so great a cloud of... what the heck???

Another title could be "I wear my sunglasses at night" (if only to protect me from the bugs)

ok, so the running tally for "little-flying-bugs-in-my-face" for this past week (weekend included)

bugs in the right eye: 12
bugs in the left eye:7

in my mouth: 14
up my nose: 11 (the number of bugs IN my mouth caused me to breathe thru my nose.... until I got a cold...)

left ear: 0
right ear: 3

(I think I must have been tilting my head this week)

then the day that I DUMBLY wore lip balm: 4 stuck to my lip.

WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Does ANYONE know what these dastardly creatures are?

Saturday, May 07, 2005


tonight was the beautiful wedding of Julie Elizabeth Skinner and Conrad St. John Huggins....
I'll write more about it later...

Tuff luck though Julie... I'm still calling you "skee-ner".

how increadibly appropriate, their wedding favors were a little box with some oreos inside... awwwwww!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a jump of sorts

I was alerted to a great phrase the other day.

"Jump the shark"

to be used in reference to the instant when something has reached it's peak, and is on it's way (WAY) downhill.

Apparently it all got started by some guys who were sitting around talking about their favorite TV shows. One that came up was "Happy Days". And at which eposode was it realized to be the beginning of the end? The eposode where-in the Fonze is out water skiiing in his leather jacket and he has to jump the shark....
ah ha...

What things in my life have jumped the shark? Is it possible to un-jump?
just something to think about.