Sunday, November 09, 2014

This is not my year

For supper tonight I was trying to "be good". I made up a big ole bowl of salad.

I was even excited to tuck into it.


I grabbed my favourite bottle of salad dressing (a vinegar and oil based one- surprising because I'm craving milk again) and started to pour it on... then had a moment of panic. The expiry date... is it "day month year or year month day or year day month?"
I stared in horror at the bottle for a few seconds, decided it was "year month day" and stopped feeling so horrified.

I mean.... I couldn't have a salad dressing that expired in '05... I moved into the house in 2009! The relief lasted for about half a bowl of salad. Till I realised that if it didn't expire in '05, then it must have expired in 2012...

I gave up and made pancakes.

Fast forward to later in the evening.
I'm still craving milk.
Tea with milk.
There's none in the house and I'm in my pajamas... then I remember a box of soy milk in the cupboard!

Dated 2011.

Maybe I can trick myself with instant hot chocolate?