Wednesday, December 17, 2014

People that you meet

I recently met a new friend.
And due to circumstances, nature and nurture and medication. .. they are for the most part emotionally neutral.

What does that even mean?

Well, for someone like me who feels too much- who senses your every flutter or shift of emotion, who can sense when you're "off" or your disinterest, who feels everything you're feeling... magnified. .. well, this is the greatest find, the greatest gift of friendship that can exist for this moment.

I don't have to guess.
And I don't take anything on.
I don't have to anticipate or react.
They are just open and honest and non reactive.

I love people. I love my job. I love my friends. But there are days when the act of being around people and absorbing their emotion is so exhausting.

But there is nothing to engage with but the actual person and the thoughts of this friend. And I just needed to write my relief down.

I spent an evening with this friend recently and after hours of talking I felt like I'd been to a therapy session... except, I've yet to find a therapist that I knew I could click with.... too much emotional transparency on their end, so I guess this is how some people feel after leaving the therapist. (I feel like everyone can benefit from a therapist, I'm not announcing my insanity)

No big conclusion today, no lesson to take away. Just really content and want to remember this.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

This is not my year

For supper tonight I was trying to "be good". I made up a big ole bowl of salad.

I was even excited to tuck into it.


I grabbed my favourite bottle of salad dressing (a vinegar and oil based one- surprising because I'm craving milk again) and started to pour it on... then had a moment of panic. The expiry date... is it "day month year or year month day or year day month?"
I stared in horror at the bottle for a few seconds, decided it was "year month day" and stopped feeling so horrified.

I mean.... I couldn't have a salad dressing that expired in '05... I moved into the house in 2009! The relief lasted for about half a bowl of salad. Till I realised that if it didn't expire in '05, then it must have expired in 2012...

I gave up and made pancakes.

Fast forward to later in the evening.
I'm still craving milk.
Tea with milk.
There's none in the house and I'm in my pajamas... then I remember a box of soy milk in the cupboard!

Dated 2011.

Maybe I can trick myself with instant hot chocolate?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I should know this answer by now


A beardly boy asks you "what's the undertone I'm sensing to your patchouli? " and really means it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keep trying though


No matter how many cute dresses you buy, you're never going to be as adorable as Tannis.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A quick thank you

 October is a month of crazy in Ontario if you're hip deep in the folk music scene. 
FMO- Folk Music Ontario wraps up the season of festivals with a conference designed to keep you from sleep while feeding you full of some of the best music our country has to offer.  I've written about it before- under it's old name OCFF. 

About half of these "Folkie girl problems" are from my own life... the other half credit is owed to a wonderful and silly group of friends that came together because of FMO. 

A big thank you to Emma Jane, Gaby, Shawna, Joanna, Rachel, Meghan, Ian, David, and all the beardlys we crush on.

A very thin line to tread


You don't know if your skirt is too Mennonitey to be folkie.

They're a thing.


You forgot to wear your "modesty shorts" under your sundress on a windy day at a festival workshop.

Just this.



Quick fix


Single people don't have different coloured lanyards.

Homework, word from a folkie boy


You go on a vinyl hunt with a smitten folkie girl and discover she's only interested in the french vinyl because she's doing research on her future boyfriend.