Monday, October 20, 2014

Might start grabbing strangers


The days following your favorite festival/conference/tour  "why is no one hugging me right now?!"

Eyes front soldier


The guy on sound is way more into the waitress than your mix.

Spot vs gels


How many pretty scarves can I bring to this gig? Is someone doing lighting?

Bring it just in case


You're going to a pot luck... should you bring your hummus?

The real duel


You keep tearing your tights on stray banjo wires.

Stubbornly resistant


Trying to return to normal life after a great music conference.

Every day


You aren't sure if this is a plaid and skirt event or a cute dress and boots thing. (Answer: jean jacket and blundstones)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

But you can


Your man crush just can't grow beardly enough.

Just. No.


Your man crush shaved off the beardy.

Run fast


Your two top beardy man crushes play in different bands and are showcasing at the same time on opposite stages.