Monday, August 16, 2010

putting up..

At the market on Saturday morning, I noticed that the orchard had brought along pears for sale. Know what that means?

My mouth is very excited to start canning.

Now, maybe this falls in the too much information category, but... While I was in the shower this morning, I decided to give a new razor a try. I'm the gal that buys the cheapy razors. None of the crazy fancy stuff, no way! Why would I want three blades when OBVIOUSLY one works just fine on it's own?

In my cheapy package last month, I found a free promotional giant 3 bladed pretty razor. I laughed when I found it and chucked it into the toiletries bin. It was overly girly, had a girly name on it... was CONTOURED to fit my hand, and looked shockingly like a woman's body. But today I gave it a try.

I'm in love.

I want to go rub my smooth as silk legs on every person I pass.



I bring the pooch to work with me.

While she's got a bit of a reputation (story another day) to overcome, she's done really well being in the group home. Her favourite thing to do (when not hoovering the food off the floor, or following me around) is to fall asleep on the couch next to one of the men while they watch tv. She was born to hang out in a group home with these guys. Patently sitting at their feet while they bark "SIT" at her.
You can watch her roll her eyes- as if to say "oh goodnight! I'm already sitting!"

Unfortunately, Miss Jelly is afraid of storms. Thank God she's hearing impaired, (I think. or maybe just really slow) she misses most storms if there's enough other noise. Tonight however was one of those storms you just don't want to go out in... LOUD. Power outages. Flashing. Jelly flew off the couch and started shaking.

As I was going to be doing a double shift - my plan had been to take her home (did I mention the hobbit house is FOUR houses away? mind you, four very large houses away and around the corner) feed her, feed the buns, grab my overnight bag- as I'm still being paid to sleep here- and head back to the group home... leaving dear Jellster at home.
And then... the rain came.
A LOT of rain came.
But, time being what it was, I dragged trembling Jelly into the downpour, and started to hightail it home... holding a lightning rod, we dodged death and puddles.
We made it, but I was praying the whole way home- and we were both drenched to the skin.

Now usually, when a storm hits, Miss Jelly can be found with her head in the corner between the fridge and the wall, panting and shaking... but tonight it was just too much for her. She ran in the house...
and jumped into the bathtub.

she was still there when I left the house.

poor pooch.

In garden news, the ground cherries are ripe and tasty.
no, I'm not sharing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

wake up slow

angry robot L.Bo is gone.
in her place is (nearly) the old me.
the one that cries thru movies, the one who feels deeply.
now, I just have to buckle down and figure out what's next.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

22 sleeps?

the garden is growing...

Just a few short sleeps till the festival.
In some ways, I'm SO ready.

in other ways, I keep hoping someone will come up to me, put their arms around my shoulders and say "it's ok, I'm here to take it over".

We've had three workshops fall apart this week- it's not the end of the world, I'd aimed really high for our numbers- I'd wanted to run programming in all the villages the entire day (one workshop each hour per village) That would put us at double the workshops from previous years... with the newly fallen programming, and the others that didn't pan out- I think we're short 2 in each village... um.. except in Wellness, I think we're close to target there.. weird.

I've fallen into that strange "non-work" pattern that I always fall into when the stress gets high- I sit. and little gets done.
It's frustrating.
then there are all the things I want to do, and it's like they're paralyzing me from the other things. my brain wants me to do just one thing each day... not practical at this point in the game.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


dear hot tub:

I had a really really great weekend catching up with old friends, spending hours singing in my car, remembering how bad it sucked to be a poor student. I loved every minute of baby squishing and seeing forgotten faces....
but I really really really really missed you.
and Jelly
and the Buns.