Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bunday Monday

So, while I was house sitting, I found some other little bunnies to love....

home again!

that's right, I'm officially home... as of 8:30 this morning... but I um.. have to go to work now.

but I did compose several hundred blog posts in my head this week.
And forgot all of them.

so let me leave you with this.

Last night, I dreamt that I was part of a crew flying a space ship. We didn't bother to hide it from people around- just let them think it was some big joke. Joke was on them. except that we didn't go anywhere, we kept planning to go somewhere, we were about to go on some mission. at one point the sail that attached to us decided to leave and go over the lake without us, and we had to run and get it- but then when we were on the beach, the guy running our ship ran into this super famous physicist and we got his help putting the sail away. Then they physicist asked me a question... but somehow knew my name? I guess I was really famous. in physics circles.
It was a fluke I knew the answer to his question.
So then we decided to stop for tea at this woman's house- she helped invent the ship at some point. And then I went on a mission to get supplies- but then no one wanted the stuff I'd picked up- items would drop out of the clouds - like a video game we had to run into them to get them... I picked lots of juice boxes. And doughnuts.
Then when we decided that we were actually going to go somewhere... we all had to hold down the trinkets that were sitting on the shelves in the den... inside our ship.
One of them was a carving of Farley.

Farley showed up on my "friends you might know" list on face book over a week ago. (this is real life now.. not my dream) I want to add him. Even though I've never met him face to face... I figure I've read all his books- so really we are friends....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Bunday.

I'll be returning to the interwebs tonight or tomorrow :)

so sad to leave the B&B.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

they'd have been better off with lost mittens

poor little kittens.

Yesterday I was putzing around the kitchen, when the doorbell rang.
That in itself was odd- people don't ring our doorbell! They come in. Generally, they come in while I'm in the bathroom. On the toilet. It's like magic.
So this young guy (grade nine maybe?) was standing at the door looking nervous, and I open the door, and he asks me if I have a cat.
I look at him a little confused and tell him that I don't. Now he looks confused.
He then said "well, you've got kittens".

Turns out, the funny noise I'd heard earlier wasn't a squawky bird.. it was two tiny new little black kittens. Sitting on the cement walkway beside the house. Kittens shouldn't be laying on the walkway like that... I knew something wasn't right. Big ugly flies were buzzing around them.

I thanked the boy and walked around the kittens- I didn't see or hear any others- so they hadn't just scooted their way out from their little home- and I'd heard the funny noise about an hour before- so I figured it was a safe bet they'd been abandoned by mom. I scooped them up and carried them into the house to find a box and a towel for them.... I put them in the towel, and that's when I noticed the blood.
We zoomed off to the vet right away... but it was too late for the little guys. The flies had been laying eggs on and in them.... the one was being eaten alive, a big hole went nearly right through him... the other didn't look like it would do much better... The vets were great, they said they'd look after the expense of putting them down, they were very realistic about how much time and money it would take to try to save the one- and how very real it was that he'd probably be dead in the next hour or so...
I don't like cats.
But I love kittens.
The whole ordeal made me very sad.
Do what Bob Barker says.
Get your pets neutered people!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Noseday Wednesday

ok, pictures ON the computer!

I came home the other night, walked down the street... and my neighbour stops me along the way - "I just met your giant bunny" she says.
I look at her strangely and she says "well, I'm helping your roomie move out, and he was hanging out in the sun porch"

guess who figured out how to open his cage?
yeah, there he is, sitting in the sun porch, gazing out the windows, deciding if it's worth chewing my boots.

ah ha... ha ha

Just to let you know, I'm kinda without the interwebs reliably this week.

I'm back at the B and B though. And I like life slow like that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bunday Monday

whew! have I got bunny pictures for you! on my camera.

Great ideas for audition pieces there folks! I wish I'd asked earlier, I wouldn't have been so lost... um.. hypotectically lost I mean.. IF I'd been trying out for a musical I mean.



so... bunny pictures... right...

Friday, September 19, 2008

good question

hypothetically speaking of course.....
what would you sing if you were trying out for a musical?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tonight when I got home from work, FNT (Friendly Neighbour Tom) and his wife called me over to the front porch.

"We want to introduce you to our newest addition" Bab's said

I wandered over, wondering what they'd gotten- I'd seen Tom feeding a pigeon earlier in the week... it died, so I figured FNT had really fallen in love with this pigeon, and needed to replace it with another. 

I was wrong.

I walked up the first step and heard a loud... deep... rumbly "WOOF".

There was a giant 11 month old black, sleek, dorky, lovely GREAT DANE!!!!

ok, so they didn't get one (if they had I would have asked them to adopt me on the spot) it belongs to Bab's sister... I may have to move in with her and Newman (the dog).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm eating dessert with Lynn Miles.

Ok, think "6 degrees of separation" type dessert- but think fewer steps.
Shall we back the train up a little further so this all makes sense?

I have a friend who has a bed and breakfast. I'm sure I've gloated about this before.
I have a friend who has a bed and breakfast, and I'm house sitting for her again. I will be gloating about this more.
I have a friend who has a bed and breakfast, and each year during the festival she has some of the musicians stay at her bed and breakfast- so they don't have to camp out on the hill (though, some of them do, and they have the right to gloat).

Anyway, this year, Miss Lynn Miles stayed at the B&B (again) and this year, as a little thank you gift, she left a little box of the cutest ever chocolate shortbread cookies for the hostess. I just ate some for dessert. And... I've got a few for my lunch. Along with a cookie that the hostess herself made- think apple crisp crumble.... but handheld.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


how long do you hold on to things?

I mean, short of holding a grudge, how long do you hang on to old emotions?
I'm talking about that strange place in life, when your peers start to trickle back into their home town. 

Ok, so maybe not "short of holding a grudge", maybe I'm talking about grudges.

I'm thinking in particular of two guys I went to school with who caused me much grief. One just drove me nuts- teased me from grade 3 right on thru to OAC (Ontario Academic Credits- also known as Gr.13) honestly, the guy mostly just exasperated me... but he wasn't that bad. Then there's this other one- he made me cry nearly weekly, he was THAT mean. 

The mean guy has shown up and acts like nothing ever happened in the past, acts like he's my buddy. Mostly I tolerate him. At worst, I roll my eyes (at him). He's pretty shallow. 

The other guy has just shown up- I haven't talked to him, so I'm not sure who he's become. *

But seeing him started me thinking, when do you let things go? Does something like that need to be brought up again? Do you start fresh? Pretend nothing's happened?

Just some thoughts floating around in my brain this week.....

* I DO know that I covet his dog. In fact, he's been around town for almost a month now, but i only noticed yesterday it was him- I'd been looking at the dog every time he passed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

come again?

I'm not sure how I missed this....

but I think I just found the best ever site.

I'm pretty much about to pee myself here.

NOw... go... watch THIS


ok, so I left my camera somewhere today... I think it's in the car.
BUT, guess who figured out how to open up her old flickr account? mmmmhmmm, that would be me.
Sooooo, once again, it's a Monday Bunday from the Archives.

eeeeek!!! wasn't he beautiful????

ok, so the countdown... even better than talk like a pirate day my friends... even better.
SooooooooooOOOooo, who's with me this year?
(I'm particularly interested in the torn books exhibit, the moon stages and the interactive light show- on the side of the skyscrapers)

** for those of you who are feeling too lazy to actually go read what Nuit Blanche is, it's an all night art show on the streets of Toronto, interactive, larger than life, incorporating all your senses.... wear a really great pair of walking shoes, drink coffee, and don't have plans for the next morning.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

eye spy

Guess what I found today?

My camera.

Guess what else I found today (in my cupboard)?

Locally grown popcorn.

Guess what I took pictures of?

Nothing... I was too excited to eat it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

finally, something to look forward to

The hardest part of SVFF passing, (other than it being over) (and other than it being a whole YEAR till the next one) is the lack of something to be excited for in the near future.
It's all about the expectation.
So, I'm here to remind you that it's only 9 more sleeps till "talk like a pirate day".

Yarrr, I be there in spirit already.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Re: Bunday Monday

yes, there have been some questions as to whether or not there's something wrong with Little Fynn Pants and Giant Pontouf Pony. I think it's due to the lack of new pictures lately. 
Thankfully, there's nothing wrong with them. 
I did however lose my memory card from the camera. 
And I haven't unpacked my stiff from the festival- so, since I've come home and uploaded festival photos... I've lost my camera under the pile of crap in my room.
I need to deal with all that.

(insert nelson laugh here)

So, I'm driving.
I do that.
And I'm listening to some tunes.
I do that.
And I'm trying to turn up the music.
Cause I like that sometimes.
And my volume dial has been broken for years.
Cause I'm cheap.
So I'm spinning the volume dial, trying so hard to get it right.
And then I realize.

I'm listening to the ipod.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1101- and that's not binary

You know my dream of working in a coffee shop?
Well, I've got like 30 different dreams, but you know that one where I end up working in a coffee shop? A nice one.. that has live music, and I get to visit with people, and build community one cuppa time?

I had two separate offers this week to come work in people's coffee shops.
Now, neither of these were feasible. I couldn't live off of them. But it was lovely to be asked just the same.

The offer today nearly made me cry.
I'd love to have the means to be able to do it.


1,100 (are you sick of me now?)

welly well well, what do we have here? A blog-o-versary?

What better thing to do on a Blog-o-versary than to talk about not talking about something!

My eyes are weary.

Speaking of eyes, I just got an alien joke sent to me, and I laughed very very hard. I will have to post it here at some point.

Speaking of eyes, you know I have a stat counter right? I've mentioned my Stat-obsession before. Yes, that means I know when you're reading this at work (ha ha, maybe even where you work). That means I know where you are. That means I know how often you visit, or how you got here. Even who provides your internet connection.

The walls have eyes... moo wa ha ha ha ha.

Monday, September 08, 2008

everybody everybody

new main page to be seen... if'n you know what I mean?

AND new fav quote...

"my parents room is out of town in my car, want to park-out?"

I'd go for it.

Bunday Monday

here's an oldy... I didn't get home till late- so digging in the archives is great fun

awww, I miss the old guy.
ps. the sweater doesn't even fit over 'Touf's head... how sad.

it's baaaa-ack

that's right.. the return of Bunday Monday....

just let me get my camera....

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Snap- Shot

Voice in the night.
That was the song that came on as I trotted down the road.. rather, the song that came on as I paused.
If I'd had a camera, I'd have blown the photo up, hung it on the wall.
Called it "half harvest travels" or some other such nonsense.

But it was beautiful, half a harvest orange moon, hovering just above the train tracks. Trees silhouetted, rails lightly glowing back the orange. 

** Been listening to R3:30 after my C25K, the run isn't quite long enough, but I still want to take it easy. Instead I finish the run, then walk for the first 10 songs of the countdown.

Friday, September 05, 2008

for the next 60 seconds..

A little break from Festival de-briefing... Not because I'm done.. but because other life is happening along the way.

Growing up, I don't think I got a Walkman until I was like... 16? And even then, it was a cheap jobby that I didn't trust outside the house. (Note:: I'd used Walkmans, in the truck or car when we went on family vacations- but it was never my own)
I think (and smartly so) my parents didn't buy them for us so my sister and I wouldn't kill ourselves on our bikes or walking around town. Heck- I could barely wear a helmet on my bike/rollerblades- I couldn't hear the traffic over the sound of the wind on the plastic. I think I have some sort of hearing impairment. 
Eventually I got a job, finished university and bought one of those fancy pants non-skip c.d.Walkmans... I think I went out for a bike ride with it once before it was stolen....

All this to say... I bought myself an ipod shuffle the other day. 

And suddenly, I'm in a musical.

No really... it's like having a sound track to your life... walking down the street- each song transforms the scenery, gives it a mood. 
I'd just finished my run (more on that later) and had finished my cool-down, but still had three blocks to get home... the music made me feel like I was in a movie- I had to keep looking around, enjoying the cinematography... yeah.. I'm a dork.
But that's really what it felt like.

The run... I haven't run in about two weeks (that whole festival thing), so I decided to take it easy. I also decided to give the C25K thing a try. JMack was telling me about this podcast he and GI had been using, going from Couch to 5Km in 9 weeks... I LOVE IT. Week one is a little too easy (but I'm doing it anyway- only, I'm doing it one and a half times... so is that C to 7.5k?) It has you do a 5 min warm up, then 8 sets of 60 second runs with 90 walks between, then a 5 min cool down... 
Mostly I love that there's music that I can run to... (cause.. you ever tried to run to Neil Young? yeah... no...) AND I love that the guy who's made these things, has put some thought into it... or maybe I've over thought the whole thing.... At the third run there's a song that comes on with the lyrics being something like "leave me alone, I don't want to call you" a great break up song... also it's what I'm saying to my body... Then, after the half-way mark.. this fantastic, empowering beat- like you've just defeated the evil... like you've just discovered truth... like... well, it just makes you feel good.

A drab

Is there a measurement unit that's comparable to a Drib or a Drab? I've always wondered.
Awhile back I saw an advertisment for a set of measuring spoons- a pinch, a titch, a smidgen... etc... I'd love to find them again.

I was thinking about what matters today.

and about what doesn't.

And I need to make some changes. Big ones. Why hold on to the things that drag you along? Why spend time with the things that just hold you back? Why dwell on the holdings of sadness and pain? 

I choose to do something new.
I choose to find joy.

that wasn't the drab I was going for.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sin and Grieving

Thank you ladies.

No phone, no fire, no cats... let's add blogging too.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A drib

One set of photos....

sigh... I want to go back to the nation.... (SVFF Nation that is)

There was a conversation going on between several people on the weekend... that the festival isn't just about the music. It's a series of mini festivals- all with a common goal, inclusion, community, and enjoyment. This year I had quite a bit of free time to sit and watch the main event - the music festival and arts village... and I found that it wasn't what I was there for at all. I was there for the common goal. I was there for the hard work. I was there for connecting with old friends, building new relationships. I was there for the fresh air, the campfires, the cooking, the walking, the sweating, the tears, the laughter.... I could actually be there and not even need the bands playing.

(note:: there were several people/groups that I would not have missed... they were fantastic)

These "mini festivals" happen all around us, we don't set out to create them, they follow when people aren't looking for them. They are the real reason something like SVFF works- they keep the volunteers coming back, they keep people impassioned and fed. 

I need to be looking for those in my day to day life.
But I still miss the nation.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Valley Thoughts

People talked a lot about their "festival moments" this year. 
That single moment that defined what the festival meant to them... or the moment that fulfilled why we do what we do there.

I know mine... do you know yours?

dribs and drabs

things are going to come in bit by bit... processing...
I haven't really been at the breakdown level I've been in the past- after the festival... but, it's still always hard, coming back to this day to day life.

read this while I process.

Monday, September 01, 2008


I sat in my car in the driveway crying tonight.
I made it through the whole week- weekend without getting to drain-out point. Without crying over ridiculous things like lost bandaids, or ugly fruit... but getting home was something different.

It was like- getting out of the car meant the whole experience was over for the year. 
It would mark the end.

And as excited as I am for future things, I would be quite happy living in those festival moments for a long while.