Friday, September 30, 2005

which side is the right side?

Growing up... if I'd wake up too early, my parents would tell me to "roll over and go back to sleep". People always ask if you've "gotten up on the wrong side of the bed" if you appear grumpy in the morning.
I had lots of bad dreams growing up... mostly about giants chasing me down the street... having to hide in the bushes to avoid giant detection... giants wanting to eat me and the neigbours... hiding under the truck because my sister had locked the front door and a giant wanted to smush me. There were some about giant caterpillars, some about giant sized stingrays...
the other night one of the giants came back... I had been cleaning a giant sized fish tank, when all sorts of things started to go wrong.. eventually I broke the neck of one person, and superman carried away the rest of the bad guys... but later, after super had left, I walked outside into the yard, and there was a man sneaking around the corner, gun in hand... I knew he wanted vengeance for the girl who's neck I'd snapped... I ran inside, only to discover my house was made of cardboard (not much to deflect the bullets) and the windows were floor to ceiling-saran wrap. The sheer terror that gripped me... I was sweating when I woke up... the only reason I woke up though was because I was screaming in panic for superman...

ego boosters

the past two days have done nothing, save inflate my head to a grandiose size- one which is quite unattractive.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my God given gifting

The day has been a tragic one. Many have lost their lives.
And, though the battle seemed as though it would never end, and the opponents many- the freedom that was won in this long and arduous battle was a release like none other.
The foes rushed in from all sides... they came in from the air.... they came from below. I thought that my own days were numbered. One bystander cried "I've had enough"!
There were decapitations and dismemberments.
There was the sound of smacking and whacking.
But in the end.... I remained.
Coffee in one hand, newspaper still on the table (albeit covered in limbs) I set my fly swatter on the table and asked Dave to sweep up the 28 wasps that lay at my feet.
Did I receive payment for my service? Did I receive even a free small coffee?
not so much
but I enjoyed it none the less.

:: The coffee shop had the door open this morning, for some reason the wasps just coming in... annoyed with owner-dave hovering around me with his swatter... I took over so he'd go away.

as if!

Please please please tell me this is a joke????
if not, when/where can I buy tickets for the next show?


pick up the local paper

ok, the other night at work I'm hanging out with the boys watching 7th heaven, fighting back the tears.... lol, that happens in nearly every episode!
Suddenly, one of the guys.... let's call him "Fred" turns to me and says "WELL! you obviously didn't read the wednesday edition of the Northumberland News!"
Shocked and trying desperately not to laugh at the solomness of his delivery, I and the other staff ask him "why?"
To which, he replies while rubbing his nose (actually, it's more like he's trying to rub it off his face) "oh, I don't know"
and goes back to watching the TV.
"I forget"
as usual I lose ANY and ALL professionalism and nearly wet myself laughing at him.
a moment later he says "oh, it was about the dogs... there'll be a fine for the vicious ones"

I'm still not sure what that had to do with the fight and reconciliation between the Mom and Dad on TV.

Monday, September 26, 2005

come again some other day

I'd like it to stop raining.
though I do apreciate the excuse to stay inside and play with my new HIGH SPEED computer... yes yes... it is good.

I like pirates

I'm having a rough week... nothing really in particular bothering me... it's just a "I miss my mom" thing.
Sorry I haven't wrtten anything of intrest in the past few days.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

ahhh, young grasshopper!

Hello, my name is Lesley and I am passive agressive. (sick)
And even having learned from the best.. I still fall for it's evil "charm you brow-beat you" every time.

no zoo this week.
maybe next????? *hopeful grin*

Friday, September 23, 2005

if I could talk to the animals...

la la with the animals, play with the animals all day.

I had this music box when I was little that played that tune... I never did find out what all the words were, but I really liked it. When Little-Bits and I were ... little.... Dad's place of employment would throw a Christmas party each year. Santa even came to it. The parties were always in obscure places, old camps, dank halls, I remember one being in a school gym of sorts... but Santa would show up and hand out the gifts... each one wrapped and labeled "girl age 6" or "boy aged 4"... I got the music box there... it was a figure of a wrinkles dog on top... playing the violin. Wearing a top hat.

All that to say::

I want to go to the zoo


I have nothing to say this morning.

Though I really wish that I did... the past 24 hours were quite uneventful. I didn't really go anywhere or do anything. Well, no, I went to work. And for work I went to the movies... saw four brothers.... don't bother to waste your money on that one. Although I did appreciate watching Marky Mark Wahlburg for 2 hours.
Then I went home... and played spider solitaire for 2 hours.
I think I may have a problem.
I even dreamed about it.

Thankfully I mean.... the grocery store nightmares were getting to be a little too much to handle.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

time for new shoes

I went for my walk this morning and hobbled home... two random blisters formed themselves and now my feet are sad.

BUT... it was a great day for a walk, and my landlords are still away so that means I still have gardening to do.... and that, my dear friends, makes me HAPPY.

What else makes you happy Les?

Well, I was able to sit in on a rather interesting meeting last night- I didn't contribute too much to it, but it was nice to be included... and I'm pretty excited about what God is preparing people to do around here... pray that we'd be following His will... not making it up as we go- creating more work rather than just responding to the need. yeah... I think that's it.. nah.. just pray.
thanks Ninjas.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


this is a shout out to the guy who's enabled me to have a REAL computer... though he thoroughly mocked my stone-aged home office, he hooked me up with a pretty sweet system.
Thanks T.Lam!
You're fantastic!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

how could I have missed this????

really? how is this possible???? I don't understand.
Thank you Beth-field for enlightening me.

This is what I'm talking about. One of my favorite places in the Burg, quirky, and sadly no longer dank::
The Human Bean

you can find me most mornings reading the paper... and most weekends singing along.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the way to end the day

I will find a book
I will sit
I will be at peace

the bat cave

I'd like to call this the bat cave... but there's no bats... just spiders.
Doesn't it look cozey???? don't you want to come and sit with me?

pass the remote

moments which I would like to have fast-forwarded thru or avoided completely today

1) the moment I left my house for work until I rode my bike home.
(except for maybe the part where I got to stand in the lake and watch the waves and play with the sand for an hour.... but most defiantly the part where the minnows congregated around my legs...) (and maybe not the part where I stopped off at the SVFF office, but most defiantly the part where I became tongue tied and sped out of the office)

side note:: re:the side bar:: I've finally gotten around to adding the "hero of the week" section, don't forget to send out your thanks to our many heros as they appear

point and click::freeze frame

there are times in life where I often want to press a magic button and freeze the moment. Those moments where things are just good.
I'm blessed in that I get to experience a lot of those moments. Or maybe I'm blessed in that I'm allowed the moment to perceive those moments? Whatever. Either way, today I wanted to stop time on five occasions. But, if I'd done that... then I probably wouldn't have experienced all of them... *sigh* this isn't suppose to be confusing.
1) I got a phone call from a good friend and got to catch up
2) On my walk- clear headed rhythm that comes with your feet moving and your arms swinging and no pressing matters to attend to.
3) On my walk- the beach was near empty, the water cool... I walked up and down it a few times in the water singing praise
4) While casing the Marina for picnic tables (I'd heard rumor that they stored the town's old tables there- SVFF may be over for this year, but I'm starting my sourcing for next.) I found the Cobourg Ecology garden- didn't know we had one... So, I spent ten mins or so wandering in the cool shade.
5) After my morning visit to the Bean, walking home I saw a spider spinning it's web. pretty cool thing to watch.

I like those few mornings were I don't have to be anywhere.

Friday, September 09, 2005

someone's just run to the store to pick up a part

You'll have to think WAAAAAAAYYYYYY back to the trip from Addis to Lome to remember the story about the plane parts.....
but today, reminiscing with one of my Togo gals put me to web surfing the flights that may or may not be available at any given time....

and then I found this there really is a plane parts store.

the state of my being

my face is asleep.
my arms don't work.
my back is broken.
i have strange bruises covering most of my body.
i can't seem to complete sentences.
and i can't figure out what day it is.

welcome to SVFF withdrawal.

::side note, guess you might have noticed the picture thing in the side bar by now... some are pretty old (yikes! can you believe that Togo was a year ago?????) I'm going to try to add one or two new pictures each week, so every once in awhile... check them out.
:::: side note to my side note, can you guess which is my favorite t-shirt? LOL!!! hey Meg, even the "lesley sweater" made it into the mix a few times.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

done and done

I ate that pie.

Monday, September 05, 2005

life of pie (apple crumble)

ok, several melt-downs later.... a festival happened.
walking around the near empty site today I was hit (again) with (another) wave of tears. So many people worked SO hard to make this thing happen... and it was good.
Real good.
It always amazes me that people can, and will, pull together to make things happen. (no, I'm not going to make some profound statement of what we need to do for our Southern friends... you already know)
Seeing that thousand plus group of people out enjoying their weekend, things running smoothly, people finding what they needed, being able to pray for them (even if they didn't know it), building new realationships, engaging in some really neat conversations... yeah, that was all worth it. And then there's the music... whoa. what a talented group of people... I learned a ton of new music, shmoozed with some top names, made some great friends....I learned SO much!!!

and then there's that whole singing with Aengus thing....

I didn't get to sing with him Thursday at the volunteer thing... that was pretty sad (ok, you know me, I was devistated) Then, due to the busy nature of the weekend... didn't get to sing with him at any of the campfire things (oh my... the campfires deserve their own posting) (again with the devistating disapointment).

But, you'll be relieved to hear... I sang with him on the main stage, during the festival the last day.

Highlight of the year baby...
and then someone bought me a pie just because.
really? can life get any better?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

RE: a bet

From: "Shelter Valley Productions" <>
To: "'Lady Lesley Marie Boileau'" <>
Subject: RE: a bet
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:53:35 -0500

if it works for Thursday night lets do something like "Lately" or "My Heart has wings"
otherwise we'll sing round the campfires
looking forward to it
-----Original Message-----
From: Lady Lesley Marie Boileau []
Sent: 30 August 2005 09:54 PM
Subject: a bet

ok, so there's a bet out now, after my stellar performance (read:: running like the scaredy cat that I am) at the volunteer picnic when faced with singing with you... some believe I'd never the courage to ask to sing with you. SO, in being the stubborn girl that I am, I'm out to prove them wrong.
Hey Aengus, can I sing a song with you at the volunteer thing? *laughing* I promise not to suck. (at least, not to badly) I don't sing lead on anything normally, harmonies are my passion. Anyway, if you get this message, let me know what you think... but don't let it be a stress issue- you've got alot on your plate right now! (by the way, it's all looking great, I feel so privledged to be part of such a great thing!)
Talk with you later,