Monday, July 31, 2006

bad karma?

So the other night I was out with some people someplace... we were waiting for someone to show up.
One of the people had been leading a game of "would you rather" for a better part of the day... A game I LOVE. Would you rather do this.... Or this... Then discussion follows. Generally when people play the game, it's more of a gross out, or extremes. It's a good way to get to know people. This guy was taking it to the bizarre.
On the computer's screen saver was a tall ship sailing... This guy looks at the screen and says "would you rather sail on that boat for a length of time or..." at that precise moment there was a squealing of tires, without missing a beat he continues "... Or be in that accident?"
We rush outside to see if it's really an accident, because really, the only thing we heard was the squeal, and I saw some dust flying...
No one was hurt in the accident (a miracle) but it turned out the person we were waiting for was involved. Motorcycles do not swim.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Girls.... I love my diva. You MUST read about it. You must ask me about it. really. I LOVE it.
Boys.... never mind.... you don't really want to know.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Perhaps there should be a primer?

I LOVE dollerama.
I know I'm fundamentally opposed to the idea of it. I'm against the fact that anyone in the world should be paid unfair wages... blah blah blah... You've heard it all before. But the selfish part of me LOVES buying things there.
especially Twingo bars.
side note:: remember that time Be-Bop, when you bought me a million twingos? My hips have yet to forgive you.
so Manda-manda and I were in there on Thursday night, I had to pick up another piece of fencing for my bed... See below post re::the ratbit and his adventure chewing threw my stuff. I found a piece of fencing, it's not quite the same height, but hopefully he won't notice that it's not right... And my belongings will be left alone. ANYWAY.
I was at the register checking out and the lady said after handing me a mitt full of loonies, "I hope you don't mind, I've run out of bills". She THEN leans to the mic and calls.... "Code 1". I now know what code 1 is. I've always wondered. Manda said she always thought it was shoplifting. The lady then went on to tell us that code 3 is a void. They could hire me now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I take it back... my complaints and grumblings about USPS....
Your item left the United States from SAN FRANCISCO AMC at 1:13
am on July 27, 2006. Information, if available, is updated every evening.
Please check again later.

that's information I can handle.

Pack your bags

Ok. So. Last night.
I went to Karaoke, as I do every Wednesday night, except on the rare occasion when I don't go. I had let Sir Buns-o-lot (Norty Pee, little buddy, big man, fuzz butt, buddy-bunny, Norbert, Norton, lil'guy, clososaurus) out of his cage earlier in the evening as I was watching the news and putzing around on the computer. I decided that rather than waste time trying to find him to put him in his prison before I left, I'd let him free for the eve. Besides (thought I) he's been so good for weeks on end, and those handy garden trim things block him from spending all his time under my bed.... It'll be my treat. I even left him a real treat out in the hall on an old towel.
When I got home from K, I couldn't find him anywhere. No fear, I know he couldn't have gotten outside... He's somewhere in the apartment. No fear, I'm not going to bother looking for him, it's dark, he's probably chilling in the sunroom.
I sit down at my computer to check on the status of mah'bass (which by the way, has not been updated... Silly USPS, if you've got the tools... USE THEM) as I'm sitting I hear this faint gnawing noise.... Not unlike the noise Nort used to make when chewing on Mom and Dad's couch many years back... Not unlike the noise I sometimes hear when there's a big ol'carrot nearby... Not unlike the noise a bunny might make as it CHEWS THRU MY SUITCASE IN ORDER TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN WONDERLAND UNDER MY BED!!!!!
Yes. It's true.
I didn't put fencing the last foot of space under my bed because A) there was only one foot left, I didn't want to buy another four foot section and B) my giant suitcase that has taken me to Africa and back twice was blocking the path.
Does anyone know a REALLY great seamstress who might be able to patch the hole and put on a new zipper?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new flavour (or) this one belongs in the dog house

I love my rabbit.
But cooking him up and making him into stew has never been more appealing.
somebunny's in trouble!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Atlas anyone?

So here I've been saying my bass is coming from North Carolina.
Um... I need to work on my American abreviations.
MY bass is coming from Nevada.


how's this for a control freak's greatest discovery?
I can TRACK my bass thru USPS.
sigh... I love technology.

Monday, July 24, 2006


mine mine mine mine mine mine...

rather exciting don't you think? Now I've NO excuse not to learn. I'd better dig out my lesson stuff from the fall! The only part I don't like is the callouses I've got to build again.
I really like having the sensation in the tips of my fingers.
Such is life..... livin a good life.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home again

I feel like I haven't been home in forever. I'm home at a fairly decent hour tonight... Not early enough to feel ok about thumping around in my room and waking up the whole house, but early enough to blab a bit.
First, I haven't been home... Therefore, I've been neglectful in my duties as a home dweller. I missed garbage day two weeks in a row... And there wasn't enough three weeks ago to warrant taking it out. The garbage was getting smelly. I double bagged it the other day when I begin to notice the ouder. It got worse this week. Last night I slept on the sun porch... With the door shut. Just so I wouldn't smell it. Then I forgot about it till this evening. D-Town was going to go use the computer, I was going to VanDan's for a movie.... I remembered as D was about to go... And told him to brace himself.
blah blah blah... shorten the story... D finished his work at the computer and headed home... THEN when he should have been sleeping (as he works at a ridiculous hour of the morning) he drove back to my house just to take my nasty garbage out to his dumpster before I got home.
He's fantastic.

Went to Aunt Jean's 65th birthday party, Dalton came with, he met many cousins, and the general consensus was "he's REALLY nice/funny/great/sweet/charming" yeah yeah... I know...
Best part of the afternoon was when my cousin Sue's husband, Orhan, came up to meet Dalton.
Orhan's from Turkey, he's a great guy, I don't know him well, and this weekend I feel like I actually met him for the first time... He's very straight forward, kinda sarcastic... a dangerous mix for me, I'm pretty gullible. Orhan introduces himself to Dalton, then says "SO, how do you like Canada? Is it hot enough for you? You find it cold?" ALL eyes turn to Dalton to see how he's going to react... And Sue, with a look of near horror says "Orhan! Maybe's he's Canadian! Not everyone's a foreigner!" and Orhan simply replies "Are you?"
By the end of the afternoon, they were best buddies... It was beautiful.

It's getting late. I'm now going to sign off and purchase myself an acoustic bass guitar. No more procrastinating, hemming and hawing about it.
it's pretty, I'll show you a picture soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pass the loonies, let's make it a night

I've discovered my calling in life.
and it involves going to the arcade.. Or arcade type places....
All it takes is a little money, a little time, and some quick feet.
Yes, that's right.
I've discovered Dance Dance Revolution.
It's fantastic.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flying by!

Have you noticed how fast everything goes in the summer? We're more than halfway thru July. Yesterday I was working out details (starting to work out the details) so I can go up to joy camp for a bit during Jr.Youth.
Baby Kate and I are going to trade off and we're going to put together this year's newsletter.... still not sure why it's called a newsletter... More of a yearbook... A "weekbook"? A scrapbook of the week's activities, pictures, articles, addresses and music. I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished in the past. I find the hardest part is finding a laptop for the week. Maybe we'll just use my whole computer this year... But I have to leave early (Kate will be on her own for the last two days). I don't have a printer yet, but I was hoping to purchase one this month anyway.... The only downfall will be that we won't have an internet connection if I take my computer, it doesn't have a wireless-whatever-it-needs to pick it up. BAH! Seriously... This part is the annoying part. Whatever, it'll all get worked out anyway... It always does.

This week I have my first official SVFF meeting too. Shelter Valley Folk Fest is just around the corner!!!! I'm pretty pumped about that. This year I've got a much better grasp on the job, it should go much quicker, and I've got a lot more contacts than when I first started out.

This is a boring post. I've got more to write. But time to go.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Side note:: where did the term eavesdropping come from? Did someone sit on the eves, and drop down?

So, I've probably seen a grand total of 16 episodes of "That 70's Show", and it's always made me laugh. Today, enjoying my afternoon off, I sat on the couch. The bunny ears on the TV failed me yet again, and my choices were 1) baseball 2) infomercials 3) French 4) 2 episodes of "That 70's Show" that I've already seen. I watched the 70's show....
But while I watched... I did my nails. Boring info I know... BUT during one of the episodes they were talking about a CB radio. I've always wanted a CB radio. I don't really know why... It's just always seemed like a fun idea. I'd never actually get one, but the idea's always been in my head.
During the episode a CB message came blaring thru the TV set.... WAY louder than the program... WAY louder. It wasn't the program.
Some how my bunny ears are picking up the signal from one of the Cobourg police cars! They were talking about "corner of claire and george" "big yellow brick house". I kept one eye out the window... that was sketchy-the-drug-dealer's place. Sure enough, a few moments later I saw an unmarked car turn the corner. They talked in code... I don't know what happened. And it doesn't matter... I've got a fake CB radio!!! Channel 78

Friday, July 14, 2006

Great Canadian pass time....

the weather.

in the winter, I don't leave my gym bag in the car, because I'm cold blooded and I can't handle putting on cold gym clothes. I'm FINE putting on hot humid gym clothes in the summer, it combats the AC in the gym....

Yesterday I opened my deodorant and it nearly poured out on my feet. It was so soft, it sloshed a bit.

Today I came home and sitting on my front porch was a very very sad looking candle.

picture to follow.


After another incredibly frustrating encounter... I've resolved a few things in my mind.
The first of which is that I will not be speaking to her again in person without a third, impartial, party there to mediate the conversation, because no matter how slowly, matter of factly and without emotion I speak in response to her pointing, yelling and intimidation tactics... she freaks then tells me that I am "throwing issues in her face".
Secondly... She needs someone to be her friend. She needs someone to go vent to. I've apologized for the confusion of the other night.. -I will only act on information that I've been given.. I'm not a mind reader. (That was her problem) But I will no longer be the person she is venting at. I had a boss like that once, who confused the lines of correcting a situation with venting their own anger issues... That's what she's doing. And it's manipulation.
Thirdly she is psycho.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I received some negative feedback about my blog yesterday. And it was kinda funny, because it was from a non-blogger... But, feedback is important to grow, so I appreciate it.
Manda'sTravis said yesterday's post was too short.
I will work on finding something great and note worthy to write about.
I suppose I could write about my psycho landlord again. But that's getting old, and I'm trying to learn grace. However, when she provides me with unending stupidity... It's hard not to write about her.
Do you ever wish you could record conversations and play them back to the person? I don't like the person I'm becoming dealing with her. I'm beginning to fantasize about the different things I could yell back at her, about the things I could (rightly as a tenant) do that would annoy the crap out of her. Of the letters I could write to her... Ah yes.. Those letters... Very formal and passive aggressive... My favorite. See, now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about calling her on her rudeness and inappropriateness! I don't like that.
I'm finding it increasingly hard not to jump into those conversations held by my friends who sit in disbelief of what's just transpired, hard to try to find the reasoning behind what she's said or done, hard to find that glimmer of sympathy or understanding. Hard.
Polyanna who?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wet. soggy.

it's raining... again. I'm ok with the rain, yet another excuse to stay in on the porch and read. Yet another excuse to watch a movie... yet another excuse.

even the weather pixie has taken cover today. in her place remains the flag. dripping wet flag.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Stop the violins

Visualize whirled peas

I don't know if it was Regal, or Lee Valley or some other catalogue store that carried the tee shirts with those slogans... I always wanted the peas one. I was re-reading an article and the violin title seemed to fit my feelings for the info....

You've probably read about the "teenage mosquito repeller" or heard about the "teen ring tone", that's the high frequency tone that's only able to be heard by those a little less hearing impaired than us old folks. I listened and was greatly relieved to be able to still hear it... guess I wasn't as impared as I thought... But at the same time, I shuddered in horror at it.
I remember being young and holding my head in some places- stores, offices and some homes... not being able to stand the noise... and adults telling me it was just a ringing in my head... It's almost nice to know that I didn't have some random form of tinnitus. Ug... I'd rather listen to teeth grinding....

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I didn't get the second interview, but I still feel pretty good to have even had the first. I've heard from a few people that weren't even given that opportunity. I'm starting to realize that since this is a small town that many desire to be living in, the competition for things like this is always going to be a little steep. I'm feeling pretty discouraged, honestly. And in light of some other random info I was given... I'm feeling kinda small. BUT.. chalk it all up to learning, and praise God anyway.

Thursday morning I was greeted by a rather excitable-talking-too-quick-to-be-understood Lady Di-Robb... She jabbered about "your new phone" then disappeared. I was confused... Figured she must mean "her own new phone". Nope.
When she whisked back into the kitchen, she pulled from the cupboard a large box... and said as she presented it "your new phone". Then I realized what she'd handed me... a HUGE 1995 Cell phone.... it has a base! the base has a handle! the base has a large antenna! and it works!
I have a demo picture on my real cell if you'd like a viewing.
T.Lam was the other recipient of this fine phone, and in our join custody, we decided that it need to be given to everyone. T found a gift bag, and we trundled off to VanDan's funeral home.
The last I heard it's now in the hands of Lindsay... Be prepared. You may be the next owner of the "transportable cellular phone".

Friday, July 07, 2006


Ok, So ... Last night, I was blessed to be quizzed in interviewing questions by Manda-manda and Manda-Manda's Travis. I felt confident... I felt strong... I could get the job... Heck, they need me to take the job... Then the first question came... and the entire interview I sat there thinking... crapo!

the interview was about 45 mins, 12 questions. Then a half hour written portion. I'm pretty sure I could have completed the written portion, 'cept for the part where it wasn't written, it was all typed on an ergonomic designed keyboard! Didn't realize I use the wrong fingers to type so much... Took me twice as long to write half as much. WOW!

Worst questions:: What is an instance where you've failed, and how did you deal with it? AND "Where have you had opportunity to instruct someone in a task and how did you do it?" ugh. I just got stupid on that last one.. Hello! I'm always telling people what to do! Could I think of a good example? NOPE! Used a lame one. As for the former... Well. Mind blank... Of course, I screw things up all the time, but to choose one that relevant to work? Couldn't think of one, asked to come back to it... he asked me if I thought I was perfect.... Great... Just great.
I will know by tonight if I made it to the second (final) interview.
excuse me, I think I need to go vomit.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


ok, it's happened again. Another day in which I've spent the time composing in my head what I intended to write... only to be overwhelmed with a number of noteworthy things, things that push the afore mentioned post out of my mind... and well... leave me with nothin'.

Ninjas... I need you to be on your toes tomorrow, I need you to be a prayer-ninjaing for all you are worth... I've got an interview for a position at work that would be:: amazing, difficult, stretching, learning, growing, rewarding, benifitful for future opportunities, one of the biggest challenges I may face. Pray that whomever gets the position would be the right person for the job, that we as a team would be accepting of it. That we would support them, and that the interviews go well. Pray for clarity for me, that I could express myself well, and that I would continue to be at peace with the situation.... Above all, pray for our guys at work as they face this transition (whatever it'll be) and for us as frontline staff, that we would know best how to support them. Also pray for relationships, that they would not be strained in anyway as the process of finding a new manager happens.

oh... I remember what I was going to write about... Transportable cellulars.
More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So this past weekend really surprised me.
I hadn't realized how dependent I'd become on my cell and text messages to get me where I'm suppose to be, or to help me find the people I want to be hanging out with.
Waterfront weekend was PACKED. There were so many people in town. So many tourists in town. So many fanny packs in town.
I believe at one point the quote of the weekend was "holy inter-racial dating batman", a pleasant surprise, one well needed for white bread Cobourg. ;)
Anyway, with the huge influx of people there was a slight overload on the cell tower. We need another here in town BADLY. Cell phones did NOT work! I was still receiving txts that were sent on Saturday morning... on Sunday morning. Even with a signal, I couldn't make calls. I couldn't even call 911. It was brutal.
On Friday night T.Lam and I were wandering around (searching for the schwarma guy... who apparently didn't come this year) (drat) it's the 'burg, so even with the 8 million visitors, you run into people you know every ten feet. We're standing at the foot of the pier, right by the Codeman's booth (aka the funnel cakes), chatting with some people, when some RANDOM teens? twenty somethings? decide to have a little fight involving a knife. I have ZERO tolerance for this sort of thing because of work, and it took everything within me to keep from marching up to them and wrenching the knife out of their hands... everyone around the area was amazing... super at the social disapproval... pretty lax on the calling the cops. I opened my phone... three bar signal... should be great! No... couldn't call 911. "ack timed out" and then went to "no service".
The fight broke up... the people melted into the crowd...
later I saw a cop wrestle one of the people who'd been on the fringe of the knife group... the kid was out of his mind.
But all in all it was an uneventful weekend, didn't hear of any other crazy reports from anyone.. so that's cool.
I'm still disappointed in my phone.
And in Bell.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

SCOTT! what were you thinking?

Ok. I've posted before about my church.
pretty much I love it to death.
I get alot out of it each week, I love the leadership team, and I love the tech and worship crew (we're mostly one and the same).

This week's gathering was focusing on "how to get the most out of your bible".

This is what Scott put on after Pony and I finished leading worship :: (click pic to play)

(disclaimer, you might not want to watch this at work... your boss will hear you laughing)

Even if you didn't have the original memorized... it kills!