Saturday, December 31, 2005

gym surprise

GUESS who goes to my gym???!!! (lol.. like it's my gym after not even a full week)
Cougar girl from Wednesday night at Karaoke!!!
I walked into the change room and was greeted with an enthusiastic "Hey!!!! How are ya ?" .... it was the boobs that gave her away... even at the gym.

oh.. classic quote from Wed. night::
Tim's dancing up a storm... doing the charlton or something all over the place.... Cougar takes his picture and loudly exclaimes "THATS going on the INTERNET!!!!"

Your eyes will fall out of their sockets.

When I was little my mom used to say that to me a lot...

I've been watching the Sopranos tonight (as a pre-new years celebration event).
It's been awhile since I've watched them... I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the show.
Little known fact:: In addition to my fascination with Lebanese men... though he's not one... I've a crush on James Gandolfini.

get moving or I'll bring my size twelves to your head

I've spent much of my new years eve day watching endless hours of Chopper... So far, I've only seen 2 new episodes.. not that they were new, but that I had missed them the first through fourteen times they'd been aired.
There's nothing like spreading Christmas cheer with a Santa-decked chopper.

I was so glad to see my friend L.Stew the other night.. we were trying to figure out the last time we'd seen eachother... because of MSN it didn't feel like it had been that long... but when we did the number crunching, it turns out we haven't hung out in about 3-4 years. Although, Stew and Kim are quite insistent that I threw a super bowl party sometime after the last visit that I can remember...well... at least, it might have been a super bowl party.. or a bowling party ... or a bowl party... was it a tupperwear party maybe?
who knows!
when is the superbowl?

SO... Wednesday night I got to see Stewie, then last night I got to see Kevinasaurus (aka. the original muffin) .. it's been a month of reconnecting.

Friday, December 30, 2005

What's in a name?

... that by which we call a rose by any other word, would smell as sweet....

I was thinking of changing the name of my blog this week... to refelct all that seems to be upon me. That being.. the embarassment or near embarassment that seems to follow me and lurks behind every corner.

(subject change)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

narrow margin for error

pretty much the most embarrassing thing ever was just avoided... just barely... I'm just relieved there was no one there to witness it. I suppose if anyone had been there.. well then... it wouldn't have been avoided... it was the absence of witnesses that kept it just marginally embarrassing.

I have this old pair of jeans... well worn jean.. really well worn jeans. I've been promising myself for ages I'd be rid of them. They're slightly longer in the back than in the front, which means I catch them on random things, halting me in my tracks.
Today I finished up my errands, and went to hop into my car. I had with me two grocery bags and a small bag containing a new shirt for Norty (which is too small... it looks like a belly top on him). As I entered the car, my right pant leg caught on the hood release latch... but I was already lowering myself onto the seat! I heard a loud rip.... and looked down.

My pants ripped from mid thigh to mid fly!!! ACK!

Not only that. But I had to park the car around the corner from the house as the driveway was full...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

know when to fold em'

last night I learned a very valuable skill.
last night I learned how to play poker.
it's all beginners luck they say, that or the fact that I'm a great pick pocket... one or the other, it still leads you to the end result... me:: being the winner (even after paying back all the chips I'd stolen over the course of the game).

um... my favorite part, may have been that point in time- where Crilly got all frustrated at us newbies because we were betting on EVERY hand... yeah, that's probably it.


tomorrow.. the marshmellowafication process that has been taking over my body will cease.
remember I said I was spoiled by santa?
yes, I'm joining good life.

Monday, December 26, 2005

added link of fun

I mentioned this site before, but I'm adding a link under "fun stuff" in the side bar.
Please... go vote!

lazy days

Something I really like about the holidays and about being around family is the laziness it affords.... Yesterday I spent great quantities of time asleep on the couch... At one point I was dreaming about turkey... Next I was awakened, finding a chunk of turkey being held under my nose...
There's nothing like being with family and allowing yourself to be totally at ease.

I must admit I particularly enjoyed the orange juice and champaine in the hot tub.

We did a neat thing on Christmas eve together. Dad, Bthy-B and I went out to mom's grave site and placed a candle there... apparently it's a tradition in Port Hope to do that... there were lots of candles lit all over. It looked beautiful. Do people do this in other towns?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

ohhh! fun choices

ok.. santa was TOO good to me this year....

and now I've wasted most of my eve searching that scarey world known as e-bay.... looking for a new companion. that's right.. I'm thinkin about finding me my OWN bass.

I found a green one that I like...
and another green one that I like....
and a blue one...
but I've still got my heart set on an accoustic....
I did see a GREEN accoustic....

Merry Merry!

it's official!!!!


sloppy kisses to all of you!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

green and red and snow and tears

Merry Christmas

I don't know what I'm suppose to be feeling anymore.

Bah! Just when I think I have things all together I don't.

Christmas is this time of celebration.. of rejoicing in the birth of our savior... of joy with friends and family, of giving and eating and all those things that make this time of year amazing.
I love Christmas.
And, I miss my mom. and so I feel jealous and selfish and self absorbed.... and grumpy and then because of allowing myself to feel like that... I feel guilty, oh bother... *whew*! Sorry to be so frank... just wanted you to know where I was at.

gasp sigh and face hidden in shame

it's come to my attention that I've missed the birthday of a fine young man.

I call again upon the arms and lips in Togo to deliver sloppy kisses and giant hugs to none other~ than the newly 14 years old Tyler Friesen... thank you.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Engagement photos

True to the season, it's family photo session time.
Except for the fact that my family doesn't do family photos all that often...
The other day I received a phone call at work inviting me to be a part of a "family" photo. And what a family we were! Man, Crilly, Hock and I had a sitting at Walmart, and with the "sheriff of docville" looking on (I was at work after all), we posed to our hearts content. Included in the package... Three family shots, a rather um... Dashing photo of the boys in their little cowboy hats, a scary cheerleader pic of Man and I... and two sets of engagement photos.
unfortunately there have been no wedding proposals.
I plan on bringing the photos to all family functions over the holidays to deal with the ever present and always embarrassing question "so, have you met anyone nice to settle down with?"

Thursday, December 22, 2005

get me the white jacket

My co-worker says I'm "a case"
When I asked what constituted one being "a case"
He replied "if you were to be in any other occupation... it'd be as a basket weaver".

on the plus side, Karaoke guy told me I had a good voice .... and "Donald Stump" asked me to sing "picture" with him.
Wait.. is that a plus side????

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

African I-Pod


yeah... I wish I'd thought of that.
I have a list that I kept of things I saw on people's heads... I'll post it for you later.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Icon battles

Whilst surfing I was alerted to this fun site!

"The search for the greatest ironically cool pop culture icon. Some will live, some will die, and the T-shirt market will never be the same!"

It's your job to go there and vote...
I wish I'd thought of it myself.

Glad tidings?

I was at a Christmas party this weekend and received the strangest gift from someone. It was a joint gift to be shared by 'Man and I... and it was from her mom. I don't know if she was trying to be funny... or helpful... or if she was just frustrated with us. We tore into the package to find a VHS tape and a book. "Love Smart" by Dr. Phil "find the one you want, fix the one you got.." and on the tape? the episode where in three girls go through a date makeover... Because apparently they are failing in their date techniques.
WHAT???? I'm not really sure what my reaction is suppose to be, one of gratitude or one of shame!

right right right, CD release.
Though for the most part I'd like to release it to the garbage can! LOL
My workplace decided that as a fundraiser, we'd put together a Christmas CD... so yesterday, with just 7 days remaining to Christmas, we picked up the cases.
From the beginning I was hesitant about the whole thing. Yes of course, really I want to be recording... but I want to be recording my own stuff... or at least... someone's original stuff... or even... doing background vocals for someone... *sigh* the prideful self in me hates to admit my participation in this um.. project?
There is some cool stuff on it though... there's a reading set to music done by "the sheriff" (one of the guys from our group home) and there's a song done by a group from another home.. I love the part at the end of the song where one of the men is SO incredibly excited about what they've just done- he starts laughing and clapping before the song is finished... LOVED that part.
And the idea of the project was pretty cool... I think it would have been better if we'd been able to get more of the individuals we support to participate in it... rather than all of us staff... maybe the next one? (oh good grief! pray there isn't another one!)
anyone seeking autographs... I'll be in the bean each morning from 10:30-11 this week... oh wait...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

plugged in

I've had the opportunity to reconnect with a few people important to my life this week. It's been such a great experience.
On one hand there is the sadness that accompanies the loss of a deep friendship, and then, on the other, there's the joy in experiencing something that is so real, something lasting. I don't know if that makes sense.
One set of people were increadibly important to me for a number of years some time ago. I met with them... and we didn't talk about the important details that had been missed in eachother's lives, we talked as though nothing had happend. We jumped into old jokes, we reminised about old times, we played our games. A good thing? yeah, a great thing.
The other set... it's only been a seperation of a few months... and we've been keeping in pretty good contact. I saw them and it was like stepping into a warm room. I was immediatly recharged being with them, I was challenged on things that were going on, and was given the opportunity to question.
Both of these connections were needed. Both left me wounded, both left me loved, fulfilled, and left me with a sense of loss.
I love deeply, I hate letting go. I hate change. I crave the routine, the safety, the familiar.
I love the way emotions drop us and lift us... the way we are our own rollercoaster.
It's been a good week.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

buses and trains and flashbacks

today I got to see a dear friend of mine... there's a longer story here... ask me sometime.

And.. I think I've just pulled every muscle in my arm... that snow is HEAVY!
I'm going to curl up on the couch with the bass.
(and for those who are thinking I have a fish fetish.... um. yeah.)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

MAD HOT Ballroom Dancing

yes it's true... the passion has been re-awakened in me...
I love ballroom dancing!
I LOVE dancing!
And I don't care who knows it!
it's true, I rented a documentary about school children, learning to ballroom dance for a state wide competition... it's true, I tear'ed up, I laughed, I cheered, I boo'ed... I was fully engaged in the lives of these kids...
and with each move they made... I was right there (in my mind) dancing along with them.
yup, I'd take lessons again in a heart beat.

Now, there was the issue with the boys and 'Man the other night, where in the movie was removed from the player to put on some other DUMB movie.... obviously they just weren't cultured enough to get full enjoyment from the MAD HOT movie.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Yesterday was a trial run for slothfest... a trial of sorts, it flopped in it's slothfulness... we were too active, and too many of the things we consumed were healthy... but it was a start. One doesn't necessarily want to jump directly INTO slothfest... it's like a marathon, you need to work your way up to build stamina (unless you're Be-Bop and you decide it's a waste of time to train for a marathon).

However... I did get to watch "the march of the penguins" a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman about the love life of the emperor penguin. Because of the company that was kept during the viewing of said film, the mood was kept light... THANKFULLY!!! Dude, even with the joking... I was near tears twice!
It really was excellent.. I recommend it fully to everyone (Jenny, it's still here.. I'm going to watch it today again).

By far, the best quote:: "it's all about the chicks"

Thursday, December 08, 2005

how true


grrr (the sound of growling)

I shoot myself in the foot.
yeah, just noticed several GLARING errors on both the resume and the fax cover sheet.

chalk it up to learning?

butter fingers

ok.. so I was soooo excited this morning to have finished my resume and cover letter to submit in regards to an INCREADIBLE opportunity. It's taken me longer than usual to get moving on it (it was due today) because of the lethargy that accompnies too much Nyquil... Nyquil will help you get your Z's....
right.. so I was pumped... to no end... I typed my email to attach the letter and resume... and sent it off in a jiffy... only to realize that I'd forgotten to attach the letter and resume. Well... strike one for me.

Guys.. this sounds like such a great job... and it combines a few of the things that I'm passionate about... and yeah... pray that if it is suppose to happen... it would... and if it's not... that I wouldn't be devistated.


I just wanted to extend a super big thank you to all who made Manda and my birthday party a blast.
You guys are amazing... I'm so blessed to have friends like you.

next week:: Karaoke!!!!!!
when do we start with the Christmas carols?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lost in time

I know I've mentioned before that I often can't keep up with life... Time whizzing past me leaving me watching and wondering if I can even catch my breath...
This morning I woke to the phone ringing (eeek! that sends me into a tizzy on it's own) I ran around my room looking for the phone... and not a phone could be found! I guess I left it in the living room.... I hear my roomie pick it up... so I make walking around the house noises in case it's for me... so she'll know that I'm still at home... but I hear the phone be hung up and surmise that it's not for me after all.
I find my own phone and go back to my room.... and it rings....
the passage of time....

an echo-ey
"Happy Birthday to you...." comes over the line.
"Hey Lesley, it's Edith from Togo calling"

AHHH!!!!!!! noooo way!!!!!!
For the next half hour I was blessed to no end talking with Mike, Simon, Ty, Beth, Lisa and Edith... calling all the way from Burkina! They got all fancy and set up their computer so they could make phone calls... what a great way to start my morning!

I hang up, and with a smile on my face, enter the bathroom... the toilet is decorated with happy birthday paper! AND there's a new DVD on the seat!!! I felt like it was a real throne... debated putting on my tiara again... (oh, wait, I'm wearing it now)

Next stop in the whirl wind- the license place, new stickers and a new license pic.

Then to the bean for a coffee and the newspaper.... while I'm reading away minding my own business.... chocolate bars drop from heaven onto my newspaper!!!!! yes.. it's true. Not only that... it's a PILE of Twingo bars!!! MY FAVORITE!!! Be-Bop found me 27 bars of twingo to ring the big day in- in style...

oh no.. the day has just begun!

home to a lunch of chocolate cheese cake and McD's (did I mention that I had the cheese cake for breakfast too? along with steak and eggs) (hey.. it's MY day)

A phone call from MegSheff, A call from my cousin, a call from Jenny, several e-cards... and dash back to the bean for coffee with Manda-manda and Jen... where I pull off the most BEAUTIFUL bad-parker- park.... the type that I generally sit and mock from the front window... oh yeah, up on the sidewalk and everything. what gives??? I'm a great parallel parker! BUT then I enter the bean, and a few moments later, am showered with flowers...

Zip off to work... and after being presented with a new license-place cover (to protect it from Smeegal/Golumn who keeps bending the heck out of my plates) am sent home, being deemed too sick to work still.

sigh... great day

ha ha... I am getting old, this is probably the most poorly written entry EVER!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Random (or) you've been tagged

So my Roomie has tagged me and a few others to give ten random facts about ourselves... *whew* it's pretty hard.. I don't want to be copying the same themes that others have been using! SO... without further ado

1) I don't type with my pinkie fingers except to hit the " enter" or left "shift" button... and the letter "a" ...

2) The first cassette I ever bought with my own money was Paula Abdul... "Forever your Girl". I still can sing most of the songs.

3) I've never had a real "date". I decided when I was 14 I wouldn't date till I was 18... then never found someone I liked enough... wait.. no, I've found some I've liked.. but the timing or circumstances weren't in favour.

4) I've lost 4 baby teeth while visiting pioneer villages... not at the same time... one each visit.

5) Sometimes when I'm driving and I see someone else singing in their car, I'll scan the radio stations to see if I can find what their listening to... so that I can sing with them.

6) I talk in my sleep ... alot.

7) I can blow smoke rings (thank you campfires!), I've never smoked a cigarette... but sometimes I want to steal them from other people when I pass them smoking on the street and take a drag.

8) Every past roommate I've had has gotten married.

9) I won a reading competition in Grade 3 for reading the most books in a month. I got to eat lunch at McDonalds with a "famous" author as my prize... I remember that I had a cheeseburger happy meal with extra pickles, but I don't remember the name of the author.

10) I like the smell of horse farts.

so now I get to tag YOU!
and you get to tag a few others....

Joey Goodwin.
David Newland.
Roy Hopkins.
Manda Owen.
Titus Lam.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

baby oh babies

I think that all has returned to normal. nothing the vaccum and some ABM can't cure... (currently listening to:: Love brings me here)

This morning we celebrated the arrival of Samuel in a good-ole- fashioned baby shower.... while amidst the whirl-wind that follows three others under the age of 3.
I take it all back... I don't want Quints... or Quads ... or Triplets.... or Twins... one at a time will be just fine.

ahhahahaha.. but I did just realize I'm still wearing the dollerama tiara....

I've also discovered a few things about myself in the past 24 hours or so... my karaoke skills are NOT improving... in fact, I fear I may have taken a turn for the worse... but it's all for fun, drop my pride and go with it right? I was talking with someone who said they'd only do it if there was one certain song on the play list... but... I think that we're suppose to look like fools.... Last night VanDan looked up the word "Karaoke" on his cell phone (man... he's like batman with that thing!) it told him that it ment "tone deaf"... well that explains it.
two redeeming factors for the eve, "I've had... the time of my life..." with Crilly, and Mr. Holloway's and Jenny's "ain't no mountain high enough".
also discovered that my right thumb and finger are permanently stained yellow/orange from all the clementines I've consumed.
and finally, my left hand is learning how to streach really funny playing the bass...

I've been tagged by Roomie in a game where-in I have to give you 10 RANDOM facts about myself... this may be difficult.... I'll work on it tonight.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

walked... the line

FINALY saw the end of the movie.. was great... really really great... they'd better win something for all that. I admit.. I had one tear... several wellings-up...
on an unrelated note
my landlord is a psycho.

We pay darn good money to live here... we don't come tromping in and out at ungodly hours (we tiptoe in at those hours) We don't have drunken parties (the same can NOT be said of their children) We take care of our place, I've fixed things myself, we report bigger problems, we don't demand much of them, we comply when they request things of us... we try to make it work.

Last week I got a phone call where in my landlady said she was mad at the way someone had come to our door WHILE I WAS OUT. She said they banged on the door and yelled in the mailslot. She asked me to talk to my friends. (I will not. How other people conduct themselves when I'm not with them IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS) She said that she was embarrassed because she had company at the time.

Tonight I had some friends over for dinner then we were hanging out until it was time to go to a movie. We were in the living room, and there was some playing around (the exercise balls were the main entertainment) at 8:15 pm I received a phone call asking if I had elephants upstairs or was I re-arranging the furniture. When I replied that I did in fact have a herd of elephants with me, she got very snotty and short and said that they needed to stop.

I'm a people pleaser. This hurts me. She seems to know that about me... and she's psycho.
Roomie says that if they didn't want noise they shouldn't have tenants.
Guests said that I should have told her that someone fell down and was badly injured... and that she should have some compassion.

Dark spots have a tendency of clouding my view of an otherwise lovely time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


~I am going to try to see "walk the line" (again) tonight.
Please join me.

~I may be saying good bye to the ladies... we'll see, I hear tomorrow what that looks like.

~my room mate was looking up bad words in the dictionary tonight.

~ ok, that last one wasn't true.... BUT my room mate WAS reading the dictionary tonight... while she watched tv. because you know... people do that sort of thing.

~ "It always feels a little sadistic when I put my teddy bear in the microwave…" a quote by my roomie tonight. (said in reference to her barley filled bear... intended for microwave use... like a hot water bottle... but sadistic)

~ I plan on sleeping with one eye open tonight.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I couldn't wait.

I know.. it's a problem I've got...
but he's so darn cute, and I know that not everyone goes to his own site... so you needed to see him here......

Norty does Christmas

ouch... it hurts he's so cute.

Friday, November 25, 2005

shadow puppets

ok.. is anyone else noticing that sometimes my page won't load properly? I don't know if this is a new phenomena or what... OR if it has something to do with the video link... but.. whatever. Just scroll down then back, the page usually refreshes itself.

SO. Tonight I was good.
Well. Mostly good.
well, pretty much really good.
With one GLARING upset...
After an evening of adventure, nachos, the Bean and general camaraderie, we journeyed to the theatre to see... you guessed it, "Walk the Line". Yes, I've been excited to go see it for quite a bit now, so you can imagine my dismay (and the dismay of those with me) when the bulb burnt out after 40 mins in the projector at the theatre.
Yes, that's right.. it burnt out. Leaving us and Jonny and June in the dark....

Thank you Dan and Manda for the shadow puppet show.
I enjoyed that.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

winter = workout

last night there was some dancing in the snow going on... by the time I got home, I really really wanted to go for a nice long walk.. the snow was sparkling and it was so quiet. But it was late, sooooo... I just curled up on my cozey bed, with my bass and played (poorly) till my eyes started to close.
This morning the snow was still sparkling... and the sun was shining, and the wind died down... all was right with the world.
I'd only forgotten this:: ice is slippery.
I got a gooooood workout this morning.

I am now going to watch episode after episode of Alias season 4...
can I call in sick tonight?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

slack jawed yokel

At first it looked like another cheesy video link. But then, after a few seconds I realized that I should probably pick my jaw up from the floor. I found it pretty emotional. And now I'm wondering what the heck I was doing wrong at the sand station in nursery school. If you don't have high(ish) speed, don't bother, the video is 9 mins long.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

when are we walkin the line?

dear friends... I'm justa wondering... when are we going to go see the Cash movie?
What does Friday look like for you folks? I'm a thinking dinner... and dress up. (in black of course)

or thursday night....

for the grey

I do believe that perhaps you should be wearing your reading glasses.
.... look under the heading "fun stuff" on the left hand side of the page... oh! what's this???? the first item under this heading is none other than Soulhouse???? oh... my... how could it have been missed?


oh oh oh... I do love to use clever little titles.

I'm pooped.
Friday night eh-Tanya and I headed thru the great white North (it was snowing) to the town of Harwood for our third annual Scrapbooking weekend. Ok, don't give up on me here... hang on.
Each year, a group of 8 of us go to Elijah House for two nights of cropping and pasting. oh... right... and Bonnie's Karaoke machine. Each year eh-Tan and I make complete fools of ourselves as we attempt Cher, The Commmitments, and Elton... Each year we vow we'll be better... and we never are. *sigh* at least there's some great footage for eh-Tan's wedding.
I was pretty pleased with myself... I finally got some stuff done on my Watoto book (ok, yeah, I got a little sidetracked there) AND I completed 12 pages in my Togo book!!!! my plan (when I finish this one.. which will be soon) is to just start at that point in time with the scrapbooking.. no more of this working on past events.. I want to start "creating memories" of the now, my friends, my family.
I do have to admit though that the working on these books has been so good for me. It's been my debriefing, despite the fact that I never get to share them with anyone (because lets face it, you don't want to flip thru page after page of people and places you don't have a connection with) in putting together these books, I've been able to process a lot of the things that I saw and felt over the course of being there. Going back and reading journal entries, remembering activities and events....
When I came home from the year with Watoto... I jumped right into a different world ... one that was falling apart around me, and in leaving for Togo, I left just as things were beginning to stabilize... but were still so unfamiliar.
I find daily I'm still trying to figure out up from down. Still trying to sort out who I've become from all these experiences.... Having a weekend focused on just that discovery process was so so good for me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

rise and shine and give....

a mighty heave.

Sometimes in the morning... when I haven't slept enough.... I throw up.
I hate waking up.

Friday, November 18, 2005

these are the people in your neighborhood

do you often get sesame St. songs stuck in your head? I totally do... most often it's that 123, 456, 789, 10 11 12 and they all played games, at the lady bug's picnic one... not to be confused with one two three four five, six seven eight nine ten... eleven... twe-e-e-e-e-e-elve. (that would be the pinball number count, comon' guys....) ohhh, yeah, "nasty dan" don't like you at all Cash with oscar the grouch... can you tell I just found a recording of "35 years of sesame st"???? So great. I'm scrolling thru them all, and as soon as they start I can nearly taste the play dough and cherrios that went with early morning television watching.... sadly.... when I sing about Teeny Little Super Guy, people think I've gone off my rocker.
I digress.
What I was GOING to say... was that I was disappointed this morning on my walk... I generally average a "two honk, one wave" morning... and all I got was one late wave... oh, and I ran into my dad too.. so that was kinda nice.
Where are the people in my neighborhood? in my neighborhood? in my neighborhood?

easy street

I changed the commenting section again... you don't have to be a member of Blogger to leave a comment now... you just have to deal with that word verification dealy.
stop emailing me.. leave comments... that's every blogger's dream.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

please pray

Hey Ninjas,
Time to put your words into action,

My buddy Kevin (out West) is having some pretty serious medical issues. Last week he was having huge headaches, then he lost some use of his left side... he's been in for some testing (including CT scan).
Pray that whatever's going on... well... that it would go away!
thanks guys.

following the crowd

I'd like to follow pretty much the same thread as everyone else today....

Last night was::

and did I mention embarrassing?

Thank you... perhaps there will be an encore presentation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I don't understand hockey... I'm sorry.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the company we keep

now... I remember oft' being mocked for enjoying karaoke....
I remember oft' being mocked for scrapbooking.

now that the boys have decided karaoke's cool... everyone wants to go...
*sigh* I'm jealous ~ I have to work.


This is the weekend of the much anticipated scrapbooking retreat... there will be karaoke.

halls are decked

Stayed up last night and started on decorating the house....
I could listen to Christmas music all year long (much to the dismay of many) all that is missing now, aside from the Nylons and the Christmas tree itself.... is a big glass of rum and egg nog.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Christmas decoration musings.

I'm losing my speaking abilities... I wonder about alzhimers sometimes... and wonder sometimes if it's just sheer laziness.

tonight I had to apologize to my roomie for my lack of words... She'd just finished my third sentence...

I'm losing my words....
but her reply was priceless..

"That's ok... words are underrated.
I mean overrated"


I just want to sit and digest this for a bit::

echos of Eden within.

why do I wonder? why do I want?...

when the words go wrong

we all sing the wrong words to songs....

Today "Harvey" sang to me....

"going to the jack-o-lantern and we're gonna get married"

? I hadn't heard that one before

Sunday, November 13, 2005

oh... that was a good idea

I found this today.
apparently we've just passed the 35 year anniversary of the .. um... event.

more explosions here.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

one sexy lady

ok, so... I'd like to tell you about the dress that I found (and had the privledge of trying on) today.

It started like any other morning... there was waking, there was breakfasting, there was combing of the hair and there was rushing out the door because I've stayed too late doing other fun things. I arrived at the car park to meet with Tanya Hillary and Colleen for a day of bride's maid adventure.... poor Colleen was sick so she left the hunting up to us.... and the fun began.
Yes, there was much singing.
Yes, there was much dancing.
Yes, there was much driving.
Yes, there was much munching and lunching.
Yes, there was much deliberation over colour swatches.
And Yes.... there was much trying on of dresses... primarily by moi. Like many a bride's maid parties, we come in a variety of shapes and sizes. According to the factories and suppliers, I seem to be close to average. (yessssssss! said with Napoleon flare)
At store number 7 or 8 we hit gold... now, I don't think it's the one that we're going to be getting for Tan's wedding, but I plan on getting a second job in order to purchase it...
I am the love goddess.
I wanted to wear that puppy out on the town right then and there... they had red on the rack.
my plan?
to wear the red,
receive many engagement proposals,
then order it in white.
This is still my plan.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Deck the Hall

Did I tell you it SNOWED yesterday????
What the heck.

I've been pretty good this year, I've been putting off decorating the house... I figured I had to at least wait till after today... sooo, I made it to lunch time... then I pulled out the boxes of decorations.

However... Christmas decorations may not go up until I've had my "Christmas in the tub".
And, well... it seems that we may have a delay.

Les, what's Christmas in the tub?

dear friends.... it's exactly what it sounds like... me. in the tub. many bubbles. singing Christmassy tunes.

you're not serious?

yes... yes I am. It's generally me and the Nylons hanging out, singin... croonin... livin it up. Then there's a little bit of Ella and Co singing "baby it's cold outside". Then and only then can the uletide decorations festivate the house.

I don't think "festivate" is a word.

it is now. But here is where the problem lies::: I can't find my copy of The Nylons "harmony the Christmas Songs". I found the cassette case... no cassette... no CD, no CD case.... this my friends is quite serious. Tomorrow is a day of shopping with the girls as we search the T dot O dot for bridesmaid dresses.... perhaps we will be needing to make a stop at Sam's.

Lest we forget

Je mais souviens.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

AM mixed emotions

the one thing I dread is to be woken by the telephone... it brings me to AWAKE faster than anything else can. My heart POUNDS.... RACES... THREATENS to break from my chest.... there's dizziness and nausea... I think it's because of that one time, back in my year between high school and university, I slept in- when I was suppose to be at work.... I woke to the shrill voice of the unicorn ringing (unicorn story another day). When I picked up the phone, my boss simply asked "so you're waiting to come in at the executive hour?" and hung up.
I got to work 17 minutes later.
Now... let's get this straight... I wasn't one of those kids who slept in... this was at Curtis Chicks... we started at 5:25 each morning. And I walked. Uphill, both ways, in the snow, barefoot, carrying a load of coal, and my children on my back and... oh sorry.. wrong life.
I digress...
the one thing I dread is to be woken by the telephone...
This morning my phone rang at 7:50. This had the potential to ruin the day.
Thankfully, it was a call inviting me to go to the Royal Winter Fair.... not something that could ruin my day at all.
THEN my alarm clock went off just a little while later (it's set to radio)...
and what came on?
A little bita Gordon Lightfoot... a little bita the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
today is the 30th anniversary of that day...

like molasses

yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah

I was scared to death... but it's good to further one's knowledge.... started bass lessons yesterday and afterwards wanted DESPERATELY to call in sick so I could become "THE next best player in the world".

I think the best part was that my teacher was just as scared as myself. He's a young guy, just started teaching.... he kept knocking things over, hands were shaking... seriously that was the BEST thing that could have happened.... I paced around the apartment for about 40 mins before my lesson... watching the clock, trying to decided how early was too early.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

confused yet?

ahhhh yes, just to add a little mystery to your day.... that's what that last post was about.
Hey, remember the concussion? and the oddities that happened because of said injury?

Weeeeeeeellllll.... back in those days of haze, I was handed a CD by David Newland. If you want to hear the whole story surrounding the actual reception of the CD... meh, you'll have to live in suspense... it was really quite embarrassing.

sooooooo, anyway.

(did you happen to notice that I'm adding a lot of extra letters to my writing today? ehhhhh?)

Over in the "links to people I don't know, but enjoy reading their blogs despite that" section, you'll find Mr. Newland. Not just in his songs, but in his blog entries too... This is a guy with well placed words. He can take you to the place where his story is happening, and have you wanting to hold those places (and people) in your own eyes. I have a tendency to lean towards empathy... ok ok, I'm overly empathetic (pathetic?) and still, I love things that are able to manipulate me into feeling their pain and their joy. There's this one song (track 6 on my copy) that makes me cry over and over again ~ a young girl is traveling by bus to reach the unknown, pregnant, alone... ok, my poor summary won't do it justice... but I've probably already subjected you to it if you've been over lately...

how long does it take this greyhound bus to get to the end of the rainbow?
there's a pot of gold for the two of us, I know there is, I know

Re: so....

How exciting, I've always wanted to steal Promo Girl's job.... this could be a step in the right direction!
Will you be in the Cobourg area? or should I send some postage?
hey... thanks very much!


From: "David Newland"
To: "Lady Lesley Marie Boileau"
Subject: Re: so....
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 17:26:21 -0500

Probably from one blogger to another, it would be considered promo...
----- Original Message -----
From: Lesley Marie
To: david newland
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 5:04 PM
Subject: RE: so....

sure would... how much would something like that be going for?

From: "David Newland"
To: Lesley Marie
Subject: so....
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 12:36:12 -0500

Would you like a REAL copy of the REAL Cd, with the songs in the right order and everything?

David Newland
Performer & Host
Web Producer

Sunday, November 06, 2005

wires everywhere

I'm trying... honestly.
Today I was on sound board, and as per usual I was schedualed to work "with" someone. I worked hard to not take over. I don't think I did.. but I'm afraid that maybe my frustrations might have showed thru. It's hard to find the right balance between hiding your thoughts/feelings in order not to hurt someone and being a phoney. I don't want to be a phony.... but at the same time... It's frustrating when people don't pull their own weight.
Praise God that most of our team is so amazing- and that we've got enough history behind us that little things don't matter too much.

Friday, November 04, 2005

but I'll bet I'd suck at braille

I'm learning to play the bass.
I suck (for now).
And my fingers are mighty sore. BUT, it's something I've always wanted to do. I just got off the phone with George (as in George's guitars) and he's checking with my new teacher as to times for us to meet and beat.
Here's the thing...
as you've noticed... I stress. And I want things to be "just right".... so learning bites. I'm not able to play the way I imagine myself to play.... and I don't hear what I assume I should hear... and I'm not nearly as fast as I think I should be... so don't think I'm going to be playing for any of you any time soon ok?
Thanks for puttin up with me.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Until I got about a block away there didn't seem to be anything unusual. It was pretty windy, so there were lots of leaves falling, blowing, swirling. Standing at the lights, a gust hit one pile of leaves and lifted them, sent them North, then gracefully turned and dropped them right where they'd come from. Like something from a movie. A miniaturized set for a tornado.
The last block before the beach I could hear it.
One long train.
Moving steadily.
But it wasn't ending... as I got to the beach I realized it was the lake, roaring.
I sat for about 5 mins just watching the waves run over eachother...
Out on the pier, the waves would hit and be thrown up in the air... there were some cars out at the end, and the spray reached two or three times their height.
After awhile the sound was too much... I knew it was the lake, but my ears still recognized it as a train... and it should have been ending.
What a gorgeous day.

a b c 1 2 3

For those of you counting.
that's 90 PB cups.
that's it.

Dum.Bo Marie

ok.. last night- it was lovely all over... really.
I went to the O with SarahDoula and Mandamanda, we dined, we enjoyed.
BUT the best part was when we drove up and I heard sweet Suzie Vinnick's voice floating past... yes, that's right... it was Wednesday, the night of good music at the Oasis.
the not-so-best-part was that I had forgotten to check who was playing! Of course, we couldn't get a seat in the bar and despite sweet smiles from three lovely ladies... the door guy wouldn't let us in. We were banished to the back room, to a table by a drafty window beneath a speaker that was on a one hour loop of music, served by a woman who was obviously too busy enjoying the music up front to care what we wanted to order. *sigh*
All was not lost, after we ate, the girls were kind enough to stand with me in the doorway long enough to (slightly) satisfy my ears.
Today I was out at the plaza across the way (the one which houses NoFrill and various other stores) I was just walking along, minding my own business... when who should walk past???? SUZIE!
So... what do I do???NOTHING!!! Because I'm pretty much a dork.
I love Suzie's music... She's pretty much super cool.
I admire her.. and you should buy her CDs.

ok... ok... I didn't really do "nothing" I.. um.... might have decided that I really REALLY needed to buy some Gala apples....
you know, and maybe... um... by chance... um.... run into her? And.... um... tell her how super cool she is? And how I love her music, and how I pretty much figure she's my female-music-hero.
But then! I was intercepted by this elderly lady who toddled into my path and stood between me and Suzie in the line-up.. and then I couldn't catch her eye to start a conversation with her....
and then....
there's no "and then"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

a parent's pride

I have a drum.
Scratch that, I have MANY drums... I like them.. I bring them home with me... I don't know why... I'm afraid to play them.. the sound is so intimidating!
But really, I have just one drum (that matters)... my D'jembe. His name is Sheabu. (Don't ask)
Yesterday, with hesitation... I handed my bu-bu to another (again.. don't ask). And while I know he's in good hands... it was hard.
The other day I was talking about my "baby" to someone... and someone else was sort of listening in to the conversation... not really participating in the conversation... but hanging on to the fringe. Suddenly! He turns to me and exclaims "YOU HAD A BABY?"
I laughed.
And said yes.

between the covers

how many of us wait till the very last second of a show before we turn off the TV and settle for the night? what about songs on the radio- while you're in your car? I ALWAYS wait till the song is done... trying desperately to time the stopping of my engine to the last note of a song- so I won't hear the next two notes and be bound to the vehicle...
I don't let myself listen to ANY dance music anymore.. it's far too easy for the DJ to morph two songs into eachother.. thereby TRAPPING me in my vehicle for song after song (ok, generally it's two songs tops before I break down and get out.)
The problem (of late) is the van at work... the music keeps playing until someone in the front opens their door- even after the engine has stopped. This has led to me inadvertently hearing the next notes of the next song... (because I've forgotten this phenom) and subsequently staying in the van till it too has finished... BUT it also means that sometimes someone will OPEN THE DOOR while I'm still listening to a song... which means that I then have to restart the van to finish the song!!!! UG.. what trauma...
I am OCD... this confirms it.
Last night was something new.
Last night I was listening to CBC- I got off work a little early (10:40 in fact!) when I hopped into my little car, I was met by the opening lines of a story.... yes, that's right, I arrived in my vehicle just as "between the covers" was starting. It's a 3-4 min drive from work to home... But it was such a great story.. that I drove around the block twice, then pulled up beside the tannery and listened to the rest of the story.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

sensation and perception

I'm trying to decide if I'm visual tactile... or tactile visual.
But I'm not sure if there's a difference.
I learn by seeing, but in seeing I'm touching, if only with my eyes.... and the things that I remember best are visually pleasing. But... the things I find visually pleasing... are things that are stimulating in a tactile sense.
I like pretty things... but pretty things that would be nice to touch.
Do I like to touch them because they are pretty... or do I think they are pretty because I'd like to touch them?

I'm sounding a little OCD.

But what I wanted to get out is... I like autumn.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

jenny has a crystal ball

... and she uses it to see into the future!!!!

how'd she do that? how did she know what I was going to write even before I wrote it??
hmmmmm???? (you might ask)

that which I am referring to is... of course... the last comment about Rob/Bob and the bass gee-tar.

yes, I now hold in my possession one bonafida acoustic bass. that's right. it's true. and I have rob/bob to thank for it... it's a loan, so I'd better be quick about it and get a-learnin. I'll call the shop in the morning to see who's offering lessons.

anyone know of a good book or online resource... my preferences lean to the "cheap" or "free" end of the line.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

jumping on the band wagon

... if only because the results are frickin' helarious!

go to google, type your first name and "needs" into the search bar and see what comes up.

Lesley needs....more activity
Lesley needs....physical affection (amen baby!)
Lesley needs...submissions for the next newsletter
Lesley design and build a wheelchair
Lesley needs... a hand peeling some peppercorns or something
Lesley poke Thomas
Lesley needs... to complete thirty credit hours
Lesley needs...A NEW BOOK TO READ!
Lesley needs... a hug
Lesley call people

hahaha (gutteral laugh)
I like this game

Friday, October 28, 2005

newest passion

A friend of mine let me in on a little secret the other day... I was at church and he was telling me about his newest travel plans (this is a boy who really likes to hitch hike..) He's heading up to Montreal for a concert next week, and being the cheapy that he is....
well... he found this great networking thing called "couch surfing". And, of course, now I'm hooked on the idea too.
Basically what it is, is a network of people who offer their couches (or foutons or whatnot) up to weary travelers... in exchange for pretty much nothing! Well, no, that's not true... it's sort of a "pass it on" type thing, do one deed unto the next.
So, you sign up, offer your couch... and you're free to use someone else's couch!
of course there's way more to it than just that.. but that's all I'm writing about it, you can look it up and decide for yourself.
But.... that said.... I'm SUPER pumped about it!!! Who wants to go do some surfing with me?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

believe it with your OWN eyes

ok ok ok
I know!
I need to get a camera of my own.. one of them there digi-tal do-dads... I know.. I'm working on it. But until then.. you're just going to have to believe me when I tell you my stories.. despite the fact that you don't want to... hearken back to the day of the cow cheerleader team? right.. case in point, you just have to believe me.

This morning I was out for my walk (how many of these posts start with that phrase?) and I'm marching away, minding my own, when up ahead I see something large, white and feathered. Sitting on the sidewalk on the corner of Division and University, preening it's feathers... Who leaves a large duck in town? I was tempted to just pick it up and walk away.. but then I thought that maybe someone was looking for their duck... so I left it. Because.. you know.. people lose their ducks in town all the time. I've been searching the duck and goose directories (me and identification seem to be hanging out a lot lately) .
who do you think you are? Grissom? I think you've been watching too much TV.
Muscovy Duck is the closest thing I can find... but who knows.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hire a husband

today I pulled out my cute little vacuum.... to do a deed that I knew I couldn't do on my own.

I'm going all MarthaStewart-esque this week... there's winter/weather proofing to do, the rabbit is moving in to the sunroom, there are plants to be rescued before the frost eats them..... SO, I'm lugging Norty's Winter home (a.k.a. "the prince's domain") up the stairs from the garage... I set the cage down, walk away, come back.... and there's this .. this... thing on the side.
I'm not so much a squeamish girl.. unless it comes to insects... or birth.. or blood... or.. ok, scratch that... I'm a squeamish girl.
What do I do???? it's HUGE... I take a picture and go to the insect directory... I'm not going to squish that thing... it's body is the size of my thumb... it's not going to squish well... it'll juice... it's probably poisonous and is plotting my death!
I discover at that it's a variety of the "common orb weaver" HELLO!!!! what's so common about this giant thing!!!!!
I've never seen one... it's going to eat me..
I know it.
So as I curse my life style, with not a dashing husband in sight.... I drag out the vacuum...
and the grossest thing is... I can see it crawling around in the dirt in the vacuum now... *shivers with disgust*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Allergy alert

I've decided that I need to pretend I'm allergic to peanuts.
Not that I WANT to give up peanuts.. in fact, this hurts to even think about life without the peanuts.. the p.B. the reese peanutbutter cup.. the glosette chocolate covered peanuts.. the groundnut sauce with chicken... the peanutbutter stew.... oh.. my... I don't know if I can really do it.
but here's the alternative.
I will eat every item in smelling distance.
*sigh* why is it Halloween time already?
*sigh* why am I spending my money on bags of "peanut lovers" snack-sized bars?
*sigh* why have I eaten those bags?
*sigh* what will I give out on octoberween?


if you've ever been on msn with me.. you know my favorite emoticon to use is the RAR guy... he's suppose to be all angry and mean... and he's coming after you with his waving arms... but all I want to do is hug him.
I would like an ugly doll.

ummmm, ok.... so last night (I can't believe I haven't written about this yet!!) we had our first ever soulhouse cafe!!!! SO great! And it went so well too... (!!! insert sound of breaking quickly and backing up even faster!!) right right, what's soulhouse cafe?
Once upon a time there was a nice little town with many other nice neigbouring towns, and in these towns were some nice young adults who... all they wanted was to belong... and all they wanted was to meet other young adults who had the same passions.. and all they really wanted... was to be heard and make a difference and ask questions and ... you get the point.
One day, after trying several different things (including the now famous Monday night get-together, known affectionately and ever-more as "Monday night") this group of people decided.. let's take our post-modernistic leanings and create a space for other like mind-eds, let's create a space for people to be challenged and to grow in their faith. And so they did. They got a core group of people praying, they met to plan, they found a place, they found a house band... they ate lots of sauerkraut... and they pulled it off.
Last night was the first of (hopefully) many cool get togethers... we didn't have a topic per say, but we mingled, we grabbed a java... made new connections and had a time of worship...
I can't wait to see what comes out of this!

the search is on

does anyone know who I last lent "Haroun and the Sea of Stories" to?
I am craving it and all other things of comfort.
please send it home.

Monday, October 24, 2005

say what?

I'm having some publishing problems right now, fear not, the posts are sitting piled in the editor mode, waiting to be released. you'll see them soon.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

more time travel

oh, but other than the silly stuff... last week was such a great message... we're looking at the idea of Faith as the "Epic", the greatest story... and we've been looking at the elements of a great epic and what that has to do with our faith journey.... pretty neat idea.
Last week we looked at the villain... the element of Evil.
not so much looking at the origin of evil.. but more the existance of evil.... and how that effects us...
to sum it up in the most basic of terms
it came, it's here, it'll be gone in the end (we win)
*phew*! it was an intense message... I'll write more later on this topic... seriously, my brain hurts anytime I get to hear either of the Kennedy brothers speak.. they have soooo much to say, and such insight. Last week we had Dave at Redwood and Steve at Cedarside.... lol, who better to ask to speak about evil than two brothers?

time travel

I learned many things last week at church (aside from what the pastor had to say)

the first and most important:

When the speaker is wearing a shirt with light blue stripes on white.... do not set the main speaker lights to be yellow and blue. The resulting shadows look alot like green pit stains.

Secondly, and nearly as important:

When arriving at church to set up the sound board (please remember we've a "church in a box" set up.... as in, we put EVERYTHING in a box and lock it up- then set it all up again the next week- we don't have a building of our own) do not assume that you'll have the same sound board you've always had. And do not assume that anyone there will have ever used the new one. And do not assume that you are allowed to set up so you can hear the speakers... and do not assume that your old monitor headphones will work in the new system. And do not assume that the new system will have all the effects on it that you like from. And do not assume that you'll be allowed to just figure it out... really, there's too many boys who like to fiddle with new toys. Do, however, assume that God is bigger than all that...DO play with the new hands free mic (ohhhh, bendy!) and DO have a good laugh at the guy running the computer beside you when the itunes take over the movie clips. (I mean, come on, Darth Vader's theme is suppose to run when you play a clip from Austin Powers... right?)

Friday, October 21, 2005

am not dead

... though I feel like death may be a welcome relief.... WHERE'S MY BED?????
I will stumble there in just a few moments.

I had the great privledge of going to my 5th (or maybe 6th?) Steve Bell concert this evening. 'Twas lovely. This is a man in my top five for best guitar players on the planet (that I know of). Also ranks high on the story-telling meter.

tonight he said this (or some very close approximation to this)... which left me pondering

"I don't think Mother Theresa was all that 'special'. I think that maybe she just lived the 'normal' life we are intended for"


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I am well adjusted.
as in... I just came from the cry-ropractor and she adjusted my neck... and I like that a lot... I can turn my head ... and ummm, look up... and look down and um. turn my head.
anyway, it's nice to have full ROM again.

today I was trying to catch up on my homestar viewing.. I fall behind there quite often... And I found pretty much the funniest video yet.

talk your ear off

(ha ha ha... I think that's the funniest line)

this morning I received a call for "Mrs. Bowl-ee-oh"... I like to hear mispronunciations of my name from time to time, but... this is Canada folks and surely you can at the very least hearken back to grade two French and remember the words and pronunciation for "drink" and "water"! That said, perhaps I shall myself switch back to the francaphone version.
Anyway, that's not the point of the story.
I was civil with her, listened to her spiel, even threw in the appropriate "active listener" comments and sounds... but when she asked if I was interested and I declined.... and then she asked me why and I began to answer....

sigh... sitting by the phone waiting for my next call.

Monday, October 17, 2005

too too

ok, so instead... we'll just jump back into normal life... because as they said on the radio this morning (God bless you CBC for coming back... life can continue) life isn't the beginning and the end of the story, it's what happens in the middle.

So.... jumping back to the middle in 5..4...3...2...1...

I went to the zoo today.
It was my day off, I slept till I didn't sleep anymore, then leisurely rolled out of my bed, gathered some appropriate zoo-visiting items (bananas, pears, water bottle, book, sweater.... but my mittens could not be found!)
I then called my Pa, to see if there were any joiners from his place... there were not, so I grabbed a java and left.
This is the perfect "wanderer" weather.
There's nothing more I enjoy than taking a walk... (it can only be trumped by a trail ride or a campfire)
Today the sun was shining, the trees orange and red, the wind crisp, my sweater warm, and the zoo near empty. I spent hours enjoying the walk, I got to read every sign.... and there was no one to rush me along... the school groups were few enough that I only ran into them (or was run down by them!) a couple of times... there were 4 or 5 other single visitors - we continued to cross paths during the day and took pictures for eachother...
I wish that you could have been there with me.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


um... Apologies, to you and to myself for not blogging over the past couple of days.
and you know, I can feel it when I don't. there's a build up of words... I start walking around composing in my head, writing to the invisible masses that don't exist.... lecturing and debating to myself, leaving comments in my comment section in my mind. um. yeah.
so that said, I've composed no less than 6 posts in my mind, and I have not the time to write them... sooo, you'll get the summery later tonight ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005

let the sun shine

If there is no rain;
I will be going to the zoo on monday.
If you have no life and would like to join me, I will be leaving early and returning early.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

call now

for a limited time, I will be offering my autograph for free to those who make the request. Just so you can say, "I knew her when..." because someday quite soon... I'm going to be famous.
me and jonny depp, we're tight.
I'm gonna go try out for a part in a movie tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


1. Slang. A stupid, inept, or foolish person: “the stupid antics of America's favorite teen-age cartoon dorks”.
2. Lesley Marie in infatuation.

[Perhaps from dork, variant of dirk.]
dorki·ness n. dorky adj.

n : a dull stupid fatuous person. jerk.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'd like to thank the academy

um, I don't really know where to start in listing the things I'm thankful for. There's so many.
I just finished a lovely meal with my newly blended family... ok, so we weren't totally blended.. I think that happens at Christmas. There were still a few new faces missing. But it was great, I'm thankful for the way God's been growing me this year, and the ways in which my family has grown... If someone told me three years ago that I'd be friends with my sister, and be able to hang out with my dad without being on edge the whole time, I'd have laughed. "Ha!" I'd have said.
But things have changed.
And I like them a lot.
I'm looking forward to that becoming even more in the future.

it's cold... my rings are falling off my fingers as I type.
and my face hurts from the sneezing.

quality quote of the day:: I'm so full... it must have been the four glasses of turkey I drank before dinner.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

my turkey

it's funny how, on days when we feel invisible, or figure that no one's noticing... we aren't and they do.
And sometimes we find out.

That's what I'm thankful for today.

we don't need religion

.... just the love of God.

I was wearing my Brian Houston shirt yesterday, and I found my Hudson Taylors CD.
Small world.
didn't really even realize it until I was driving down the street and this one song came on. It's a good one, and it gets me pumped about doing whatever the heck it is that I'm suppose to be doing. Guess I'll just keep praying till I figure out what it is.
I had a conversation on MSN this morning that brought this song back to me.

To know that I the Lord your God dwell within you
live beside you and walk behind you
This is the pure gold that I am talking about
That cannot be consumed by fire or stolen away from you by human hands
This is the gold of ministry that you have longed for
That you have lain awake at night on your bed
dreaming of
And you need to know that I have been
Wishing for you
Dreaming in you
Hoping for you
For my dreams are so much greater for you than yours
And to know my hand in your life
This is the greatest prize
So much better than recognition
And as you rise up in my
Many will know
Many will see
Many will hear
Many will fear
'cos I am your God
This is the pure gold that I am refining in you
That will shine within your soul
And your cup will run over
And you will see the fruit of your labours
And you will not be disappointed forever
For your toils and your struggles are not in vain...

... where you see bones I can see the army
Where you see floods I see the shore
Where you see dry winds blow I see the new life grow
Where you see the clouds in your way it is the Lord.

more of the same.....

But I do not want you to remain in that place of brokenness
Even though I am in that place with you still I do not want you to stay there...

Where you see bones.....

The Hudson Taylors~ Hurricane.
(Richards, Houston, Drain)
"when the ones you love and trust"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

not the crack train

I am catlike. Tawny and sleek, quiet and sneaky...
today I had an incredible adventure that should be shared with many a person.
now, by "incredible" I mean quite boring and mostly stupid.
now, by "adventure" really I mean nothing happened.
now, by "should be shared with many a person" I mean, I'm telling you in my blog because if I tell you in person you'll get bored with the details and walk away.
and maybe by catlike... really I might mean that I like to fall asleep in sunny places.

Today Megsheff was going to come home on the train and hang out with me until babysheff's rugby game and until I went to work. The train was to arrive at 2:00 and miss Meg would jump off and appear on my step (there are three houses between my house and the station). At around ten to two, I walked out into the beautiful day and over to the station, I plopped myself down on the grass and rested against a tree. After a bit of time had passed, I looked over my shoulder... in doing so, rested my chin on my shoulder.. decided it was quite the comfortable position, and promptly fell asleep.
Some time passed, one train passed (a freight) and I woke. Realizing that the train had not yet arrived, and that I had to get to work for 3... I thought I'd better go in the house and check the time... walking quicker as I remembered that it was thursday today (all day) and I work at 2:30 on thursdays (a fact that I never remember, and Be-Bop has to call and remind me every week). I run up the steps and see I've got two messages (one from Roy... thanks for the reminder ;) then look at the clock... it's 2:32!
perhaps (me thinks) I should start wearing a watch.
the train showed up just as I tore down the sidewalk on my bike... I could just picture what Megsheff's face must have looked like as I flew away in the opposite direction. In my mind I heard "we are SO not friends".

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

unsaid... spoken

there's been alot of coverage of the hurricanes and their wake... but today I found this site and it made me cry.
it actually brought me to the people who are there.

today's the day!

yup yup.
today marks a very important day in the life of a young woman that I know.
somewhere, over "that side" of the ocean, there's a young girl who, today, celebrated her 17th birthday. Meanwhile, "this side" of the ocean, I was thinking about her and her family and wishing I could celebrate the day with her.
Happy Birthday Lisa

Lisa it's your birthday
happy birthday Lisa!
(as sung by a large fat white michael jackson wannabe)


by the time you read this, we'll be at over 4000 hits.
that's kinda cool.
and sick... get a life would ya all?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

new! improved!

I've added a few new pics in the sidebar.....
Poor Norty is still hiding under the chair outside... in fear of what may come next.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

open my mouth as if to speak

I have things to write, but I can't seem to concentrate enough to write them.

I was asked awhile ago why I write here. Is it for myself? Is it for others? Is it information sharing or is it expression?
I don't know anymore.
maybe I need to decide that before I continue.

Friday, September 30, 2005

which side is the right side?

Growing up... if I'd wake up too early, my parents would tell me to "roll over and go back to sleep". People always ask if you've "gotten up on the wrong side of the bed" if you appear grumpy in the morning.
I had lots of bad dreams growing up... mostly about giants chasing me down the street... having to hide in the bushes to avoid giant detection... giants wanting to eat me and the neigbours... hiding under the truck because my sister had locked the front door and a giant wanted to smush me. There were some about giant caterpillars, some about giant sized stingrays...
the other night one of the giants came back... I had been cleaning a giant sized fish tank, when all sorts of things started to go wrong.. eventually I broke the neck of one person, and superman carried away the rest of the bad guys... but later, after super had left, I walked outside into the yard, and there was a man sneaking around the corner, gun in hand... I knew he wanted vengeance for the girl who's neck I'd snapped... I ran inside, only to discover my house was made of cardboard (not much to deflect the bullets) and the windows were floor to ceiling-saran wrap. The sheer terror that gripped me... I was sweating when I woke up... the only reason I woke up though was because I was screaming in panic for superman...

ego boosters

the past two days have done nothing, save inflate my head to a grandiose size- one which is quite unattractive.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my God given gifting

The day has been a tragic one. Many have lost their lives.
And, though the battle seemed as though it would never end, and the opponents many- the freedom that was won in this long and arduous battle was a release like none other.
The foes rushed in from all sides... they came in from the air.... they came from below. I thought that my own days were numbered. One bystander cried "I've had enough"!
There were decapitations and dismemberments.
There was the sound of smacking and whacking.
But in the end.... I remained.
Coffee in one hand, newspaper still on the table (albeit covered in limbs) I set my fly swatter on the table and asked Dave to sweep up the 28 wasps that lay at my feet.
Did I receive payment for my service? Did I receive even a free small coffee?
not so much
but I enjoyed it none the less.

:: The coffee shop had the door open this morning, for some reason the wasps just coming in... annoyed with owner-dave hovering around me with his swatter... I took over so he'd go away.

as if!

Please please please tell me this is a joke????
if not, when/where can I buy tickets for the next show?


pick up the local paper

ok, the other night at work I'm hanging out with the boys watching 7th heaven, fighting back the tears.... lol, that happens in nearly every episode!
Suddenly, one of the guys.... let's call him "Fred" turns to me and says "WELL! you obviously didn't read the wednesday edition of the Northumberland News!"
Shocked and trying desperately not to laugh at the solomness of his delivery, I and the other staff ask him "why?"
To which, he replies while rubbing his nose (actually, it's more like he's trying to rub it off his face) "oh, I don't know"
and goes back to watching the TV.
"I forget"
as usual I lose ANY and ALL professionalism and nearly wet myself laughing at him.
a moment later he says "oh, it was about the dogs... there'll be a fine for the vicious ones"

I'm still not sure what that had to do with the fight and reconciliation between the Mom and Dad on TV.

Monday, September 26, 2005

come again some other day

I'd like it to stop raining.
though I do apreciate the excuse to stay inside and play with my new HIGH SPEED computer... yes yes... it is good.

I like pirates

I'm having a rough week... nothing really in particular bothering me... it's just a "I miss my mom" thing.
Sorry I haven't wrtten anything of intrest in the past few days.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

ahhh, young grasshopper!

Hello, my name is Lesley and I am passive agressive. (sick)
And even having learned from the best.. I still fall for it's evil "charm you brow-beat you" every time.

no zoo this week.
maybe next????? *hopeful grin*

Friday, September 23, 2005

if I could talk to the animals...

la la with the animals, play with the animals all day.

I had this music box when I was little that played that tune... I never did find out what all the words were, but I really liked it. When Little-Bits and I were ... little.... Dad's place of employment would throw a Christmas party each year. Santa even came to it. The parties were always in obscure places, old camps, dank halls, I remember one being in a school gym of sorts... but Santa would show up and hand out the gifts... each one wrapped and labeled "girl age 6" or "boy aged 4"... I got the music box there... it was a figure of a wrinkles dog on top... playing the violin. Wearing a top hat.

All that to say::

I want to go to the zoo


I have nothing to say this morning.

Though I really wish that I did... the past 24 hours were quite uneventful. I didn't really go anywhere or do anything. Well, no, I went to work. And for work I went to the movies... saw four brothers.... don't bother to waste your money on that one. Although I did appreciate watching Marky Mark Wahlburg for 2 hours.
Then I went home... and played spider solitaire for 2 hours.
I think I may have a problem.
I even dreamed about it.

Thankfully I mean.... the grocery store nightmares were getting to be a little too much to handle.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

time for new shoes

I went for my walk this morning and hobbled home... two random blisters formed themselves and now my feet are sad.

BUT... it was a great day for a walk, and my landlords are still away so that means I still have gardening to do.... and that, my dear friends, makes me HAPPY.

What else makes you happy Les?

Well, I was able to sit in on a rather interesting meeting last night- I didn't contribute too much to it, but it was nice to be included... and I'm pretty excited about what God is preparing people to do around here... pray that we'd be following His will... not making it up as we go- creating more work rather than just responding to the need. yeah... I think that's it.. nah.. just pray.
thanks Ninjas.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


this is a shout out to the guy who's enabled me to have a REAL computer... though he thoroughly mocked my stone-aged home office, he hooked me up with a pretty sweet system.
Thanks T.Lam!
You're fantastic!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

how could I have missed this????

really? how is this possible???? I don't understand.
Thank you Beth-field for enlightening me.

This is what I'm talking about. One of my favorite places in the Burg, quirky, and sadly no longer dank::
The Human Bean

you can find me most mornings reading the paper... and most weekends singing along.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the way to end the day

I will find a book
I will sit
I will be at peace

the bat cave

I'd like to call this the bat cave... but there's no bats... just spiders.
Doesn't it look cozey???? don't you want to come and sit with me?

pass the remote

moments which I would like to have fast-forwarded thru or avoided completely today

1) the moment I left my house for work until I rode my bike home.
(except for maybe the part where I got to stand in the lake and watch the waves and play with the sand for an hour.... but most defiantly the part where the minnows congregated around my legs...) (and maybe not the part where I stopped off at the SVFF office, but most defiantly the part where I became tongue tied and sped out of the office)

side note:: re:the side bar:: I've finally gotten around to adding the "hero of the week" section, don't forget to send out your thanks to our many heros as they appear

point and click::freeze frame

there are times in life where I often want to press a magic button and freeze the moment. Those moments where things are just good.
I'm blessed in that I get to experience a lot of those moments. Or maybe I'm blessed in that I'm allowed the moment to perceive those moments? Whatever. Either way, today I wanted to stop time on five occasions. But, if I'd done that... then I probably wouldn't have experienced all of them... *sigh* this isn't suppose to be confusing.
1) I got a phone call from a good friend and got to catch up
2) On my walk- clear headed rhythm that comes with your feet moving and your arms swinging and no pressing matters to attend to.
3) On my walk- the beach was near empty, the water cool... I walked up and down it a few times in the water singing praise
4) While casing the Marina for picnic tables (I'd heard rumor that they stored the town's old tables there- SVFF may be over for this year, but I'm starting my sourcing for next.) I found the Cobourg Ecology garden- didn't know we had one... So, I spent ten mins or so wandering in the cool shade.
5) After my morning visit to the Bean, walking home I saw a spider spinning it's web. pretty cool thing to watch.

I like those few mornings were I don't have to be anywhere.

Friday, September 09, 2005

someone's just run to the store to pick up a part

You'll have to think WAAAAAAAYYYYYY back to the trip from Addis to Lome to remember the story about the plane parts.....
but today, reminiscing with one of my Togo gals put me to web surfing the flights that may or may not be available at any given time....

and then I found this there really is a plane parts store.

the state of my being

my face is asleep.
my arms don't work.
my back is broken.
i have strange bruises covering most of my body.
i can't seem to complete sentences.
and i can't figure out what day it is.

welcome to SVFF withdrawal.

::side note, guess you might have noticed the picture thing in the side bar by now... some are pretty old (yikes! can you believe that Togo was a year ago?????) I'm going to try to add one or two new pictures each week, so every once in awhile... check them out.
:::: side note to my side note, can you guess which is my favorite t-shirt? LOL!!! hey Meg, even the "lesley sweater" made it into the mix a few times.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

done and done

I ate that pie.

Monday, September 05, 2005

life of pie (apple crumble)

ok, several melt-downs later.... a festival happened.
walking around the near empty site today I was hit (again) with (another) wave of tears. So many people worked SO hard to make this thing happen... and it was good.
Real good.
It always amazes me that people can, and will, pull together to make things happen. (no, I'm not going to make some profound statement of what we need to do for our Southern friends... you already know)
Seeing that thousand plus group of people out enjoying their weekend, things running smoothly, people finding what they needed, being able to pray for them (even if they didn't know it), building new realationships, engaging in some really neat conversations... yeah, that was all worth it. And then there's the music... whoa. what a talented group of people... I learned a ton of new music, shmoozed with some top names, made some great friends....I learned SO much!!!

and then there's that whole singing with Aengus thing....

I didn't get to sing with him Thursday at the volunteer thing... that was pretty sad (ok, you know me, I was devistated) Then, due to the busy nature of the weekend... didn't get to sing with him at any of the campfire things (oh my... the campfires deserve their own posting) (again with the devistating disapointment).

But, you'll be relieved to hear... I sang with him on the main stage, during the festival the last day.

Highlight of the year baby...
and then someone bought me a pie just because.
really? can life get any better?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

RE: a bet

From: "Shelter Valley Productions" <>
To: "'Lady Lesley Marie Boileau'" <>
Subject: RE: a bet
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:53:35 -0500

if it works for Thursday night lets do something like "Lately" or "My Heart has wings"
otherwise we'll sing round the campfires
looking forward to it
-----Original Message-----
From: Lady Lesley Marie Boileau []
Sent: 30 August 2005 09:54 PM
Subject: a bet

ok, so there's a bet out now, after my stellar performance (read:: running like the scaredy cat that I am) at the volunteer picnic when faced with singing with you... some believe I'd never the courage to ask to sing with you. SO, in being the stubborn girl that I am, I'm out to prove them wrong.
Hey Aengus, can I sing a song with you at the volunteer thing? *laughing* I promise not to suck. (at least, not to badly) I don't sing lead on anything normally, harmonies are my passion. Anyway, if you get this message, let me know what you think... but don't let it be a stress issue- you've got alot on your plate right now! (by the way, it's all looking great, I feel so privledged to be part of such a great thing!)
Talk with you later,

Monday, August 29, 2005

fuzzy tongue

I came home to something gross...
something that happens a few times each year... and I never know quite how to deal with it.
Each time I open my mouth or inhale deeply I get hit with this... this.. fuzzy feeling.
My rabbit is shedding again.
no surface is safe from his hairy covering.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

homeward bound, I wish I was

back home, back to the slow computer and back into the rush of prep for the festival.
I'm really pumped about it, but I'm getting more nervious as it approaches. I was given a pretty big task, and I'm trying to live up to the expectations. But I don't really have the network of people necessary to do this. if ANY of you have any leads that could help... let me know!

I'm looking for::

15-20 picnic tables
10 shade umbrellas / shade tents
6-8 large tarps

ANY extention cords (heavey duty) and ANY strings of twinkle lights

anyone have a good contact with Rotary or others who could help us with the picnic tables???? they are my main concern.

I have lots to write about Jr. Youth 2005- but it'll have to wait. You HAVE to see the DVD Jeff and Adam made for this year.. those guys are helarious.. or maybe it's just the lack of sleep? It was SO nice to have some all-nighter buddies this year.
Camp was fantastic- dispite the technical difficulties... It was so good to catch up with people there- people who are really increadible and mean alot to me- but who I only see once or twice a year...But there's that hint of sadness too, who knows if I'll see them again next year? I was in some SERIOUS pain still the first three days of camp, which ment that I didn't get to join in on some of the activities... then things got too busy with the newsletter , so I didn't get to do much on the water this year, sad. BUT the weather was amazing, the kids were fantastic! and God was working like crazy... Our worship band really was awesome- I was so blessed working with the guys (and we ROCKED the place) and even when my replacement jumped in (because my workload picked up)I was swept up in some pretty intense times with God. It was so great to see the kids get freed up to connect with God... that's probably my favorite part of camp... watching the kids as they find that sanctuary- as they let go of here, and hang on to holy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So there was this tiny error in that quote the other day... but enough of an error that it didn't really make sense... funny that no one caught it... wait no.. you probably caught it, but since I'm not there to be told... no one told me. right right... got it.
Go back and read it again...
um, things are crazy here, so I'm keeping it short, many page layouts to create... little to work with... Last year I vowed to myself I'd bring an extra person... but forgot. I'm really kicking myself for it this year... I had an offer at the last moment, BUT it was too late, all the numbers for camp were already worked out....
ok, pray for concentration... so far, I'm lacking in that department. Big time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


hmmm... having too much fun, can't talk

Sunday, August 21, 2005

start the kettle

make yourself all cozy like, because I've got some time on my hand and you're getting the first installment!

So even as I was pulling into the queue of SUVs and Mini vans lugging their boats North my mind (the part that's in working order) was racing.... What did I forget, who did I forget to call, where did I put my multi-vitamins? But as I pulled around the first rock-cut and saw some red and orange maples sticking out of the tree line, my heart TOTALLY settled.. I love Joy camp... it's such a place of peace... even the trip up there does something for my soul. I spend most of the drive trying to decide how far I'd be willing to commute to work... I figure (if I loved my job) I'd be willing to drive at least an hour... that only puts me in Lakefield... maybe I could find something further North?

:: side note:: Tim C. From Kawartha YFC is here this week, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and start some serious talks about that home/shelter... enough of the day dreaming and scheming? Pray for wisdom. And discernment... how much of this is just the idea of the program, and how much is the passion that I've been given?

So, I'm driving along and I pop in that mixed worship Cd- you remember the one? The one that I've nearly driven off the road because of? I took it out of the car this winter... it was getting scary, but it made it back into the CD case somehow... Anyway, I turn it on, and put it on random... two fantastic songs came on and just sent me into a great time of worship- it helped the trip to go by so much faster, I didn't even mind the cottage country traffic.

trees of life are blooming
and Your word
plants the seed
I feel it growing yeah,
Kindness leading to repentance
and we feel traces of deliverance
thank You for mercy yeah,
oh can you feel it?
it's the song of the redeemed
the pursuit of passion
for the one who set us free
oh can you hear it
we're crying out for more
and listen to the song it's turning into a holy roar!

And we come rejoicing and singing...
and crying out to You
can You hear the holy roar?
And we come rejoicing and singing and crying out to you Lord!
Can You hear the Holy roar?

don't know who that's by.. it was on one of the Passion CDs awhile back.

Soft fields of clover
moon shining over the valley
joining the song of the river
to the Great Giver
of the Great Good
And as it enfolds me,
somehow it holds me together
and I realize I've been singing
still it comes ringing clearer than clear

Here by the water
I'll build an alter to praise Him
Out of the stones that I found here
I'll set them down here rough as they are
knowing You can make them Holy

I think all my yearning has kept on returning to move me
down roads I'd never have chosen
half the time frozen
la la la la?
I know it was stormy
I hope it was for me a learning
the blood on the road wasn't mine though
someone that I know
has walked here before

here by the alter I'll build an alter....
knowing you can make them holy
knowing you can make me holy

Don't know who wrote that one... Steve Bell likes to sing it a lot...

so that set the mood for the trip FOR SURE.

ok...super prayer to start the week off::
Lord, help us to make You famous here this week.

ok... this week we've got Chris speaking- I love this guy, he's so willing to wait on what God's got to say, and not afraid to say it. This week's topic is going to be : Redemption, being redeemed people, being redeeming people....
I think I might need to back up a step... anyone know of "the green book"? (anyone who'd ever been handed the green book will know what I mean) There's this book by Henri Nowen... I'm not totaly sure what the title is, but basically it's a collection of essays on the passage thru grief to healing... it's got some REALLY great stuff in it, I like to avoid it at all costs. Sarah gave it to me last week with a page bookmarked... I should have known that God would continue to work here....

Chris (aka Strongbad) gave us this quote to dwell on....
Take it in, I'll write more later.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, "who am I to be brilliant, talented gorgeous and fabulous?" Actually who are you not be! You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. You were born to manifest the Glory Of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in all of us,and it is as we let our own light shine that we unconsciously give others the right to do the same."

unending quotes

Well, it's going to be hard... I mean to find WHAT to post... I'd write out every minute for you if I could, I don't want you to be missing out on anything. For now I'll just give you this... likely to be found on the back of many a t-shirt::

"And if you're on the worship team, I've got a surprise for you"

(Graeme aka. Buttercup- as he looks at them empty spaces on stage)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

it begins

yup, sweet connections... I've managed to enter into the most beautiful part of Canada, miles from nowhere.. and yet.. I've got a better internet connection than at home.
into connections.
I seem to have neglected to bring the right connection to the printer... go figure. is there such a thing as an adapter for my OLD printer cable into this pretty new lap top? I sure hope so! I think I'll catch a pony into town.. oh wait, wrong camp.
Morgan???? here little car, come on buddy...

Friday, August 19, 2005

brain hurts

my brain is in pain
and here comes more rain
am I going insane
let me pour down the drain.

yet again, proof that I should never take up song writing professionally.
Speaking of which:: our band has now officially existed for around 4 months. We've gone places, sung stuff... done band-type things... but we still have no name. really. That's dumb.
But really... my brain does hurt... the meds are wearing off.. and it's raining really hard... and the drugs are in the car.
I've had two pretty funny concussion-moments this week, but at the same time, they were pretty scarey... the whole idea that our brain holds soooo much information, and it takes so little to do some damage. I was given a very nice helmet at work by a co-worker today. The front says "boom boom boileau" and the back "watch yer noggin". Thank you very much.

I've got alot to do... and what is it I've chosen to do? yeah... I'm sitting waiting wishing.