Wednesday, February 28, 2007

it's true it's true it's true!!!

remember that time?

That time I went to the Hootananny and had so much fun and talked about it for days and days afterwards, and Jenny and I had a thousand inside jokes to our very own for a good long time?

That was a good time.

It's time again for a



I like to steal other people's posts....

as stolen from Moxywoman... it made me laugh.
Rather, it made me snort.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

an open letter to the wiener (and I don't mean winner) (OR) A bad month to be a bunny

:: to the dolt who decided to take their previously beloved pet and dump it when it became to much work for them. Your pet who loved you and trusted you is now in several pieces all over the yard. Good work.

I've written and re-written a post about the "great rabbit rescue of George St." and then deleted it again.
Nearly two weeks ago (the morning after that REALLY cold night) my neighbour pointed out to me a large Cinnamon coloured rabbit that had taken up residence in his front yard. Not your average tannery area bunny, not one of the scrawny brown tufts of fur bolting from anything that moved. ...No this was someone's pet... fat, friendly, fearless...
The neighbourhood took on this bunny... One lady going door to door asking if anyone owned it, she said she was calling the humane society next. My landlord trying to convince my roomie that my rabbit had escaped "no, I REALLY don't think it's hers!" People left carrots, people left water (aka bowls of ice) I brought leftover Norty food, hay and pellets.
After a few days of trying to grab it when it ran up to greet me, I figured I needed a plan... after watching it being chased by a cat, I figured I needed a plan soon.
Yesterday I devised my plan, the bunny was now eating from my hand, but moved any time I brought my other hand near... if I set up Norty's gate, I could make a "bunny funnel" and chase him into a box.
Last night when I got home, I saw something strange. Two lines in the snow... from my driveway, across the yard, over a snow bank, up another, and off around the corner... I couldn't figure out what it was a first.. not big enough for cross country skis... did someone tie a cart to their cat? maybe that's what it was? Someone tied a cart to their cat... or really tiny dog.... I thought it was strange... but as I started to follow it... I felt sick... it couldn't be that. I stopped following it. I followed it back to my driveway and saw where it started....
bunny tracks running to greet cat tracks... cat tackling bunny... rolling... then a few tentative steps...

The tracks I saw were poor bunny's back feet dragging in the snow, covering up the tracks of the cat who dragged him into the next yard... I was too late by about ten minutes.

Monday, February 26, 2007

flash back part two

"coulda been a par-ty... coulda been a par-ty"

you know those times when you hear a phrase and it jolts you into song? I figure there's a song for nearly every phrase said out there... well .. nearly....

Every time I have to sit at the train crossing and a freight passes, I have to start singing "freight train freight train going so fast, freight train freight train wish it would last...." because that's what mom and dad sang when we sat at the crossing.

My mom used to sing that party line all the time when you started to talk about a party... or planned for one... I just thought she was making it up.

Friday, while on a work errand, (with mug-o-creme-de-ble) in hand... I heard the real song... "musta been a par-ty" was the actual line.... You know it's not going to be in the top hits chart when it takes 28 years to hear it for yourself.... It made me smile thinking about her.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe that freight train song is for real after all.....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

flash backs

So Friday morning I was having a hard time keeping up. I dragged myself to work, I dragged myself thru the morning routine at work.... and I felt, in general, that I was accomplishing.... well... nothing.
It was super cold, and snowing.
All I wanted was a nice warm breakfast.
Warm and soothing...
Warm and ... pickles! I wanted it quick.

So I dredged thru the cupboards and found cream of wheat... creme de ble....
mmmm. Warm, milky, brown sugary, lumpy greatness. I slipped it into a tall bowl and popped it into the microwave.....

Lets pause for a second here and recount the last three mornings at work.....

Lesley decides she wants cream of wheat. Lesley starts to make it... and realizes that she has just 4 minutes before she must again play taxi. OR Lesley starts to make it, someone starts screaming, she fixes whatever it is that has caused the screaming... and is left ready to scream at the microwave which now is flooding boiling cream of wheat swamp-monsterish bubbles everywhere. (Roomie has a problem boiling milk on the stove... I have the same problem, but in the microwave).

Unpause:: I glanced at the clock... 6 minutes till taxi time, I can do it... it only takes 5 to cook.... uh.. yeah... guess I'll eat it when I get back?

And then the flashback...... (insert "I dreamt of Africa sound" track here)
Walking down a hill, early morning, fog close to the ground, the chill of night still on my shoulders. The smell of sugar cane, old dust and petrol. The sounds of children in the village waking up, mammas calling for chores to be done... and at the edge of the clearing, a large pot of something boiling... something warm and filling... creamy, corn porridge, the steam rising as it's poured into cups...

poured... cups??? That's right... poured into cups....
so... if I add extra milk.....
6 minutes later, I in the van, taxi-ing the individuals to their work places, a steaming travel mug in one hand... I am content.

Friday, February 23, 2007

ElbowMarie:: The pirate

Warning:: This is Piratey stuff, if you're sick of pirates, don't read this. If you're not, and it doesn't make sense to you... just go try the game...

Disclaimer:: I will not be held responsible for your addiction, nor for the loss of computer sharing in a family (sorry PaSheff)

Not too long ago, I received what I'd been waiting for...
you see, hard work and perseverance paid off.
I am a self-proclaimed puzzlepiarates addict (a piratetart?), and for months now I've been trying to reach the status of full-fledged pirate. When you join a crew, each has different requirements for this status to come about. You start out as a cabin person, then pirate, then officer, then.... there are others, ... maybe someday an officer, but for now... pirate.
Now, the crew I'm a part of (Fiddlers Green) is great, I love the crew.. I know, it's a game, but you get to know the people you're playing with, and this is a particularly chatty crew... anyway, this crew has some fairly high standards in order to become a pirate .... ok ok, really it's just that you need to have a ranking of Master or higher in Gunning and one other game.... here lay my problem.
I am a terrible gunner. I am afraid of the guns, I am given a heart attack trying to keep up with the game....
But, after many hours of practice, I got up to Master.
Unfortunately, I'm not consistent, I go back and forth between "respected" and "master" with each board I play. And the last time I played (with a total of 24 boards) I switched 18 times.
But... it does not matter, I've been promoted to pirate... I am content. I danced... I sang, I handed out imaginary cookies....

Now if only I could find some more piratey time to play....

slurps the seeds

Why is it that the only fruits I would happily eat day after day don't grow on this Continent?
for breakfast this morning::
Passion Fruit (that's right, I found RIPE pf!)
and some fruit who's name escapes me.

What I'd also like to be eating ::
Custard apple
Pineapple (not the canned or shipped to Canada variety)
Lichee (Lychee?)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

not to be said out-loud without context.

So I was returning the roomie's Anti-Static, Eco-friendly, reusable dryer contraptions (these cool little plastic balls that are all bumpy that fluff up your laundry if you throw them in the dryer with your clothes- cutting your dryer time by a few minutes, and reducing the need for more chemicals and waste of dryer sheets....) My intent was to leave them on the large wooden chest that sits in her room.
Without thinking I hollered down the hallway::

"Sarah, I'm leaving your balls on your chest!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

tap tap tap tap tap tap

So, this morning I was to pick up "fred" from the Blue Box ("Beyond the Blue Box" a store that sells second hand items, money going to charity, and employs many of the developmentally delayed adults in our community). Generally I go a few minutes early as I'm on my way back from dropping another individual off. This also allows me time to wander the store..
You never know what you're going to find there... really.
My first apartment in University was furnished nearly entirely from that store... tables, chairs, end tables, most of our dishes...
Today I was wandering around, looking for cross country ski shoes... with no luck (I've never seen cross-country shoes there yet... take your pick of down hill though) so I switched my focus to cameras, looking for a fun find... nothing today... I moved over to the computer section... and I noticed a series of cases varying in size under the shelving unit. I pulled out a scuffed smaller sized case and unzipped it.... Inside? the cutest little manual typewriter ever!
I tried it out, the ribbon was still good, the keys all worked, all the capitals and numbers and symbols worked... the return bar made a satisfying click-whir noise as I pushed it across....
I was smitten.
But there was no price.
So I was downcast.
Knowing I had little money with me (lol, or in the bank) I brought the case to the counter....
I asked the cost.
Marie smiled at me "since you're a friend (motioning to the cue of people still jabbering at me) it's free of charge today."
gleefully I giggled like a school girl and thanked her over and over...
I have some serious writing to do!

and.... the coin has two sides.

Still gleeful over the gifting of a tappy tap tapwriter, I rushed "Fred" off to his next scheduled appointment.
When I arrived I realized my pocket was empty (big surprise Les, didn't you just say you had not money?) no no no....
that's not what I meant.
I realized the pocket containing my pretty little phone (that I drop on it's head nearly every day) was empty... I started to think about the last time I'd used it.
This morning... when I realized that today was NOT in fact the 18th as I'd thought... thereby launching me two days into the future... and two days AFTER my sister's birthday... oops. I am horrendous.
No, I'd had it after that... I had it at least until BEFORE I picked up "Fred". But not while I was picking up Fred....
I retraced my steps...
each and every stop was revisited. As I drove to the last place I thought to myself "isn't it funny, that this morning when I put my phone in my jacket pocket, I thought to myself, -gee, that pocket is quite shallow, better remember to switch that cute little phone of your's into your jean's pocket when you get to work.... that on this same day I'd lose my phone?"
I pulled up to the last spot... parking in the exact same spot that I'd parked that morning and craned my neck to see if I could spot it on the sidewalk up ahead.... then I looked down.
It's been a sad day for my phone.
I found it ground into the snow, a pink dimple in a tire track.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

but wear them at night?

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I wondered if the drive home from Peterborough would ever end.
One eye shut, and the other threatening to do the same... clenched into furrows, wrinkles that some day I'll look back on.... and wonder at my choices.

The scenery passed by, cotton fields, whipped cream peaked trees, glistening streets. The sky the brightest blue, dotted only by the chance fluffy cloud...

I raced those clouds... desperate to stay with them....

I really should buy some sun glasses

Friday, February 16, 2007

Girl you know it's true!

it was only a matter of time.... That fine duo that awed me... The videos that I watched at countless 12th and 13th birthday parties, rented in Beta. The story behind the outrage... the tears... the forgery... the deception...
Milli Vanilli the tell all movie.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

me and my shovel

Though I like the idea of winter, and though I am fond of watching winter from the warmth of my home... out a window in a room with a fireplace, under multiple layers of clothing and blankets......
Though all that is true:: I do not like to participate in the act of winter.

Yesterday, even though we didn't get all that much snow.... due to drifting, I shoveled the front walk at home twice, I spent 45 minutes with the snow blower at work, countless trips at work to keep the steps clear of snow... only to find that when I got home my parking space was filled by the snow plow.
God bless the amazing person who took a snow blower to the rest of my parking space sometime last night... I'd only cleared enough to drive over the giant pile and parked on the sidewalk before my arms fell off!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

as promised

a just small part of the day....


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slothfullness is next to... um...

This weekend marked the FOURTH annual Sloth Fest.
In all, 15 ladies, a pile of junk food, a tower of movies (which we didn't watch) a hot tub, some pizza, a board game, lots of laughing, a little crying, much talking, little sleep, and a great time.

video coming shortly.

in other news

I may have found a new outlet for creativity...
me and my scanner are now the best of friends. Though I imagine there's a faster setting then the one I used.... 4 minutes spent sitting holding the Malta bottle. I really like the way it turned out, I think there will be others.

Monday, February 12, 2007

and how to make it a little better.

... though not actually made in Africa, nearly as good as the original.

how to make a rotten day worse.

From : ~*~nEsSa~*~ <>
Sent : February 13, 2007 1:06:32 AM
To : Lady L Bo
Subject : RE: Flemish Giants



I was recently in contact with you about the Flemish Giants that were going to Al's pet store. I hate to inform you, but while I was away, the german shepard was let into the house overnight, as it was very cold, and she got into the cage and killed all kits and the mother. It was a very upsetting day for all of us here, as we have never had any problems in the past with the dog. We are hoping to have another litter by early spring. I will keep in contact with you as to when another litter will be ready to go.

My sincerest apologies to you,


Sunday, February 11, 2007

agreed. and well said.

Ruth said...
Having been at the same conference, heard the same talks and discussions and felt the same disappointment, let me say that I don't think it's apathy. In my experience it's a closer cousin to defensiveness.
You've got a whole (generation? echelon? elite?) of mostly men who believe that they've had a 'call to full time ministry' that the rest of us haven't and the rest of us should be following their God given vision. If we don't, we're not 'respecting the leadership'.Discussions like the ones we had for those two days are a very in-your-face rejection of that system.
From the few 'clergy' who I heard speak while we were there, I heard good intentions and a recognition of the truth of the principles, but a misapprehension and misunderstanding of what it means to 'solid churches'. eg. "How do you change a solid church into a liquid church?" Answer: You don't!
I was thinking the other day that the solid church is like my grandma's house. When I go there, I'm welcome. She asks me how it's going, she gives me tea and date squares and we reminisce. Sometimes she gives me advice or $20 and she prays for me.
It's good to know she's there and I love her, but when the tea's gone and the date squares are all eaten up, it's time for me to get back to my life. And she doesn't come with me. Because it's not hers.
My ideal situation for a local church pastor who attended this conference would be to start preaching these principles from the pulpit and !actively! encouraging his congregation to pray and talk about who they are being sent to. Then to have a team of people go to the leadership and say, "OK, we know where we're being sent. But it means that Bill won't be playing the guitar on Sundays, and Sally can't teach the grade 5 and 6 girls anymore." Then to have the pastor say, "Go for it! We have a piano and the girls can sit through a sermon once in a while."
But I'm not holding my breath.

Lesley would add::

Well said.
My pastor this Sunday gave a fantastic message, it was on the Holy Spirit, and living your faith... It was completely complimentary to what M.Frost had to say... and funny to hear it prefaced with "Now, I may be talking myself out of a job".
Slightly off topic he used the words "by golly" and "gumption" in the same message.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

one week

just one week till bunny pick up.

any ideas on names? NO.. it will not be named after a computer anti-virus.

I'm leaning towards a piratey theme.... but those names are harder to come up with. As I'm unsure as to if I'm getting a male or a female, your ideas for either gender would be appreciated.

The other day I promised little buddy I wouldn't talk about pirates around him anymore... So, I don't bring up the subject. A short time later we (as a group) went out, I happened to be wearing a pirately-theme'd tee-shirt, so of course the topic turned to pirates (and ninjas). But, I must point out... it wasn't me who started the conversation.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just spent two fantastic days at the Michael Frost conference held here in little ol' Northumberland.
I was so disappointed. In my town... or rather in the leaders in my town... who didn't even bother to go to an evening talk. I was disappointed in the number of people who are always saying "something needs to happen" or "we need to look at church a little differently" who didn't darken the door. I was proud of our little group from the dock!
The talks were fantastic, challenging, and difficult. Some people got it... some people sort of got it... and some people didn't get it at all... but it raised some excellent discussions, and thinking is good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slothfest double Ohhhhhh seven

That's right ladies, it's time for our annual event!

This Saturday afternoon, 3pm until you feel able to roll yourself home (yes there are couches for those of you who have been so slothful you can't make it home). Is the grand event... all you need? your favourite junk food, and a few dollars towards take out... to be voted on the day of the event.

Never been to slothfest? well... it's just that... a bunch of girls, watching movies, eating snacks, being silly, sitting in the hot tub, with no guilt, and with no demands. This is for our extended female friend-circle, so if you know of someone you'd like to invite, feel free to do so.

If you need directions, email me and I'll get you the details :)

ladylesley at hotmail dot com

Sunday, February 04, 2007

In the news

So, much havoc was caused with Thursday's accident. Our town was nearly impossible to navigate, or at least the Northern half was, where the 401 traffic was diverted. It's not often that the 401 gets closed... in both directions... for such an extended period of time. Roomie read that there were 150ish truckers stuck, unable to turn around and get off the 401, unable to pass the accident from Thursday afternoon til Friday morning.... that got me to thinking what the cost might have been... other that the loss of life... which is so sad, and the injuries, also so sad... I started to think about what might have been in those trucks, where they may have been going, where they were due to arrive...
I talked to my friend Kaw on MSN yesterday and started to tell her about the accident. Her reply? "I heard it on the news!" Not such a significant answer, until it's put into perspective.... Kaw and her husband are working as teachers in Hong Kong.

Also in the news... if funny things are happening around you..... don't take a gulp of your drink. It's not like in cartoons.. it doesn't always shoot out your nose when you're caught unaware by a witty or ridiculous comment... sometimes you end up drowning for the rest of the night when it instead goes into your lungs.

Still drowning.

Friday, February 02, 2007

the tree

If you drive past my house today... and you'd better do it quickly as the snow continues to pile up... You'll see the tiniest little Christmas tree that ever was a Christmas tree.

I'm a bit of a sentimentalist....

a bit you say??? ... snort!.... did I ever tell you about the time she.....

shut it you.

As I was saying, I've always been a bit of a sentimentalist. I've got odd little nick knacks dating back to goodness knows when for goodness knows what reasons. Not that I'm a pack rat... I do a good purge every year, I just have a tendency to ascribe meaning and emotion to the most random of things.

I love decorating for Christmas, but taking the Christmas beauties down takes me awhile, about mid January I am finally coerced into packing things away... only when I notice that the only Christmas stuff still out is my own... This year, I beat my roomie.. mostly. She had all her stuff down and packed, but not put back into storage... I beat her to that... sort of... other than the six decorations that didn't make it into the box... a few of them are still sitting on the coffee table.

But this year I got this fantastic little tree! a real tree! a lovely tiny perfect tree! complete with a real pine cone, a few drops of bird dirt AND!!!! it had decorations on it!!! It sat smiling at me on my dresser when I came home on my birthday.

Yesterday I was leaning into the dresser looking for socks, and I was hit by this little tiny shower... of needles. So today... The tree was removed... So sad.. so.. so.. SO... sad. It showered the bedroom, it showered me, it showered the staircase when I forgot to look out for the ceiling on the way down... sigh...
I plunked it down right side up into the snowbank... it's waiting to cheer up everyone's day.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

where has mine blog gone?

I can't read my blog?
Are you reading my blog?