Sunday, January 30, 2005

new things

a few new links of great importance in the side bar today.
For those of you lucky enough to have gone to the house concert hosted by the Sheff's in August, you'll be excited to hit "A Beautiful Misery's" sites. Wee David and Joshy were the amazing musical talent who entertained us, and they've got a new CD out!!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!
Of course, nothing beats hearing them live, so watch for them (and their friend Andrew) coming soon somewhere near you!

ALSO Yesterday was my friend Jon's 26th birthday, and I couldn't email him (still can't) as my hotmail account doesn't seem to be functioning.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!!!!!
26 is alot closer to 30 than to 20.... (or so I've been told ;)

Friday, January 28, 2005


Spider man is about to be challenged.
this isn't a joke.
There's a guy who's taken the web making proteins from a spider, given the DNA to a goat's egg, waited for the goat to grow up, bred the goat, then after the goat gave birth collected it's milk to see if the same web protein was being made by the goat..... And it was.
The milk is then processed to remove the protein and the result is the sticky stuff that spiders use to make their webs.... Science is amazing, but scary... And not nearly as efficient as God's planning. They still haven't figured out how to process the separated protein into strands equal in strength to that which a spider produces... And it took them a few trys to gestate a female goat with the implanted DNA... The plan is to weave the resulting strands into bullet-proof vests.

Beyond Invention: Animal Inspired Innovations
Jeffrey Turner is a genetic mastermind who stops bullets by splicing spiders with goats; This episode airs at the following times (Eastern) :
Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 1:00 PM
Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 1:00 PM

Let me tell you, I love the discovery channel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A limited time offer

Editor’s pre-amble: this post is in response to a series of emails that have left the desk in the past 24 hours. If you were not the recipient of said correspondence, please email me and I’ll be happy to forward them to you.

I figured that everyone I knew needed to receive a free prescription from the relationship doctor herself. As you can see it’s done me a world of good.
If you'd like to recieve free publicity, email me at in no time you'll be famous.*

Editor’s post-script: My computer was running too slowly to link the article in question. I normally write all my emails in a word document, then transfer them to my hotmail account. Assuming I was still using the word program, I cut and paste the link to the top of the page to retrieve later. In my haste to send out my email, I forgot to remove the aforementioned link… It was not an attempt to embarrass Meghan in anyway, and I thought I could best rectify the matter by humiliating her further…. Ok ok, so I didn’t actually get to read the article by my “sometimes friend” Meg. Oh yes, I said “sometimes friend”. I believe it was she who coined the phrase “Lesley is SO not my friend”. Could someone please return me a copy of that email so I can read the article? I hope it was clean!
~I am in fear of the retaliation.

*disclaimer~ famous in Lesley's circle of friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

back off, get your own oranges

ok, so this weekend I had the opportunity to go away for a retreat. There wasn't anything panned for this retreat, no schedual, no worries, no males, no babies.... just a hot tub, HUGE tv, and lots of food. Oh, can't forget the very purple-ly carpet.

The un-official slogan for the weekend, and not surprisingly the quote of the week:
"forget the retards in your life"

Anyway, we had a box of clemintines. People who know me, know that I LOVE those little orange juicey wonders. I've sat down and shared a box or two with you before(ok, not so much shared as "watched you in horror as you ate a few of my precious"). As you know I have a tendency to dream every time my eyes close (and often while they are still open). This weekend was no exception.
Manda and I had commandeered the couch and had fallen asleep (again) while watching yet another movie. I awoke to hear "hey, what was that for?" I had been dreaming about reaching in haste for the last clementine and had punched her smartly on the behind.
I sat up and ate another clementine.

Monday, January 24, 2005

something fishy

so I just went to view my own blog and insure that everything is where it should be...
and it's not.
has anyone else noticed that the layout is funny on their screen?
it might just be this strange computer....
it has issues.

Larium Delirium

So Monday nights may in fact be my favorite night of the week, But Tuesday nights for the past four months have been my favorite nights as far as sleep is concerned.
Each Tuesday night before bed (save last week) I’ve taken my larium faithfully (actually I was taking mefloquine, but larium just makes for a better name) to combat evil malaria dudes that may have been trying to enter my system. I’m pleased to say that I am malaria free thanks to my Tuesday night friend.
There’s always lots of controversy involved when you discuss taking an antimalarial, it can have some… odd… side effects. I remember one of my friends took it for the first time, went to McDonalds; ended up crying over the death of her Chicken McNuggets. Needless to say, she switched to a lower dose.
Other people I know have mentioned sleepless nights (Barb, are you getting any sleep?) hair loss, stomach cramps and moodiness.

I’m one of the lucky ones.
I sleep.
I sleep well.
And I dream crazy drug induced dreams.
A part of me is so sad that I don’t get to take it any more, but as if my brain was anticipating the larium rush, I still had some pretty strange dreams last Tuesday. Not over the top crazy dreams… but still pretty strange.

This entry is a tribute to my last larium delirium, a dream that I had two weeks ago. I’m still quite traumatized by it.

I was working for a princess. She was very nice, just the sort of princess one would WANT to be working for, if indeed one had to work for a princess. She wore many pretty dresses, one of my jobs was to pick out her clothes for her. She had a fluffy puppy (but I didn’t have to clean up after it) And she liked to party.
Not drunken party, she liked to go to elegant balls and social events; as fitting for one of her status. My main job was to go with her and be her aide at these functions… a lovely job. I got to meet all the other princesses (AND PRINCES!!!). I got to eat lovely shrimp cocktails. Really, it was a fairy tail job (quite fitting for a fairy tail dream). And anytime I spoke to anyone of great importance I had to hold their hand way in the air… because that’s what royalty expects (apparently?)
And then it happened.
One of the princesses turned to me, and in lifting my hand to the air I was left hanging… she glared at me and said in the snooty-est of all snooty voices “oh, You’re one of THOSE, your from the F.P.B.” Then she turned away. I was so upset! I turned to my princess and said “whatever does she mean?” but my princess had vanished. Instead, in her place were dozens of other princesses covering their faces with their fans, laughing and calling out “F.P.B” “she works for the F.P.B.” Finally I was able to corner someone and they gave me the news that I dreaded to hear.

F.P.B stood for “Fake Princess Brigade”.

I wasn’t working for a real princess.

How embarrassing.

Friday, January 21, 2005

a poor one indeed

sadly, I've failed in my duties as a part time stalker... but in trying to redeem myself, please use this link to see dear Aengus.
or, better yet, check out the festival info.... mark sept 2-4 on your calendar!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Monday nights...

so how do I begin to describe monday nights? There's no other real name for what we have going on, it's just always been called "Monday night" as in, "hey, are you going to Monday night?" or "oh no! Monday night is cancelled". Monday nights a group of us gather at a friend's house and jump into an amazing evening of connecting with God. So many young people are dissatisfied with the church, and are craving an intimate time with God, but aren't sure of how to do that... I am so blessed; in that my friends and I have this time set apart to spend time in worship and prayer together. Last night was no exception. THere were about 19 of us (many of them faces that I didn't recognise... the group changes alot from week to week, month to month)and God met with us as we spent time just giving Him the Praise and Thanks that He SO deserves.
I needed to spend that quality time with God last night...

so, I keep getting error messages, and I can't do any spell checking or links right now.. sorry guys, guess I need to go do some construction time!

Monday, January 17, 2005

2 important things

1) Tonight was monday night. God is good, I love monday nights.
more on that tomorrow

2) I have a new guest book, so you should sign it.. well, really, it's more of a map, and you don't so much sign it as sitck a pin in it... but you get the point....

scroll to the bottom of the page, let's fill the map up!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

And now here I sit the comfort of my own home, typing on my own (super slow) computer...
note: it may be slow, but I'm online!!!!
Praise God.

Friday, January 14, 2005

New things for us

Yeah yeah yeah,
our house is a very fine house, a very fine house is ours.
Today we (Roomie Sarah) and I were both blessed with fun things for us!
Sarah's beater car was finally shot and sent to car heaven, and she came home with a cute little car named "Faith". A much better car for her to have, much easier to fix, and much cheaper to run....
praise God


I'm going to throw my old computer into the lake! We are thinking about using it to anchor Sarah's old van down... Dad bought a new lap top, so I can do away with windows 3.1 for good, and move up into (excuse me, stop laughing!!!!!!) windows 95.
By tomorrow night we should have an internet connection up and running!

You might notice a few little changes on the site, please feel free to explore all of them. And don't forget to put your marker on the map... How fun!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


so this is the quote of the week:

horrific would be a tsunami washing our appetizers away

(in response to the distress shown for late arriving appetizers)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

burger surprise

ok, so I decided to start the process of getting my film processed... it's a costly venture, so I'm taking it one or two films at a time.... the only problem being I dumped the films into the same pile that contained random films from goodness-knows-when.
anyway, I grabbed two the other day, the first one that I opened contained pictures from my trip to Ghana AND one of that nasty giant bug that almost cost me a quarter..... I'll scan it on here soon. But that wasn't the point of what I was saying.. what was I saying?
right, the other film...
it had pictures from a wedding that I had the pleasure of attending last summer. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been at... and I was so honoured to be invited.... and....they had a cake like a burger... no it wasn't meat flavoured... it was their wedding cake, but it was a burger.... Picture to follow sometime soon.

last night I saw the funniest show while at work... I think it's called "oblivious". It's a game show, with a twist. The contestants don't even know
1)that they are on TV
2)that they are on a game show
this guy walks down the street asking people random questions, if they answer right, they get money. Then they can earn more money by participating and asking other oblivious people questions. Very odd. Mostly I was just glad not to have to watch wrestling.

computer free- want free computer!!!

so I'm sad.. I want to be writing more, but I'm computer lacking....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

no frogs

and no princes either...

But, New Years eve was lovely.

and everyone was beautiful *sigh* I wish we could dress up like that every day!

I was walking down the street with Mr.C (from work) and he says
"that's a big bus lady. someone left their bus at the side of the road."
I look at the bus and don't really think anything of it.
Until we get a little closer and I see that the destination sign at the front says "God loves you". Then, from out of the library this black guy runs onto the bus and I think to myself... "hmmm, that man is strangely familiar".... it was Tim Mowgaza!
Watoto is in town!

I waved madly at the bus and it passed me. But a few moments later itstarted backing up, and Tim and Penny both hopped off the bus. This should be an interesting week.