Thursday, April 30, 2009


(actually, this is post 1235)

sorry I've been missing in the blogosphere... it just so happens that I found some pretty paper that feels good to write on, and a pen I like. so I'm back to that.

don't worry, the book (of paper) is nearing the half way point- when it's gone, I'll tire of holding a pen on paper that I DON'T like... and then I'll be back.

Bunnies are fine. eating the house.
the garden is lovely, the weather turning.
Festival prep is in full swing... I'm putting in an hour nearly every day for that...

The trip was lovely, the sand hot, the ocean perfect.
Work is busy.
The Ukulele is bringing me much joy.
I've mostly given up tv, and replaced it with waltzing in the kitchen... although, by myself.
Every guy I've met in the past 12 months ... is also looking for a guy.
not that I'm looking.
not really.
and I'm not joking about the waltzing.
GTI is fantastic as always.
a roller coaster. as always.
there are slippers taking over my house. I hope the market starts soon.
and I'm inheriting someone's worm farm this next month... so, vermicompost will be taking over the house.
I've started my 5 month LOA from job 1... did you know that in the morning, when you wake up, there's time to eat breakfast, shower, do laundry AND brush your teeth? for the past two years I've had to choose between just breakfast and dental hygiene. gross.
I'm feeling human... but I still haven't reached that spot where I can clean my room.

my bedroom floor reflects what my brain is doing.

it's still a mess.

back sometime soon.
hopefully, with a clean room... and a found camera cable.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

In celebration...

in celebration of day 3 off of pain killers, I went for a slow... slow slow.. 3 k run.
mmmm, felt good.

and I decided on the track of the month. a little ditty too good not to run to.

especially with that count in. perfect for a bouncy trot by the lake. 

(Speaking of the lake... I don't know if it was a crazy air pressure thing or something.. but I could actually see the lights on the other side of the lake tonight. clear across to Rochester. crazy.)

oh, follow up the voices with a dance party to K'naan's : in the beginning, and you've got the makings of a no sleep night.