Wednesday, May 28, 2008


well, it's true... we've reached that critical number...
the "big unveil" will be coming your way any day now.

uh. as soon as I get myself (and computer) organized.

you know I love that you're hanging in there eh?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

uh... yeah.

Sometimes at work, we have a meeting to get ready for a meeting.
Today was a meeting.
We had the meeting about the meeting a few weeks ago.
Actual quote from today's meeting::

"This month, the end of the month was at the beginning of the month."

Now, I don't know what disturbed me more... the part where it was SAID. Or the part where no one batted an eye... and when I asked what that meant.. they looked at ME funny.
Maybe we should have a meeting about it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stuff in the works

So, I've been outta the loop the past few days what with the plague of death inside my lungs.
BUT, there's always something going down at GTM, please pray that things would work out ok there... This week could hold any number of possibilities.

yick, buzz

I spent fri, sat, sun knocked out on my couch with drugs- I got hit hard with some bug or another.
- That would be the yick.

The "Buzz" would be the strange noise that started coming from the computer on Thursday night. I haven't turned it on since. I'll turn it on briefly to back up some things from it then order my new 'puter sometime this week.

I've been putting it off.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


mmm, dinner of Mac and Cheese and hot dogs or sausages... you'd think we planned it or something.

Later in the evening, watching a game of Euchre (which I still don't know how to play) I spotted N's cigarette case, I'd just finished telling him about my dream the night before, and as I held the case I thought out loud "see, now here's another reason to start smoking" ** "It's so pretty, and shiny... I have no excuse to carry something like this around with me."
Then I spent the next few minutes trying to come up with reasons to have one of my own. At first I thought I could cake the whole thing with foot butter... and have it on hand for whenever it was needed... (also works well for chapped hands) ... and then it came....
From dear sweet FgH... "you could put some worms in it". "Like that episode of the Simpsons"

"well, I already pocket compost" hippie crush of Lisa's says, as he pulls out a handful of worms and decaying fruit...

I laughed.... HARD.
I'll admit... I'm thinking about it.... it would be a lot like that sea monkey watch I had in university- the one that had the bubble dome on it, so I could bring REAL LIVE sea monkeys with me to class...


** I am not smoking. I'm just infatuated with it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

k... now it's getting creepy

So I was going to do two posts tonight.. one to talk about yesterday's meeting with the mayor... and the other to talk about my worms... because I'm fascinated by them.
I decided to take a brief detour around the interwebs... and decided that in fact... Natalie Dee IS stalking me. And I couldn't be happier.

I WAS going to write this::

Well, the worm experiment is going great. I had a nightmare about them last night- someone had stolen the bin... and left me with a small box of leaves.. and 4 small wrigglers. This upset me... so for the rest of the dream, I chased after the person who had stolen them- through a full high ropes course- including one of the obstacles where you have to climb over a flashlight and a shoe. Because... uh... everyone knows that's the hardest part of a high ropes course? (whatever, leave me alone.. it was a dream) The dream ended with me smoking a nice cigarette. I'd love to be a smoker in real life. I never will be, but I have this thing... where I should be one.

Anyway, the worms... I love them. I open the bin like... 4 or 5 times a day. That doesn't seem like much, but when you factor in the fact that I'm only home 4 hours a day... well.... I might have a problem.
They smell so great.
Like fresh turned earth.
Three days ago I fed them a small scoop of bunny poop (as recommended by Ilex) it's nearly gone. Too cool. I have an abundance of bunny poop. I'm glad to have a place to put it.
Tonight- a small handful of potato and carrot peelings- they're going to need new bedding by the weekend.
I'm going slow on adding food stuffs to the box. I have a pretty small group of worms- but I was assured they'd be multiplying if they liked the set up. No one's tried to crawl out yet... I think we're doing ok.

That's what I was GOING to write.
BUT... instead... I'll just post this....

Sir Craps A-Lot... a la Natalie Dee.

oh stewart

I was just sitting in my car.
Mulling over the things that have happened in the past 24 hours, when Stewart came on the radio and started to list the top ten words he has a difficult time pronouncing.
I started to compile my own list, pleasantly surprised to have a few words in common with the well spoken man.. words like "probably" and "raspberry".
And it was while I was listening to his list, making my own, I started to think about what I'd write about... or rather.. how I'd write about what the day had brought.
That was when it happened.
My brain started to channel the voice of Stewart Maclean.
Lining up words.. as if Steward himself.. were speaking them.
I turned off the car.

Then I started to get out of the car, gathering my belongings, lifting my backpack out from it's spot on the front seat onto my lap- and whacked myself in the nose with my keys.
That's when I knew.
It didn't matter what had happened during the day...
the only thing I was going to remember about today was the fact that I couldn't stop sneezing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more falsies

I've got my pantaloons on. How about you?

False Monday Bunday

caged.. but surrounded by clover goodness... the landlord has forgotten she has a lawn to cut!

Monday, May 19, 2008


it was a long weekend here in the 'Burg deep in Canada.... and I only just realized that tomorrow isn't Monday.
Today was.
And I nearly forgot to come here... to work... tonight... because I spent most of the day thinking it was Sunday.

Bunday will have to be tomorrow.

Wish me well though, I have a meeting with the Mayor to fill her in on GTI tomorrow afternoon.

I love long weekends.
Especially those spent entirely with people I love, visiting, sharing, laughing, crying.
Turning the computer off on Friday night helped to keep it ....
I'll turn it on tomorrow.

Bethfield is out gallivanting tonight trying to convince Bruce Cockburn to come to our little town- to our little festival.
if anyone can do it.....
Ps. Our super awesome Catherine is opening for him tonight!

Friday, May 16, 2008


ok, honestly, I'm thinking that maybe Natalie Dee is following my blog and posting comics inspired by....

well, maybe not, but nearly every week there's one that fits SO perfect....

D, you called it.

I'd like to dedicate this fine announcement to "he that called it".

you're right... I am more than likely taking a picture of a rabbit... RIGHT now.

I got my worms today.
of course, I'll be posting pictures of them... there may even be a worm'd Wednesday in the near future.

(an aside, I may have altered the picture, but it was an amazing self portrait by "he that called it" you should check out his work sometime)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

#987 (getting closer!)

At one point in time, I'd found a second to breathe and went to a sacred harp shapenote singing.
(check out this site for info)
Singing makes me breathless... not in the way where there's no way to breathe, but in the way that a harmony can knock the wind right out of me... I think I've talked about the "ache" before.

Resolutely Outmoded found this quote, and while I think it was more directed at the shapenote tradition, I think it is fantastic.

“Get enough people singing weird harmonies at the top of their voices and you
start feeling a little sorry for the devil.”
- Joe Dempsey, Washington City Paper

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

wild cat on the loose

no really.

there's a big cat on the loose in the 'Burg, and no one seems to know where it is.

Yesterday as I got into my car, I threw my backpack in first (as I always do).
BUT as it was thrown, it caught my necklace hanging from the rear view mirror...
and it snapped...
releasing : one elephant, a giraffe, zebra, cheetah, lion, and a tiger.

At this point... the tiger is still on the loose.

Anyone who finds the animal is warned that it is extremely cute and may cause dizziness. Contact me immediately.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two sides of misunderstanding

I was walking down the street yesterday.

On one side, a teen girl- with mile high Mohawk spikes, gawking at a strange old man.

On the other side, an old man- protective goggles covering his glasses on a windy day, glaring at a punk.

Monday, May 12, 2008

more skulls

I made it on to Skull a Day this week!
How lovely.

Bunday Monday

Not quite as cute as a bunny, but... pretty close.
Last night Dad told me to give the bunnies a kick.
He meant to say "pat". There's so much fur right now... I'd rather kick.

don't worry... I won't.
He might look lazy... but don't let him fool you. Some of those crazy binkie jumps are more than 2 feet high!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

the other boyfriends

A long time ago, I used to sing every week.
Not just karaoke, I don't even do that anymore. But with a group of people from my church.. we were the worship band/team whatever.
I looked so forward to those nights- our practice nights. I even schedualed my one night off from work so I could be with them.
As far as talent... we were pretty good. Seriously. Not "toot my own horn, make myself feel good about the experience" good. But honestly good. I'd even listen to me.


I got to spend the evening with them last night. My pastor bought us dinner, then took us to see a movie.

Even though our group has shifted and grown, and some have moved away... there's still a large portion of the core group there.. involved in different ways. Being with them last night felt like a sweater...
no, better...
like a scarf AND a sweater.
They are that comfortable.

That's the part I'm going to miss.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

spring sprung

I pulled out my flip flops yesterday.
For their first official wear of the season.

I'm a little worried for them, I don't think they have much time left.

There is NOTHING like a WARP flip flop. I've just spent a ton of time trying to google the company, but it's coming up with nothing related. It's just a simple flip flop. Fits long, with the between toe straps coming nearly to your ankle. So far back, that the nubs (where the strap attaches to the shoe) are back under your foot.
I can feel the lack of callous today.
It hurts.
But it's worth it.
I think I have about two weeks hard ware left on them.... they are worn nearly thru on the bottom. I'll be sad to say good bye to them.

Also, pointing to spring... and nodding toward summer.... I shaved my legs.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

but who's counting?

There are some big numbers headed our way here at the parsley patch (yes, it was the parsley that got burnt the other day).

Visitor number 30,000 will be coming by ... ohhh, I'd say tomorrow or the next day... and a fairly large celebratory post should be in the works for... ohhh... two weeks from now? (sheesh.. I write like I talk... you're just missing out on the dramatic hand gestures).

for clarification... The BBq is in use (but not today due to GTI and DOWNPOURS) but stew for 30 was theplan. I changed the plan last minute. we had meatballs- work went late.

Last week FgH said she'd been waiting all day for a post (the one with the mouse)... I'd like to state here and now.. that I can hardly wait for her post about tonight's beverage...

Ummm... where are the BBq name suggestions??? (this could be your opportunity to de-lurk)

mmmm, stew

Tonight's menu?


I burnt some of my green babies out on the sun porch. A little too much sun I guess after several days of grey. Planning on starting my next batch of green babies this weekend... it's still awhile till they can be in the ground.... brrrrrr.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just when you want to go to sleep

ok, So I'm getting ready to jump into my bed (that's right MY bed... I took tonight off work- I have an early training thingy tomorrow) I hear my computer ding... forgot to turn off the speaker... then, my phone beep... must be an email from someone I like.
So, I wander away from the covers... curious.

and get a message from FgH.
FgH writes a good blog. Actually, a great blog. I sound like some sort of promoter this week....
Anyway, she writes about GTI in a way that I'll never have time to. She has a brain the processes faster than mine, and a way with words.

She sent me this link.
And now I'm laughing too hard to sleep, and thinking of running to the 24 hour grocery to pick up some broccoli.


ok... I just need to tell you all, though I may not be an expert (yet)

I is in luffs with my BBq.

Now, everyone needs to vote on it's name.
errr. I guess in order to vote, you'll need to submit something to vote on.
The winner will get to see their submish as a label for all subsequent posts dealing with BBq-ing.


(I love that my spell check thinks "luffs" is a word!)

also in the news today, The Med Student (now intern) is blogging again... as is the Slackmistress, in her new blog, she is super funny. I suggest you check her out.

I hate to wait.

I'm setting this to publish tomorrow... Thank you blogger for creating that option. I'm lazy. I think of too many things in one sitting, now I can set myself up to be "penned out" daily. wait.
Is there a replacement for the term "penned" or "written" other than "typed" I mean? "Typed" is too much of an action word...

anyway. I phoned about the worms tonight. And Mr.Worm-man is away until Thursday night. So now I must wait.
But, one fantastic thing that happened on the phone.
I called him, at his home.
His wife answered.
She was delightful (I've only met her once before... an elegant older woman in a black (antique) lace gown.
And told me to try to call him on Friday.
"Do you know how to get hold of him?" she asked me...
I paused. Afraid I'd breached some sort of code...
"Can I just call him using this number?" I asked.
"Well, of course, it's his home number."


Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Bunday

I've since learned not to leave a clean pile of laundry on the floor.
Someone pass the lint brush?

just realized I hadn't cropped this one yet... meh.. maybe after work.

forgetting slimey (or) you seem to have a worm problem

So I wrote the title the other day intending to add some other important information.

The green living Fair was on Saturday, we had a booth... and it was lovely. Lots of catching up with people (lol, because it's mostly the same people at these events) (and because it's a small community).


I found a guy.

not that sort of guy (sorry folks)

a worm guy.

I'm getting my worms this week... for free. And he showed me how to set up my own bin, so now I don't have to spend some crazy amount of money buying a pre-made one.

all this.. makes me happy.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Slimey.... and the 80's

They are travelers. People from a far away land. Friends of mine who have left their home to come to ours. Immigrants to our time.
Straight from another decade to our own.

Yes, the McFlies are at it again! I was out last night with the soon to be wed Jenny and a group of lovely ladies (ok, and one young male... he fits in just fine) (AND... he was better at picking up the waiters than we were) (sheesh!) I dragged them out to Hugh's room for a night of 80's uncovered. (that's right... not a cover band... a band that "uncovers"). Seriously, they put on such a great show. I don't know that my video will do them justice! You know when you go to a concert, and even if it's your favourite band, they only play half the songs you love? And even then... you can only sing along with like... 2 of them? Ok, so twice last night someone turned to me and said "you know what's the best part about this? It's like all of your favourite songs EVER... and you, and EVERYONE else can sing along... with every song!"
it's true.

here's some poorly lit Safety Dance for you. There was a lot of dancing going on by this point... so.. it's kinda noisy. but, note the Synth replaced by violin, harmonica, accordion, mandolin, etc... lol... Great show folks, looking forward to the next one.


There are a lot of things heavy going on.
for those of you who pray, keep my friends in your prayers, for those of you who don't, keep them in your thoughts.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

better than TV

So, last night I finished up at the Volunteer Marche earlier than I'd expected, and had time to head over to GTM for dinner.
I was greeted at the main doors by A.

A.was carrying something in her hand... a jug.

A jug of milk.
Frozen milk.

A.was cackling trying to show me the jug, and little Flower was jumping up and down yelling "did you see it yet?" "It's so gross!" I tried to take a look.. but they were laughing so hard it took a second for the jug to steady.
I couldn't really figure it out at first... it was frozen milk... what was so gross about that? was it fermented frozen milk? I didn't get it... and then... I saw it.

it's little ears just peeking out of the milk... it's furry head barely breaking the surface. I was fascinated... for a bit. Can you imagine... if you were a cat? how amazing this would look to you?

I'm afraid of that fridge. You never know what you're going to find in there. And... I'm now thankful I only eat/drink things that are still in their original containers while I'm there...

It got better... err... stranger. A. decided she wanted to free the little guy from his frozen prison ("a modern day encino man!" someone said) so... she did what anyone else would do... (um... ok, actually.. no, I don't think anyone would have done this) She poured hot coffee on the mouse.
Moccamousicino anyone?

And then... not getting the results she was hoping for.... set the whole thing on the baseboard heater. (At this point I was trying not to throw up my scalloped potatoes and ham).

And yes.. it got stranger... we had a funeral. And I spoke at it.
And most of the evening I was just laughing....

# 969

ok, I know I said things were busy and I'd likely be away... and now this is my 3rd post today.. and I still haven't uploaded the pictures from last night.... BUT

I thought this was important.
An announcement to all future suitors... not only are flowers of extreme import, but amber will always be my favourite. nudge nudge.. wink wink.

(thanks natalie dee)


this is the first year I haven't gone to the "line up announcement" for SVFF (well, other than the first year of the festival). past years, I've had a job that let me wander... not this year.

BUT... I am here in front of my computer (illegally) and I've got the now released list.

just let me tell you HOW EXCITED I AM!!!

This year is the 5th anniversary, and it's an all Canadian Line Up, including... Laura Smith! Suzie Vinnic!! Dala! Valdy!
Oh my goodness... how am I going to sleep????

Go here to see who else is on the roster.


"the only thing worse than waking up is... waking up twice".

My mom said that to me once after I'd hit my snooze button for the millionth time some morning.

Lately, I've taken to finishing my shift on Thursday mornings, and falling asleep on my couch a home until it's time to go to work (an hour later). I can usually fit 20-30 mins of snooze time in there.

The only problem is, I keep walking into the office with pillow face.