Wednesday, June 29, 2005

would we look hot in sequins?

Monday our CH band went to the recording studio to do our bit for the CH Christmas Album fundraiser.... and yes, you'll all get a copy, this is a good cause. And yes, I'm making you listen to it, and yes, it's gonna be bad. (just in case you were wondering)

oh, and Laur, I'm going to put it on tape with the Lifeline rehersal tapes for YOUR own personal enjoyment.
And maybe I'll put a little Hagis McFindly on there too for ya!

As previously mentioned we drove to the middle of nowhere. And I wasn't really sure what to expect, which is probably good, because I'm sure it wasn't what I would have been expecting if in fact there had been any expectations.
It was quite fitting that on arrival to the place that we'd be singing Christmas songs, Santa himself greeted us. Charlie of Soundsmith Recording escorted us into his living room, a huge addition on the back of an itty bitty cottage. At first glance it just looked like a cool living room on the back of a nasty cottage, but on closer inspection.... the walls were all wood paneled with a high ceiling built for GREAT accoustics, triple layered blinds with air pockets for the windows, and a stack of thick felt blankets in the back corner to be draped in parts of the room for sound.... great idea, functional and useful!
It all turned out ok.
And somehow... we even had some fairly decient harmonies break out that were pretty tight...
ok, but here's the funny part.
Jenny and I are singing away while the others were laying down their tracks, when Charlie comes up to us and asks if we sing together often... Jen and I look at eachother. That's a hard question to answer, because I'd answer no, but in comparision to other people that I hang out with, I guess we do. I don't know. whatever.
anyway, then Santa holds up this black and white glossy of a girl in a cowboy hat and fringe on her jacket.... and says "now, what I think you should do it this... go and get some head shots done.." (at which point I LOSE IT!!!!)
"then come back and we'll do up a demo tape for you"
(again, losing it at the word "tape")
"and then we'll send it out to my contacts and out and other places, because, you know, people are always looking for gospel singers... new ones, they get sick of the old ones, everyone's looking for new faces."
ok... not even trying not to laugh any more... start holding the camera in front of Jen's and my face trying to take our own head shots.... laughing too hard to keep the camera straight.... many pictures were taken of our foreheads....
how do you think we'ed look in sequins?
(oh yeah, he asked us if we were interested in singing at a plowing match in the fall......)
still losing it.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cheerleader try outs

the country side is one of my favorite places to be... I could spend my whole life out there, and not ever get sick of it, not once, nope never.
so yesterday I was driving out to the middle of nowhere (yes yes, more on that story tomorrow!)
we had a caravan going on... ok, it was only two vehicles, but we had walkie-talkies.... and we were flying along the road due to our inability to function as a group and arrive on time....
-really, there's about four story lines happening here, but I just want to give you one today.

there were cows, many cows.
they were standing in an oval, heads all facing in.
i believe there may have been a food trough of some sorts in the centre.
there was a cow standing on the heads of the other cows....
one cow
on the other cows
just standing and chewing

there is some speculation as to the cow's intent.
: Hindu cows, worshiping themselves
cow-cheerleader try outs
mechanical cow statue on a post
cow levitation
cow mosh pit

none of these satisfies me. thankfully I know I wasn't the only one to see it (yeah for the afore mentioned walkie-talkies).

Friday, June 24, 2005

safety gear

in response to the squeeee-rail incidents I've received not one, but TWO, gifts of safety gear from the folks at Maple Wood. Thank you my little love muffins!
the first is a handy squirrel helmet designed with a spike on the top (in case of motor -vehicle collisions) and an adjustable strap... my favorite feature though is most defiantly the little flap on the front to protect little BS's nose in the crash landings... though the super-squirrel logo on the back is a close second!
the other gift... a BRIGHT orange safety shirt with reflective tape...
thanks guys, may the world be a safer place.

SS Minnow

Ah, life at sea. That IS the life for me.
And while I did have the veggie "pirates who don't do anything" theme song playing over and over in my head (whenever I wasn't singing back up to Kevin's BNL or Queen tribute) I'd have to say that yesterday's adventure was one not to have been missed. Sorry you suckers who voted to NOT attend.
Our corperate office has this policy they've snuck in to try to appease their employees. Knowing full well that we aren't payed NEARLY what we should, they offer us a day of team building.. paid... of our choice.
Our team chose to rent a boat for the day.
I'll tell ya about it later.
almost makes up for the fact that I have to spend today's shift sorting and rolling NASTY northumberland news .... and washing hand prints off the walls.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

good bye pirate

well, it's official.
David has left town and the bean is pirate free...
how sad!

I was at the silver bean (ptbo) a few times this weekend, and I was hit by a wave of sadness.
WHY the heck did I move?
WHY would I move away from such a great place?

or maybe the hit was because I realized I was going to miss yet another Aengus concert...

Free concert at the (silver) bean July 15th....

Sunday, June 19, 2005


know why their called hiccups?
because you make a noise that sounds like "hick" then every thing inside of you heaves itself up into your throat.

As mentioned in Manda's blog, there is in life the occasional hiccup. That moment in which, after a time of life running smoothly, you hit a bump that sort of sends you flying thru the air. A hiccup.
I, on the other hand, do not hit these metaphorical hiccups... I get them for real.

When the stress level gets high, my diaphram contracts into a painful fist and slams me in the lungs.
This repeated slamming makes me want to vomit.

Today has been an annoyingly stressful day, not one instance in particular has led me to this, but repeated annoyances building into climactic hiccups of the most devastating nature. Dinner was good going down... not so nice the 4 times up.
(thank God tomorrow's Monday)

car rides

"you ever seen a bear in Bo-diddly? justa walking down the street?
Hey, what are you doing?
You playing footsies with the brake pedal?"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

at odds with my ends

ok, I'm sitting on the front lawn with Norty, minding my own business. ok, more I was laying on the lawn.. and the rabbit was flopped out on the grass beside me, when I see this little tiny squeee-rail trying to climb the cherry tree out front. Each step it takes is accompanied by a little churpy noise. The little guy starts to climb the tree, sees that it'll take him no where... so comes back down and slowly walks toward me... the guy gets about half a foot away when I realize he intends to climb ME!!!!! I jump up and say sharply "hey little guy what the heck do you think your doing?" causing the rabbit to JUMP and run for the bush... BUT the squirrel just sits there and looks at me, so Norty (hero that he is) hops back over and tries to decide if the little fuzz is edible... at that, little BS (oh yes, I believe he is my friend from the day before) saunters over to the bush, and sits watching us... he then wanders over to the porch and goes up on to the deck....
I've decided that since I've had no luck in trying to marry rich, I'll make my fortune developing and patenting little crash helmets for squirrels.

And I'm going to buy myself a big fluorescent vest to aid all the concussed baby squeeee-rails.

I had the priviledge of joining in on the Cobourg Haunted Ghost Walk the other night... we got a group together, reserved our tickets and walked the streets with the town crier. I learned some pretty interesting stuff about the town that I'd never heard before. Word to the wise, don't read "The Link's" article before you go, most of the info from the tour is in the article...
Yeah, so we had a group of about ten or so (Sheff's and their groupies), and the town crier was dressed in a big black cloak and carried a lantern... pretty neat. The whole thing only cost $6, and it lasted about an hour. We hit the old Jail, the barracks building, Marie Dressler house and the town hall.... was cool- the info from the barracks building alone was enough to make the trip worthwhile to me.
Funny thing happened while we were in the court yard at the jail, our guide was pointing out that the old prisoners had etched their names into the bricks while they were out for exercise... the first name his flashlight landed on was "Jack". Poor Jacky went RED and we all started teasing him... lucky for him the date with the name placed him safe in a PLAY pen. (yes, I know, but puns make ME laugh)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

More B.S.

coming soon....

quick thoughts though...
~small crash helmets for concussed squeeee-rails
~maybe a great big fluorescent vest for me
~haunted ghost walk in town.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

operation B.S.

This morning as I was peeling my eggs (mmmm, boiled eggs) I heard this strange scraping sound on my window... I thought for a second that maybe my landlord was spraying with her garden hose from below to get my attention.
I live on the second floor of a BEAUTIFUL old house, my landlords live on the main level and pretty much LIVE in their backyard. It's a piece of paradise out there and I covet it very much...
I looked to the window and there, hanging on for it's life; was a baby squirrel (aka: eeeeeee! squeeee-rail). "How the HECK did that get there?" was my first thought... then "awwww, eeeeeee! squeeee-rail!" (said with much love and compassion) then... "why are you on my screen?"
As mentioned, I live on the second floor of an OLD house... that's more like third floor for you subdivision dwellers... there's a drain pipe about a foot and a half away from the window... the edge of the house is about 4 feet away, and the roof well.... it's a long way away with quite an overhang. I think poor baby climbed the pipe, realized he didn't have the experience to turn back down and around, so he made a jump for it...
not realizing that there's only an inch and a half of window sill... hence the clinging squirrel on my screen.
He managed to make it onto the ledge after about ten mins... and I left the house for the beach.... (a girl has her priorities)
after a few hours I returned with Sharon in tow, her mission plan was operation B.S. (baby squeeeeee-rail) I got the pillowcase ready and we approached the window to tackle it's ancient panes open.
as we moved the first window out of the way, baby squee-rail decided he didn't like the noise and became baby-flying-squeeee-rail.... we heard a thump ... I ran downstairs to rescue him... but there was no trace to be found....
lesson for today:
baby squirrels can bounce.

my own little monk

remember that comment I made about my toe being bruised?
It fell off.
my toe has fallen off.
ok, not my whole toe, but a large portion (comparatively speaking) FELL OFF.

Yes, many of you have made comments about my toes in the past "awwww, their so tiny" or "look at your little piggies" or even "hey stumpy...." my baby toes have always received the brunt of the comments...not quite one inch in length and slightly pointy... ok, I concede, quite pointy; beyond the sliver of nail there's a centimetre of point.

today, let us take a look at my piggies....
right piggy: pointy and accounted for.
left piggy: piggy? piggy is that you?
the whole point became a GIANT blister- that popped and peeled of yesterday.... leaving my own personal little monk's head in it's place.... awww, piggy's a monk!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


*sigh* the secret passion is revealed.

big numbers!

Hey... I just noticed we've surpassed the 2000 hits mark!!!!
very cool, thanks for stopping by folks!

left from right?

I think it may have been in anticipation of a sleepless night: that which would result in not thinking straight.

the school would have been on your LEFT hand side had you been looking for us.
Not the right...

sorry about that. I hope you didn't look for too long.

Big thank you to all who supported us out there, in your giving or in your visits... really, it was appreciated.
It defiantly was a difficult night, not just physically, but in thinking about all those that we've (collectively) lost. But how neat to see SO many people out there! this year we had 122 teams (each team has a min of 10 members) plus bands, plus volunteers, plus visitors... pretty big deal... like a small town really.

I think I was walking ON my baby toe for the last two hours... it's pretty bruised today...

Friday, June 03, 2005

painful, but healing

wow... so many raw secrets....
makes me start to wonder what my own are...

walk till you drop

Hey everyone, just a note about tonight!

St. Mary's High School (Cobourg)
7pm start time
10pm candles are lit

Bands all night (well, most of the night...)
YEAAAHOOOOO "Big Easy 7" is on again this year!

you can find our team (Pat's Rat Pack) looking from the road at the oval (school will be on the right hand side then) our team camp site is somewhere between 12 and 3 o'clock.... does that help?

lol... there's something like 124 teams this year.... min of 10 persons per team.... it's kinda big.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

shy or just plain dumb

I had this opportunity to go hang out with some new people last night, not in my most favorite of circumstances, but new people none the less.
And I turned it down.
What's my problem? I LIKE new people... I enjoy new situations... what's with the selective shyness?

Friday night is "relay for life" the cancer fundraiser... it's our team's third year doing it. 12 hours of a walking relay.... "Pat's Rat Pack" is our team's name... makes me laugh because I think of that horrid yellow sweatshirt Mom used to wear all the time. There were these "Roots Athletic" tops that were really popular for a number of years, the one with the beaver sitting on top of it's lodge... Mom, being the he-larious woman that she was, went out and found one with "Rats Pathetic" on it, complete with an ugly old rat on a pile of sticks and garbage....
Last year they dedicated the walk to mom. They did a lap just for her and everything.... made me cry. Pretty cool. (Not the crying part)

Had a talk with Dad's girlfriend the other day... she's moving in. This will be strange. (don't worry though, I like her)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Sorry for my slacking on the writing front guys.... I'm not doing anything too exciting.. but time is marching by quickly... and I'm not accomplishing anything! yikes!

I'll try to get to a computer sometime soon.