Saturday, January 31, 2009


Pretty Sure Natalie Dee is stalking me again.
There was a time last year where everything I posted, ended up being the topic for her comics... it lasted two weeks. Now, I know she's not really stalking me, but since stalking's my love language... well.. you know.


Friday, January 30, 2009

no frickin way you just said that

what's the most uncouth thing that's been said to you?
I was trying to think of the most offensive thing that had ever been said to me.. or by me (I'm sure there's several contenders there).

Yesterday I was in my home town and had a moment to spare, so I zipped into the bank- it's been my bank since I was 14. I knew every teller. and half of the people in the room being served or waiting. (it's a small town)

I get to the teller... a woman that I babysat for all thru high school. 

And I sign off a paper. Because it's that small of a town that you still sign hand written notes directing what you want. And she looks at my last name... and says....

"You're still not married? what's your problem?"


she didn't even back peddle. or blink an eye. and I just laughed it off, ever so gracious.
all the while trying not to freak out on her.
or anyone else.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

clean your room

I decided to tackle my room today.
I was off sick (again).
but today, I'd had enough. At least, enough of the sitting watching movies.

It started with the laundry, then moved to the kitchen- the stove top got cleaned, the vent got cleaned, the staircase swept, the rugs vacuumed, the floor swept, some furniture moved, dusted, mopped, tidied, bathroom cleaned, items sorted for the blue box (second hand store)... and in the end... meh.
I coughed my way thru it.
and the shop vac spit all the rabbit hair into the air (covering the room I'd just cleaned)
and the shop vac still had water in the bottom of it (which became mud)
and I still have one side of the room to do. (it's a big room) (but mostly I just kept getting sidetracked)

however... the house is al ot cleaner.

speaking of sidetracked. I also put a bunch of my cds on my computer... and sorted some play lists out... I have too many good songs. I found myself standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to recover from singing. I've found that I can sing just fine... it's the after...
but, I'm nearly better.

4 more sleeps till Florida.
And my little Pineapple is waiting on the beach for me.
(that's right! I did finally decide on the Uke. It's a Kala Pineapple... I'm quite excited)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Not a monday bunday post (maybe later today)
but here's a crazy little site I ran into today... it looks at the world in terms of who we'd be if there were only 100 people in it. The grammer is a little Engrish... but... it's pretty interesting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. 

(A meme that's going around within the Hair cast.... I'm playing along for once)

1) I was Born at Kingston General Hospital. There was a little boy born the same day as me, when we were 11 he made it on to the cover of Canadian Living Magazine. I was really really mad that he was cooler than I was.

2) I started to learn to write (cursive) on September 9 1985. I remember this because it was the last day the teacher let us print the date at the top of our pages while we did our work. I still default to the September 9th 1985 date when I'm writing distractedly. It must have been very traumatic. Or something.

3-4) when I was little I was facinated with light bulbs. It's a wonder I didn't burn down the house. I'd take the little plastic magnets from a writing board I had- all the letters in all different colours, and set them on the light bulb and try to bend them into different shapes as they started to melt. I also used to play house in my grandma's basement- and I'd "cook" dinner (hold a mini frying pan of water) on the exposed light bulb in the playhouse under her basement stairs. I broke several light bulbs by spilling "dinner" on the bulb.

5) I once misheard my parents telling me that sugar cubes are something that horses like to eat, and something about horses pooping a lot. I spent all of grade 3 defending the idea that sugar cubes were made of refined horse crap.

6) I lost 3 of my baby teeth at pioneer villages (black creek I believe)

7) I hate raw tomatoes. but I'll eat them cooked. or even warm. I ate a plate of raw chicken and didn't have as big of a problem as I had with the plate of sliced raw tomatoes beside it.

8) I lived on a ranch for 3.5 years of my life... spread out over the course of 8 summers and 2 winters... teaching little kidlets how to ride horses and care for them.

9) I took a year off between high school and university and worked as a "chicken sexer". I had several other jobs, but that one's a show-stopper in an interview.

10) I love tulips and lilly of the valley. and hate carnations. I think it's partly because there are no great songs about carnations... and carnations are grown in too many pesticides.

11) I slept thru most of Anthro 101. But blamed it on my "eyes blinking and forgetting to open again". Strangely enough, I remember most of the lectures, and still quote the videos. I also went on to graduate with a Bsc in Anthro and Psych (joint major). I couldn't tell you anything I learned in Psych.

12) EVERY roommate I've ever lived with has gotten married. I'm currently devising a plan to move out from myself... just to increase my odds of getting hitched.

13) I didn't sing (apart from along with the radio) till I was in my mid teens. When I did for the first time- my Mom asked me if I was lip synching. Someone tried to complement me once on my singing prior to that (at a youth conference) ... I told them they had the wrong person, they must have been hearing the girl beside me. They gave me a dirty look. I honestly thought they couldn't have ment me.

14) the best sound in the entire world is the low "wooonnnnnnt"  (not quite a nicker, not quite a snort) of a horse in the morning as it looks for treats you've got hidden in your pocket. second best sound is that collective gasp from the house after an increadible song or piece of music finishes... people trying to regain their ground after being lost in the piece.

15) I've always wanted a dog. One day when I was 5 a dog was hit by a car near our house, he wandered into our back yard and we took care of him till the animal shelter came to get him. I fed him ritz crackers, and I think about him every time I eat them still. My parents wanted a pet that would die a little quicker so we wouldn't be tied-down for as long. We got my first rabbit when I was 6. He died  my last year of high school. 

16) I jumped away from my bed getting out of it (better to avoid whatever evil creature was living under it) until I moved away from home. When I stay in my old room, I still take a large step away from it.

17) I've never broken a bone that deserved a cast. 

18) I don't hear melody.

19) tacos and mangos (freshly picked) and fene and passion fruit and coir sol and sweet potatoes and hot dogs and chicken parma and wings are my favourite foods.

20) The idea of fish touching my feet freaks me out so much, I'm likely going to have nightmares tonight just from thinking about it.

21) I love scarey movies and nightmares

22) My mom died 5 1/2 years ago. I miss her every day.

23) I have a life list, and I cross things off of it as often as I can. Even if it means sometimes writing things on it as I do them.

24) I've lived and worked in both East and West Africa. Though it was easier living in Uganda (no serious language barriers) I liked tiny Togo better. I'd move back in a heart beat. most days. except I really like being clean. And it's near impossible to stay clean where I've lived. And I really like being cool at night. and I really like people being on time. and I like being able to turn on the tap and drink my water... and I like not having to dip my fruit and veggies in bleach. ok, MOST days.

25) I'm not a people person by nature, but I hate being alone, so I get really involved so I don't have time to be alone. I'm also not a morning person.... but I learned to get over it. I'm actually really awkward in general. Thankfully my friends love me anyway.

two is better than one.

and only because I was slacking on the bunday pictures... I give you part duex...

Everybun loves sitting in front of the door. I love when they lay down and act as giant draft stops.
totally oblivious to the fact that the door is likely going to open and knock them down...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Reason #2

Reason #2, why my Roommate should hate me.

I shed.

**what's really going on here? Pontouff Pony had grown this giant hairy matt on both sides of his tail after his last moult... starting into a random moult (not sure why he's having another this winter) and his tail was twice it's normal size... I put him on the couch and tried to hold him in a head lock- it didn't work so well. He's too big for a head lock- and still be able to reach his tail... so it ended up being a big bear hug around his middle.. with lots of squirming.
in the end... his tail looks normal again.
in the end.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

drama queen

more on my thoughts lately is the play.
there's just 5 weeks till we open.

today though, I was celebrating the roomie's birthday with her family... 
one little cousin (I think she's 7) was asking me about my day job, so I told her about the drama club.... 
her response? 
"drama? drama? I'm falling in love with drama! it would take me one hundred.... no... seventy days to tell you about it!"

too funny.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


um, so today was one of those days where there were a few times I thought to myself "HA... I should write that down".

But then something else would happen... and I'd forget what it was.

I've got some fun choices to make over the next week or so. One of them includes the purchase of a Uke. I want to get that done before the end of the week, so my new little best-ey (best friend that is) and I can hang out on the beach together.

Did I mention it's only 11 sleeps till Florida?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lyrics to be heard

eyes look your last
arms take your last embrace
and lips, oh ye the doors of breath....
sealed with a righteous kiss... the rest is silence.

(for those of you who knew within moments of reading this where it's from... hush for a second and enjoy my oblivion)
So we've finished up learning all the songs for the second act.
And I'm blown away by some of the lyrics used in the songs.. there's some really beautiful stuff in there, and I'm afraid that most people will miss it just hearing it one time thru... I missed it hearing it on the sound track...

So while we were learning one of the pieces I was ready to melt down. (see the opening piece) The lyrics were stunning. The harmonies painfully lovely.

And I was losing it because it was a background piece in a play called Hair. Who would ever get to hear these incredible words? Who would ever feel the song?

I made it my mission to tell everyone about this amazing bit piece we'd learned, and convinced myself that it was my duty to share it with the world. seriously... If I've seen you in the past three weeks I'm sure I quoted it to you.

And if I did, thank you for being so gracious as to humour me and not humiliate me.
Last week I had some time... and some money. So, I did what came natural... I bought some movies.

It was while I was laying on the couch watching one of them that I realized what a putz I can be.
Did I absorb nothing in grade nine English class?
Romeo holds his dear Juliet's hand to his face, and whispering thru the tears utters

Eyes, look your last
arms take your last embrace
and lips oh you the doors of breath....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reason #1- Why my roommate should hate me

And thus begins a tiny series on the stupid things I do that should result in the roommate hating me.
Not that I do a tiny number of things....
More like this is a record of the tiny number I notice.
After the fact.
'Cause I'm awesome like that.

Reason #1

Sometimes, I roll back the carpet, and cover the rec-room with worms.


**what's really going on here?-  Every once in a while I need to harvest castings from my worms (the compost that they make) there's a couple of ways to do it, but I like the hands on. Plus, I like to split the bins so that they can keep mulitplying. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Perfect Fit

I have a dog on Saturdays.

Every other Saturday, when I finish work, I got to the Bean. I go there more often than that, but it's a special day every other Saturday... that's the day that I steal Lovely Lee's dog. Lovely Lee works the long shift on Saturday at the Bean... so his poor lovely puppy is at home... 

enter the awesome.

I borrow his dog for the afternoon.
Now, it's only happened twice.. but I plan on making this a regular activity.
Blurry pictures from a hyper little dog....



** We played dressup with Norton's old clothing pile... None of Norty's stuff really fit little Fiona... but it was fun anyway... especially since I can't even get any of the clothes on 'Touff... his head doesn't even fit thru the openings....

Friday, January 16, 2009

To put you in my Pocket

Sometimes there are lovely people that I wish I could have with me all the time.
People who have lovely hearts and ooze awesome.

These are the people that I want to put in my pocket.
Carry them around with me.
So I can just look in on them while they do their thing in my pocket any time I need a smile.
But then I'd be using them... but I'd be using them for good- not evil.

Most recently is a woman from the play.
She takes the time to connect with everyone, is super level headed, ultra artsy, writes children's literature... and as I just recently found out... acted as a surrogate for a couple she's friends with.
seriously... she's fantastic.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

personal improvement

I only share this with you because I care.
THIS (link) was an actual video that the health and safety group from work decided we needed to watch.
Please, take it to heart. I think the most important line in it has something to do with patriotism ...

in other personal improvement areas... I think I need a sign by the door. Like the one that hangs at a home I know of... it says something to the effect of "am I ready to face the world today?" and hangs beside a mirror, so everyone who passes it can see if they've remembered to clean themselves up before they leave the house.
Last week, I forgot to bring a fresh pair of sock with me to the overnight job... and then didn't have time to stop at home in the morning before the day job.... by the end of the day I nearly killed myself with the fumes.
Last night I went with the boys to grab some dinner.
When I got there, I realized - though I'd just showered and smelled pretty- I'd forgotten deodorant. And a bra.
At least I'm awesome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Log Love

I was thinking about this again.
I know that I've posted it before- but it's always good to see it again!

click for log love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bunday Monday....

I'm sure it's Monday somewhere in the world....

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Show Must Go Om

the spelling error is on purpose.

That's right folks, the time is drawing near... and tickets are ON SALE NOW and you can sit and be transported back in time... back to a time where "if it feels right, don't think twice" was the norm.

I'm talking about that little play I've been rehearsing for with a few others....

um... yet again. I'm failing you in the photo department.... so instead let me leave you with this.

(random shots of a rehearsal a few weeks ago, photo credit to lovely Jer)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

day to day

I wrote 4 posts today.
all require photos to go with them...

has anyone seen where I put my camera cable?

time check... 12:00.. two minutes to the crazy hour.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


on the couch today.
it's nice. 
I've been pretty productive... finally got around to hanging that curtain rod (and curtain) down at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. The hope it that it'll keep some of the heat down there. The basement has been an icebox. 
Got my laundry done.
Finished a pair (and a half) of slippers.
Went shopping.
Cleaned a little.
Slept in, made breakfast.
won several (lost several) games of Sudoku.
I should be lazy every day.

Friday, January 09, 2009


I honestly didn't think I'd make it to Friday this week.
I'd hug it if I could.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

eye spy. sometimes.

SO the craziest thing happened the other day at rehearsal ...
(don't worry I went to the doctor)

I was sitting during break talking to people when it started. I looked out at the window behind the person I was talking to- and got a "sun spot" in my vision- the kind you get after a flash goes off... I didn't think much about it, the room was a little dark, and the sun was pretty bright outside- my friend was backlit. But it didn't go away. and it was annoying.
And it just kept getting worse.
To the point that I was wiggling my head around to see my friend's face.. pieces of it were "missing". 
Then we were called back to practice- thankfully- a sitting portion of the day... sitting and singing.. that's my favourite... that and watching Woof dance to "Coloured Spade". ...
Anyway, we're sitting... we're singing... but not seeing. 
seriously. Half of my vision was gone in half my right eye. 
I could see colour, but no shape. The top quarter had movement, the bottom... none. and I couldn't see out of the very furthest corner of my eye.
and 5 mins later... it was gone.
I could see
there was no after effect
no pain
just my singing buddy beside me saying "I'm taking you to the hospital".

I didn't go to the hospital, if it had lasted one min longer I was planning on going. Actually no. I was thinking about all the possible things that could be going on in my eye... and then about how messy my room was. and who was going to feed the bunnies if I was having a stroke... then I started to think about needing to go to the hospital.. and then my vision came back.

Stay tuned to find out what my new Opthamologist thinks is going on.
(blood pressure normal and the vampires took lots and lots of blood)


little touf taking up the entire seat.
because he's a hog.
and because I'm too happy on the couch to go get the camera... web cam doesn't work so well taking pics across the room!

ticky tock

I'm not sure why... but the past 4 nights I've set things up so I could go to bed early... only to look down at the clock and see that it's 12:02 am.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the perks

I got a coffee maker for Christmas from the roomie. I've never owned my own... the very best part of it? it's got a clock... and you can set it to turn on before you wake up. 
I think that's a big deal.
I can set it on work mornings, so that when I get home from work- before I dash out the door to the other job- I can grab a cuppa.... and not worry about waiting at the bean for someone to take my money.... and then end up being late... 

This makes me happy.

"Even happier" though - came at work while I was telling a co-worker about my new joy. As I was telling my story, one of the individuals we support (an older woman) clued into the conversation... sort of.

me: " so now, when I wake up... my coffee is ready for me! (sigh)" (well.. the sigh was more of a swoon)
she: "oh? you finally got the boyfriend trained?"

That's right. I'm taken.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

not joking feet

I went to the store the other night. The air was like ice, and I just wanted to be where I was going. 
So I ran.

No big deal. It's not far.

I got to the store and that's when it hit me... 
6 months ago, that wouldn't have been possible. 
My legs don't call the shots anymore.
I wouldn't call myself a runner by any means, but up until 6 months ago, if I was in a hurry, I'd have run about 8 steps, then my body would have decided "enough of this joke" and slowed to a walk again.

Monday, January 05, 2009


I lied.
blogger gave me trouble while I was at home with the camera.

but I have all these lovely bunny shots and bunny things to share!!!!
(and not the type tied up with raffia)

Bunday Monday

Will return.
at some point today.

da da da daaaaaa!

and the winner is....

(thanks Crilly Sr.)

"slippery worms"

why didn't I think of that?

Sunday, January 04, 2009


this year seems to be bringing with it new ideas.
this one's been brewing for a bit. stewing.
mmm, stew. 

I've been able to give away some worms to some people, helping them to get set up to do their own vermicomposting. Very exciting! I also harvested my first bin and a half of castings. lovely lovely dirt.
Dirt that I have no real use for.. because this year I had to admit that I'm the worst gardener ever. 

BUT. worms... worms I'm good with. They like it when they get ignored. neglected.
SO. I'd been playing around with the idea of doing something this coming summer with wormy things. starter kits possibly. (which means I have to start feeding those wormies so they muliply) and worm tea bags. tied up with raffia. people will buy anything tied up with raffia. even shit in a bag.
it's true.

and, I've become a little addicted to these slippers that I've been making- I made 7 pairs for Christmas gifts, and it's kind of all consuming now. soooo, maybe I could be selling them too. I'd only want to (only be able to) do the market every other weekend.. so it wouldn't be too crazy. Maybe I can share a booth with a friend. who knows.
mostly I'm in idea stages.

name ideas?
current favourites include :: worms and warm, wormns, dirty feet, growing toes

got any to add?

Saturday, January 03, 2009


This NYE I spent the time with some dear friends creating art. PaSheff pulled us together and organized an evening of collage-ing. It sounds odd. But it was amazing. 
Spending the time creating with friends. 
taking pieces and making something beautiful.
There was so much going on around me- like another said, I'd have loved to be two people... so I could work on one thing, and be creating another.... or just walk around watch everyone else engaged in what they were doing. 
He of the great idea had another tonight.
I'd said that I wanted to try my hand even more at the collage thing. And that I wanted to blog. and about some amazing moments that have happened already this year... 
"collage that", he said.
"what would happen if you took those moments and collaged them for the year?"

I think I will.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Art art

a perfect moment.
a few tears of joy.
steam of coffee.
beautiful lyrics.
soft couch.
giggles from the other room.
laughter to the other side.
kind words.
heartfelt statement.
old friends.
new friends.
the sounds of creating.
the smell of cooking.
morning voice crooning.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

In with the new

And so, what shall I do for 2009?

1) be more intentional, more present
2) eat more garlic
3) sign up for a 5km run
4) watch people smile
5) listen, not just hear- good music.

there are other things I'd like to do/see/be this year, but I learned to not stress myself with expectations this past year....

6) um... let's try it again.. why not? Blog every day.

starting the year off right.

come to think of it, I think I've spent the count down to the new year sitting right here in front of the screen... year after year.
that's sad.

Just saving my new year's eve kisses up I suppose.

so, starting the year off right. How did last year fare?
well, in the department of resolutions, quite well I think
there were 3.
I kept them.

1) live up to my last name.... yes, I did drink more water.
2) eat more cheese... better believe it
3) blog every day... up, pretty good up until the end of October.

Work went well. I took on too much. But was able to save fairly well.
My friend circle means more... and is more.
I tried new things
I didn't go anywhere new...
I moved to a better living situation. healthier.
Took up running... getting healthier again.

well done 2008.

(also, no misspellings found after typing this post)