Friday, April 28, 2006


I received a surprise phone call this morning. And it's left me with having to make a rather important decision.. It's left me in a quandary! A predicament... The choices.. It could make or break me guys.

It was a call from Central East District office (LOL, I just typed "oddfice") it appears I will be celebrating my 5 year anniversary in May. I have to choose ....

my service gift!

yes, that's right, after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service there's this handy online catalogue one must choose from. A gift for the years of work behind you....
I've narrowed it down to :: the fleece blanket... Or the mug.
now.. Those that know me, a blanket is ALWAYS handy. A mug could hold warm beverages... AND complete my set of CH mugs.... I mean, I've only got three right now...

more dressing

speaking of clothing, you should see the loverly little shirt I picked up for Norty this week at Old Navy. He looks like a little chubby Zebra!
ALSO, I hear tell that there's a new kid on the block, recently introduced to the world of pet dressing... Am's purchased a smashing little polo for her friend Dukey.. and by "little", I'm making reference to the cute of it, not the actual size.. because, I'm pretty sure that Ams herself could wear that shirt with room to grow. Guys, the shirt has a POCKET!!!! A POCKET people!!! you don't get cuter than that.

while on the topic, and this is kinda delayed too. But I had the opportunity to hit the banks of the Ganny for the races a few weeks ago (this is the second of 12 races that I've gone to that have NOT been rained out... pretty nice.) and I've decided that even though the boats are nice and all. Well, my favorite part is really watching everyone with their designer dogs come out. There's this random population of people in Port Hope and the surrounding area who have some really cool looking dogs, we're talking pure bred, inbred, took a lot a bread (dough) to purchase these poochy-type dogs. These pets live with their yuppie mummies and daddies and go to doggie day care and live in backyards and are walked at night when their busy owners finally get home... except for this one day a year, where they are proudly paraded up and down the street for others to "ooohhhh" and "awww" over....

I ohhh and awww.
and I'd walk my pooch too.

sighted this year:: two English bulldogs, countless pugs and shitzos (sp?) two great danes, one St.Bernard, three dalmations, two red setters, some cocker spaniels, a sharpai, two mastiff, FOUR mini long hair dashounds,some german shepherds, a giant poodle, several tiny creatures with high BEF , three english sheepdogs, a few french bulls, and many pitbulls (all in muzzles poor pups, while the dumb BEF pups chewed on everyone around them) two wermeriners (sp?) and some greyhounds.
kudos to the assortment of mut-pups who made it out too.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

dressed for success

I am wearing my "I'm blogging this" tee today in hopes that it will result in inspiration.
It appears to be working, I have the urge to tell many stories.... but Yanny told me this morning that mostly it just draws attention to my boobs. Thanks for being truthful Yan.

Spinning... Or... Mario

When I was younger and I had a lot on my mind I found it hard to sleep. I'd lay in bed, and my mind would trace the same circle over and over, faster and faster I'd draw this. My eye's didn't have to move, it was behind my eyes... if my eyes were open the circle was traced slowly, clockwise. But when my eyes were shut, the circle would make me dizzy with it's speed. When it got to be too much, I could force it to change directions... the looping and looping and looping. Sleep would take eternity.
When things were calm and I had nothing to worry about (mind you, I've always been a worrier) there would be an endless round of Mario Bros. Playing behind my eyes. Jump up. Power run. Skid to a stop. Move forward. Jump again.
I hadn't thought much about the circles in awhile. I don't know if it was a self pacifying thing, because at least my mind would be off whatever was bothering me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

primates have it good

You know, I never really realized just how much I loved my opposable thumbs....
Watch out for that Hoover guy.... one punch in the knuckles from him at volleyball? You'll miss bending your thumbs too!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

more to the story

I ate Hot Dogs and mixed veggies last night... with no repercussions.

I've just returned from a FANTASTIC concert. However... It's late, I'm tiered, and it's going to be a long day tomorrow. SO. I'll tell you about it later... I will leave you with a few things though...

I love tax returns.
I hate having to go to work on sunny days
I have a muppet lunchbox (it's tin)
I may need to start afresh my infatuation with the follicly blessed A-man.... Just for kicks, I'm bored.
I haven't been blogging because there's so much to do now that the weather is nice.
My landlord is a ninny.

Friday, April 21, 2006

rumblings in my tumblings

yesterday for dinner I agonized over what to make... I did NOT want to go to the store.

I decided on hot dogs and brussel sprouts.
surprisingly the sprouts were FANTASTIC. (sweet green giant how could I ever doubt you?)
I am in love with juicey jumbos too.

I will not combine those two again.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I have a hankering for a muffin.
thank you amy winfrey. you are amazing.

when the moon hits your eyes like a great pizza pie....

Guess what! my sister is the new face of vactioning abroad, you should call her if you're looking for a villa in Italy.

(she's the hot one on the bottom left of the page.)
LOVE the headset Bethy-B... LOVE it....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I thought this was funny.

Also, it's nearly summer... I stepped on my first snail the other day... I'm sorry Snailio Iglesias... will you ever forgive me?

Monday, April 17, 2006

like confetti

I decided that today would be a day of outside enjoyment.
I cleaned (or rather BEGIN) to clean the front porch.
Along the way I got sidetracked.
However... Within a one block radius there are NO, I repeat, NO annoying little branches hanging on to the sidewalk, thereby creating a two-person wide path.. the way a sidewalk was intended to be.... neighbours, take heed.
Also, you will find that there are no longer any mini-maples growing along the side of the house (apparently my landlord didn't notice them the past three years...?) my fear was of the roots destroying the foundation.. and I don't want my rent to go up to fix the rest of the house! You'll also discover that the North garden at the front is ready to be dug up and replanted. And that several house plants have been repotted. And that I found the watering can. And that I got a colour decision from the landlord for the living room... and that the rabbit cage got cleaned, and I dug out the bbq and cleaned it a little... and that the garbage can has moved back to the garage... and that I moved a pile of brush to the back yard. And I repaired the front lamp, and cleaned it out... the dead bugs all got in my face and hair when I blew them out. And I fixed the twinkle lights on the porch, and tied up the vine that keeps hitting everyone in the head.. and moved a birds nest. *phew*!
the porch is still covered in leaves, and the table is still dusty... I'll get there eventually.

out and about

today I was at the bean, I often have my own funny accent days. Today I was reading the Globe, and saw someone sorting thru the remaining papers, I jokingly leaned over and pronounced in my AWFUL brit impression "well then, will you have a go with this section?" To which came the full and REAL accented reply, "no thank you, I'll be having the Toronto Star if it can be found." Bah!!

The boats are going in the water.

I saw some suspiciously dandelion-like flowers the other day... and today I FOUND real dandelions.

I passed a tree stump that was leaking sap, a giant puddle of it sat on the stump, and the ground around it was saturated.... when does a tree discover it's dead?

I've had an image floating around in my head since yesterday, I was listening to Vinyl Cafe, and some singer (Ian someone?) sang a song about living in a great lake town. The song was about the idea of a "lake rise" we have sun rise, moon rise... and when you head toward the lake, the horizon reaches up higher and higher, till lake and sky are kissing above you... I walked toward the lake today and enjoyed it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moo stole my title.

The Hootenannay .
hilarious... Fantastic... Fun... Energetic...
as stolen from Shuyler Jansen's site::
The show is in the tradition of the package tours that happened in 50's with
Orbison, Cash, Jerry Lee, Supremes etc... or the hayride tours with Hank,
Loretta, Conway, Kitty etc... In the age of short attention spans it's a really
good thing, I don't think anyone needs to see one band or songwriter play 3
sets, unless of course one actually has 3 sets of great songs, ie. Robert
Pollard, Neil Young.

if EVER the opportunity presents itself, get yourself there... and bring me too.

(Hank and Lilly make me laugh.)

Friday, April 14, 2006

who needs a hero?

I'd have to say, never have I been more impressed with the people I hang out with on a day to day basis, than the way I was impressed by them on Wednesday night.

In celebration of TravWho's birthday, we headed off to Shoeless for a little karaoke (oh wait.. no, we go there even without birthday celebrations )
all was well for quite some time, then I was (without due warning) captured by an alien life force. He drew me in with his alien tractor beam (well no, he stood so I was trapped in my chair) he talked his alien tongue (which held a foul smell) (and made little sense to my human ears) and worst of all... He was planning on staying that way for quite some time, without even offering me the slightest of opportunity to break the monologue which he had begun...

When suddenly, from out of nowhere... A beacon of light.. NAY, TWO beacons of light... NAY, a cellphone signal, to my rescue.
A hero passed me his cell and said, without batting an eye, "there is a call for you". I gratefully took the phone and brought it to my ear.. the alien already beginning to waiver... he held on, was it a ploy?
I brought the device to my ear, thinking... "oh my, I can't pull off a phone call of deception... I will be caught in moments flat."
The alien watched, and to my relief, yet another hero... this one on the other end of the phone.
I waved the alien aside and announced, "I'd better take this outside....."

thanks guys...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

quick but gross

in my absence many things have been a happening, but one which happened before my leave needs to be brought up here....

remember the day my head exploded? not the day I broke my head in the garage...

my roomie pointed to the ceiling on my return from my trip, and asked me to take note of what was there.... while I HAD cleaned the floor after the explosion... I never thought the geyser would have reached such heights....
there was a SPLATTER about a foot in diameter....


Monday, April 10, 2006

Leave of absence

Lets just say... THREE explosions..

I'm off to a conference for a couple of days, I'll catch up with ya'all when I get in.


I thought that four hundred was a number that was worth recognizing.

and I thought I could make it most memorable by making it to be the one that commemorates my head exploding... twice.


have I ever mentioned to you how disappointed I am in my family doctor?

Mr. Robbins

there is out there, somewhere, an individual whom I'd like to meet. Someone whom I will, upon being introduced to them, embrace in a large bear hug and not let go for quite some time.

yes, I'm talking about the creator of Chai ice cream.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

adventures with my pen....

... that is, when I find a great pen, I'll do more adventures. ... that is, I'm promising to do more writing. and um, I'd like it if you asked me if I am writing.. as an encouragement and reminder to do it... and maybe ... um.. I might share it. maybe.
I just really WANT to be writing more. I'm happy when I'm writing. Not during the act of writing... actually I'm pretty grumpy till what I'm working on has come out in my voice... BUT, overall, I'm a happier person when I'm writing regularly.

All that said, I think I mentioned it a little bit before, or maybe I just talked excitedly enough that I've convinced myself that I wrote about it... I was invited to be a contributor to a fun project! Not just writing, not just story, but expression....

It's a fun little thing entitled "Canadiana, Eh to Zen" you can visit it here, or you can read about what it is here. OR... actually, yeah, read/listen to this too.... Canadiana Explained.
I'm pretty pumped about it. Though... well, I've been a slacker there too.


This morning, like most mornings, I dragged myself from my warm cocoon into the FREEZING bathroom, back to my frosty room, into some chilled clothing and stumbled down the stairs... to a frost covered car.

note:: this is the same story each and every morning.. I'm cold, and I'm running late. I've forgotten to eat breakfast.

I drove to the Petes, made it to KCC in time to avoid greeting Andrew and mumbling a lame excuse about how late I am.

I started set up with Radar and Pony (gee.. some nick names stick... and some churches stick them to you) and mentioned my forgetting to eat breakfast again... next thing I know, I've got a Cadbury egg being thrown at my head... I ate it.. and enjoyed....

a little later the timbits and other such goodies come out.. I dive for the toasted coconut at the same time as someone else (whilst being observed by the timbit dealer) as my hand enters the vicinity of the basket.. I utter, in a voice not to be crossed: "the toasted one's mine... back off" ... timbit dealer jumps back in surprise, competing hand shrinks back, and victory is mine... toasted belongs to me.....

not long after, the timbit dealer approaches me... head down, knees slightly bent, arms outstretched bearing the remaining toasted coconut timbits on a napkin... "this is my offering, make satan go away from you"....

later Scott threw in the whole thing about cold being the absence of heat thing and hell being the absence of God... I would like some heat, my fingers are cold.

Friday, April 07, 2006

self healing

so, yesterday... in response to the other day's post.... my counter died... I don't know what was wrong with it, it just quit. But, have no fear, it's back to life again...

actual conversation from work yesterday::

Bear from bo-diddly:: well uh, there's you know over there. and there's sometimes like that. we-hell-hell-hell look it there.... there's a lot of people working at that Laura's (as we pass the Lauria Pontiac place) so many people.
Me:: oh, were you in there? they've hired lots of new people?
Bear:: well NO! just look at all the cars they've been driving to work.. stacks of them.. stacks and stacks of them.
oooohhhhh, now there's a good song... ("Beautiful" comes on the radio) That Rod Stewart, he really can sing it... and "Happy Yeah"... monday wednesday tuesday happy yeah....
Me:: I didn't know Rod sang that.... (shaking my head in confusion)
Bear:: (continuing in the same breath without pause....) what you really got to watch for, and I'm not saying this to be mean, or, it's not mean, but some might think that it is, and you're probably right, but if you get three P's in a row... then you get it good. Not two A's. Just the two P's. Cause then woah ho ho! it's the big money. But not the really big money, just some of it, and you can go again. sunday monday happy yeah....

these are the days I just sit back and let it happen around me. eventually I figure it all out.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

noteable.... note -able notable... NO TABLE????

just to point it out.
I was visitor number 9001 at this here Parsley Palace.

Monday, April 03, 2006

great expectation... waiting!

it's true folks, just six more posts after this one and we'll have hit the grand numero four hundred! wow.. I need to get a life.

untill that happens, let's play a game bloggers.... take your age.... find that post number (example, I'm traveling back in time and I'm now 23 years old... so I'm looking up post number 23) then take the month of the year we're in so it's um.. April, sooooo, 4th month... then look up the fourth sentence in your post..... let's post the sentence.....

right now the details are kinda sketchy, but if it falls through I’ll be
going to (North West) Benin instead to stay in an Anii Village with a family who
do oral narrative translations, they are going through the bible in
chronological order, starting with Genesis and sharing the bible stories with a
people group who hold oral tradition way above anything written...

it appears I like run-on sentances.

ok, your turn... go and do likewise.

(now I'm kinda curious as to what's on in my real aged post....)
I’m now living about a 15 min walk from the SIL center in a funny little
compound (you have to go outside to reach the kitchen) with Barb.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

move over, watch out Hogan!


Pork Up the Sleeve:: p-ORK up the slEE-vE ,

  1. (noun) wrestling move, mastered by the greats (verb) to pork one up the sleeve. Literally to take one by the arm handles from behind and launch them over your head, victim must be flexing to ensure greatest handle structure.
    (in order to flex arm handles to maximum handleage proportions, raise elbows to shoulder height, while turning fists downward, palms back, act as though pushing up from a table, handles should form naturally.)

  2. the act of pork falling down one's sleeve while eating a pulled pork sandwich.