Monday, August 28, 2006

and then there was the time

do you remember the time I almost bought the electric guitar two weeks ago? I didn't buy it. I don't like the sound of the electric anyway. Even though it was an amazing deal. That's what happens when music stores go out of buisness. Good deals. Like the great deal I got on my accoustic guitar. Sorta like that.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

she's baaaaAAAck

(side note:: I was having a discussion about scary movies the other night with my Dad and Gail, and I've got a hankerin' anyone want to watch the Carrie movies?)

That's right, Joy camp is over for yet another summer... Well, not Joy, but Jr. Youth week at Joy is finished... Let's make the distinction. And for clarification... 20 feet just sounds really high, it's not. I just couldn't bring myself to climb any higher on the rock face. Yeah... What goes down must first go up! I was more scared making the climb up the rock than the jump. The last time I went cliff diving, there was a way to get to the rocks from the back of the rock (thru a little cave thing) (at Mazanaw)... This was a rock face. There were kids from the camp jumping from the 50 foot spot. No thank you.

Shelter Valley prep is in full swing, well, I guess it's been in full swing for a lot of people for a long time, but now for me, I'll be breathing Shelter Valley, I'll be eating Shelter Valley, I'll be walking Shelter Valley, I'll be sleeping ... No, wait, there won't be much sleeping.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fly a Kite

Not unlike Superman... I've sailed to new hights....

20 feet off the rocks and still breathing

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Breathe the fresh air

So this week I'm up at Joy camp.... Sadly this summer I don't have a wireless receiver.. So I don['t have internet access in my room. It throws a little bit of a wrench in everything, but at least I didn't have to borrow equipment and deal with the hassle of incompatible programs software and equipment!
traveling North is always crazy to me.... On our drive up we saw... I kid you not!.... Three raccoons, one porcupine, one fox, a beaver and a small tiger. True enough..
they were all dead
flat at the side of the road
and true, the tiger was just a little kitty
but we saw them all.
Please pray that this week I'd get lots done for the camp... BabySheff is with me and is a huge help already, things move so much more quickly with help! Pray that I'd be able to get things done for SVFF too... This is where it's harder without the internet....
love you all
miss you all
I love camp!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

step in to the reality

has anyone noticed the crazy matrix-y effects that are going on on the girly blog this week? There's some strange stuff going on there... the "&"s are falling off the page.

in other news::
I'm going to the beach today.
I nearly bought an electric guitar yesterday (I was thankfully talked down)
Kyle's got a banjo... we're going bluegrass.
Camp is just four sleeps away and I'm NOT ready to be there.
Shelter Valley is just 10 sleeps away... and well... ditto.

in other, other news::
I can cook a mean plate of ribs.
And Kim and Carla are spreading rumours of engagement stories... I think they should check the purity of their crack.
I want to host couch surfers full time.
We've got a mini-band playing at the CLWN... hahahaha... I think they really should have named it "community living OF west northumberland" That would have been better. 6:30, BBQ and various musicians, open to any and to all. $5.

Now that my blog is my daytimer, I'm sure you're very disappointed. No fears, regular programming to return after this completed hectic schedual (aka.. if I've got high speed at JOY camp)

Friday, August 11, 2006

not the real deal

this is not Henri.
The real Henri was eaten by some terrible creature.
However, in memory of Henrietta, this single surviver carries her name. She's a rather friendly chicken. I like her.

I'm still waiting for the green eggs and ham. Last night I had a dream about green eggs. I don't remember what the whole dream was about.. but there were eggs.. and when I woke up I was hungry. No one bought eggs at work this week.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

in a sec.

right... more details to follow.. I'm just really really really busy. (said in a Sheff voice)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey stop! Wait a minute mister postman....

I'm minding my own business.
Coming out of the Bean.
Having just met the new employee (Lee).
In hand I have my medium blend coffee and a cranberry walnut oatmeal cookie (oh man those things are so so so good).
I step off the step, and am blinded by the sunlight as I look to my left. I look away, but manage a lopsided grin, grimace at the light and wave in the direction of the silhouetted postman.
The next thing I know, the mailman has me around the waist and is planting one on my cheek! In shock I look up.. The mailman says "you are going to be so happy with me today!"
It's then I realize what he's just said.... My new bass guitar is waiting for me at home...

(it's ok, the mailman is Kellie's dad)
will this day ever end????

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take a chair or a sofa

We've all taken our turn as the armchair traveler... Zipping thru countries with a flick of the remote. Jumping from one cross country adventure reality show to the next, voted someone off the island and gone under the sea... But have you ever thought of surfing the world one couch at a time?
That's something I've had a small taste of in my travels, and this week I'm lucky enough to be hosting two "surfers" from Germany.

My first time doing some serious traveling culminated with a cross Canada adventure sleeping on one couch to the next, Provence to Provence. Sometimes I got lucky and had a bed, sometimes I had a sleeping bag... Part of the experience was the uncertainty of where I'd be sleeping next- and the REAL adventure wasn't the travel, and it wasn't what I was doing while I traveled, it was the people I met along the way. Host families are incredible things.
I had my next taste of "the couch" while traveling West Africa, a family heard I was in the area and offered to put me up for a short stay. I had a chance to visit with them, learn some of their culture and see the world outside of the tourist traps. When I got home I was telling a friend about my chance visit and he got REALLY excited...
He started to tell me about this group he'd just joined called "couch surfers". A group of people networking across the world to provide places for travelers to stay. A group of people who love travel and adventure and who want to help enable people to live their adventures. So I checked out the site.
I read about their references and the series of ratings and comments that they could help to collect for you as a traveler and as a host. I read about some of the people who were currently couch surfing, and those still planning their trips. And I joined up. ......

more about the surfing tomorrow.....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Where are the ompaloompas?

My room mate got home today from Ghana West Africa, she's been away for the past month on a mission trip with NYFC, and she's bursting with stories. I'm glad to have her back. As nice as it was to have the house to myself, It was really lonely without her here.
She's brought back yards and yards of fabric. I'm quite envious. And it's added to that stirring that I've had in my heart over the past month... That "itchy feet" feeling... No, not athletes foot... That need to be out there... Somewhere... Experiencing life and other's lives.
I requested that roomie bring back a container of paprika pringles with her from the tasty continent. Unfortunately for me, there were none to be found... Fortunately for me, she went to London for a short stay on her way home.
In their stead, came several bags of "differently abled" potato chips (crisps) tonight I opened one and was taken aback ... The bag of chips looked innocent enough. The flavour was one of an innocent looking variety. We have chips claiming far grander flavours than that boasted by the little bag in my hand. I glanced around for the oompaloompas that surely must have accompanied the snack.
Remember that part in the book where that one rotten little girl (the gum chewing one) snags the stick of gum and glows on and on about it's amazing flavour, "the taste of real gravy... REAL gravy!" Running down her gullet?
Well. These chips must have been made by the same people...

And I quote "BUT! It tastes like chicken with lemon and thyme!... LIKE CHICKEN... With lemon and thyme!"

Thursday, August 03, 2006


The heat has finally broken. The other night I left my sheets WET with sweat. I'm sure you read all about the record breaking day.. and that we were the third hottest place IN THE WORLD this week. Still, without the direct sunlight, it's really not that bad in comparison to other places I've been... but... I don't want here to be rivaling there!!!
This is the final damage done before the storm hit I was really hoping the candle would drip... close... but not all the way. The lightning only interrupted karaoke for a second or two. And, for once we didn't lose power at my house... Just enough of a surge to turn off the computer and reset the microwave... Nothing else... That's pretty good.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


these frequent butter induced bathroom breaks are brought to you by the letters

R and L


no flower safe... no display of sillyness left untouched... no moment of beauty left forgotten... I HAVE DALTON'S DIGITAL CAMERA THIS WEEK.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

aaaannnnndddd.... drip

the heat is like Togo... but the sunshine isn't there.
poor little candle... a little more melty every day.
That's how I feel too.