Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Palm... not the tree, ok?

I think that maybe in order to blog more effectively, I'm going to need a palm pilot.. or better yet.. I need that cool toy Be-Bop has.

I would also like to point out that for the first time in months, I am not shivering. It's strange. I like it, but I also really like my sweaters. Face it, I'm never going to be completely happy.

If you have the chance, check out the front page of the Cobourg Star, there's a touching article about dear Louis there... I'm going to miss him. ok?

Friday, May 26, 2006

cheek puff

I want an otter.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

skills, I've got skills.

I'd just like to announce that I'm a really really great board game player.
perhaps you could even say "Champion".

Tomorrow, sweet tomorrow... I'm taking the day off work. I just finished my long work week, and well, it never really feels like it's done till I start my long weekend, and that's still two and a half days away, BUT... I'm taking the day off tomorrow to act as a chaperone for some students at the West... I get to go to the ZOO!
*smug grin*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

what's the opposite of "rat" ?

yesterday was cold.. winter cold... wear your mittens and stay in your PJs cold.
So I did.

ok, maybe not the mittens part, but the Pjs had their place.
AND there was no rain... I have a lovely guy, he came with me to pick lilacs. I think he may be the opposite of rat.



Happy sweet 16 to my dear Beth Friesen... Tyler, Zimon and Mike, you're going to have to pin her down and hand out those sloppy kisses for me!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the rain is a giant rat

just so's ya know....

this is the first spring in my life (other than the year I worked for Watoto) that I have not had bundles of lilacs in my house.

the rain prevents me and my scissors from doing some serious pruning.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Paint flakes

So today at work, we've got a few of the submerge kids here doing some work around the yard for us. They wanted to be able to do some service projects around town, and somehow... We were blessed with their hands.
My co-worker just asked me where they were from and I explained that the kids here at the house were from town, but for the conference, they are from all over. Her reply? "you know, so many people think they've got to go across the world to be missionaries, or do some exotic job.. It's nice to see some people working here and sharing their love...."

*choking back tears*

Friday, May 19, 2006

do do do do do do do (said in radio broadcast type voice)

this just in...

my house is being invaded.
the town is being invaded.
no, it's not war of the worlds... it's WAAAAAAy bigger...


to quote this one guy I know... "it's gonna be HUGE!"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

meat pies

I may be found carefully reading the ingredients in my meat pies... yes, even my Jamaican patties.
Why this sudden interest in the contents of these lovely packages of handheld meaty goodness? I saw a play the other night that has slightly shaken me.
Monday night some of us headed over to Belleville to watch a friend in a play that she's a part of. "Sweeny Todd" was the play....She warned us (some months ago) that it was a dark comedy.. I guess I should have listened to her better! And apparently it's based on a true story? yikes... I imagine the real events didn't happen musical style though.... If not for the fact that I had to file it in my mind with the likes of "little shop of horrors" I might not have been able to enjoy it. There was a lot of death. BUT when viewed as a comedy, with that grain of salt... It was good.. Actually, funny. Actually..,. I really really enjoyed it, because it was different (However, the unintentional things were funnier than the funny things- the guy laughing in the row in front of us... And the look on character "Andrew's" face when "Joanna" sat up from a kiss).
My favorite part of the play was when Stacey saw her cheering section seated out in the audience... Completely jumped out of character and smiled! YEAH!!!! I was so glad to see her!

Monday, May 15, 2006


if you look carefully, you'll see that the title of this post is indeed a chicken's head.
not the type of head that is laying on the ground, chopped by a hungry farmer, but a comical tribute to a chick.
not just any chick mind you.
a chick that I've decided to adopt. (ahh hhhmmm, Meg, I hope you don't mind) I've decided to adopt one of MegSheff's chickens.
It's true.
Henrietta is a pretty bird, and I like finding worms for her to eat. I like watching her fight with her friends over who gets to eat the next worm.
more importantly, I like finding June bug larva for her to eat.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm a little tea pot, short and stout....

Ladies, I had such a lovely day yesterday... it t'was SO fun.

For those of you who were unable to attend, Yesterday marked the first annual tea party held by Miss Roxey. Splended really. From the moment I was greated at the door with a honey'd "welcome to my tea party" to the silver tea service... well, I was happy to bits.

Miss. Roxey truely outdid herself at this event. Tiny finger morsals, hot tea and stimulating discussion. I do fear that I've been ruined from the ordinary, never more shall I be able to attend a function with out holding it in comparison.

may someone hold yet another, and soon?

Friday, May 12, 2006


I have a bad memory.

I had this perfect post laid out in my mind, one which was both witty and entertaining... and maybe even a little bit informative, perhaps leaning toward the challenging... or even life altering?

meh.. I can't remember what it was now.

not because I'm boycrazy...

ok ok, one last "my guy" story... (lol.. yeah right)

so, I'm sitting with Jenny in the front window at the bean, relaxing, enjoying conversation... when a blue cavalier drives by.. I lose my train of thought for a second as I watch it pass, then try to pick up where I'd left off...
I then apologize to Jenny for my lack of focus.
her response? "that's ok, I'm the same with tie-dye".

we both fold over laughing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

just so you know

there were some comments made in regard to the lack of posting this past week.... but I just wanted to let you know... there's this guy I like.... and he's dating me... and I wanted to leave that post up there for awhile, cause the whole thing is pretty special I figure.

gaydar busted

ok.... so we all know Bob. (Jen's Bob)
and we've all heard about Lawrence (Bike fixer Lawrence)
here is a conversation recently held by the two of them (details and wording are for the most part made up by me... but the gist of it is fact. And the KEY sentence is word for word... You'll catch it.)::

centre stage, Bob and Lawrence are talking downtown, the conversation turns to the topic of Jenny and Lesley

L: they are both really nice girls
B: yes they are
L: just really nice girls, so friendly. They aren't seeing eachother are they?
B: huh?
L: well, they are lesbians right?
B: (quizzical look)
L: well, they are both just so nice, and friendly but never flirty... I just figured they were lesbians.

(here it is) B: they aren't lesbians... they're Christians!

B: And I'm pretty sure, because I'm dating Jen... and Lesley's just started dating a guy too.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Edith and Lisa are coming SOON.

I'm excited.
I know that there are some people in Kara that are going to miss her, but at least I'll have one Friesen on my side of the world!!!! Guess I'd better start looking at long distance plans....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

good friends

you know you have a good friend when they'll stick their finger in your eye.

I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson last year. I'll need to hunt out the ski goggles. And soon!

Friday, May 05, 2006

flipped the calendar and... AH!

we are heading into the most expensive (but fun) time of year....
ARRRGGGGHHHHH (nearly piratey scream) spring/summer wedding season.... Thus far, I've only two to attend. But I'm in both of them. Last year I was happy with only three, after the boom year before with five!

First on the calendar, my last roomie from Ptbo- Tanya, aka Eh-Tany-yo... Eh-Tan-yo's wedding is SOON. I'm talkin' REAL soon. I have my final dress fitting tonight for that one... Then a shower for her later this evening... I think it's one of the "church ladies" type showers... I'll be sure to keep my gifts PG. (or at least, I'll keep it PG in their presence!)

Then later in the season, there's Manda-manda's... YEAH!!!! I'm pumped about that one.. (I'm pumped about the other one too.. no worries) We have fabric for our dresses... we get to go try on some pretty dresses this weekend... manda manda HAS a pretty dress.... YEAH!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

THE boyfriend

well. um. uh.

There's this lovely guy I've been hanging around quite a bit lately. And those of you who know me well know that I've been fighting with myself about him for quite some time....

I'm done fighting with myself by myself, I'd rather be fighting alongside him.

Could this be true? Lesley's dating someone????

A shivering cold (nervous) Dalton Holloway showed up at my doorstep last night and asked me if I'd consider dating him.....
I said yes today....

and SOMEHOW???? he beat me to blogging it??????? hahahahaha! Fantastic.

and the winner...

I was leaning toward the blanket.... and after an overwhelming response, it's def. the winner. Thanks to those who shared their thoughts :)

I've just finished my three day weekend... and I think I need another to recover from it! An emotional whirlwind, a racing-try-to-keep-up timetable... but it was good. And I feel good. But I feel like I would be happiest if I could NOT be at work today.

I saw "Akeelah and the bee" last night, it was a pretty good movie, there were a few awkward editing moments, story lines that were thrown in to try to appeal to a wider audience.... but I enjoyed it. I'd give it a three tear rating out of ten, there were a few places where it nearly earned more tears, but.... not quite. The very last scene with the very last word is where it earned all it's points.
(note:: I only spelled one of the words correctly in the movie. Xylem. hey Tyler F.- what does Xylem do????)