Sunday, February 27, 2005

9 hours in a car IS enough

for one weekend anyway.

The drive up and back to Chatham/Walliceburg was uneventful, long and uneventful. Morgan (my little car) handled the journey quite well, and we didn't get lost, not even once.
The presentation went ok... I'm not really a public speaker, and I guess that I should have spent more time talking about the actual trip itself... not just generalized about missions... but it was ok. I really enjoyed the time in the class rooms with the students (over the assembly) because they were able to ask questions, I could tell them some stories... there wasn't the same sort of time restriction on it...

The visit with Laur was good, I miss her. The weekend really got me thinking about all the people in my life whom I love but never get to see. It made me sad.

Spent the weekend being beaten at EVERY game.
Lost at:
~Cribbage (hang my head in shame...learned never to play against an accountant...but hope to do so again ;)
currently playing:
Eric Clapton; Tears in Heaven

(I'm feeling sentimental)

Monday, February 21, 2005

mmm.... fudge

This friday I get to do an assembly at a school in Walaceburg.... woah... what was I thinking?!?!?!
It's going to be about missions and being involved from home, supporting those out in the field.... now I'm sitting here doing everything BUT getting ready for this presentation.
Could someone come over and kick me please?

ok, the most exciting thing I've discovered this week:
If you take a fat free chocolate pudding (yes yes, I know they're gross, just hold on) and stick it in your freezer over night, then take it out and let it sit for 30 mins or so....


no joke.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

just to clarify: it was at work that the "smooshing" took place.
Sorry Sarah for the confusion!

Friday, February 18, 2005

1000 hits

currently playing: an absconded copy of Jon's worship mix, intended for the rock-star worship band

smushed... smooshed....flat

it was cold this morning...
couldn't figure out why I couldn't get my hand back from the garage.
pulled, looked, yelped.
two of my cold unfeeling fingers were stuck in the closing door.
had to close it further before I could get it open and get my fingers back.
spent the next 15 mins with my head between my knees trying not to throw up from the thawing pain.
someone else can take the garbage out tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

currently playing:
Ladysmith Black Mambazo~ Shaka Zulu

Frogs come in the spring?

again, no frogs and no princes. But I managed to make it thru (my favorite coinage for the occasion) "Singles Awareness Day" (Ok, seriously, I laughed long and loud at that one) with only mild bitterness and loneliness. Spent with some good friends and a hefty plate-o-ribs, all in all it was a great night.
I think I was somehow able to coerce J into taking ballroom dance lessons with me!!!! Finally, someone willing to waltz! He did however, follow up the offer of partnership in said program with a look of terror... a gulp and a meek "how much is this going to cost?". (Looking up prices as I blog) (no fear, prices are listed per couple!)
we've missed the first three classes, but spring sessions should be just around the corner....
guessing that J is hopeful a new partner will magically appear and rescue him from this. Poor muffin
Any willing candidates?

ok, I'm going to sound so incredibly small town on this one.

My Dad has been seeing this lady. She's great, I REALLY like her. But here's the deal... My hairdresser's friend saw her showing someone a new ring, and the two (the nice lady and her friend) were all excited. Now, I didn't even get this information FROM my hairdresser, she passed it along to my friend to ask me what was going on.
So I call my dad this morning... "dad" says I "anything new and exciting?" "Not that I can think of right now" He replies. "Soooo, how was your valentines day?" says I "oh, it was very nice, I got to use my new candlestick holders". That's it!!!!!! nothing more!!!!!!! So. Now what do I do?
comments appreciated

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Even the weather girl!

ok, so the weather girl's cat ran away....
but she's got some little St. V hearts to keep her company. lucky girl. maybe I should seek employment as a weather girl.

Daisies would suffice

I debated taking up the torch for my friend Colleen. Throwing a "We hate Valentines Day party" but I figured why bother? Really the only one's who give any thought to valentine's day are those who think they are missing out on some great fun, and those who want everyone else to think that they are having great fun.
so no. I'm not going to be bitter. it's a waste of emotion. Besides I have a bored meeting.

waaaaa... who am I kidding?

where are my gerbers????

Friday, February 11, 2005

a kiddie pool

as shallow as the aforementioned.

apologies to all of those who have been sticking it out and reading whatever it is that I'm typing. I'm sorry that I've become quite shallow since I've returned home.... I make the choice now to turn that around...
Why does that happen? Is it the dark and dreary Canadian winters? Is it the lack of enthusiasm of everything/everybody around me? Is it my lack of direction?
The sun is shining, I'll try to turn my life view around.
Last night I was out someplace with a variety of people (all hail the queen of vagueness). And it hit me.... I did NOT want to be like this one girl who was there.... I mean.... in the past I've wanted to be like her... she has nice hair, nice clothes, nice skin, nice hubby, cute kids.... but then I started listening to her, and she had not ONE nice thing to say about anything/anyone... forget it... I don't want to be her. Kick me if I head down that path again.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I love free stuff

I love Bravenet and all the resources they keep providing for my site! really, it amazes me... there are a million other things I could be doing with my time... like, finding a new job.... or fasting and praying... shovelling the driveway... cleaning the rabbit cage... bathing.... but no... I'm playing with free stuff.

if you've got stuff... or want stuff... go to my new classifieds page... it's up to you to make it happen.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

If it were but two days ago

In walking past the Oasis Bar and Grill (home and training grounds of the lovely Bethy-B, waitress extrodinare) I was faced with two choices.

1) Continue the life of a bad stalker and enter the establishment... Thereby going AWOL from work.
2) Be but a dedicated girl of infatuation and continue my trek thru the snow back to work.

I'm off work at 11.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super sized?

Tonight for work I went to church to eat pancakes.... (remind me when you see me that I've given up all potatoes and their products for lent)
walking out of the church, JB turns to me and says (as per usual) "that was a big big portion eh?" I went into auto response "yes yes, it was big big" (because apparently I was Jacob Two Two in a previous life?)
Then in a change from what should have been next (that being: "a big honkin' portion")

"those were Anglican sized pancakes"

what? Anglican's have their own sized pancakes?

oh, and last week I got to do karioke for an hour and half.... there are some days I like my job.

Important decisions (and/or) shorts from the past 48 hours

NOTE: I put the wrong email address here yesterday, it has been fixed, but here it is again, and in the correct form~ (not .com)

I've come to an important decision, I've decided to down-grade my actions. I'm moving from stalking to a healthy infatuation.
I've decided that perhaps the word "stalker" is a little to harsh, and after much deliberation, discussion, the realization that perhaps it may even be illegal... I'm changing my title.
Rules of engagement have not changed. I'll still watch for his van, I'll read every article, moon over every picture..... OHHHHHHH, PLEASE BRING BACK THE CHOPS!!!!!! (Keep the long hair though, and I'd like to see the kilt again) I'll still talk about him incessantly, beg for details from all that know him. And of course, I'll freeze every time he walks by, unable to speak a word. I'll never go to a concert, I'll just pine away and have to work.... yup, nothings really changed, just wanted to pass the word along that it's an INFATUATION thank you very much.
Walked along the Cobourg Beach, past mini burgs over my head that had washed up on shore.
Listened to the ice cracking in the harbour, watched it shift...
Admired the hoarfrost early in the morning, it was beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera.
Drank some delicious coffee.
Found out who sent harmatan (photo forthcoming).

The rain has made my beautiful snowman look emaciated.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Canadian Aclimatization

I suppose it's happened, or maybe it's just that the weather is co-operating a little better with me. Saturday the temp reached a steamy 2 degrees. So my roomie and I went outside with some stools and books (and potato chips) and sat in the sunshine on the sidewalk. Sans coats, sweaters were still in order for me... but I did see some shorts walking by.
I made a lovely snowman, sadly the "hot" temps have kept up and his nose falls off every half hour. Poor little dear.

anyone trying to email me, you'll have better luck trying my dad's old account, it's
untill an upgrade or computer fairies happen along...

Please pray

A note from Edith and Marv
(that's the family I was with in Togo)

Dear praying partners,
News was just released that the head of this country in which we live has
deceased. We're
surrounded by good people who will keep us informed of local happenings.
Please pray for us as we will need to keep living life normally as much as
possible but ready to act as necessary. Marv had been planning on leaving
for Lome tomorrow for 5 days but has cancelled that trip. Thankfully, he
arrived home safely on Wednesday from the game park in Benin (with all of
his limbs - saw many elephants and 5 lions among many other animals).
That's all for tonight.
Edith & Marv

This is serious stuff, it's not like here in North America where the next person in line is who the people want/who is good for the country (oh, wait...)(anyway). Pray that there will be peace during this transition, and that God would use it for His good, that there would be safety etc etc...
thanks guys

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Forgotten Art Form

So I'd forgotten the joy of anagrams!

[New Latin anagramma, from Greek anagrammatismos, from anagrammatizein, to rearrange letters in a word : ana-, from bottom to top; see ana- + gramma, grammat-, letter; see gerbh- in Indo-European Roots.]
(ohhhh, I love you)

yes yes, on to the fun..

Parsley Seasonings:

so spiny a largeness






Penny ale is as gross

please check out the site and try your own!