Wednesday, October 31, 2007



(cause... you know... I say "goodie" a lot)

Last night, I ordered my t-shirt from that band I'm in....
I know you're jealous.

today is my dad's birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday peaches ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

and for my next trick.....

let's hearken back to a title not so long ago....
something about embarrassment?

So, last night, I'm attending a coffee house fund raiser for YFC. I am in bliss as I get to hang out with some dear friends who I never get to see, and I get to hear great music... and well... what more could I want?

A young guy comes up to me that I've known since he was potty training, he's in high school now, and along with him is another young guy... I hug the first, and put my hand out to the other... "my name's L.Bo" says I. "I know" says young man number two.
A quizzical look on my face leads to his reply... and I'm hit with the realization that little boys grow up, and sometimes I'm an idiot for not recognizing old family friends.

oh no, that's not all....

while at work I was sent to help an individual buy a pop from the locked fridge in the kitchen. the key is on a large chunk of wood... the end of a hockey stick? large enough that someone can't lose it... large enough that you can't stick it in your pocket and forget about it. I help the guy purchase his pop, then lock the fridge and head out of the room. "I just have to return the key" I shout, and head down the hall, reaching into my pocket to retrieve it.
It's not in my pocket.
No big deal, I've left it on the counter again... or on top of the fridge, I'm always doing that.
Into the kitchen I go.... no key.

I locked it in the fridge.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bunday Monday

two shots for today....
the first....

can you see it?
the perils of being owned by bunnies.
I have no idea what buttons I'm pushing on the remotes anymore... Also replaced a lamp cord this weekend. (No fears, the lamp was unplugged at the time of chewing)

Fynn Fynn and 'Touf are out in the sun porch for the winter... fewer allergies for visiting friends and less fur in my mouth. Fynn's showing off his new digs here... they're in separate cages now till Fynn has his little operation...

Friday, October 26, 2007

L.Bo is embarrassing herself everywhere

I love facebook status lines.

At work, the front office is blind to what's going on in the hallway, it's also blind to a meeting room that is directly across from the door to the hallway.... So, to make that a little more clear, you enter from the hallway into the office- turn left to actually enter the office area... OR go straight and enter the meeting room.
It often happens that people in the hallway will chat with people in the meeting room... without the people in the office hearing the hallway people.
Yesterday I was the chat-er in the hallway. I made a comment to someone in the meeting room (unheard by the office people) and entered into the office while continuing the dialogue....

what I said was "Darlene! yummy ice tea! MMmmmmMMMM, lookin' good!" while Dar shook up her bottle of ice tea by doing a little dance.

what was heard by the delivery guy standing in the office-and whom I came face to face with as I finished talking- was "MMmmmmmMMM, lookin' good!".

needless to say... I turned right around in the office and walked into the meeting room as fast as I could.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

700 Club.

Welcome to our 700 Club....
Well, actually, you've reached post number 777.
And super exciting news comes with this one!!!!

Pontouf-Pony is famous.
err... in a "famous in internet's circles of those who peruse pictures of cute animals" type fashion. That's right, for those of you who follow "teh cute", you'll know of a little place called "Disapproving Rabbits". Little Cinnamon brought on the first of the disapproval, and he's been passing disapproval as only a rabbit can ever since... so much in fact, he's released his first book!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


just when you thought you'd found everything to kill that second of free time you thought you had... just when you thought you had your addiction to the interawebs under control.... it got worse.
I mean... alot worse.
in a good way.

Blogger released, last month, a nifty little tool that has just allowed me to waste 20 mins of time I didn't have.

I think it's called blogger play, (or play blogger?) but what it does is allow you to see the pictures that are being uploaded to blogger at any given time of the day... in nearly real time.... I'm going to have to start monitoring it to see what happens over the course of a day.... I was seeing lots of Asian photos when I was looking... could it be because it's mid-day to the East? I'm going to have to test my hypothesis.

so, go check it out... I've added a convenient link in the side bar for us to be enthralled together.

(this also explains the strange entries to my blog of late... I couldn't figure out the referral site)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Bunday

spot the bunny?

chillin in the front window :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


it's closer to November than it is to September... and I'm considering going to the beach in my shorts for a nap.

part 2 (read the previous post first)

so, Friday morning was the second morning of my new schedual. Thursday morning I'd shown up early partly to get the extra paper work done... partly because I forgot I was suppose to start later....
Friday morning I started early (as per my new schedual thank-you-very-much!) I rushed thru my paper work (as the network was up and running)

and wrote the wrong date on everything apparently.

After I'd been at work for 30 mins, I signed myself out and hopped into my car to head to Colborne... like I do every Friday.
I got partway down street and turned on the radio.
But there was something wrong.
My radio program wasn't on.
Not only that... but there was something else wrong....
I had started my new schedual.... and was leaving an hour too early.

I turned the car around and went back to work.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

night of deception returns (or) I should really learn how to READ that date book

Have you ever just.... "missed" an entire day?

I listened to the Nylons a lot growing up. I remember making mixed tapes of my favorites by them, leaning more towards the tight harmonies than lyrics... but one line's been in my mind since Friday.
Friday the 19th of October.

"time has a way, of going by, tomorrow becomes today... if the beat goes on when the song is done... Harmony finds her waaaa-aaaaay"

let's back it all up....
Thursday.. the network at work goes down. Not a problem really... just means I can't do any paperwork... and I did come in early to get my paper work done... but.. whatever.

Friday night... there's a concert I want to go to. I finally convince some people to go with me and we head out for a lovely evening of dinner at Hot Belly's then walk down to where the show is to take place.... Turns out, the show doesn't start till later than we thought, so we go for a little walking tour down town.... wandering.. then back to the coffee shop.
We sit, and wait.
and wait.
I'm looking around wondering why I don't know ANYONE there... that's strange. We wait awhile longer... now I'm confused. Not only is it nearly an hour and a half after the time slotted for the show... but I don't see either of the bands... and still no one else I know is there....
I check my phone to check the time... thinking maybe the clock in the shop is wrong....

"uh... guys.... is today really the 19th?"
"what was the.. um.. date on the poster?".... "cause I thought today was the 18th... "

I think I only made it worse by recounting what had happened to me earlier in the day.....

Friday, October 19, 2007


ok... I'm in the library again.

and I'm nearly wetting myself laughing over this one....

people are staring at me.

thank you sneeze yet again.
I think I'm going to order a bacon-on-the-left pizza.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

back to the date book

the other day at work someone asked me what it is I do with "all my time". She prefaced the question with something about her life revolving around her kids... and their hockey scheduals... then asked with this hint of pity what there was to do in the 'burg as a single person.

now here lays my dilemma... there are 3 concerts, two activities and 2 get-togethers with friends I need to choose from for the weekend. What ever will I do?

an aside... anyone want to go to ptbo friday night? There's two bands I really want to see....
(including wee-dav-id).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

better late than never?

Know when you get the wrong words to a song?
At one of the group homes I sometimes work in, every morning starts out with music at full blast. We're blessed (and sense me clenching my teeth and gritting a smile out when I say blessed) to listen to some Shania.. and Shania knock-offs... re-mixes that go on forever and ever.... "is that CD skipping... or is it a really bad remix?" (says I, joking about the remix) "no... it really is a remix" (comes the glum response).
Two mornings now we've been greeting the day with a children's mix. This one though really IS scratched.... the chorus goes on forever till you think you might be crazy.

I had the words wrong for an hour.... apparently the song isn't "stop prohibition"
who knew!
it's a safety song...."stop look and listen"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Bunday

doing the bunny 500 around the living room...

Sunday morning:: laying in bed, listening to the squirrel family that's moved into our ceiling (no, not in the same space as the raccoons). They're living above the kitchen... so I figure (as it's a sloped roof there) they must be living somewhere between the shingles.. and the plaster. I can hear them chattering and mewing at each other... it's kind of creepy. So, I'm laying in bed, listening to the squirrels. And I'm thinking... "sheesh, these squirrels are sounding like they've found their way into the attic... I can't hear their little claws anymore... it's more a thudding."
And I think some more... "hmmm. sounds almost like the bunny 500 in the hallway... but... not, because we have squirrels in the roof, not bunnies in the hall... the bunnies are in their cage"
I roll over and go back to sleep.
It gets to the point where I should probably get out of bed if I'm planning on going anywhere, so I stumble to my feet and open my door... where I'm met by both Pontouf and Fynn.
Seems that when I put them in their cage the night before, I forgot to lock it... thankfully they were so excited to be racing in the hallway, they didn't stop to eat anything they shouldn't be eating.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ah ha... mah date book!

this weekend I was planning on getting to the zoo.
but for some reason, when I got up on Saturday morning.... I WAS UNABLE to change out of my PJs! There was some sort of force field keeping me from getting dressed, from getting out of the house... from leaving the couch! The force field weakened just enough for me to sit and pirate for a bit.. but then! back to the couch!
Knowing it couldn't be resisted, but still knowing I had some yummy soup to make for a dinner I was to go to... I used all my strength (with the help of a Reese peanut butter cup) and fought my way to the grocery store....

in my pajamas.

I put a jean skirt and sweater over them.

have I mentioned the grocery store is pretty much across the street?

Friday, October 12, 2007

overheard in New.... err... Colborne

a woman just walked into the library where I'm currently hard at work....
she just announced in a loud, old woman's voice, cackley with smoke-enhanced lungs

"do you have any books by some author by the name of Tolkien?"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

all that junk inside your trunk

when I was touring with Watoto, each night had us in a new home... you never really knew what it was going to be like until you arrived, BUT... generally you could get an idea by looking at their car. Not so much what type of car they were driving (well, no, that's not true, Canadians were well reflected by their choice of vehicle, Americans... not so much.... not at all) but more by what was in their car, or... what condition their car was in.
Tonight I was clearing some of the stuff from my car. And while I did, I wondered how people would classify me, or what impression they'd have of me by the contents of my little sunfire...

Tonight included, but wasn't limited to:: three pairs of high heels, one board game, eight pairs of socks (mostly pirate themed) a crock pot, a kitchen aid mixer, one (size small) goat skin East African drum, a winter coat, a lawn chair, festival blanket, library books, sleeping bag, rocking chair, cast iron pan, a pair of barn boots, swimming gear, gym bag, meeting minutes, and two empty coffee cups.

What's in your car?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

yarrr grrrr

I don't know WHAT's going on... but I can't log into puzzle pirates. It's making me really really grumpy. I've gone to the site, reloaded the program.... I don't know what else to do... I hope it resolves itself soon.

31 degrees.

That's the temperature for thanksgiving dinner last night!
We had discussed doing the whole outdoor meal thing.. but after being swarmed by mosquitoes and lady bugs... we decided to sweat with the turkey inside.

speaking of insects.

This summer, with the lack of rain, and the removal of our vines... and the giant decaying factory being torn down... our landscape was... drier... hotter... than I've ever seen it in the tannery area (hmmm... I suppose that since the tannery doesn't exist... we aren't the tannery area any more) ....After my first yearly snail-crush (I'm so sorry Snailio Eglacias) in the spring, I figure I've only counted 7-10 snails over the summer.

fast forward to NOW.

We have snails again.

I single handedly have, since Saturday, unwittingly brought to an untimely death, no less than 4 snailios.

Tonight, on my walk, I counted 5 crushed little bodies.

watch your step.

Monday, October 08, 2007


ok, last week? I mentioned how much I loved the new Old Navy commercial (the sweater one) and... ta-da! it's been found... take a listen to it . It's been in my head since it first came out.

Monday Bunday

Happy thanksgiving everyone! It looks like this year (thanks? to global warming) we'll be having our turkey outside!

I took too many shots this week, so in celebration of all we've been given, here's a little heap o'bun shots.

Fynn's a dad! none of them got his dark brown, BUT one... (not pictured) and it came out solid dark chocolate.... ooch... too cute, edible.

little Fynn-pants.... checking out the magic tea-towel of goodness... what will it hold today?

well, I think we may have a problem... 'Touf is now bigger than Norty ever was... but he hasn't "filled out" in the same manner... all his clothes are baggy, but too short in the arms (his shoulders are broader) and I'm still not sure how to manage those ears with the hoodies...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

all in a day

it's been yet another busy week... but I think that's it now... really... um... honestly?
I hope.

This week the Sheffs moved into town, it was a huge job, BUT it was cool to see just how many people were willing to help out! By the time I got there after work on Friday most of the work was done, so I just joined Maria and we played house set-up. I love putting things into their new spots in a new house... now if only I could capture that enthusiasm and use it to put away my own crap.

This pic is from one of my new favourite blogs, if you get a chance to check it out I def recommend it...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nuit Blanche

Saturday night in the city... with a few thousand of my closest friends...

It really was a great night, and I'm still not totally sure what I liked the best there.... I'm super fond of the Arts Counsel stuff- all textiles, very interesting... the wall hanging that I thought was a mosaic to look like a pebbled stream... ended up being made of felted wools, the two sided wall hanging of a garden, the vase like felted creatures... I loved the giant aquarium, the tables floating behind the car-sized fish. The music and smells, the carpeted walkway, the photos, the paintings, the pom poms... the sculptures... the camp tent.
So much to take in, and we barely finished a third of the art out there...
While standing under the "lobotomy's $300" sign, I noticed a familiar face... but couldn't place it... I stared for a bit, then turned around and asked my friend, as I asked, I knew... and I hissed... "that's Andrew Younghusband!"
Sadly, I hissed too loudly, he looked up on hearing his name and melted into the night...
just as well, I would have missed a lot of the art following him around for the night.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Bunday

the weekly installment....

couldn't keep 'Touf away from the Shanghai noodles... I spent most of the evening fighting to eat my own dinner.