Wednesday, April 30, 2008

good bye Obama pig, and other such crazy happenings

Disclaimer:: this does not mean to refer to Obama as a pig, but rather, a graffiti pig... advertising "vote for Obama".

Tonight, a particularly odd night as far as nights go at GTM... More on that tomorrow, when I can upload the pictures.... just a few words "cat's perfect dream eats".
Think chocolate covered almonds and how good they are... now try to imagine what a cat would dream of.....
actually, give me some ideas, we'll see if anyone comes up with tonight's delight.

So, there's a guy who helps out, and he turns to me (as I'm singing loudly to some random song- on the cd player? in my head? I don't even know). He turns and says "I'll bet you like Cbc music too don't you?" But, he says it in a way that definitely means "too" as in = "in addition to whatever the frig you're singing so poorly" and not "too" as in = "like me".
But, of course, I don't realise this distinction as I'm answering "yes of course" (read "heck yeah, why even ask?" and throw in an eye roll).
To which he starts laughing.... "I love the talking, but once the music comes on, I have to turn the channel".

This is something that I don't get.

I think Cbc plays great music... not nearly enough Canadian content, but you know... a decent amount.

I'm still pondering this as I get in my car to drive home, the radio greets me with the end of a great song, and then a fill in host for "as it happens" comes on and starts talking about some lost and then found balloon.

Something about a large helium balloon that was released... in the shape of a pig... and there was something about Pink Floyd... and like Icarus it flew too close to the sun... (ok, I think on that he was just trying to sound poetic) Anyway, there was a prize for whomever found the burst pig balloon, and it was found in a desert yadda yadda yadda. Apparently the pig was covered in graffiti, and part of it said "Obama" and had a check mark beside it. I only half listened to the story... and mostly it was dumb.

But then it happened.

of all the songs they could have played.... "candle in the wind" was up... it started and I immediately thought of my friend and started to agree a little with his thoughts on the music maybe sucking a tiny bit....

and the song started to play....
"Good bye...."

and was interrupted.
by the host.
doing a voice over.

Elton sang "Good Bye"
host guy "Obama pig"
elton played on....

I change my mind. Cbc plays awesome music.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Toy!

that's right my friends... I've got a new camera to play with!
It's a fancey pants camera with oodles of tricks in it's pocket. (um.. yeah, since when have I ever used the word "oodles" in a sentance?)

As soon as I figure out how to take a picture... I will.

busy days coming up, I may have to lay low for a bit here on the interwebs...
Now, off to clean my room, there's a showing tomorrow night. (They dropped the price of the house).

Monday, April 28, 2008

monday bunday

Another oldie.....

I miss the old guy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

just to fill you in.

Ok, so I've mentioned GTI in the past... and now that I've talked with my pastor about the whole thing... I can fill you guys in on it too. Since it's a small town I'm going to leave out names/places... and we'll just keep calling GTI... GTI is a group, GTM is a place where GTI does what it does.... confused? Great.

Prayer Ninjas... take this info and start fighting.
For newer readers... my blog first started out because I was too lazy to write a prayer letter when I went overseas....I didn't like the way my email inbox would get cluttered with returned messages. It's going to have a smattering of updates again mixed in with whatever it is that this blog has become....
Here's the letter that went out to my church....

We often are challenged to be involved in outreach… to think of those who aren’t as fortunate, to care for the poor, the widow, the orphan…. I’ve been blessed twice to head overseas and do just that. And I’ve been feeling God’s pull to do something more. Someone posed some questions awhile back that really got me thinking “do you know any poor people? Are you friends with poor people?”

Now, I’m headed out into a modern day Corinth.
It’s in my own home town.

I’ve been a part of a group for the past year helping to put on a potluck supper once a week in an old residential motel. It’s stinky. Raccoons sometimes dine with us. Most agencies in town have turned a blind eye to the poverty that resides there... and the building codes that it violates. But God has been working up something big, and I get to be a part of it. (and so do you with your prayers!!!)

About 110 people are living at GTM right now, and GTI (the group that I am a part of) has been involved for over two years. Mostly we’ve done dinners, slowly building trust with people who have seen their trust broken over and over. We help with advocacy, we encourage, we listen, we learn, we hope, and we pray. “Can you do me a prayer?”.

And now, more recently, we’re doing church.
It’s not something we set out to do… God sort of grew it up in the cracks himself. As John Burke put it, “God is still doing what God has always done in every generation… constructing His church out of the most hopeless situation”. A lot of people who live in GTM feel like they’re in a hopeless situation. There are mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, pain, and whole litany of issues that just wear people down. BUT… they want “to do” church with us.

Now, it’s not church like any of us have ever seen before… you don’t often go garage sale hopping with a friend and ask if they think you have enough ashtrays for church… you don’t often find yourself singing Johnny Cash in a church… or stop to talk about how rehab is going in the middle of a service. “Church of the Blue Haze” (as we jokingly started calling it… the name has since stuck) doesn’t have an order of service, but we have the Bible, and we share Christ’s love in the best way we can.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to date as best I can with events from GTI, so we can have more people helping- people to keep accountable to. We appreciate and NEED your prayers more than anything else. This is a very emotionally draining venture, and a very lonely one too… please pray for strength and God’s guidance in all that we do as we try to serve at GTM.

I don’t consider myself “leaving” KCC, I’ll be back from time to time (gonna need to recharge with you guys!) consider me (once again) someone you’re sending out into the mission field (the plane ticket is just much cheaper this time!). KCC will always be my home church.
Thanks everyone!

oh mr.sandman

another night and I really should be sound in my bed.

Last night, driving home- the silhouette of men creeping across the road. Sticks in their hands. At first I was scared.
Then I looked at the clock 11:55pm.
And remembered that fishing season opened today.

ah ha... blurring the lines of last night and today! (especially since it's now tomorrow)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

cotton, blue to green

ok, so I wear my jeans till there's nothing left of them.
errr.. remember that time my jeans finally gave out and ripped from knee to crotch at the grocery store? yeah. That was... uncool.

BUT here's something super cool I found, and I don't think it's available here in Ontario (yet). (hint hint.. someone get on this).

There's a group down state-side that collects old jeans and processes them back into cotton fibre- and then makes them into housing insulation! Such a great idea! I have a sweater that's made from the same material (recycled cotton fibres) I love it... it's so warm, and they left the colours in it, they didn't bleach out what was already there.... Mandamanda calls it "the f'n poncho". I get the feeling she doesn't like it so much.


Skull a day is coming to a close.

I dwell on things that don't really matter for far too long.

I regret words.

I regret unsaid words.

I should have had pizza for dinner.

Maybe I should be getting more sleep.

I never bothered to unpack.

I drank two cups of coffee and an extra large tea after 7pm.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No bad Karaoke

remember waaaaaaaaay back?
That year of Karaoke?

Tonight the youth group that I help with rented one of the local coffee shops and had Karaoke Bob come and run the evening for them... I was so happy. Seriously. I missed singing... I missed Bob and his wife, I missed the whole silliness of it.

Also tonight, there were some youth back who haven't been around in awhile.. including the one that finally convinced me to stick with it... he's such a great guy... one of those people that really encourages and cares about the people around him.. so refreshing after this year's group of youth... uh... youth.... if you're reading this.... I love you... a lot. Probably more than you'll ever know. But you've kinda been a pain in the butt this year.

so other than being itchy... and not feeling so great, are there any other signs of chicken pox one should look out for? I mean... if one were wondering if they had chicken pox.... just wondering.
ha ha ha... feel itchy yet?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

rain rain come again

I left my plants outside again last night... but they are still happy.
Almost as happy as me!
Why am I happy?
Because it RAINED!

Why does the rain make me happy?
Because I get to wear THESE!

This week at work we've been taking some of the guys from the vocational skills program out to rake leaves (and make a little money for them)....
I may or may not have stopped to have a photo session with my boots.

Because really... a bright spring morning, fresh from the rain, and a wheelbarrow CRY for a photo sesh!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

an apple a day. (or) how to pick up.

We live in a cute house. Unfortunately, it's for sale... fortunately it's a small town and our reputation is good (despite what landlord-from-hell may have said about us around town) So good in fact, we've had a call from another landlord, who heard about our situation, and wanted us to come and see an apartment that he has that will be available. Isn't that nice?

At small group this week somehow the topic of fruit came up. More specifically... pineapple.

I love a fresh... fresh pineapple... like, plucked from the bush that morning pineapple. However, those don't grow around here too much, so I settle for the goldens that come in. Somehow, the topic then turned to some town down south... and in this town, when the husbands went off to war, the wives who were looking to... emmm... errr... entertain lonely soldiers... would put a pineapple out on their front fence post.
Jokingly I said "that's it! That's what I've needed! I'm going shopping after work for a pineapple".
End of story.

Until I called home after work on Monday. "Bes, uh... do you have any idea why there might be a pineapple on our front step?"

I have an idea of how it got there......

How to grow community in three easy steps

Step One:: Dress like twins

Step Two :: use really big equipment, just because you have it.

Step Three:: convince your friends to put together your new Bbq!

Now... off with you... use what you've been taught.

(photo credits for the last two... KS)

Monday, April 21, 2008

a surprise

now really, the thing that's surprised me most of late...
the LACK of comments on that third picture the other day!

Bunday monday

Now, I know I've posted this one before, but I was printing out some shots the other day and saw this one... and it's so darn cute! Newer pictures coming... the camera is giving me grief right now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

playing the game.

A meme, as tagged by Amy and Fez

oh man... this sounds really boring, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book...
"Researchers had thought that the ratio of these two proteins might determine whether the gluten in a particular flour would prove to be especially elastic or extensible when kneaded. Nothing seems to have come from this hypothesis, or from the idea that the molecular weight of a subfraction of glutenin might tell the story. One scientist who has devoted a lifetime to understanding the protein in wheat thinks that typical American bread flour is simply too high in total protein to bake a proper baguette."

taken from Jeffrey Steingarten's "It Must've Been Something I Ate".
honestly, this book is SO great, I laughed and laughed reading it (you just got the driest part) AND it made me want quality food.

I'm not going to tag anyone... I'm not a party pooper... I just want to go to sleep. If you want to play too, find the closest book, turn to page 123, find the 5th sentance, post it and the next 3 sentances.

a trail of shimmering, night of two moons

Living lakeside means no end to the opportunities for photo sessions. I need to get back in the habit of carrying my camera with me...
Tonight is a full(ish?) moon... I rounded the corner into the harbour and was greeted by this giant yellow red moon, just hovering on the water. Immediately I regretted leaving my camera at home. And like a good facebooker should, I updated my status via cell to alert all I know to my blunder.
I stood and watched for a few minutes, the geese floating on the water, chasing shadows.
People were starting to look at me funny, standing in the middle of the road and all, so I kept walking, past the harbour and onto the beach.

Now, one of the best sights ever on a clam night, is that trail of shimmering that leads from the edge of the beach to the bottom of the moon. A golden path rippled with tiny waves, maybe the silhouette of the lifeguard's chair breaking the light.
Tonight did not disappoint.
I walked out of the entrance way, onto the boardwalk to see.... two moons.
Two moons connected by that shimmering trail.
The second moon a reflection of the first... but only feet away.
The beach is flooded!
I couldn't look away! I jumped down off the walk into the mushy sand to check it out up close. Not 15 feet from the boardwalk the water starts... now, it's more like a giant puddle, it's not attached to the lake, there's a rise in the sand that's keeping them separate... but, instead of 200+ plus feet of prime suntanning, there's 200+ feet of prime puddle jumping!
I may have to borrow roomie's niece tomorrow for an excuse to run around in my pretty boots in the water.

I figure it's run off water... it's been around 20 degrees the past two days, everything is melting in overdrive, at this rate, the ground frost will be gone by Wednesday.

For Babycheeks

... on the off chance he's reading::

Stuart announced today the launch of the new Vinyl Cafe website.
I have no problems with my Cbc addiction, and really, it's just a matter of time before you're hooked too.

And thank you for giving me back a microphone. I'm heart happy for it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I feel human again.
well.. like a human with a sunburn anyway.

What a perfect August day.... errr. April?

There was much love and community happening in the 'hood today, pictures and story coming soon. I need to jump into that towering bed of mine.

Friday, April 18, 2008

green babies!

ok ok, I'll admit to stealing the "green babies" moniker from Ilex. But it's such a great little name for my tiny little green sprouts!

The weather has finally turned, and after speaking with a few garden friends, we've come to agreement, that maybe the green babies can have an early start this year! I figure since I'll be doing all raised beds, the soil will be more than warm enough, and I'll just keep my eye on the weather guy to determine if the babies will need to be covered up in their beds.

Tomorrow is a sleep in morning... finally. And for some reason I agreed to a breakfast meeting with some friends ... for 8am. honestly, I think my brain must have been sucked out to have said yes to that. Anyway, fully realizing that I'm going to be a write off, I got my laundry done, and hung tonight (fresh for tomorrow's spring breeze). The little sprouts, had the evening out in the shade with me on the deck, they liked it so much, I'm sure I could have sat and WATCHED them growing!

My camera battery died this evening as I went to download the new pics, it's plugged in now... maybe if I'm not a zombie tomorrow I'll get around to showing off "the kids".

I did however get my life organized and printed out some hard copies of my favourite pics from the past year (uh... yeah... so I only JUST realized how much easier it is to go to the photo place and get them done... vs. me actually having ink in my printer) I'm going to try to find some time to stick them into a scrapbook tomorrow, nothing fancy, just pictures and stories, very little embellishment. I'll save that for when I'm manic

Also, three sightings this week (ok, in the past two days)... errr... no, I'm not back to my old ways... just a little spring feverish.
again with the kidding.

guest blogger... because today I haven't processed. (yet)

Since roomie2 doesn't have a blog of her own, and I'm always going on about how great it is to vent on here.... we've got a guest blogger...introducing:: Roomie2

So, this is my first time blogging, so thanks to my friend for letting me vent on her blog. Today I realized (but not for the first time) that just because someone has a degree doesn't mean that they're smart. I asked someone a question to which he replied " um.... I don't know", so I walked away, someone else asked him a question and he's like "um...... I don't know". Hello, sometimes you have to look into something to figure out the answer, ! ! ! !
So then about an hour later, I proceed with my work of cleaning and thought I might as well check the fridge, which you'll note has been unplugged. I open the door and what do I find, a layer or sea of blue fuzzy mold, and not just a small amount, more mold than I've ever seen in my entire life. And a little present in the door, a carton of milk that looks like it's been rained on. And just for those of you who are wondering, when mold liquefies it turns yellow and smelly, and also a blue/green fuzzy colour, which also smells. So at this point I get the cleaner out and get to scrubbing, and I'm thinking; "Who on earth would unplug this and not take the food out, " So that was the excitement for the day, hope you feel enlightened !

Thursday, April 17, 2008


so my plan was to try to the best of my ability to blog every day this year...
I seem to have fallen behind.
at this point, I'm 6 posts behind.
we'll now return to our regular blogging.
Ok, so the past two weeks have been so crazy... and made even more so by NOT writing regularly. I was having a talk with someone about writing and the therapy that it brings.. then about my thing about paper... it got complicated.
ok, I'm too scatterbrained to write right now. time for sleep.

I have cantaloupe in my hair.
I should shower.

A smattering!

sometimes, I figure a few photos are even better. These are all old photos. (because I've got my computer turned on, but I've left my camera in the car) Old photos... old stories.... good times.

I wish I had a hatch-back. don't count your chickens before they hatch. Have I posted this before? 500 ish eggs, SVFF bound.... the first batch. Hey! remember that time I got 500 eggs and we accidentally froze them all and they cracked and got lumpy? And then I had to go get 500 more? whew... that was funny.

Fynn Pants, coming in for a nose bump. I miss our old radiators, they made for beautiful pictures. I don't miss the rest of that apartment. I do miss my snow shoes... I think they are still in the garage there... working up my courage to go get them.

Some of my favourite people. Celebrating. And hugging. I like hugging and celebrating.

Comic by Natalie Dee... (I love her work). Which reminded me of two weeks ago... it was the Ganny Race. My hometown has been flooded several times in it's history. How do you cure the dirty spring blues? By commemorating the last flood with a crazy craft boat race down the river... The race is called "float your fanny down the ganny" (or, as my mom used to refer to it... "float your bum down the ganaraska river"). I saw my first fanny in the ganny this year. The water level was SO high.... the first half of the race is all canoes, of the 14 I saw before I left, only 5 or so made it past the finish line... above the water. The rest were submerged or upside down. One poor boy, he'd lost his life jacket, his paddles, his boat was upside down in the middle, the water knocking him over again and again... he'd forgotten to wear a belt. And lost his pants. I think the best part was when Pasheff held up his camera.... Bethsheff hissed at him "what if his mother is watching????" to which he replied "well, I guess it only matters if his mother watches youtube!".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

woah baby!

somehow... it's Wednesday night, and I've yet to turn on my computer for the week. (using someone else's at the moment)

I'm not sure how that's happened. This week has been a non-stop blur, somehow... I've got to make it to the weekend. If I can do that... it'll be good.

so, as I'm pretty vague here lately, and pretty scarce (which should hopefully change next week) I'll direct you to someone worth reading today. (errr... that's so three days ago).

here's to random thoughts, and baking homemade oreos.
here here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Bunday

a little slow moving today... sorry about that.
Work decided to take over my life today, then a board meeting ate the remains.
that's not totally true, a visit from Megsheff made it brighter.

Bunday Monday is on hiatus for today... maybe we'll make it Tailio Tuesday?

'Touf was feeling a little under the weather this past weekend... but he made it thru just fine, Rabbit Guy, that pineapple juice trick really works wonders! (Now I just have to figure out how to get it in him a little easier) He was up to 14 pounds last week... back down to 13 after the weekend. Though, the way he was tucking into that pile of food when I left the house, I'm sure he'll be back up in no time.

It's warming up, and I think I'll start hardening off my seedlings at the end of this week... I found a store with some pretty cheap planters today... but I'm not sure if I want to look some more.. if we're moving I want to be able to take my garden with me and not have it fall apart when I try to lift it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

new-er er

here's where I spent most of my time. ok, ok... not really... see that square field in the bottom left? that was the main corral.... hours and hours of standing in the sun teaching lessons. That big arena and I never got to hang out all that much. I was more of a "old barn" girl.
meh... I liked it better that way.
Lots of best and worst memories there.... lots.

on an unrelated note, last night there was a reunion of sorts in celebration of Hoover and Mrs.Crilly's birthdays. We ate well. And I was more than happy to have friends again.
I'm in a funk ... I think it's due to being a working weekend. I'm glad it's over.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

roofie-o (or) don't be an ass (or) turn back time some more

At 14.1 hands... Rufus was a lot of Donkey. Full Texas Mammoth Jack, with his sister Ruby, they kept us entertained ... and annoyed as anything. You know that expression "stubborn as a mule"? Rufus had it all figured out. He was probably twice as smart as any horse on the property, he drove me nuts.. .but I was totally in love with him!
I'd been asking if I could take one of the yearlings or two year olds to start them, and was turned down over and over... then PJ (my boss) offered me Rufus.
We were riding him in less than a week. I'd love to say that I was a professional horse whisperer... but really... he knew what I was going to do before I offered it to him.
One summer a friend and I spent time trying to get him ready to enter into a show jumping class... we thought it would be too funny to show up in the ring with this giant long ear... unfortunately, even with pacing poles layed out before a jump, he'd still spring straight up in the air to get over the jump... not fun to try to stay on him.. and not good enough to bring him in on the pretense of a "jumper".
le sigh

Thursday, April 10, 2008

fresh air

before I even get started.... I'm off on a tangent.

I love Fresh Air Studio. Honestly. I can't even get out of bed on a weekend if I don't hear Jeff's voice wooing me to wakefulness. If you're not from the Toronto area... try to get a listen online some morning.. you'll be heart happy you did.

tangent done.

I was going to dig out my journals today... and unpack the scanner and get to some serious reminiscing... but then the air was so fresh, and the night so still... I went for a long walk and my legs turned to jello.

I'm making jello on the weekend at work. I promised Elvis I would.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

turn back the clock.... step into... 1993

Cherry (Cherokee) and I came to the ranch the same week... she was 3 weeks old the summer she arrived.... I was 13. My parents really wanted my sister and I to find a new camp (they'd been really good about getting us to go away and try new things in the summer) we said "riding camp" and they found one... it wasn't much of a place when we went there for the first time... and my sister and I both didn't really want to go.
That is until we walked into the cabins.
The bunk-beds were 3 beds high.
That's what sold us.

Cherry was owned by the ranch till she was three, sold to a non-horse person for a year, nearly killed by their stupidity, bought back for another 3 years, then sold again to another non-horse person.. this one cared though.. and put a lot of time and training into her... she was great. Last I heard, she'd been sold again. She'd be 15 nearly 16 now. I hope she's ok.

I used to go bombing up the back fields on her mom ... a mare named Lady... she could run like NO other horse I'd ever been on. crazy.
I'm surprised I'm still alive.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my shack, your shack, and a bungalow

Other than those little picture books from growing up... the first bible story I ever learned was the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego... and the furnace. (Daniel 3 if you want to check it out).
I heard it at "the Ranch" (MCCR) and from there... ended up spending the next 10 years of my life working there. Just a summer job (for the most part) I'd start in May or June and live on the property till September wound it's way into the valley. In later years, I'd work there all seasons, teaching riding lessons in the evening, leading retreats and "horse clubs" on the weekends. All told, I figure I lived there 3 years of my life... if not more.
This past weekend at church, Scott was speaking about Daniel. The funny thing is... I'd never paid too much attention to his part of the story. And it really fit with what's going on in my own life right now. But that's not what this post is about.

Today I got an email that said the ranch had finally sold... 100 acres of memories. I tried not to cry when I read the email. That place shaped me in a huge way.... for the good, and for the bad (as is the case with life). I think I'm going to do a "time travel" week here in the Parsley Patch. Maybe dig out some old journals... lol, from back in the days before blogs.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Bunday

Hey... when are you going to let me back outta here?
It takes everything within me NOT to stick my nose right into that fat little belly.... I'm pretty sure I'd lose an eye if I snorgled that.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

ch ch ch ch changes

Life carries on.
Even when you're not paying attention.

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking. And praying. And worrying.
Cause that's what I do, and I'm really really good at it.

I'm not even going to bother writing about GTI yet... I don't know how to put into words what's going on there, or in me because of it.

But please, take a second and read Ruth's post from today.

Friday, April 04, 2008

the week end. finally

Friday night.... it's here. I'm tucking myself into bed with a hot chai, season 6 of sopranos, and a bunny...
doesn't get much better than this.

The past few days the front of the house has smelt... well, bad.
Like a rotten cabbage or bag of mushy broccoli.
Yesterday I was walking past the front flower beds and figured it out... That ornamental cabbage plant? The one that's like 5 feet tall? oh yeah, it's rotting... that smell of rotting cabbage... found.
I spent about an hour digging in the dirt.... mmmm spring stinks, but I like dirt.

a row of lettuce, the parsley, tomatoes and a few of the zucchini are up in their trays... just a few more weeks... I can hold out right?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

not much more to give.

I'm finding the day 11 and day 12 in the 12 day work week hard lately. There's a lot going on at the day job, GTI is heavy on my heart, there's ... well, there's a lot to think about right now... Then there's the youth group.
I won't say much more than that, though my roomie did refer to them as a "uterus shrinking group" after hearing about them. I will not be having teenagers. I will give them away when they reach 9 years.
I like things to go well, I like to fix things, and I like there to be no tension. If someone is upset with me, I like to work it out. However...I decided that maybe something needs to change.... I woke up in the night last night, after letting someone down in a dream... it was after about half an hour of trying to get back to sleep to "fix" it that I realized ... uh.. duh... it wasn't with real people, it didn't really matter.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

new things

if you're the praying type, send out a prayer for Trisha who's in getting her new lungs RIGHT NOW!!!!

oh.. the wonders of the blog community!


I was out walking tonight (still no stranger on the boardwalk...) and noticed something odd.. out of place.
In the front window of the Bargain!Shop (lol, I love that there's an exclamation point in it's name) was a box of children's play swords. Ok, so the swords themselves weren't out of place... it was the box, or rather, what was on the box.
YPP graphics!
In case you've forgotten, I love pirates. Actually, mostly I love PuzzlePirates, and I think they are too cute and all that.... blah blah blah (I won't bore you too much). The back of the box had PuzzlePirate Pirates on it! The graphics were a really poor quality (which is what you get when you steal an image... ) but I had to stop and stare and stare at it... not really getting it at first...

Anyway, that leads me to what I wanted to post today... a little something stolen from someone else's site.

Some of you have heard me talk a little bit about GTI... but I don't think I've written much about it. Ruth wrote something after last week that made me cry... I love GTI.
based on a real life event...
(ok, now I feel like I'm part of a hallmark movie)

(This is a real prayer request, written up by Ruth.)
My name is Lovey. I'm 29 years old, but I'm more like a 10 year old. I live in a motel.
I'm going to school to learn to read and it's a lot of fun. I'm doing really good. I have a friend who drives me to school and home again. She takes me grocery shopping and helps me read the signs and the fliers. I can afford a lot more groceries when she comes with me than when I do it alone.
My boyfriend works at a gas station and doing odd jobs. I walk dogs to help. I like to bake cookies, especially peanut butter.
Living in a motel means that my kids can't live with me. I have 3 kids. They live 2 hours away with people in my family.
I'm trying to get an apartment. It's really nice. It has 2 bedrooms and a balcony and a real kitchen, not just a hot plate and a microwave. I can afford it and the people who run the building are really nice. I filled in the application.
Please do a prayer for me that I'll get the apartment and maybe my kids can come visit me there.

**editor's note:: ok ok, thank you for the spelling check NI.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

I wish I was really good at pranks.