Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Bunday

Hungry? No, no don't get up to get me anything....

Lazy bum. Just how I felt this morning too... after you were THUMPING FOR AN HOUR last night. sheesh.

~Note:: there are a few posts below that were sitting in my brain and the draft box.

dear interwebs

I miss you.

I'll catch up soon.
I've got two posts sitting in the edit box... I want to write.. not work.
anyone want to pay me?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

It's hard not to be judgemental.
Earth Hour has come and gone, how did you spend it?

My roomie and a friend sat out with candles, playing board games... I was still brooding from a rotten brood-inducing week (not that there was any one event... there's just been a lot going on lately, and no place/space to work thru it). So, I left for my walk.

We live in the 'Burg, a little waterfront town on Lake Ontario (ha! I had more than 800 visitors to the blog this month... I figure a little back story is likely in order). We live.... 4 blocks north of the lake... no really, I just counted (2 city blocks). We have a darling little downtown... and I spend most of my free time there... downtown, or at the beach.. walking.

Anyway, it's a retirement town, there's not much here for the twenty and thirty somethings, (unless you have kids) and there are days I resent it.. but that's not what this post is about....

I went for my walk... and I watched to see who didn't turn off their lights! Don't tell me you didn't do it too!
It was a great night for a walk, not too windy, not too cold... just perfect for strangers in the night, passing on the boardwalk. Later, a pirate book by candlelight... until I realised I have like three headlamp flashlights, then life got a whole lot easier, and I decided that I'm not going to use the lights in our house at least one night a month from now on... because it was fun....

and now I'm rambling... so I'll stop.

But, stranger on the boardwalk- I walk there most nights... we should hang out.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

garden flop house

I couldn't take it anymore... I had to.
Even though the temp has still been dropping down to -14...
I started my seeds.

I'm planning on buying/building some planter boxes that I can pick up and move with when the time comes... (le sigh) So, I'm not doing a ton of plants...
just some lettuces, basil, parsley (all for the buns) zucchini and tomatoes, summer savory. The essentials.... just enough to make me feel like I'm getting into the dirt.

So, I'm sitting on the couch, seed tray on the coffee table, tucking those little seeds into their new little beds... when out of no where....

I don't know if you've ever tried to plant seeds with a large lagomorph lounging lazily on your lap... but it doesn't work so well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

anger management? (or) an eyeroll sort of day

Ok, so this week for work we've been sitting in on a two part session on dealing with conflict. Most of it was "feel good about yourself" regurgitation from Oprah and Dr.Phil ... (I'm not so much a fan)

When our break started, our ED came to the door and motioned for me to follow her... a co worker giggled and asked me if I was going to be ok (a running joke about my feeling like I'm being called to the principals office). I rolled my eyes and headed out.

And then I saw her.... A woman that I've had to deal with for work... a woman who's not the easiest to get along with... standing in the hallway. (This woman doesn't work there, I've just been working "alongside" her for a bit).
Not only was she standing in the hallway... she was fogging all the windows in the building with the steam coming from her ears, and the flames shooting from her eyes.

I took a deep breath and followed her into the meeting room...
thankful I had the upper hand....

Because I was fresh from the "dealing with conflict" course.

(insert eyeroll here)

sight and sound

It's true.... not only did I HEAR a robin on a walk this week.... I SAW one too.

Spring... your turn.

I am trying to reprioritize some things in my life right now... some of them are making me grumpy. I don't like being grumpy, it's the biggest waste of time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Because I can. I will.

I read a lot of Blogs. I'm fascinated by them.

Sometimes, I see things I like, and on the rare occasion, I copy an idea.
Today is one of those days! Aren't you lucky?

It's from The Lisa Show, a blog I started to follow a little while ago (thank you Bunny Guy for having that link!) Anyway, she linked to this pretty neat site.. and I think that each and everyone of you should go see it.... because it's FASCINATING.

Basically, in a nutshell, this site scans the interwebs for the phrase "I feel"... it also looks for photos with the caption "I feel" in it. Then it takes all these feelings... and puts them all into a little universe of their own... for you to dip your finger into and taste.


I feel like I should know about these things.....
I feel like you should know about these things too....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


so, yesterday... I was going to start my seeds for my little garden containers (easy to move when we have to go).

I just told my room mates the plan for this evening.
I'm going to sit in the arm chair and whine and pout.

It's snowing again.

travel in a not so lonely planet

I love Ian Wright. We've gone over this before.
He is the standard to which I judge all other travel hosts by (and trust- I am extremely judgemental when it comes to television).
Last night I landed on the discovery network while I hemmed and hawed over weather to have a shower or a bubble bath. (the shower won out in the end)... anyway, while I sat there, this show came on. Fabulous premise. Really. Two guys and a camera man, one year, travelling all over the place, meeting up with their various contacts around the globe. How cool is that?
Because... these boys were... well... boys! One, a dumb college boy, who acted like an overly privileged brat the whole show... the other... you could see maturing (a bit), but it was still painful (it was the first episode) but... ug, I was so upset watching it... insanely jealous that these guys had the money handed to them... so they could drink their way around the world one frat party at a time!

OK, I am unfair.

I could NOT look away. The redeeming quality? The part that made it actually... really... really good?

The camera guy. He was a genius.
I felt like I was watching an art project.
I will watch again.
With the sound off.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bunday Monday

Extras today... because I feel like it.

oops.. didn't quite get that right ... missed the sunbeam....

belly wiggle, belly wiggle
mmm, that's better

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

He is Risen, He is risen indeed!

Hope that everyone had an amazing Easter and got to share it with people they love....

***update, Fynn Pants is back to his old self... but it was 35 hours of iffy there... glad that's over!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Day of Laze....

Other than the walk and the time I spent wandering around outside on our deck... I've been enjoying a day of laze today....
How lovely...
Well, other than the worry about Fynn Pants. He's pooped a little today, and I keep pushing the watered down food into his throat.... he seems to enjoy the parsley... I have to poke him in the mouth with it till he gets annoyed- it's like I'm tricking him into eating. And I caught him trying to eat the litter today... I wonder if that's what set him off? It's the same old newspaper pellets I've always used, mixed with the pressed pellets I've always used... I don't know why he'd start eating it randomly.... it's not even a new bag.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little Fynn

silly bun has a bum tummy tonight... hasn't eaten since this morning (except what he's been forced this evening) and had a little bout of the runs earlier..... no poops since then... poor bunny!

**update Friday morning~ forced him (syringe) a few more Mls of water/food early this morning (sheesh... I've got more on me than in him) ... when I actually woke up and opened the curtains, he hopped up to the water bottle and had a short drink (first since before noon yesterday) and just finished off his second bunny treat and a sprig of parsley. Something is better than nothing.

everytime I hear bacon and pineapple in the same sentance, I think of L.Stew. (or) Mighty fine day

A day in pictures.... and moments.

Woke up, ate leftover pizza... driving into the city, a little pizza burp escapes... mmm, pineapple and bacon! "whenever I hear pineapple and bacon in the same sentence, I think of L.Stew" Roomie replies.

Lunch veggie style... brown basmati with grilled eggplant, sweet potato, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and bean sprouts... Humus, falafal and olive plate... and roomie's frothy lemonade.

I'm pretty sure every time I walk Mervish's walk of fame... I take the same picture.... seriously, I must have 10 shots of dear Gordie.

The stage... I'll admit it, I was crying at the end it was so good. And the guy who played Billy? (Jonny's cousin)... he was a lead on most of the songs... he made my ovaries hurt listening to him.... he was THAT good. I think I may write him a letter and ask him if he'd like to father my children.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T dot O dot

that's right, we're headed to the city tomorrow for a day of food, and music!
Roomie and I are going to see "Dirty Dancing".
I am super excited, and we both need a day away.
I'm hoping to get to St.Lawrence Market to pick up some (not so carbon conscious) tasty fruits and veggies, I'm SUPER hopeful to find those plantains that are close to matoke... I NEED some matoke and beans... NEED.
got that?
Plus, I know I can pick up sugar cane, and passion fruit... and I'm hopeful for a corsol too.
I'll let you know how it goes....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Bunday!

Happy St.Patrick's day everyone!

'Touf seems to have had too much Guinness....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

more lovin'

Know what else I love about small town living?
The town planners are allowed to have a sense of humour.

I'm only sad that there's no house with the number 7 on any of the corners.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


sometimes, I have to deal with bizarre people for work.

Today was one of those days where, by the end of it, I'd wished it was on tape... just to see the parts I might have missed.

And... well, there was good ridiculous, and "make me want to hit you in the face I can't believe you're this person" ridiculous.

Friday, March 14, 2008


ok, another not so swift moment, brought to you by the letter "Me".

So, as I was walking home yesterday in the snow... 'cause the snow has been mid calf this week... I was thinking of global warming. And I was thinking... "hmmm, no one's talking about global warming this week now are they?" Not like in November and December, when there was no snow...
Then I was being thankful that I live where I do.... 'cause I'm North... and North=Up... and Up=safe from flooding. right? (I was thinking that as I walked down the street)
I was thinking about how I was lucky that I don't live by the ocean... so my community won't be underwater if there's ever serious flooding (I was thinking that while I walked up my driveway).
Then, as I took off my boots in my front porch, and watched the fog roll in off the lake... I remembered....

(Do I even need to finish that thought?)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

slowly slowly

ok... it's taken me HOW long to figure this out?

I like to purchase the odd item online. However, being North of that USofA place = not the best chances of me being able to cope emotionally with the cost of cross border shopping when it comes down to crossing the border.

It has however, only taken me 3 years of my father renting a variety of places in the sunny South, before I made the connection that ... yes indeed, he can be my habit mule.

Thanks dad :) there are three pairs of cute rain boots on their way to your apartment in the next week or so.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pony cart

I've asked for a pony for Christmas countless times.
I've had two in my life, one was given to me (to use) and the other I paid for (when I should have been buying textbooks).

I need another.

Because when you dish money out for your horse, at least it loves you in return... not like my car. My car shows me no love.

I prayed my car into the parking space at Canadian Tire this afternoon.

Last night, my battery light came on... in G-Town. Scary. I prayed it home. Then I prayed it to work last night, then prayed it home this morning... and prayed it back to work. Really and truly, it should not have gone as far as it did, but I had no choice, working two jobs demands it.

I left the office with the dashboard lights fading, I got to the halfway point and the ABS light came on.... I pulled into the parking lot and my air bag light lit.... I pulled into a parking space AS the car stalled.

Yes, it was the alternator, yes, the battery died too, and yes, the brakes went crazy as I left the repair shop... and yes, my radio is no longer functioning.

thankfully, they took my car back and fixed the brakes (snow caused it to seize.. meaning the ABS were stuck on) without a charge... (car repair lady is hero of the week) but they don't have the code for my radio... so I have to try to get that from the dealer tomorrow.

I stood in Crappy Tire and tried my very best not to cry.

well... I guess it's a good thing that I have two jobs.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the good news and the bad news

good news....
I get a new bed to sleep in at work

bad news...
I think my car may remain at work without me in the morning.. I'm pretty sure the alternator blew on my way home from the board meeting.

good news...
I had a bored meeting, but was productive and... was nice to see everyone again.

bad news...
I carpooled for half the trip, the driver drove 30 most of the way.

good news...
I got to go to a (really interesting concept) drumming course for work today. And got to see a cutie boy I hadn't seen in years, who just happened to be running the teaching portion of the event.

bad news...
The individual I took didn't like loud noises, so we only participated in about a quarter of it.

good news...
I'm the number one search for both fresh parsley AND parsley seasonings, and I didn't do anything this week to push it. how lovely.

good news....
Since dad is in the USofA, I'm getting cute new rubber boots mailed to him, and he'll bring them home to my feet.

there are others... but I'm ready for bed.

Monday Bunday

Back when they were lovers, not haters.

I'm not really sure what's going on with these two. I separated them back when 'Touf hurt his foot, about a month ago. They've been groweling at eachother since then. I need to set up a space where they'll both have good footing ('Touf falls over like crazy on this hardwood stuff) so they can work it out safely.... They're both so depressed without eachother... but lunging at eachother if one hops by. This is dumb.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

to answer a question

Manda asked :: "did you win the SF?"

yes, in fact I DID win the SF.

though, I wonder if you get to call it sword fight if you're using a stick?

Tonight I was climbing into bed and remembered my laundry was still downstairs. (obviously I'm not in my bed now if I'm writing) I'm down to one pair of unholey jeans that are comfortable (I'm going to be doing a lot of crouching tomorrow), so I sent a txt message downstairs to roomie. See, I figure a txt message is a little less intrusive then me hollering down the stairs at her... and since I have to walk thru her room to get to the laundry... I figured I'd better see if she was still awake.

She txted back "no prob" and I wandered (in the dark) thru the living room, into the kitchen and headed down the stairs.

Once in the laundry room though... I couldn't find my clothes.

I stood in the middle of the room looking around, then walked out, confused look on my face.

"Your laundry is already upstairs" Roomie said.
Blank look.
"I didn't think I'd brought it up yet" (absolute terror setting in at this point... I'm losing my mind!)
"I brought it up for you, it's beside your bedroom door, I just figured you meant your jeans were somewhere else."

sure enough, when I went upstairs, I nearly tripped on the basket... don't know how I missed it before.

1) I have a thoughtful roommate
2) we should get an intercom
3) I need infrared glasses

Saturday, March 08, 2008

spring ahead

for those of you living "this side" (errrrr, well... except those of you in SK who refuse to join in the game)

Don't forget to change your clock before you go to bed.
I was told tomorrow (or tonight, depending on when you change your clock) is a great time to change your smoke detector battery.

Last night I decided to pirate... it's been awhile, and I'd been missing my crew. The smoke detector started to go off... I didn't even bother to look up.... I finished my sword fight, THEN checked to see if the house was burning down.

Friday, March 07, 2008

from the yoot files

Another random youth story.. but first, some house keeping.

- Pontouf Pony has achieved full litter box training! yeah! no more Bunny beans on the floor (except those he inadvertently kicks out of the box when he leaps for joy).

-41 hits today, none of them are labeled as searches for "bum sex". soooooo... I don't know what that's about. (4 were for "fuzzy tongue" again).

-Fantastic concert tonight, no songs dedicated to moi, but my request was granted. PLEASE check out Nathan Rogers, (son of the late great Stan Rogers) you won't regret it.
all of you.

- Bulk barn has their "petite eggs" on sale (not to be confused with mini eggs) I have eaten far too many of them this week... and plan on continuing until they run out for the season. Thankfully Easter is soon.

-I can barely lift my arm.... I did the time warp entirely too many times today. Ok, it's the "hunch-back arm toss" thing that's done me in.

Right right, story time.

So, I'm with the youth the other night, and there's a group of the girls sitting with me, talking about random issues and food preferences. One of them pipes up....
Girly:: I'm a vegan
Me:: really? but... (quizzical look)
Girly:: I'm a vegan
Me:: you don't eat meat and meat products? What are your thoughts on leather?
Girly:: huh?
Me:: do you wear leather? (looking at her boots)
Girly:: NO! I'm against leather.
Me:: Well... aren't your boots leather?
Girly:: no, no... (checking tag) see, it says here they are suede.
Me:: Oh..... so no meat products?
Girly:: well, I don't eat much meat.
Me:: uh, I think Vegan means you don't eat meat or meat products....
Girly:: oh.... what is it when you can't drink milk?
Me:: lactose intolerant?
Girly:: yeah, that sounds right.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pretty clean for a Blues concert (or) wait, was that a response to yesterday's post?

To younger readers:: you should probably skip this one.

Last night the Sheffs and I headed to Ptbo for an evening of fine bluesman and uke skills.
As usual, we weren't disappointed.
Now... I've had a song or two dedicated to me in the past, and I always wonder what exactly it is that leads someone to dedicate a song...
You can smile and laugh along at an inside joke, raise an eyebrow and wonder at the message... OR sink under the table... turned beet red...
Manitoba now leads the pack with a two for two in the "sink under the table" category.

He started with, "I'd like to dedicate this song to L.Bo" (well... except he didn't call me L.Bo). Then he began to set up the song with a little story. Man is locked out of the house by his wife/girlfriend, he's banging on the back door in the freezing cold barnyard begging to come back in.
"let me in/ let me in/ I've been banging at your back door/ when you gonna let
me in?"

He then stops his story about this couple... interrupting himself. (note:: this isn't word for word... as I was pretty much trying to hide under the table the second he paused) "Now, it was after I recorded this, that a friend of mine pointed out that maybe this song had another meaning, and sounded a little bit like some guy in a couple, asking, as some couples in a relationship might, to try out a little rear door entry in the bedroom".
room erupts into laughter.
I die.

after it was all said and done, Mo pipes up
"best song about bum sex I've ever heard"

again with the dieing.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

snow day conversations

(this one's a long one... sorry)
(I love snow days)

Bess says:
in answer to your question... it's a hybrid. Not to be confused with the Liger. it's a Liamb

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
'cause its been a bit of a debate

Bess says:
there's no debate... only DNA evidance. March gave birth to a Liamb

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
most people who were snowed in last night are saying that it counts as lion and that we having nothing but goodness to look forward to

Bess says:
now, the resulting offspring won't be able to mate... sooooo... I don't know where that leaves us, but I'm fully confidant that the month will end with something like a Laon

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
i think it all means that Jesus is coming back before next march

Bess says:

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
and i'm fine with that

Bess says:
I'd better mail you your christmas gift then

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
and i'd better get married - i just don't want to die a virgin

Bess says:
ditto... maybe if I post this, we'll both pick up?

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
i was just going to start hanging around seminaries

Bess says:

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
but you can still post it

schenectady: so what was it? lion or lamb? says:
maybe seminary people read your blog

Bess says:
we can only hope.

Death By Sweater

I love my bed.
I love Sweaters.
The two are pretty much made for each other.
Snuggle up on the bed, giant sweater embracing me.
Bunny by my feet.
Tea in my hand.
What could be better?

Well.. for one, the ability to friggin BREATHE!

I was wearing my favourite cowl necked sweater, laying on my bed, watching a movie... I'd never before paired this sweater with a snuggle in bed... and was sorely disappointed. In order to see the movie, I had to pull the neck of the sweater down... but when I did that... it would choke me... so I'd pull it up again.. and see only the top half of the TV.
Now, anyone else would get up and put on another sweater... no no no, not I.
I was too warm, and enjoying my show entirely too much.
I think I may need to go for some testing, the oxygen level to my brain was severely impaired.

cudos to Be-Bop with his txted answer to yesterday's post about Tokyo.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is that AM or FM?

I had one of my favourite people over for supper last night. I often joke that "when I grow up" I want to be just like her.

While we were chatting, the topic of "inappropriate" came up... we've all experienced it... (remember Mr.RovingHands?)

One of my favourite people (who happened to be over for supper)(as mentioned above) had a term that I'd never heard of... when she finally explained what it meant, I laughed so hard I started to cough... and hurt.

any guesses on the "hello Tokyo" move?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Bunday Monday

a little slow in posting..

I don't know if I've used this one yet. I'm too lazy to take a picture tonight, it's been a busy day.
Poor little Fynn Pants, how are you going to get back down?

mmm.. I love my tall bed. I wish I could go to sleep in it right now... (I got a new Duvet cover on the weekend) (oh yes, a weekend of shopping).

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I'm hoping the weather stays cool.

At least until I can figure out what to do with the two frozen turkeys in my trunk.

a little corner of my desk at work... it made me laugh all week. I think I'll start buying myself flowers to keep that water bottle in action... (no fear, I have two others)

The other corner of my desk... also makes me laugh. (Thanks Jenny for the talking button... you have NO idea how often someone comes to the desk and asks to hit it... they need the "pick-me-up" I guess!) (hit the link for your own shot of self esteem boosting funny).

I don't know why I'm posting about my desk at work... that's the last thing really that I want to be thinking about on a Sunday morning!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

where the bungalows roam....

Another snow storm.....
Another concert at the gallery...

I'm seeing a trend.

So last night I was REALLY really really looking forward to that concert. I (small case) love Jim Bryson... as in, if he's near by, I'll go see him... maybe even on my own. Last night was part of his forever ongoing release concerts for his most recent CD (also available on vinyl... too funny)

In all honesty... I didn't even "small case love" the concert. And that's a first for something held at the gallery... for me anyway.

But, see I liked the music, I even liked the other artist's music.. I just didn't really like HER. She kinda ruined it for me. She had this - I don't know - bipolar attitude about the evening that just left me confused, and pulled the life out of the non-music portions of the evening. One minute saying how she loved the laid back attitude of the space... and the next out rightly complaining that we were an unresponsive audience (not really true, she just thought she was really sarcastically funny... and every joke sort of died.. because, well, it wasn't a joke, more of a comment with raised inflection at the end to make it sound like a question.) Then there was this weird unprofessional attitude ownership of the space, yelling at the host over the mic to get things for her... it just left me uneasy.

Jim himself was quirky as usual, but low key... But I didn't care. Because I "small case love" Jim Bryson.