Wednesday, July 18, 2012

eureka (or) Jelly on the floor

I hadn't been to a NukeO jam since before Christmas because of my work schedule, so I decided to play hooky from a meeting that was happening on my random Tuesday night off... It was lovely to sit and strum with the group... I really do miss it.
I was driving home from NukeO with Bethfield telling her about my dream from Monday night and the strangeness of Jellydog ending up on the floor...

I told her about the two episodes worth of Dr.Who and how that was just a subplot to the real main dream, a play. I was trying to convey just how much detail I remember from my dreams.

"close your eyes, open them, blink them shut... all the detail you just saw? I see every bit of that detail in my dreams, I even remember the colour of people's shorts." Each scene... It's all there.

Then I started to laugh.

I figured out how Jelly ended up on the floor... and why she is so pissed off at me, sitting with her back to me and shying away (more than usual... her bad eyesight makes her flinch at every movement)

I'd been focusing on the time travel portion of the dream.. the subplot.
The dream was actually about a group of people putting on a play in an old gym/ fitness centre.

When I told Bethfield about the colour of people's shorts, I had a flash back to part of the play rehearsal/dream where I was to carry a child from the iron bistro table at the back of the room to the front stage for a musical number with people in painter's outfits. Only, I couldn't get the child to cooperate, so I grabbed a blue blanket and wrapped up this wriggly fawn coloured pug instead.

It was heavy.
and wouldn't stop wiggling.
So I just dumped it on the floor, and worried about my next lines.

I'm so sorry Jelly.
It's a really tall bed.

Meanwhile, Beth has me concerned that I'm now sleepwalking in addition to grinding the hell out of my teeth. She recommends I have a watcher at night.
I wonder if I should be sending some inappropriate txts as invitations.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm feeling a little overrun with guilt this morning.
Last night's dreams resulted in enough material for 2 episodes of Dr.Who. Seriously, do dreams need to be this complex? After I helped send that woman back to the victorian age-  having taken over this other girl's mind- why didn't she record what had happened to her so we'd know what to do to help her in the future? And why didn't I study history better?

On waking I discovered that Jellydog wasn't in bed with me.

She was in bed with me when I fell asleep.

So, one of two things happened:

1. I got up in the night and put her down on the ground. I don't remember this. I only remember petting her as I fell asleep.

2. I pushed her out of the bed.

 (oh, did I mention I have to jump to get on my bed? Little pooch can't get up or down on her own, and she won't willingly go near the edge of the bed)

Sorry dog, time travel is dangerous business.

Monday, July 16, 2012

a little giddy (a long one)

I switched to using my trusty camera last week, I want to avoid the washed out look my pictures have when I use my camera phone.

Sadly, I left the camera out yesterday when I left for work, and only just noticed it now... The next morning.
In the camp chair.
In a puddle in the camp chair.

Water ran out of it when I picked it up. I can see full on droplets in the viewing screen, and behind the lens. It turned on though! I think the inner workings were protected, and I've got it sitting in a bowl of rice on the counter.

I think I'm going to need to keep a bag of rice handy dedicated to the revival of items I've allowed to get wet. Because right now? I don't have any rice for eating left.

Anyway, garden update!

I built another raised bed yesterday. This one is only 2x5...or 6? I didn't measure. When you have power tools... you don't have to measure anymore, I figure. *

Anyway, it was too hot to build the damn thing, but I had a load of dirt in the trunk of my car** that I needed to take out- gas is expensive these days- and I had nowhere else to put it. So, I dripped and dripped and built the stupid thing. *** Loaded the dirt in, and moved two of the orphaned tomato plants (from the Tomato Lady in Port Hope... look her up next spring... 72 varieties at the market!) I think they were a Paul Robson and a Black Cherry... but I forgot to put the tags out when I planted them.
They'll be much happier there. When I dug them up out of their temporary home, I realized that 6 inches down under them- there's some sort of large boulder or cement running the length of the fence line.**** And now with the new bed I'm actually at 92 square feet of garden...

So... garden excitement?! (interrobang)
The strawbale tomato garden finally caught this weekend. It takes a while for plants to get established in the bales (no soil.. just composting bales) But once they do... look out! Two of the plants doubled their size since Saturday! *****  The later planted strawbale toms even look like they've caught, which is crazy, because they've only been in there 2 weeks.
More excitement?
Garlic is nearly ready to harvest, 3 stages of beets in the ground, Chard is still going strong, tiny toms are COVERED in fruit, Peppers are coming on, Eggplants are growing, there are BEANS on the tower, carrots are more than 3 bites now, lots of flowers on the soy, brussles sprouts are getting tall- and I can see lots of little baby sprouts growing up the stalk.****** First ground cherries have dropped, onions are fist sized, and the tomatillos are looking like cute little lanterns... and ... and ... the grossille tomatoes have their first pinkish fruit! And I'm eating raspberries.

good thing I don't have a full sized farm.
Now, off to update the 1000 lb challenge page.

*Every time I turn on the saw, a neighbour comes to check on what I'm doing. I don't think they trust me. Or maybe I haven't desensitized them enough? It's been a long time since I borrowed the air gun....

** Don't you put loads of dirt in the trunk of your car? The washing machine repair guy at work thought I was nuts.

*** It only took 10 mins to build! The last one took me nearly an hour- thank you power saw and drill!

****Old houses are weird.

***** They've nearly caught up to the garden bed Toms.

******Sort of an experiment, as I keep having to take leaves off one side of the plants to keep space for the soybeans. Next year I'll put the Sprouts over in the far end of the new bed to give them some space.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

summer haiku

It is hot outside
Everyone is complaining
So am I, it's hot

Monday, July 09, 2012

Beepity beep beep beep.

Sometimes my thoughts are so fleeting (flitting?) that in the time it takes for me to compose a thought, and open the computer.... it's gone.

That just happened. Luckily (?) I was reminded 27 seconds later.

Every 46 seconds the smoke detector beeps.
I've changed the battery.
I've blown the dust from it.
I've vacuumed it.
I've even tried a second brand of batteries....
to no avail.

It's been a week of trying, and last night I decided that I'd had enough... I was going to go buy a replacement. I took it off the wall, took the battery out... and 4 seconds later


from somewhere on the other side of the room.
From somewhere deep in the pile of boxes that I need to sort.
The boxes of goodness knows what.

There's nothing wrong with my smoke detector... there is however, something wrong with the smoke detector I had in my room on Ball St. that I packed away and never found again....

Sunday, July 01, 2012

oops. (or) mondays might get busy

it may have been the Canada Day parade today.
i may have decided that next year we'll be adding a pride component.

the float in front of us may have been the poetry group, but the float in front of that one may have been Northumberland's new roller derby group.
i may have been watching "Whip It" non stop.
thank god, my Monday nights are free.

how's G.I. Georgette for a name? name variations to play with - L.Bo, elbow, marie, Bess, Georgette
oh geeze, i'm so excited about the idea.

Awesome things this weekend: Parades, bottles of poor choices, family friends, burgers, campfires, parties, late nights. Oh Canada.