Sunday, December 31, 2006

two hours and eight minutes remain

that's all that's left of this year.
Guess what... it's ending exactly as it started. Big surprise.

This year has brought a lot with it... I don't know that I've bothered to take the time to process it all... so, my one and only resolution... take the time and think about it all.

ummm... and maybe redesign the blog.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


so it's not word for word, but it's pretty close.... and I'm still laughing a day later

"Maybe it's just me... but adding instant vanilla pudding mix to a recipe seems very anti-Amish"

hee hee hee

Friday, December 22, 2006


So, the last minute rush is on us.
Who will survive?
I'm pretty much done, I think I have some underwear left to buy... maybe one other thing... but other than that... there's just the wrapping.

Last night I was at a gathering with good people, good food and good wine, the topic of Christmas was our centrepiece of the evening. We talked about favorite gifts, our favorite memories and other things that make this season "Christmas" to us.

I love wrapping Christmas gifts... it has got to be one of my most favorite memories of Christmas. Now, I may not be a GOOD wrapper of presents, but it's what goes WITH the wrapping. The secrecy and good feelings knowing you've gotten something that someone needs.
Growing up my parents wrapped up their gifts to one another to go in their stockings... keep in mind that for quite some time, their stockings were each a leg out of an old pair of jeans (you can fit lots of pairs of socks and underwear in there!). Somewhere along the line they started writing silly little sayings as hints to what the packages might hold. Things like "wee wee wee all the way home" or "for the little piggies" for a pair of socks, or "the better to beat your children with" for a wooden spoon set (ok, so that one was my own example.. I don't think ever they used that).
I loved helping out with that time, coming up with witty and cheesy phrases to keep the guessing game clever. Several times this year I've found myself making up little lines as I've walked through the stores...
3 sleeps left... I'd better start wrapping.

Is there anyone interested in walking really slowly around the OC tomorrow night with me?
it's fun ticking off the busy shoppers ;)

Monday, December 18, 2006

not only....

not only is the math not perfect... but I miscounted... and forgot to check one...
[x] said "y'all"

making a total of 8... not 6 for that section....
27% City
72% Country...

still doesn't add up, but now I'm opposite to BabySheff.

Perhaps you've noticed

So I was out with the boys and Naomi last night, (We went to see Persuit of Happiness) and we ended up at Timmys.
(ahhh, just like the old days....)

VanDan was in the middle of trying to tell us something when it hit me... no, they didn't hit me, I was hit by realization. There on my cup was a terrible accident waiting to happen. Suicide even!
In that lovely wintry scene with sledders and puppies... there was a couple ready to take their own life! It's true... with smiles on their faces, a snow couple (Mr. and Mrs. Snowman) were about to down two steaming hot cups of some beverage.... thus ending their lives....
Who sanctioned this?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

ok, so the math isn't perfect.

I'm 27% City
66% Country.....
your turn

How CITY are you?
[x] I've been to Starbucks more than once in my life
[ ] I link arms whenever I walk with someone
[ ] I shop at AE, A&F, or HCO
[x] I own 2 or more polo shirts
[x] I will never be caught without my cellphone
[ ] I straighten or blow dry my hair on a daily basis

[ ] I wear flipflops no matter what the weather
[ ] I own an oversized pair of sunglasses
[ ] I own 1 or more pairs of ripped jeans
[x] I layer my shirts
[ ] I will do anything to get the best Myspace pic
[ ] I had a "Myspace mirror pic"

[ ] When I'm not drinking starbucks I prefer water
[ ] I get annoyed with tom-boys
[x] I own an oversized bag or purse
[ ] I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach
[ ] My new addiction is two a days
[x] I say "lol" in every sentence of every online conversation
[ ] I own tight jeans

[ ] I wear large necklaces
[ ] I own an iPod/mp3 player
[x] The internet = survival
[ ] one of the sports I play/played is football,Baseball,Basketball
[x] have 5 or more pairs of shoes

[ ] I have said "lol" in a real conversation
[ ] I love shopping
[ ] I shop whenever I have a chance
[ ] I own a bathing suit that cost 100 dollars or more
[x] I have watched the Simple Life

***add x's and multiply by 3 and put "I'm % city***

How COUNTRY Are You?

have you...

[x] ridden a horse
[x] owned a horse
[ ] owned land
[x] been 4wheelin
[x] said "ain't"
[ ] been cow-tipping
[ ] been deer hunting
[x] been swimming in a lake
[x] caught a fish
[ ] seen a deer get skinned
Total: 6

You ...
[x] have worked on a ranch or on land
[x] have lived in a house in the middle of nowhere
[x] have went swimming in a river
[x] driven or have owned a truck
[ ] own a rebel flag
[x] like to fish
[ ] have a funny accent... or thats what people tell you
[ ] own/owned a pair of cowboy boots
[ ] own/owned a cowboy hat
[x] own/have owned a big dog
[ ] sometimes say "y'all"
[x] have gotten made fun of for sayin "y'all"
Total: 6

You also...
[x] cuss when you're mad
[ ] have dipped/dip snuff
[x] go to church on sunday
[ ] owned/own a bird dog
[ ] have riddin a horse to somewhere in town (NOT YET!!!! ON THE LIST)
[x] have gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch
[x] have eaten deer meat
[x] have shot a gun
[ ] own a gun
[x] have parked your vehicles in the yard
Total: 6

[ ] have gone shopping...for a gun
[ ] get the kids in your family a toy gun for christmas
[x] wear long sleeves even in the summer (AT THE RANCH)
[x] know what stirrups are
[x] have fed the deer
[x] Swam in a watering trough
Total: 4

***add x's and multiply by 3 and put "I'm % country

Friday, December 15, 2006

and you thought I had a problem?

looks like everything's going to the birds.

yeah... there's such a site....

not so much a trial

I wanted to do a test run of Beta Blog... but no such luck, it's a do or die situation.. they are phasing out the old and slllllllloooooowly forcing us into this new one. I checked out the info they had, and it's just a matter of time till the old-school blogger is dust.

so, let's give it a whirl shall we?

what do I see that's new???? the layout on my dashboard is ugly. and I now have a choice of making labels for each post.. that I am looking forward to. Time stamp layout is different.

picture upload the same... just about... hmmm. not much new here.
spell check updates.... very very good. It even includes the word "Blog" and "Blogger" this time..

ok.. it'll do

Thursday, December 14, 2006

back to work

So, at one point today at work, I wished nothing more than that I were a smoker.

Just so I could hang out with our behavoural theripist some more.

She's the best.

On an unrelated note:: I'm on the waiting list for a flemish giant baby in the spring. This is very exciting. And you thought Norty was big....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


ok. The other title I played with was "inverted".

you know those 3D image things.. the ones where you have a repeated pattern on the page and you have to stare at it until the image pops out at you?
I have a love hate relationship with them.
I remember wasting an entire day in my teens staring at a calendar someone had gotten for Christmas, crossing and uncrossing my eyes till I was dizzy. Then finally I saw something.
It was a vase.
But it just looked like a cut out of a vase. I couldn't figure out why people were so excited about the stupid picture. It didn't look that to me.
Last week I was looking at calendars (it is Christmas afterall... Everyone needs a calendar) and I ran across another of the 3D picture collections. I mentioned to the person I was with, my disappointment in the image... Who wants to see a cut out? They advertise that these images "POP RIGHT OUT AT YOU"... Well, no.. They don't. She started to laugh .... Apparently I'm seeing them backwards. Instead of popping out, they are punched in...
Last night I sat at the computer experimenting... And lo and behold... She was right... I practiced looking at a basic one (a ball) and it was concave, I tried to look at a more detailed one (a kyaker) and it made no sense (by it's outline).

This morning, I decided I'd post about my frustration, I started to write, and thought, well... I'd better find an image to go along with it... I found one. And for some reason... This morning, (maybe it's the lack of sleep) I can see it "POPPING RIGHT OUT AT ME". I'm going to go try the kyaker again.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I found a site with an episode index... mmmmm. floaty.
I don't know if I've ever posted my "life list". I know I refer to it often enough, and make additions to it everytime I think of something cool... One that has been on the list since it's inception, one that came to me after countless hours of midnight shifts in the group home... After countless re-runs of Andrew Younghusband's "Tall Ship Chronicles".
I loved that show.... It came on an hour after everyone was in bed, an hour before I needed to get moving on the chores, during the time of night where you won't fall asleep if you sit down.
Andrew traveled on the Picton Castle... And each week I jumped aboard with him.. I was there... Scrubbing those decks, exploring those crazy places, delivering school supplies to hard to reach communities... Grumpy at Captain Dan if he made "us" work too hard, wincing with pain as Andrew and others got their boar's tooth tattoos... Hungry when the weevils ate all their pasta... Ok.. I was addicted. (mmmm, he's adorable too)
I think that show might have put the pirate bug in me....

I heard on the radio yesterday that someone was swept overboard off the Picton Castle.
I hope they don't stop their sailing programs...
pray for the young woman too, they say she has a 36 hour window for survival, the water is warm there... I hope they find her.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Even though it's a small town... It amazes me the people we have here....

Had some interesting conversations this week with some incredibly interesting people... I like this place.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a gooder

You know it's a good birthday when you come home and there's your very own Charlie Brown real Christmas tree sitting on your dresser in a jar....

I love the smell of Christmas trees.

Thanks to all you birthday-type people for making this a great day!

woot woot! I'm getting a hair cut!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


And Natalie Dee is always right....

""I just don't like the colour... I'm not racist about my tapioca or anything""
~overheard in the parking lot of the OC
you know who you are.

so is L.Stew.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

when I grow up

Last night I attended my first Christmas party of the season...
first, let me say- I LOVE the woman who put it on... She's got to be one of my most favorite people ever. She has this way of making every person feel so important. *sigh* I want to be her when I grow up.

The party was lovely, low key, good food, good friends, good drinks, good conversations. A group of people so different in so many different ways- I can't imagine that they would come together so well, except that we have something huge in common. Yes. I'm talking Shelter Valley again. A few people asked me what the count was till next year's festival... And I had to admit that I hadn't been keeping track.... I told them that once the countdown to Dolly's return was done.. Then I'd consider it.
17 days.

There was one thing that made me a little sad at the party... I was wished "happy holidays" and "Happy Merry" on several occasions... I understand that there are many people out there who aren't comfortable with the Christmas story, or who have different beliefs... But.... It's a celebration of Christ... I don't get it...

I got a chance to meet some of the hard working folks who got things done, but whom I hadn't had a chance to interact with (because this year's festival was a little different)... Seriously:: What a gifted group of people. I'm REALLY excited about some of the conversations I had with three people in regards to the "Drama Club" that I'm starting thru work... Two of the people in particular had some great ideas and said they were more than willing to be resources to us as we get this program off the ground.

::this is the one thing that is getting me excited about my return to work.

It was yet another fantastic night at the Benson homestead. One of my top 3 anticipated events each year.

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's like a kick in the pants...

.... When I refuse to extend grace to someone, and God uses me anyway. Maybe not so much a kick in the pants, but it makes me stop, take a second and re-examine my actions.

This morning when I got home, my landlord was parked badly AGAIN. Now, this is a person who for some reason, can't figure out the dementions of the vehicle she's in, and has on a number of occasions hit the house, the garage, and other people's cars... There's only space for two cars in the driveway... It's long so more could fit, but there would have to be some serious car shuffling to get out. Currently, my car has to park partly in the garden in order for there to be a huge space for the landlord to park her car... Not that my car is in the way... However, she's taken to parking in the middle of the driveway during the day so I have no parking space, or no way to get out. It's quite frustrating, as it only takes a second or two to park properly, while it takes a few minutes for me to find her to move the vehicle, and then she gets grumpy.... blah blah blah.

So, today when I got home and saw the van taking up both parking spaces a few thoughts went thru my mind. I considered going in and getting her to move it- short term pain, long term gain. I considered parking around the corner- the gracious thing to do... And I considered parking and blocking her in- that's the one I wanted to do most. And I wanted to park there.. And go have a shower, effectively blocking her until I was finished, running on MY timeline, thereby teaching her a lesson once and for all!!! MoooWA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

I sat at the end of the drive for a few minutes... Listening to CBC, the car running, debating.
I couldn't do it, and I drove around the corner ashamed at how awful I wanted to be.

As I was getting out of my car the little guy who lives next door (cutie pie 2 year old) toddled out from behind his parent's truck.... And started to walk down the road! I followed him and herded him closer to his house, trying to coax him back to his yard... But also trying to frighten him to his yard (don't want him trusting random people on the road!) He wasn't interested in going back in the least... I didn't want to pick him up, or take him by the hand... (the whole randoms issue) so I started talking really loud asking where mommy was, hoping she'd hear me... A few moments passed before she came to the door and saw me (this was at least 4 mins total that he was loose) she came out to say hi, and I let her know I had her little guy with me on the other side of the fence.... Panicked she rushed over and got him, ultra thankful that I'd been there to stay with him... And ultra ticked at daddy who had left the gate open and disappeared himself!

I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief that I'd been there right when I had,
and I wasn't annoyed with my landlord anymore either...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Some people shop in the city at their favorite Deli... searching for that perfect cut of roast, or that smokiest of meats.... give me a deli any day and every day.

There are few things I enjoy more than a freshly cut slice of Mock Chicken....

I know... sick.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I wonder where they were shopping? And... Why were they purchasing that?

Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend I rarely see since moving back south.
I always enjoy her company.
I also sometimes wonder at what's going on in her head. (I love you Eh-Tan-Yo)
Tonight we were browsing in some stores in the Petes, and she was catching me up on the in-town news::

"X and Y are pregnant! X decided to go off the pill... Turns out Y is allergic to spandex, they were pregnant pretty quick."

I didn't bat an eye.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm a little more at ease.
Apparently fake trees are mostly recyclable. AND, when you cut down a real tree there's a rumor that they have to plant three more.
Anyone know where I can find the references to both of those?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blubber laugh blubber

I was just sitting in my car laughing and crying at the same time.
There's a couple of different reasons I guess, and sometimes they bubble to a head and pop out of you. There's no control then, just emotions. Messy sometimes aren't we?

I had a lovely family dinner with the MackAttacks tonight, that left me smiling.
Next stop, x-mart. And "the tree" -
::The reason I just sat in my car blubbering.
Am I happy and confused by the fact I'm helping to save the planet (somehow?) by purchasing a non-degrading plastic product? Sad that my house won't smell like pine? Upset that I've broken a promise to myself and purchased yet another large product from x-mart? Discouraged by the fact I can't do anything without someone's help? All of the above.. And...

So, I'm in x-mart and I'm passing the seasonal section. I've been talking for awhile about getting a tree, and today I spot one that fits the bill perfectly. I go to put the box in my cart and realize I'm not going to be able to do it... Not because it's heavy, not because it's up high... But because the Dr. Says NO LIFTING.
I find myself a nice young lad in a blue apron and get his help. Blue apron lifts the box with one hand and puts it in the cart. He looks at me kind of funny as I walk away.
I head to the cash and ask for help with carry-out. The cashier looks at me kind of funny, but makes the call when she sees the "team carry" sticker on the box. And so I wait. And I wait. And I wait. After 10 mins (no joke) I ask the cashier to make the call again. After 5 mins I walk to the Service desk and ask them to make the call. After 5 mins I'm starting to feel like I'm going to faint if I have to stand much longer... I start to turn pale, and I'm sweating... Great... I'm going to faint.... And then....
Then a young man walks up to me and asks if he can help.
As we walk to the car he tells that he and his girlfriend have been standing at the service desk for the past 10 or so mins. "short staffed I guess" he says... We reach my car and I open the door for him to put the tree in the back seat, he glances at the "team carry" sticker, and before I can say something, reaches with both arms braced for a heavy load.... And nearly flings the box over his head.
"It's pretty light" he laughs, and then heads back to the store....

sometimes there are some super people

the other sheff

ok, so I don't have a picture of Emmy, but I do have this lovely picture of PaSheff cooking a turkey for some Germans.

And if you click HERE, you can see the (currently) most famous of the Sheffs (I couldn't link to the picture for some reason today... sorry about that.

Monday, November 20, 2006

doubt me?

There was some question as to the photo of pig n'bun. Yes, that's a real pig. Yes, that was a real bun. And finally, yes, that was Nort. He was big. And fat.

This was the day he got his hoodie. He was quite proud of it.
in the contemplation process of whether or not to find a new bunny love, I've got to put into consideration the large bag of terrier sized clothing.

just when you need to... they stop you

This one's for crilly.

uh. click the picture.

Friday, November 17, 2006


One of the things I'm finding difficult about being off work... I want to do things for myself! I hate having to rely on others. I'm not good at it!

Last night though I was blessed like crazy by three of the girls from my house group. They showed up after school to my home with the intent of cleaning. And clean they did!
hahahaha.... I just tried to look up a link to the house group... I found it, but it's a part of the Church's site and the intro makes me laugh too hard.... So I'm not adding it. Although Dolly's voice is part of it.... hahahahahahaha...
Anyway, yup, these girls came and worked hard, and my house is clean and I'm SUPER thankful.

Tomorrow is a day of cookie baking. It's nearly Christmas. Reasons I know this to be true:: I can listen to Christmas music on the radio now, There's a pile of Christmas gifts wrapped and waiting in the hall (no, I'm not nearly that organized, that would be the roomie), The mall is decorated (and Santa is sleeping there) and my fingers are stained yellowy-orange. (From the crate of clementines I've consumed).

spell check doesn't include clementines.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pulling a thread

Do you ever follow a commenter from a random blog and see where you end up?
WELL. am I ever wishing I'd followed this one sooner.

get a load of this. Why didn't I know about it? I imagine it's too late to dive into the competition, but I'm going to start now, and try to do it for 30 days. Just to see how it goes.
I made myself journal EVERY day while I was in Togo. Ok, ok, the last week didn't go so well, but I more than made up for it on other occasions... There's this fantastic feeling of "Oh yeah... That was me" when you go back and read things you've written. Events that happened that you've forgotten about, feelings and dreams that got lost along the way. I love reading my old journals.

I have a journal from grade 5.
I didn't write in it every day, do I ever wish I had!!!! I'll dig it out and start posting some of the stuff just so you can enjoy it... It's nearly as entertaining as this. But without the pictures. Maybe I'll make some pictures.

ok, this wasn't what I was planning on ranting about today. Maybe I'll just have to post again later.


this is random::

These are the most bizarre of the google searches that have led people to my site. Note, if you are still reading my site because of doing these searches- I love you! stay as long as you like. ;)
you know.. one of my dreams is to be heard all over the world....
ok... enough cheese, on to the funny

google search::

"wanting to start a drum circle in the fraser valley"

"memebers of ECOWAS" (ha! not members... memebers!)

"Everybody loves Raymond pantyhose episodes"

"Tim Horton's locations Cobourg, On" (that one's not so random, but Zao Thusia was listed too)

and my personal favorite::

"underwater dragon called moo"

Manda called me and wanted to be mentioned in the post. she said it made her feel important. I made her the title for today.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

an adventure???

If you've ever attended the Auction at Toad Hall (Previously known as Barkey's Horse auction)
It's under new management, and they are changing the dates of the auction.
so... new number is 905-640-7086 for info.

AND they are having THREE that's right... THREE monday nights in a row before they switch to their new every-other thursday night auction. November 27, December 4, and 11th, then in January, they switch to the other night.

If you've never been to a livestock auction.... we need to go. It's super fun to watch, esp if you like horses... and especially if you like to come home with random animals. It sometimes takes a strong stomach, some sad neglected animals go there... but hopefully they go to better homes.

oh oh oh!!! and you can buy street meat on a bun. (if that don't attract you... nothing will!)

just like sesame street

today's lesson:: Little... to Big
(side note:: with NO reference to a posting by a similar name)

This is an example of little.
note the inability to stand (floppy baby legs and slippery surface), tiny ear to hear ratio, giant nose and eye to head ratio. Include in your study the flipper like quality to the floppy baby legs. In the background is NOT a giant coffee maker, but a small coffee maker. This tiny bunny couldn't stand for the first few days .... he was very very clumsy.

incidentally, those who know first born daughters, and have heard my weeping tale... that's THE coffe maker.

Here is the second half of today's lesson.
No, not PIG. BIG.
As in... bigger than that pig. As in, chased the pig around it's pen for 20 mins big. As in, stole the pig's carrot and ate it big. As in bullied the pig so bad the pig fell in love and tried to follow him around after he was done being chased big.
ok, so that's not so much a description of big, as it is yet another giant bunny story.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Norty died tonight.... I'm pretty sad.
oh don't you worry, many annoying bunny pictures to follow tomorrow.


I think my bunny is pretty sick.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a hit... everyone needs one

I just had my Ian fix for the evening. really, you can never get enough Ian.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

slow... but not... you know.. "slow"

ok, brain has pretty much returned to normal function... I can hold a conversation, I even went out on my first "event" today... lol, I went to watch a movie.
Saw Santa Clause 3, and it's great, funny how this series of movies has been able to retain it's entire cast... and retain it's funny for all three movies. I'm impressed.

If you're looking for me, I'm at my Dad's place for a bit longer.... I have a tendency of trying to push myself. And apparently, that doesn't work after surgery too well. So I'm taking it easy, where I don't have to reach for anything. Now there's no excuse. You know where I am ;)

If you have a second tomorrow morning and you think of it, pray for me, I've got a bit of an interview, and after the discouragement and frustrations that the last brought, I have some pretty mixed emotions about this one. So yeah, tomorrow morning, at around 9... I'll be on the phone.... It's pretty neat how accommodating these people have been, when I first applied, I had this feeling of dread, I KNEW that the interviews would be the week of my surgery. and... they were. But, the people at that district took into consideration the fact that I'd be a druggie, and put the interview off... AND turned it into a phone interview, just so I wouldn't have to drive there... for that I am extremely thankful.
Ok, nap time...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

big to little

Hello people...
ok, I'll wrte fast, because I can type, so long as I don't look at the screen... and so long as I don't try to read what I've written... the drugs that are still in my system have messed my brain up just enough that words don't seem to make sense. Text messages.. if they COULD be recieved in this cell free land that I'm staying in (an aside:: the sheff family is the most amazing family in the world for taking in yet another stray- I am being nursed well) are hard to read and they are only one or two lines long! I even tried to play puzzle pirates... and I can't because when the words show up over the pictures..... I can't see the pictures... and I can't decipher the words.
Just say no to drugs kiddies
which are good? which are bad?

So yes, I'm healing.
I'm pretty slow witteded.
Showering causes me to want to fall over from lack of energy
and I fall asleep easily.
for many hours at a time.
apparently that's what major surgery does to you.

no I don't know how many stiches... I'll ask the doctor today. too many for me to count anyway. maybe she kept a running tally, but then again, I'm guessing she lost count too. stopping now... I looked at the words. now I'm confused again.
love ya!
not using spell check, be forgiving.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


ok, at T.Lam's the other day....
Sherpa asks us if we heard about what happened while they were at the phantom farm....
most of us answer "no", T dot starts laughing, and a girl now known as "Bill Nye" looks quizzically at Sherpa.
Sherpa starts to tell the story... "so we were parked in the line up for hours, when this crazy girl starts walking back and forth between the cars..."
Bill Nye says "I was there, I don't think I heard this story"
Sherpa says "honey, you are the story"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

one more

So I thought of a quick story... I needed a topic to get me going.

re:yesterday's post::

So, I went to Togo... we know that much. Months later, I get this message in my inbox from some reporter in town that was a comment put on my blog. I was confused. I went to my blog and couldn't for the life of me figure out why someone would write that. Then I was more confused because I couldn't even FIND the comment on my blog. Turns out, he'd been reading the archives, left a message there re: Togo stuff...
Since I wasn't still on the road, I sent him a quick message to say sure I was interested, but that it wasn't really relevant anymore, and passed on the name of some other friend from Cobourg who was doing some travelling who might be able to help him out.
I never heard from him again.
I was sad.

another flash from the past

Well... really I don't have time to post, but I know that there are a few faithful readers who expect to be given something... anything... to take them from the doldrums of work.. fear not I am here for you.

Last year at this time:: looked a little like this

and I'm not ashamed to say it... looks exactly the same this year.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

flash back.

My first October Blogging = something like this

aka. woah... that was exactly 2 years ago?


not to be confused with weeded.

Manda is now a married woman, she survived the day... not only that she did it gracefully, beautifully, and in the company of many friends.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

did you know? FAQs

It's Manda's wedding on friday:: she will be beautiful, it will be beautiful, and we will all have lots and lots of fun. PLUS the weather will be perfect.

Dalton is coming home:: I am very very excited.

Also:: Katherine Maclellen is playing at the Oasis tonight... I hope you made your reservations.

Also:: Horses are NOT bothered by the colour red.. they could care less what colour you're wearing, they're prety much colour blind.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wet. and locked.

So today, though it was the birthday of two fabulous people... it had a bit of a rough start.

This morning, I'm laying in bed, after fighting with my alarm clock- it seems that the snooze button is nearly toast. I've fixed it twice... but this may be the end.

right right, I'm laying in bed thinking... "it's now 6:55, I have 35 mins till work.. I'm off work at noon for an appointment... that means I'm working how many hours?" trying to do still-asleep-math in my head... I then realize it's tuesday. And I'm suppose to be at work in 5 mins.

I JUMP into my clothes (calling the night staff to say I'll be a few seconds late) and fly down the stairs... remembering just how cold it's been I grab a nice fuzzy coat to stay warm, I'm dragging the coat over my head as I burst out of the house.... into the DOWNPOUR.

it's raining

I dash to the car, thru the GIANT puddles, in my shoes that have a giant crack in the bottom- effectively soaking myself to the core. Scramble into my car, dig in my suitcase sized purse for my keys and zip to work. I pull up, and the co-worker is sitting in his car with it running... (I am 3 mins late) he pulls out as I open the door...

I walk into the house and am greeted with the usual chorus of "why are you here", "where's so and so?", "what's for breakfast?", "so and so said this"- "I DID NOT" "I'm going to stand here and act like a baby till I get my coffee" "who's working tonight?" and some other lines sung together creating a cacophony of "send me home-ness" near intolerable heights.

I set down my bag and reach in for my work keys.

this is important.
EVERYTHING in this home is locked. EVERYTHING. frige, cupboards, closets, office, freezers, you name it, it has a key.

I set down my bag and reach in for my work keys.
I take all the garbage out of my purse and look for my work keys.
I take out everything and look for my work keys.
I go to my car and repeat the process.

it's about this time when Golum says "your keys are in the office lady".

*sigh* so is the phone.

Big day for some FABs

so today is a big day for two fantastic people.
Today is 24 for the Harem leader himself.

AND today is Bethfield's Birthday too!

you should wish them both good wishes!

Monday, October 16, 2006


pretty much the best part of the last post is the spelling error I didn't catch.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

writing in the future

I'm setting the date for this one as if I wrote it tomorrow morning... just to keep up the facade of writing a post a day. Not that I actually write every day....
In fact, this is still Saturday night.
I've just gotten home from the dock. It was the second of the season, we've moved to every other saturday night... it seems like there aren't the same numbers backing it. Not that numbers matter, I know that numbers encourage newcomers, but I could care less how many people are there.
Tonight marked my most nervous signing experience in awhile. Not nearly as nerve wracking as say the SVFF experience... but pretty bad.
Tonight I led worship.
And I nearly remembered to sing the melody for every song. I'll always be an alto, but I was excited to see how much my voice has grown.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

big numbers

9 more vists till we reach the 1500 hit mark.

she's... so... pop...ular

a trick?

MUCH to my disbelief last night I was let in on a little secret that left me scrambling... I didn't believe it at all... In fact... I spend a better part of the conversation trying to figure out if it was a hoax....
But it was true.
So that means....
that though it will be late in it's arrival, I'll have a date for Manda's wedding next week.

Dalton's coming home for reading week.

(I'm SO excited!)

Friday, October 13, 2006


With the wind there comes a change....
or restlessness?
Please pray, I've got some fairly large things to deal with right now. Thanks Ninjas.

In other news:: speaking of "Big" that's a movie I haven't seen in awhile. I'd be up for a viewing if you were....

Also, speaking of "Big" there's the big farewell to be done as we bid ado to the ladies... Two weeks today.

Also speaking of "Big" there's a big ol'wedding taking place next Friday... That would be... ONE week from today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Popeye would be crying

My spinach woes::

Last night we got together to celebrate the engagement of Amberly and Steve at Caseys. Ams and I did quite a bit of reminiscing... The day we all first met, it was just a year ago. Strange.
That time in the Bean- Manda and I were out for our daily mug, T.Lam walked in with Ams, Then VanDan showed up with Dolly and Steve. It was funny because we'd never all hung out before... We just all showed up at the same place at the same time. Who would have known then......

But that's all besides the point. The point is, Caseys is NOT serving their spinach salad due to the E.Co scare and I am devastated.

Monday, October 09, 2006

the hand off

Out for my walk today, I could have sworn it was the end of June and not the beginning of October.

Some sights stain your mind.

I was walking past a coffee shop when I noticed this guy at his car. Most people don't go to their trunk when they get out at a coffee shop, so he sort of caught my attention. He grabbed a small carry-all bag, navy blue, and shut the trunk. This little guy around 5 or 6 jumped out of the car and met him at the back. The man (presumably little guy's dad) passes him the bag and crouches down. He's down on his knees and he wraps his arms around the little guy in a great big embrace. Not a hug... More, a "hang on for all you're worth". It lasts a little longer than your typical father/son embrace. The man is POURING his love on his child.
As it's happening, I know instinctively what's going to happen next.
The man straightens up and the child peers up at him... Both of them are so in love. Then the little guy looks around his dad and spies what they are there for, he throws his arms up, bag banging against his elbow as he runs to a woman, she's walking toward him, cell phone to ear, cigarette in the other hand. She greets him with half a hug, still talking on the phone, I worry about the cigarette by his little head. She doesn't even acknowledge the man who's just delivered this precious little guy to her, she turns him as he tries to wave and she walks back to the picnic table, still smoking, still on the phone.
They sit down and she's still not speaking to him.
I don't know the full story.
But I cried while I watched the short form.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

drummy drummy drum drum

a collection of emails::

Subject: Chicken?I think not!
to those of you who thought "hey, i'm kinda hungry...maybe i'll go get something to eat..."
... IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!! at 6:22
(my clock said: "beep beep....beep beep....beep beep") there was an earthquake in Hunger-bay...... good thing I didn't confuse chinese food with the cat under my bed......
your try-some-chickenballs friend

Subject: A lady? I think not!
to those of you who thought I was a lady...
(my clock said 6:32.... but mine's 10 mins slow!) there was an earthquake on the Thundermug...... good thing I didn't confuse the earth shaking with the lady under my bed...... your trumpet friend

Subject: Lazy? I think not!
to those of you who thought I was Lazy...
IT WAS A milkshAKE!!!!! at 6:22
(my clock said 6:32.... but mine's 10 mins fast!) there was an milkshake in Thunderbay...... good thing I didn't confuse a milk shake with the cat under my bed......
your triumphant friend

Sometimes in your life, a person makes such an impact in your life, that you hang on to the most ridiculous things. Sometimes a person shapes you in such a way that years later, you can't imagine who you would be now if you hadn't known them before. Sometimes you are so influenced by a person, that you lose your train of thought while you are holding a microphone when they walk into the room.
Sometimes you just aren't brave enough to tell them what they've done for you.
grandpa train, it was good to see you again.


fall seems to be a time of reflection.
or at the very least, fall seems to bring reflection to me.
everything around me causes me to pause and look again. the colours standing against the graying sky, the geese drifting to a halt on the fields bare of their crops.
blankets of fog. not just blankets, heavy down comforters of fog, enveloping me.
this morning I drove up to peterborough, and the fog was whisping and swirling around. I had a 15-20 foot envelope of visibility to work in most of the time, like a large parachute of vision pulled tight to the ground by a dozen school children. sometimes the chute was lifted and I could see a little farther, and sometimes for the briefest of moments, the air left the chute and fell to the ground as I hit a thick wall of mist, seeing nothing but the hood of my car.
at one point a single sun beam broke thru the clouds above, and I saw for the first time a rainbow inside the mist. It was amazing, it flickered like a candle, swept across the trees beside me and then lit them on fire with colour. orange became ORANGE, reds became RED and the green dripped with the deepest hues I'd ever seen.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The other night was house group.
I LOVE house. It's great, small group stuff for the teens at a church in town that I help with, each week we get together for a few hours of ridiculous fun games, and some serious chat time. We've only been going for a few weeks so far this year, and it's been neat to see where these kid's hearts are.
part of the House experience is a service project out in the community once every 4 weeks (I think.. maybe it's less often?) So the other night we had our first. We combined the two groups and hit the town for a food drive that covered most of the town. It was advertised on the radio all day, and people were talking about it around town... here's the thing...
These teens were doing something to help others.
They were taking time to help others.
They were using normal teen time that would have been used for homework or hanging out with their friends to serve others in need.
We went door to door, and I COULD NOT believe the number of people out there who closed the door.
We'd give our speal, "we're from.... and we are doing a thanksgiving food drive to help out our local food bank.... would you have..."
and people would either close the door, or if we were lucky, they'd say "not at this time".

a box of Kraft Dinner guys... that's all we want!
I was really surprised at the fact that at the Thanksgiving season, people weren't willing to share what they had, even when we made it easy for them by coming to their home... I know most people say they don't help out because they don't have the time.... but seriously! All in all I was dissapointed in my town. I'm a little frustrated still.

Friday, October 06, 2006

stolen pic

Lantern Festival
Originally uploaded by vario in da haus.
So, I did go to the lantern festival, and I did take many pictures.... the thing I didn't do was get a copy of any of those pictures. OK by me, turns out I'm a lousy photographer, and most of them were blurry. I think the ones T.Lam posted at his site were shots he took.
Anyway, I've procured this photo from flickr, and it's all lights and colours, and basicly that's what the evening was... lights and colours and lights and colours.. it was beautiful.
Going in a large group isn't so much advised. It's dark. It's crowded. go on a date instead.
I'm excited to go again next year, I'll be sure to go a little earlier in the evening to really take things in.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

passport to a new land

so what do my hand and my passport have in common this week?
They're both covered in stamps letting me into cool places...

Thus far, the Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place, and the Toronto Zoo.

I love the zoo.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


the only thing worse than having mice in your apartment, is having one with it's head split open in your trap.

Friday, September 29, 2006


and just because I'm already addicted to my site meter (check the VERY bottom of the page and click on it.... big sister's watching you... and you and you and you....)
I've decided to make it easy for everyone really... with just a glance, you too can see who's reading.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

renoxable energy?

I'm pretty sure this is my next vehicle... except I've been touting donkey power for some time now and I don't know that I'm ready to give that up...
I'm sure there's some course out there to teach me how to convert from oxen to donkey.... My dad took a course on how to convert to an electric motor once... I wonder if this was covered in there too?
My favorite part of this photo isn't the two guys in the cab, squint thru the dark and spot the real driver behind the ox.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I swear I saw a dragon...


A dragon a dragon, I swear I saw a dragon....

I wiped out impetigo on the banks of Buttermilk
Flu is under firm control in Powderhole
Terminus potions, tablets and lotions
Major news and modern science

Step up now and join my clients
Spent the day in Buzzard's Bay
They couldn't keep me there
Even turned away from Kingdom Hall
But since I was young, good Lord there's one spot
One little bit of Heaven on my tongue
Why it's...Poddamaquassy, no,
no...Paquamasoddy, no, Passamamassy, uh, Quoddamapoddy
p...p...Passamadaddy, uh, Quoddamapassy, uh, Passamahoddy?
Oh, I know! It's Passamashloddy!

Townsfolk:No, it's Passamaquoddy!

ok, just had to get that out of my system.

This past weekend I got to "experience" first hand, my first dragon boat race.... and, well... it was an experience for sure. I was on the "Dragonflies" team, the official CH team that is. We had six of our guys and six supporting staff... the team was hilarious. "Harvey" was (as usual) my charge for the day... And he was in fine form, yelling and looking for his girlfriend from the moment we arrived at the harbour. In tow were two other guys from the house, "Fred" and "the sheriff". The Sheriff was pretty stressed about some upcoming events and spent most of his time pacing back and forth and somehow getting in EVERYONE's way all at the same time. Fred... Was Fred. Kept asking me if I hated him, asking everyone around him if they hated him... He was doing great.
As we were getting on the boat, Harvey kept running into people he knew, which distracted him from getting on the boat, so it ended up our team was the last to leave the dock. He yelled at everyone he met "HAVE YOU MET MY GIRLFRIEND?!!!" and then would yell until he saw her... Then yell her position, then yell asking what they thought, then moved on to the next person. By the time we got on the boat my ears hurt! On the boat he yelled out "LIZBETH, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!!!" to which everyone laughed... But moments later he was yelling "LIZ.. YOU DON'T HATE ME DO YOU????" "CAN WE STILL GO OUT?"

Getting on the boat:: I need to take a moment to explain the process of getting on the boat.... We were at the loading ramp, which includes a floating dock... Floating docks can only hold so much weight... And when the weight all moves to one end... Or edge... That end or edge sinks. The population we serve isn't a light one.... Needless to say, the dock was nearly underwater when we made our way out to the boat.... We made it on without getting our feet too wet. As we settled ourselves into our seats a VERY heavy man walked to the end of the dock... The dock went under the water several inches.... And I saw this strange blur out of the corner of my eye... Didn't think much of it until we started to paddle away from the dock.

Now getting away from the dock should have been easy... But when half your paddlers are paddling in the wrong direction, or not paddling at all... Well.. It takes some time. As we pulled away the water started to drip onto my legs... "Wow" I thought, "I must be a really sloppy paddler, I'm splashing all over the place" and I reached down to wipe the water away......
it was then that I discovered what the blur from the dock was.... We were not alone.
I was covered in spiders.

We eventually made it to the start line, encouraging everyone to paddle forward... We waited for the horn to announce the start of the race, we'd been cuing everyone to what they should do, but as we waited, one more staff decided to ensure everyone knew... "What do we do when the horn goes?" the voice called out... And in reply, in a loud voice with a strong speech impediment called out what we needed to hear "WE WIN!"
In the end, it didn't matter that we came last, the guys had a great time, they felt great for getting their boat to the finish line, they were proud to hear everyone cheering for them, and they wore their medals and marched off thru the crowds.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I like coke

and I like mentos.
I like Milk too.

most of all, I've found my new favorite sitcom, made by the same above guys,
it's called "nobody's watching" pure cheese, poorly acted... but freakin' funny.
There are a few parts to that pilot episode, enjoy.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Backyard wildlife

When in your backyard you host an abandoned tannery (or any other decrepit factory left to rot). The wildlife of your neighbourhood will begin to take up residence in it.
In the past we've had countless raccoons (like those who created Australia in the past, and the ones that have created the USA (with fat Florida) just recently) innumerable skunks, rats, mice, and goodness-knows-what run past our home (or crawl onto our roof and chew their way in!).
Last night I went to go for my walk and was nearly run over.
By a fox.
A big one! With a HUGE tail. It was only two sidewalk squares away from me, and even then only because I hissed at it before it ran me over. I think I scared it pretty bad. It must have been distracted by something else to not have noticed me, and when it did, it leapt to the side and traveled down the sidewalk back towards the trainstation.

This morning I saw a coyote run across the road on my way to church, and a little further on the hyw, another... The second one was flat. And untouched... and I know it's been there for at least two days (b/c I passed it the other night) and it got me to thinking... Are scavengers not tasty to scavenge? I've never seen anything eating a dead seagull either.

speaking out against four-legged-ness


Go read yesterday's comment including the article about the four legged chicken...
ok, link to CBC to read it under the diversions section today...
then read the following.

Having worked in the hatchery for some time in the past (a year and a half's worth of spinning yellow fluff balls) I too have come across the amazing four legged bird.
Let it be put to rest however, that they aren't that uncommon- it's just that they don't usually make it to the barn.
I would say on an average day of hatch, we would have 2 to 3 birds go by with four legs... I saw a few with four wings... I've even seen one with two bodies (only one head though).
Everyone loves the surprise double yoke when they are making a fried egg... these chicks are the double yoke that didn't work out quite right...
These chicks don't usually make it to the farm. Instead, we stood around the carousel chuckling at the chick in question, if it was a really oddity (like the one with the extra body) we'd pass it around, some of the older women rolling their eyes, one slightly crazy woman would put it in her pocket to take out for a laugh a little later... but they all ended up in the same place.... They make really good spray-on fertilizer.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

built like a barge

I'm sad to inform you all that the dog has fallen thru.
No dog.
Not that dog anyway.
Bethfield went out to pick it up this morning and took it for a walk. Turns out that it wasn't so fat after all. It was 75 pounds of really muscle-ly dog.
75 pounds of "drag-you-around-the-yard,-and-heaven's-knows-what-would-happen-if-it-swung-it's-giant-head-too-fast-in-the-house" really muscle-ly dog.
Not that type of dog....
I'm keeping my eyes peeled.


Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm getting a dog. OR Life lessons in joint custody

I've always wanted a dog.
I think I'll soon be sharing one.
he looks like this....
but he's fatter
so he's going on a diet
and he needs some brushing
so I get to play hairdresser
and he's still in the pound
but we're going there tomorrow.

More information to come... and now... off to the Lobster

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

that's dumb

I just saw a picture of someone wearing a shirt in Uganda that said "Mazoongu"
That's dumb.
If you're going to try to change things for the better by being there.... then try doing things for the better instead of engouraging dumbness.
(pet peeve) (I nearly made a shirt that said "my name is not Mazoongu" while I was there)

I found this great Luganda Language site... so You'd have a translation of "mazoongu". Unfortunatly there's no translation for that, but it was fun going thru the vocab lists to see what I still remembered. Go google it, maybe something'll come up.
Choka Bambi!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


You know those days when you don't do much, but you get lots done?
I had one of those yesterday.
It was much needed. I could go for a few more of those.

After years of mocking me, it appears Bethfield has joined the ranks of Bloggers. Does this make it my turn to mock in return?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lovely little umbrella

I've got this cute little umbrella, I think it was my mom's... It's printed with pansies all over it.
The weather network promises rain today. I've promised myself not to be in the rain for some time, SO. No zoo today.
Maybe next week.
I think that this morning, I just go for a walk, and end up at the Bean for the paper.
That sounds lovely.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

circles and circles and circles again

I keep posting that I'm back, then I realize that I'm gone again.
I think that this (weekend) was the end of gallivanting for a bit.

Spent the weekend, goodness knows where, with my house group kids.... Right, I decided to help out with house after all- I've been wanting to help out somehow with a youth program again, and I got two calls in two days when I started the thought process... My only fear is that I'll get too wrapped up in Church culture and not spend enough time out of the bubble. BUT.. I LOVE my house group kids already. I was a little intimidated when I realized that all the groups were combined for this retreat- Ah! So many new people... SO MANY new names!
I was also a little intimidated because so many of them just think of me as "Dalton's Girlfriend" and just whatever that might mean to them... am I cool enough? Am I funny enough? Can I think up activities and be as excited about things? (obviously the answer is "EVEN MORE SO!") So yeah, I was a little stressed going into this event.
It went fine.
It takes time to build relationships and have good conversations, but I'm pretty happy with the whole weekend, I'm excited about some of the teens I connected with, and what we're going to learn together over the course of this year. I did get called "Dalton's Girlfriend" on two occasions, thankfully one time was a joke.... I think.... And I just had fun in general. I got to help make up this clue based scavenger hunt (not unlike the infamous Friesen Family Christmas game) that took the teams FOREVER to finish... I think I was gearing it more towards thinkers like VanDan or Crilly.... Not teens. Live and learn.... I wish someone had made the hunt up for me!
In keeping with tradition, I did NOT go waterskiing. Though the opportunity was there.. To try wake boarding too... Which I was leaning towards... Until I stuck my feet in the little lake... FRIG that thing was cold. There was NO way I was going in there... So instead, I rode bow on the boat. The best seat in the house.
So, now I'm home... I'll be around... Come hang out with me...
points to the namer of the title song quote.
drink for the one who can sing it to me.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Small town interests

Ok, we live in a small town.
Ok, small towns are fantastic... Except for the meddling. And the nose poking. Really... It's odd.
I was forwarded an email this week that just showed me the town is a little odd... It was a store that had ordered something for Dalton, but wanted his forwarding address. They sent the email to the Bethfields because they'd heard "he was staying at their house before he went to Ottawa" and that they were confused because they "thought he was going back out west for school."
Ok, I guess it's not that odd, but a store that keeps tabs on the sleep-overs of it's clients is a little out there....
Later this week, I received a phone call on the answering machine (I'd remembered to plug it in that day... Since I got back from camp, for some reason I can't have both plugged in at the same time???) It was from a missionary couple that I know... "Hello Lesley, just wanted to talk to you about that retreat..." I was a little confused... Till I turned on the computer and read the email from them "Not sure where you are in your relationship, but thought we'd better forward this on to you" the attachment was all about a pre-marital retreat they were hosting.... " (I sent them an email to put them straight)
However, there are the perks of a meddling small town... I don't have to place an order at Karaoke anymore, most of us don't, the waitress just brings the drinks... And this morning I went into the Bean, and the lady working there put my cookie in the bag before I was in the door... Unfortunately I'd only brought enough money for my coffee... Fortunately she decided to give it to me anyway!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The necessary lighter side....

So, my trauma for yesterday....
I was in Dollarama (traumatic enough for some people I know) and I was walking the aisles with an individual from work.... we reached the end of one and were confronted with the most terrible discovery.....
Christmas decorations have arrived at Dollarama.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

poor choice on my part.

So I realized yesterday that I've become my regular girly cry-face again. I held it together really well for awhile there (Thanks Dolly).
But I think I've got to be careful as to what I listen to as I drive. When I drive I love to listen to the radio (CBC more specifically) I love that I'm traveling in this little capsule, visual stimulation keeping me awake, and the radio feeding me information. I think that's my problem in a school setting, I don't retain anything much as I'm not stimulated enough... hey, isn't that the sign of genius?
The only problem is sometimes CBC turns me into cry fest.
Especially the documentaries. There was one on an elderly couple that received support in a housing complex... blah blah blah, long story short, they'd been forgotten, they were found, all was well... I cried at the end. Last week.. two weeks ago? there was on one interracial adoption... I was fine till the end (um.. fine for the most part) when she hugged the blood mom the day she received her baby, and the lapel mic she was wearing picked up a heart beat..... nearly had to pull over on that one...
but yesterday was harder. They did a special live program from a community near Gander Newfoundland remembering the 9/11 tragedy, they were sharing the stories of the lives touched when several flights were diverted to Newfoundland.. the stories of people who hosted passengers on those flights.... I blubbered all the way to Manda's house. Thankful I didn't know anyone personally involved that day, and sad for those who did.

Last night was a shower put on by Mandamanda's family's home church... that's it, if I ever get married, I'm making sure I'm part of a large church family... talk about great gifts! (kidding!)

the craving

it's that time of year again... I need to go to the zoo.
shut it! I don't need to live there... I just need the visit.
Yesterday someone asked me what the draw was:: sitting, watching, listening, thinking, being.
I love the zoo.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

the quill

PS. Did you read this month's Link mag? Check the sustainable living section

My new pen name:: Pa Sheff

It was hurried in it's creation, but I'm excited to see something in print.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ok, I'm recovering, I think I'm going to make friends with a massage place though this week, my back would quite like that.

little glimpses of what's happened this weekend.

It was emotional to say the least, so much was put into the festival by so many people.
I forget what the final count was on tickets sold, but it was well over a thousand.
Even with the rain, people came. Even with the wind, people came. Even with the hurricane, people came. Even when we shut it down, they came back the next morning.
That blew my mind.
I heard that it was the "five minutes till gate opens" over the radio, and I dragged myself up the hill to the main gate, just out of curiosity, and out of fear for what I'd see. There was a small group of already wet people waiting to be let in, and from nowhere, Kyle appeared with a set of bagpipes.
The volunteers nearby all lined up near the gate, creating a corridor for the visitors to come through, we begin to clap in time to the music, partly to keep ourselves warm, and clap at the brave souls coming back in for more. As the first of the returning (and NEW!) guests made their way through the gate with smiles on their face, it hit me. What the storm had tried to kill... Had made a spring back to life. More guests were still arriving, cars pulling in the lot, and there was a steady stream making it's way tward the gates.
Suddenly I couldn't see anything. All I could do was stand there and clap while my tears mixed with the rain, a silly grin on my face, blubbering from the relief and the joy.
I wasn't the only one.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

school flash backs

This morning smells like school.
It smells like waiting at the bus stop early in the morning, shivering in the cold dew. Not wanting to switch to covered shoes, hanging on to that last week of flip flops and Birks.
Toes damp, backpack heavy.

Monday, September 04, 2006


WHAT a weekend. I don't even know if I have the strength to put it into paraphrase. No matter what I write, you won't have even a glimpse of the heart and soul and breath that went into this weekend. You'll NEVER grasp the enormity of what we were just a part of, the joy we had, or feel the pain and heartbreak of it. And because of that, I don't want to write anything.
But I have to.
My head feels like it's going to explode... It's been so long since I've written. And I feel like if I even start to scratch the surface of it... I'll lose it.
My head feels like it's going to explode... I haven't slept much in the past week. And I feel like if I go to sleep, a real sleep, it'll all be over... and I want it to be just a little longer, I want that time to last a few more moments.
My head feels like it's going to explode... and my muscles are paining me, throbbing, waiting for that next chore crying to be completed.
My head feels like it's going to explode... I've watched death and rebirth of an event, and seen generations of history happening. I haven't even understood all that's gone on around me.
And my head feels like it's going to explode... I need water, but I've seen and sat in enough to be quenched for weeks.
361 Days till Shelter Valley.

Monday, August 28, 2006

and then there was the time

do you remember the time I almost bought the electric guitar two weeks ago? I didn't buy it. I don't like the sound of the electric anyway. Even though it was an amazing deal. That's what happens when music stores go out of buisness. Good deals. Like the great deal I got on my accoustic guitar. Sorta like that.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

she's baaaaAAAck

(side note:: I was having a discussion about scary movies the other night with my Dad and Gail, and I've got a hankerin' anyone want to watch the Carrie movies?)

That's right, Joy camp is over for yet another summer... Well, not Joy, but Jr. Youth week at Joy is finished... Let's make the distinction. And for clarification... 20 feet just sounds really high, it's not. I just couldn't bring myself to climb any higher on the rock face. Yeah... What goes down must first go up! I was more scared making the climb up the rock than the jump. The last time I went cliff diving, there was a way to get to the rocks from the back of the rock (thru a little cave thing) (at Mazanaw)... This was a rock face. There were kids from the camp jumping from the 50 foot spot. No thank you.

Shelter Valley prep is in full swing, well, I guess it's been in full swing for a lot of people for a long time, but now for me, I'll be breathing Shelter Valley, I'll be eating Shelter Valley, I'll be walking Shelter Valley, I'll be sleeping ... No, wait, there won't be much sleeping.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fly a Kite

Not unlike Superman... I've sailed to new hights....

20 feet off the rocks and still breathing

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Breathe the fresh air

So this week I'm up at Joy camp.... Sadly this summer I don't have a wireless receiver.. So I don['t have internet access in my room. It throws a little bit of a wrench in everything, but at least I didn't have to borrow equipment and deal with the hassle of incompatible programs software and equipment!
traveling North is always crazy to me.... On our drive up we saw... I kid you not!.... Three raccoons, one porcupine, one fox, a beaver and a small tiger. True enough..
they were all dead
flat at the side of the road
and true, the tiger was just a little kitty
but we saw them all.
Please pray that this week I'd get lots done for the camp... BabySheff is with me and is a huge help already, things move so much more quickly with help! Pray that I'd be able to get things done for SVFF too... This is where it's harder without the internet....
love you all
miss you all
I love camp!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

step in to the reality

has anyone noticed the crazy matrix-y effects that are going on on the girly blog this week? There's some strange stuff going on there... the "&"s are falling off the page.

in other news::
I'm going to the beach today.
I nearly bought an electric guitar yesterday (I was thankfully talked down)
Kyle's got a banjo... we're going bluegrass.
Camp is just four sleeps away and I'm NOT ready to be there.
Shelter Valley is just 10 sleeps away... and well... ditto.

in other, other news::
I can cook a mean plate of ribs.
And Kim and Carla are spreading rumours of engagement stories... I think they should check the purity of their crack.
I want to host couch surfers full time.
We've got a mini-band playing at the CLWN... hahahaha... I think they really should have named it "community living OF west northumberland" That would have been better. 6:30, BBQ and various musicians, open to any and to all. $5.

Now that my blog is my daytimer, I'm sure you're very disappointed. No fears, regular programming to return after this completed hectic schedual (aka.. if I've got high speed at JOY camp)

Friday, August 11, 2006

not the real deal

this is not Henri.
The real Henri was eaten by some terrible creature.
However, in memory of Henrietta, this single surviver carries her name. She's a rather friendly chicken. I like her.

I'm still waiting for the green eggs and ham. Last night I had a dream about green eggs. I don't remember what the whole dream was about.. but there were eggs.. and when I woke up I was hungry. No one bought eggs at work this week.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

in a sec.

right... more details to follow.. I'm just really really really busy. (said in a Sheff voice)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey stop! Wait a minute mister postman....

I'm minding my own business.
Coming out of the Bean.
Having just met the new employee (Lee).
In hand I have my medium blend coffee and a cranberry walnut oatmeal cookie (oh man those things are so so so good).
I step off the step, and am blinded by the sunlight as I look to my left. I look away, but manage a lopsided grin, grimace at the light and wave in the direction of the silhouetted postman.
The next thing I know, the mailman has me around the waist and is planting one on my cheek! In shock I look up.. The mailman says "you are going to be so happy with me today!"
It's then I realize what he's just said.... My new bass guitar is waiting for me at home...

(it's ok, the mailman is Kellie's dad)
will this day ever end????

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take a chair or a sofa

We've all taken our turn as the armchair traveler... Zipping thru countries with a flick of the remote. Jumping from one cross country adventure reality show to the next, voted someone off the island and gone under the sea... But have you ever thought of surfing the world one couch at a time?
That's something I've had a small taste of in my travels, and this week I'm lucky enough to be hosting two "surfers" from Germany.

My first time doing some serious traveling culminated with a cross Canada adventure sleeping on one couch to the next, Provence to Provence. Sometimes I got lucky and had a bed, sometimes I had a sleeping bag... Part of the experience was the uncertainty of where I'd be sleeping next- and the REAL adventure wasn't the travel, and it wasn't what I was doing while I traveled, it was the people I met along the way. Host families are incredible things.
I had my next taste of "the couch" while traveling West Africa, a family heard I was in the area and offered to put me up for a short stay. I had a chance to visit with them, learn some of their culture and see the world outside of the tourist traps. When I got home I was telling a friend about my chance visit and he got REALLY excited...
He started to tell me about this group he'd just joined called "couch surfers". A group of people networking across the world to provide places for travelers to stay. A group of people who love travel and adventure and who want to help enable people to live their adventures. So I checked out the site.
I read about their references and the series of ratings and comments that they could help to collect for you as a traveler and as a host. I read about some of the people who were currently couch surfing, and those still planning their trips. And I joined up. ......

more about the surfing tomorrow.....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Where are the ompaloompas?

My room mate got home today from Ghana West Africa, she's been away for the past month on a mission trip with NYFC, and she's bursting with stories. I'm glad to have her back. As nice as it was to have the house to myself, It was really lonely without her here.
She's brought back yards and yards of fabric. I'm quite envious. And it's added to that stirring that I've had in my heart over the past month... That "itchy feet" feeling... No, not athletes foot... That need to be out there... Somewhere... Experiencing life and other's lives.
I requested that roomie bring back a container of paprika pringles with her from the tasty continent. Unfortunately for me, there were none to be found... Fortunately for me, she went to London for a short stay on her way home.
In their stead, came several bags of "differently abled" potato chips (crisps) tonight I opened one and was taken aback ... The bag of chips looked innocent enough. The flavour was one of an innocent looking variety. We have chips claiming far grander flavours than that boasted by the little bag in my hand. I glanced around for the oompaloompas that surely must have accompanied the snack.
Remember that part in the book where that one rotten little girl (the gum chewing one) snags the stick of gum and glows on and on about it's amazing flavour, "the taste of real gravy... REAL gravy!" Running down her gullet?
Well. These chips must have been made by the same people...

And I quote "BUT! It tastes like chicken with lemon and thyme!... LIKE CHICKEN... With lemon and thyme!"

Thursday, August 03, 2006


The heat has finally broken. The other night I left my sheets WET with sweat. I'm sure you read all about the record breaking day.. and that we were the third hottest place IN THE WORLD this week. Still, without the direct sunlight, it's really not that bad in comparison to other places I've been... but... I don't want here to be rivaling there!!!
This is the final damage done before the storm hit I was really hoping the candle would drip... close... but not all the way. The lightning only interrupted karaoke for a second or two. And, for once we didn't lose power at my house... Just enough of a surge to turn off the computer and reset the microwave... Nothing else... That's pretty good.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


these frequent butter induced bathroom breaks are brought to you by the letters

R and L


no flower safe... no display of sillyness left untouched... no moment of beauty left forgotten... I HAVE DALTON'S DIGITAL CAMERA THIS WEEK.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

aaaannnnndddd.... drip

the heat is like Togo... but the sunshine isn't there.
poor little candle... a little more melty every day.
That's how I feel too.

Monday, July 31, 2006

bad karma?

So the other night I was out with some people someplace... we were waiting for someone to show up.
One of the people had been leading a game of "would you rather" for a better part of the day... A game I LOVE. Would you rather do this.... Or this... Then discussion follows. Generally when people play the game, it's more of a gross out, or extremes. It's a good way to get to know people. This guy was taking it to the bizarre.
On the computer's screen saver was a tall ship sailing... This guy looks at the screen and says "would you rather sail on that boat for a length of time or..." at that precise moment there was a squealing of tires, without missing a beat he continues "... Or be in that accident?"
We rush outside to see if it's really an accident, because really, the only thing we heard was the squeal, and I saw some dust flying...
No one was hurt in the accident (a miracle) but it turned out the person we were waiting for was involved. Motorcycles do not swim.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Girls.... I love my diva. You MUST read about it. You must ask me about it. really. I LOVE it.
Boys.... never mind.... you don't really want to know.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Perhaps there should be a primer?

I LOVE dollerama.
I know I'm fundamentally opposed to the idea of it. I'm against the fact that anyone in the world should be paid unfair wages... blah blah blah... You've heard it all before. But the selfish part of me LOVES buying things there.
especially Twingo bars.
side note:: remember that time Be-Bop, when you bought me a million twingos? My hips have yet to forgive you.
so Manda-manda and I were in there on Thursday night, I had to pick up another piece of fencing for my bed... See below post re::the ratbit and his adventure chewing threw my stuff. I found a piece of fencing, it's not quite the same height, but hopefully he won't notice that it's not right... And my belongings will be left alone. ANYWAY.
I was at the register checking out and the lady said after handing me a mitt full of loonies, "I hope you don't mind, I've run out of bills". She THEN leans to the mic and calls.... "Code 1". I now know what code 1 is. I've always wondered. Manda said she always thought it was shoplifting. The lady then went on to tell us that code 3 is a void. They could hire me now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I take it back... my complaints and grumblings about USPS....
Your item left the United States from SAN FRANCISCO AMC at 1:13
am on July 27, 2006. Information, if available, is updated every evening.
Please check again later.

that's information I can handle.

Pack your bags

Ok. So. Last night.
I went to Karaoke, as I do every Wednesday night, except on the rare occasion when I don't go. I had let Sir Buns-o-lot (Norty Pee, little buddy, big man, fuzz butt, buddy-bunny, Norbert, Norton, lil'guy, clososaurus) out of his cage earlier in the evening as I was watching the news and putzing around on the computer. I decided that rather than waste time trying to find him to put him in his prison before I left, I'd let him free for the eve. Besides (thought I) he's been so good for weeks on end, and those handy garden trim things block him from spending all his time under my bed.... It'll be my treat. I even left him a real treat out in the hall on an old towel.
When I got home from K, I couldn't find him anywhere. No fear, I know he couldn't have gotten outside... He's somewhere in the apartment. No fear, I'm not going to bother looking for him, it's dark, he's probably chilling in the sunroom.
I sit down at my computer to check on the status of mah'bass (which by the way, has not been updated... Silly USPS, if you've got the tools... USE THEM) as I'm sitting I hear this faint gnawing noise.... Not unlike the noise Nort used to make when chewing on Mom and Dad's couch many years back... Not unlike the noise I sometimes hear when there's a big ol'carrot nearby... Not unlike the noise a bunny might make as it CHEWS THRU MY SUITCASE IN ORDER TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN WONDERLAND UNDER MY BED!!!!!
Yes. It's true.
I didn't put fencing the last foot of space under my bed because A) there was only one foot left, I didn't want to buy another four foot section and B) my giant suitcase that has taken me to Africa and back twice was blocking the path.
Does anyone know a REALLY great seamstress who might be able to patch the hole and put on a new zipper?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new flavour (or) this one belongs in the dog house

I love my rabbit.
But cooking him up and making him into stew has never been more appealing.
somebunny's in trouble!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Atlas anyone?

So here I've been saying my bass is coming from North Carolina.
Um... I need to work on my American abreviations.
MY bass is coming from Nevada.


how's this for a control freak's greatest discovery?
I can TRACK my bass thru USPS.
sigh... I love technology.

Monday, July 24, 2006


mine mine mine mine mine mine...

rather exciting don't you think? Now I've NO excuse not to learn. I'd better dig out my lesson stuff from the fall! The only part I don't like is the callouses I've got to build again.
I really like having the sensation in the tips of my fingers.
Such is life..... livin a good life.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home again

I feel like I haven't been home in forever. I'm home at a fairly decent hour tonight... Not early enough to feel ok about thumping around in my room and waking up the whole house, but early enough to blab a bit.
First, I haven't been home... Therefore, I've been neglectful in my duties as a home dweller. I missed garbage day two weeks in a row... And there wasn't enough three weeks ago to warrant taking it out. The garbage was getting smelly. I double bagged it the other day when I begin to notice the ouder. It got worse this week. Last night I slept on the sun porch... With the door shut. Just so I wouldn't smell it. Then I forgot about it till this evening. D-Town was going to go use the computer, I was going to VanDan's for a movie.... I remembered as D was about to go... And told him to brace himself.
blah blah blah... shorten the story... D finished his work at the computer and headed home... THEN when he should have been sleeping (as he works at a ridiculous hour of the morning) he drove back to my house just to take my nasty garbage out to his dumpster before I got home.
He's fantastic.

Went to Aunt Jean's 65th birthday party, Dalton came with, he met many cousins, and the general consensus was "he's REALLY nice/funny/great/sweet/charming" yeah yeah... I know...
Best part of the afternoon was when my cousin Sue's husband, Orhan, came up to meet Dalton.
Orhan's from Turkey, he's a great guy, I don't know him well, and this weekend I feel like I actually met him for the first time... He's very straight forward, kinda sarcastic... a dangerous mix for me, I'm pretty gullible. Orhan introduces himself to Dalton, then says "SO, how do you like Canada? Is it hot enough for you? You find it cold?" ALL eyes turn to Dalton to see how he's going to react... And Sue, with a look of near horror says "Orhan! Maybe's he's Canadian! Not everyone's a foreigner!" and Orhan simply replies "Are you?"
By the end of the afternoon, they were best buddies... It was beautiful.

It's getting late. I'm now going to sign off and purchase myself an acoustic bass guitar. No more procrastinating, hemming and hawing about it.
it's pretty, I'll show you a picture soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pass the loonies, let's make it a night

I've discovered my calling in life.
and it involves going to the arcade.. Or arcade type places....
All it takes is a little money, a little time, and some quick feet.
Yes, that's right.
I've discovered Dance Dance Revolution.
It's fantastic.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flying by!

Have you noticed how fast everything goes in the summer? We're more than halfway thru July. Yesterday I was working out details (starting to work out the details) so I can go up to joy camp for a bit during Jr.Youth.
Baby Kate and I are going to trade off and we're going to put together this year's newsletter.... still not sure why it's called a newsletter... More of a yearbook... A "weekbook"? A scrapbook of the week's activities, pictures, articles, addresses and music. I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished in the past. I find the hardest part is finding a laptop for the week. Maybe we'll just use my whole computer this year... But I have to leave early (Kate will be on her own for the last two days). I don't have a printer yet, but I was hoping to purchase one this month anyway.... The only downfall will be that we won't have an internet connection if I take my computer, it doesn't have a wireless-whatever-it-needs to pick it up. BAH! Seriously... This part is the annoying part. Whatever, it'll all get worked out anyway... It always does.

This week I have my first official SVFF meeting too. Shelter Valley Folk Fest is just around the corner!!!! I'm pretty pumped about that. This year I've got a much better grasp on the job, it should go much quicker, and I've got a lot more contacts than when I first started out.

This is a boring post. I've got more to write. But time to go.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Side note:: where did the term eavesdropping come from? Did someone sit on the eves, and drop down?

So, I've probably seen a grand total of 16 episodes of "That 70's Show", and it's always made me laugh. Today, enjoying my afternoon off, I sat on the couch. The bunny ears on the TV failed me yet again, and my choices were 1) baseball 2) infomercials 3) French 4) 2 episodes of "That 70's Show" that I've already seen. I watched the 70's show....
But while I watched... I did my nails. Boring info I know... BUT during one of the episodes they were talking about a CB radio. I've always wanted a CB radio. I don't really know why... It's just always seemed like a fun idea. I'd never actually get one, but the idea's always been in my head.
During the episode a CB message came blaring thru the TV set.... WAY louder than the program... WAY louder. It wasn't the program.
Some how my bunny ears are picking up the signal from one of the Cobourg police cars! They were talking about "corner of claire and george" "big yellow brick house". I kept one eye out the window... that was sketchy-the-drug-dealer's place. Sure enough, a few moments later I saw an unmarked car turn the corner. They talked in code... I don't know what happened. And it doesn't matter... I've got a fake CB radio!!! Channel 78

Friday, July 14, 2006

Great Canadian pass time....

the weather.

in the winter, I don't leave my gym bag in the car, because I'm cold blooded and I can't handle putting on cold gym clothes. I'm FINE putting on hot humid gym clothes in the summer, it combats the AC in the gym....

Yesterday I opened my deodorant and it nearly poured out on my feet. It was so soft, it sloshed a bit.

Today I came home and sitting on my front porch was a very very sad looking candle.

picture to follow.


After another incredibly frustrating encounter... I've resolved a few things in my mind.
The first of which is that I will not be speaking to her again in person without a third, impartial, party there to mediate the conversation, because no matter how slowly, matter of factly and without emotion I speak in response to her pointing, yelling and intimidation tactics... she freaks then tells me that I am "throwing issues in her face".
Secondly... She needs someone to be her friend. She needs someone to go vent to. I've apologized for the confusion of the other night.. -I will only act on information that I've been given.. I'm not a mind reader. (That was her problem) But I will no longer be the person she is venting at. I had a boss like that once, who confused the lines of correcting a situation with venting their own anger issues... That's what she's doing. And it's manipulation.
Thirdly she is psycho.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I received some negative feedback about my blog yesterday. And it was kinda funny, because it was from a non-blogger... But, feedback is important to grow, so I appreciate it.
Manda'sTravis said yesterday's post was too short.
I will work on finding something great and note worthy to write about.
I suppose I could write about my psycho landlord again. But that's getting old, and I'm trying to learn grace. However, when she provides me with unending stupidity... It's hard not to write about her.
Do you ever wish you could record conversations and play them back to the person? I don't like the person I'm becoming dealing with her. I'm beginning to fantasize about the different things I could yell back at her, about the things I could (rightly as a tenant) do that would annoy the crap out of her. Of the letters I could write to her... Ah yes.. Those letters... Very formal and passive aggressive... My favorite. See, now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about calling her on her rudeness and inappropriateness! I don't like that.
I'm finding it increasingly hard not to jump into those conversations held by my friends who sit in disbelief of what's just transpired, hard to try to find the reasoning behind what she's said or done, hard to find that glimmer of sympathy or understanding. Hard.
Polyanna who?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wet. soggy.

it's raining... again. I'm ok with the rain, yet another excuse to stay in on the porch and read. Yet another excuse to watch a movie... yet another excuse.

even the weather pixie has taken cover today. in her place remains the flag. dripping wet flag.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Stop the violins

Visualize whirled peas

I don't know if it was Regal, or Lee Valley or some other catalogue store that carried the tee shirts with those slogans... I always wanted the peas one. I was re-reading an article and the violin title seemed to fit my feelings for the info....

You've probably read about the "teenage mosquito repeller" or heard about the "teen ring tone", that's the high frequency tone that's only able to be heard by those a little less hearing impaired than us old folks. I listened and was greatly relieved to be able to still hear it... guess I wasn't as impared as I thought... But at the same time, I shuddered in horror at it.
I remember being young and holding my head in some places- stores, offices and some homes... not being able to stand the noise... and adults telling me it was just a ringing in my head... It's almost nice to know that I didn't have some random form of tinnitus. Ug... I'd rather listen to teeth grinding....

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I didn't get the second interview, but I still feel pretty good to have even had the first. I've heard from a few people that weren't even given that opportunity. I'm starting to realize that since this is a small town that many desire to be living in, the competition for things like this is always going to be a little steep. I'm feeling pretty discouraged, honestly. And in light of some other random info I was given... I'm feeling kinda small. BUT.. chalk it all up to learning, and praise God anyway.

Thursday morning I was greeted by a rather excitable-talking-too-quick-to-be-understood Lady Di-Robb... She jabbered about "your new phone" then disappeared. I was confused... Figured she must mean "her own new phone". Nope.
When she whisked back into the kitchen, she pulled from the cupboard a large box... and said as she presented it "your new phone". Then I realized what she'd handed me... a HUGE 1995 Cell phone.... it has a base! the base has a handle! the base has a large antenna! and it works!
I have a demo picture on my real cell if you'd like a viewing.
T.Lam was the other recipient of this fine phone, and in our join custody, we decided that it need to be given to everyone. T found a gift bag, and we trundled off to VanDan's funeral home.
The last I heard it's now in the hands of Lindsay... Be prepared. You may be the next owner of the "transportable cellular phone".

Friday, July 07, 2006


Ok, So ... Last night, I was blessed to be quizzed in interviewing questions by Manda-manda and Manda-Manda's Travis. I felt confident... I felt strong... I could get the job... Heck, they need me to take the job... Then the first question came... and the entire interview I sat there thinking... crapo!

the interview was about 45 mins, 12 questions. Then a half hour written portion. I'm pretty sure I could have completed the written portion, 'cept for the part where it wasn't written, it was all typed on an ergonomic designed keyboard! Didn't realize I use the wrong fingers to type so much... Took me twice as long to write half as much. WOW!

Worst questions:: What is an instance where you've failed, and how did you deal with it? AND "Where have you had opportunity to instruct someone in a task and how did you do it?" ugh. I just got stupid on that last one.. Hello! I'm always telling people what to do! Could I think of a good example? NOPE! Used a lame one. As for the former... Well. Mind blank... Of course, I screw things up all the time, but to choose one that relevant to work? Couldn't think of one, asked to come back to it... he asked me if I thought I was perfect.... Great... Just great.
I will know by tonight if I made it to the second (final) interview.
excuse me, I think I need to go vomit.