Thursday, July 31, 2008

GTI and all that Jazz

Green Wood has been going well this summer... ok, we've had our ups and serious downs.... but things have gone pretty well considering.
Last night we had a group in to help us out... we decided to see if there were people in the community who might be interested in helping us out a bit- to take some of the strain off of the team... financially, and time wise. We get a few weeks where we can really just come in, hang out with our friends... it's great. Before we decided to go ahead and ask around, we talked a lot about how we could protect our friends... ummm... from Church People.
I know.. that sounds bad.. and I think I've brought it up in the past... but there's the very real possibility that even with the best intent... people could say something that would really hurt our friends, or hurt our ability to be there. 

After an incident at dinner last night, in my heart... more than ever, I feel like I need to somehow help people recognize that it's not about us, about us and what we're doing I mean.. it's about what God is doing ... does that make sense? 
Read Ruth's blog this week... it's super. (And she's a much better writer than me, I get too impassioned and have to keep erasing what I've typed.)

Tonight... tonight

Yes my friends, tonight you don't want to be anywhere else but here!
"Why for?" you may ask...

Well, for the songwriter's showcase event (6pm)! Right here, in the downtown 'Burg.
Who won last year's event? Non other than the Good Lovelies! Who knows what's in store for us this year!?! (ps, I've written about them before... now GO listen to their music!)

And for those of you totally out of the loop.... the top winners from the showcase get to play at Shelter Valley Folk Festival on Labour Day weekend.... AND if you show up early, (so you hear every entry) you get to be part of the voting process)
Bring your lawn chair (just in case!)!

I'm writing with too many exclamation marks! But I like it!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wordless wednesday?

Not so much wordless... as topic-less.

I have a desire to write something... but I don't know what. 
the winds they are a'blowin' the times they are a changin'
my legs they are a'achin'.

shesh... a writer I am not.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sheff Rat Escape Package Deal

For a limited time offer... you too can spend the day with the rats. 
Yesterday Ms.Percey came thru town on her way home from winning at pilgrimage.  She looks fabulous by the way- as anyone who's just walked 800kms generally does. 

Let's set the scene shall we?
I'm on the phone with MegSheff- my cell phone that is, when the phone beeps- an incoming call. I glance down to see who the call is from, and see that it's from the SheffHold. I say to MegSheff "your father is calling, I'll call him back later" (it's always PaSheff who makes the call... BethSheff, tucked neatly into the corner by the computer can be heard barking from the corner "someone call L.Bo and tell her [insert something or other here]". I ignore the call.
The house phone rings.
I see that it is the SheffHold calling again, and tell Meg there must be some Sheff emergency, I'll call them back when we're done.
Eventually the conversation ends.. I hang up, and call the Sheff's.
Baby answers the phone and loudly says "we're just about to leave and.. wait, I've got a beep, it's a 613, I'm going to take it, but we're going now anyway"
None of this makes sense... well, other than the 613 part... that would be Meg cutting my call short.
I sit on the couch and stare at the wall for a second or two... not really trying to figure out the conversation.
Then I check the messages.
And here Ms. Percey's voice on the line... I dash out the door to the Sheff's and nearly run down Ms.Percey in joy.
Baby and Ms. P were about to hop the train (hence the yelling "we're just about to leave")... but I intervened. 

sorry 'bout the blur. (the one on the rocks is us.. we didn't take the boat.. we swam)

monday bunday 2.0

I did NOT eat this carpet.... 'Touf did it.
Right right

Monday Bunday

Technical Errors today... can't get Blogger to upload my photos...
stay tuned.

Monday, July 28, 2008

fam damn-ily

I love my family... now, family reunions... I'm not so fond of.

Ok, I like the part where I get to see everyone and catch up with them- I like the part where we get too see the little kids and how much they've grown. I even enjoy the drive down!

I don't however enjoy the comments made by "well meaning" family members- the ones that hurt without intention- but are made without a thought before they're said.

For example- three cousins have had some fertility issues... including several losses each. But, that doesn't stop people.... "when are you going to give little [kid's name] a brother or sister? it must be lonely for them?" or "it's too bad [delightful devil child] is an only baby, when are you two going to give him/her a sister?" I'll admit I was thankful that I was only asked BY EVERY FREAKIN' PERSON when I was going to settle down and start my own family... And only twice did someone say "well [patting my shoulder and looking sadly at me], it's never too late, someday, someone will come along".
/me bangs head on desk.

I had lined up a baby for use at the reunion. But knew full well that no one else in the car would want me to be bringing a borrowed baby along for the ride.
Maybe next year I can show up with my illegitimate child and throw them for a loop.

Friday, July 25, 2008

fire's burning

When PaSheff first came to me about this evening's activity, he touted it as "kumbia and beyond"- an evening of campfire reflection". Ok, maybe that's not what he said, but in my mind, that's what I figure he meant. 
We took over the Bean... took over... to the point that I even emailed Sue (the owner) and asked her to make an evening special to be served... s'mores with hot chocolate.... she came thru.
The stage was shared by a group of us, Jim Yates (whom I love... the same man that convinced me to buy my guitar... yeah... the guitar I don't play... BUT fully intend to) Shamus, Derrick Ballard (he of the Gene McLelland tribute concert forever ago- also of "the gentlemen husbands" - great band) Roy (security man Roy from SVFF), and some boys from Derrick's band. The guys all came baring guitars (well.. other than Mr.Yates, who also brought his auto harp). I took the evening in a slightly different direction ... 
The guys started their music, and sang lovely folk type songs, the type any campfire would have, covers of country... that sort of thing.... 
And then I turned it into summer camp.

Not even kidding. Call and repeat, action, and interaction songs. High energy. 
I felt like I was at the ranch- I spent 9 years working at that camp... 9 summers of camp songs- 5 of those, leading the camp fires... I could have gone on all night.

The two best compliments I got were from the older crowd. "I felt like I was back at summer camp" was the first, and the second was from Mr.Yates himself... PaSheff asked him if he'd be interested in doing another campfire night, to which he replied "Only if L.Bo is doing it".

ok. he didn't call me elbow.

Did I mention we packed the place? Standing room only at the back- people sitting on the floor. I'd do it again.

Also met one of the two boys who have been lurking the Bean lately. The one that has been stealing my favourite seat.

oh hai

I think one of the best things I’ve ever heard just happened. Ok, let’s make that TWO of the best things… ever.

First, a staff at the office told me I should probably start reading books by some woman, that she LOVES to read her stuff, “AND, she’s a psychic… but, you know.. a real one. On Montel and everything!”

Then, a manager came in and asked me the result of an assignment she’d given me yesterday. This was not the same manager who ended up coming in to help- it was one who likes to give additional work. I had not gotten a chance to do it, but I had some places I needed to stop by around town, so I told her I’d go do it and call her with the results. She seemed a little annoyed that it wasn’t done… I called her less than 10 mins later with the info.
Flash forward to a few hours later- I still need the results from her part of the assignment (it was the exact same assignment, just done in a different area… the area being right outside her office door). I give the manager a call and ask her what she’d found.
“um… I haven’t done it yet”

who decided that?

I got to insist that I be joined by a manager today at work... they had a replacement for someone who was away- but then the person came back, so they cancelled the replacement- but then the person called in sick, and there was no replacement... on the busiest day of the week.

I was thankful that she was willing to come in... there's not too many places where that would happen.

Ordered some more worms today... very very excited about them coming... I'll give the mailman a heads up this week...

I spent some time at the trailer, looking to hang out with some friends... turns out they were waiting for me at the beach... that's what I get for leaving my cell phone at home.. though, I'm thinking that when this one dies... I might just go without. (a scary thought.. but... might be a good idea)

and finally, I ran 2+ Kms tonight... 
Don't expect much from me tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my feets

... and my feats.

Babykate and I are still running. That's one of the great things about her... she gets something in her head, and she's not ever going to let it go till she's accomplished it. I may have no motivation of my own on some days, but she's there ready to drag me along.
I have to admit, being nearly 11 years older than her- I can really feel my age slowing me. She runs flat out, even after we've just finished all sorts of strange sprints/stretches... while I'm barely able to keep moving. 
Thankfully, it's my pride keeping me going.
Never thought I'd be thankful for pridefulness.

Anyway, we're still doing the same route. It's about 5 km, (and hour and a bit when you walk hard) and we have only been (for the last week) running for about two blocks of it. We're both new to the world of running, and we know we've got to start out slow if it's something we're going to continue. 
Tonight we doubled the running portion. 
AND we added the sprint/stretches. 
I think if we hadn't been doing that crazy "kill me now" stuff (extra back and forth across a section of the peace park) I could likely have doubled again the amount of running we did. 
My recovery after the running portions is less than half what it was... after only two weeks! I'm feeling really good.
Our goal is to be able to run (however slowly) the full route the Wednesday before the festival... that's only 36 days from now. (Baby leaves for university the day after SVFF).
We can do it.
I feel like I'm giving myself a pep talk every step of the way.
But, we really can do it.

I think.... next pay cheque= new running shoes.

thank you

there are days when my job brings me jems like this one::

Diva* now 20-25 doll at begno and tracy loss at begno she is mad at the grils she is

milke funnny of the grils at begno**

(one of the young women that I support likes to send emails to update everyone on her life... she's a microblogger of sorts I suppose.)

*name change (of course)

** translation (just in case you're slow) "Diva won $25 at Bingo, and Tracy lost all her money. She is mad at all the girls, she is making fun of the other girls at bingo"
No Doubt.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday is the new Monday Bunday

Excuse me.... but dinner is suppose to be IN my dish by now.

good nut

So, I had the car towed to Dad's fav. mechanic. The tow truck guy took awhile to convince... he wanted me to start my car and move it to make it easier to get to. Then when I told him I didn't want to start it (and gave him the story) he told me "well, just turn the key and put it in neutral". So then I said- "won't that start the fuel injector?" and he said yes... and I said "but that's what I'm trying to avoid"....
he looked at me blankly and said "but why?"

oh good night.

Anyway, Derrick the Mechanic is now my hero. He checked it all out, and when he didn't find anything... he didn't charge me for the time.

I think I will be switching to him- I've always just gone where ever was closest.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ps. Who sent me those flowers on friday?
Thank you!
I love you too :)


thank you Natalie Dee .....

bunday Monday

welllll... monday bunday is on hold until I figure out where I stuck my camera stuff... I need that wire thingy. 

you know the one.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The second "break in".. where "second" means the Third.

Ok, quick recap... Last Saturday night, my car was broken into (use the term "broken" loosely, as I don't lock my car... as there's nothing in it that they want... remember that very first time?)

The boys involved were found- as my neighbour is a detective/super sleuth , but nothing happened with the cops... well, because this is the 'Burg.

LAST night.. Yes, one week later.. Babykate comes to my door and asks if I know that my car's gas tank is open. Thinking she means just the door, I go out to close it.... and find that.. no, the gas cap is off too- not just an open door. 
My first thought is the kids have come back- who wouldn't? It's a small town, they know how they were found out- they feel like they need to do some pay back. That's my first thought. So, I turn to Babykate and say "I'm going to call and report this in case it's related".
As I start to walk back to the house, I see an officer at the end of the street talking to the Uncle - the Uncle of the kid from last week.... So, I decide to walk down there instead. I walk down and say "excuse me, when your done can I speak to you?" The officer says no. 
... and then tells me to go to the station instead. 
Doesn't ask me anything else... doesn't check to see if maybe what I want to say is related.
So, I walk to the station... because at this point, I'm halfway there... yeah... I live a little more than a block from the police station. Did I mention that the kid lives above a security company? 

I walk to the station.... and as I'm walking there, I pass the front of the building... standing at the front is the kid. The kid looks at me... then starts to laugh AT me. I don't even bother to say anything to him... I'm sure at this point he has something to do with my open gas tank. Two more police cars pull up as we walk past.

I sit for 45 mins in the front of the station, waiting for a cop... there are no chairs, they close the waiting room. I sit on the step. Babykate goes to meet the others for dinner (right... that's where we were headed before we were side tracked by the car issue). Officer comes, takes my statement.... It's now two hours later. The kid is in custody, I've missed dinner. I'm grumpy. 
AND now I have to get my car towed.
I'm not starting it in case they've put something in the tank. It's not worth having to pay for the engine to get fixed if they have put anything in there.
Life is complicated.

ok, this story is getting long... there's a lot more to write... including the part where I called the real estate agent and BLASTED her on the phone. (I will not be apologising.... I'm still convincing myself not to call her back... she was very much in the wrong.)

so, short version... I went for my walk/run later in the evening...  and who do we pass? That's right.... the kid. He's out of custody, and standing on a corner loudly and drunkenly telling some guy about the cop that hit him in the head. 

Saturday, July 19, 2008

and the beat goes on.

I may or may not have some unsavoury things to say about our local police at this moment in time.
I may or may not be likely to vote that the O.P.P. take the place of the local force in our township.
I may or may not have missed dinner tonight with some lovely people tonight, and a later evening of movies with friends.
I may or may not have spent 2 hours in the police station, only to have the officer come out, and when I took the time to introduce myself (though he already had my name) be snubbed the handshake and the introduction of himself. (I did take note of his name and badge number as he sat across the table taking my report).

And I may or may not have something wrong with my car.

more tomorrow when I'm not still so pissed.

the old grey mare

Ok, so out for my evening constitutional, and eventual run with BabyKate....

we run into a friend of hers, and someone I haven't seen in about... oh... 12 years.
friend of baby has been drinking quite heavily- and turns to baby and asks "is that your mom?"

I go home and pull grey hairs out for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the works

This has been a bit of a rough go.. the past week or so anyway. 
This month holds a bunch of emotional ups and downs historically for me... And to avoid being vague- Mom's birthday would have been this month, Their wedding anniversary, and the 5 year mark since she passed away. 
I'm doing ok... just a little moody.
Pretty good considering. "The new ok" as we, the initiated learn. (You don't want to join that club)

In the past, as you probably know... unless you live in denial (as I often tend to do), I've struggled with some bouts of depression- enough that I likely should have been getting some other help- but stubborn enough that I can play along nicely- hmm, maybe even nicely enough that you didn't notice? Ok, I'll take back the living in denial statement. 
Anyway- as a byproduct of this state- I've had a tendency to go into a hibernation mode... or, rather... pre-hibernation mode.... that part where you ready yourself for winter by eating everything in sight? 

Well, this time, I'm taking a different approach. This time, instead of folding into myself, and tucking into the fridge, I'm taking up running.
An aside~ Last night someone (random who I don't often see) asked me how I was doing (in reference to Mom being gone)... and then, not 5 mins later, someone else introduced me as "Pat's daughter". I held it together, and it felt nice to hear. 
Later, recounting the story to someone else, they said "your mom must be thinking about you".
Ok, I didn't hold it together to well then.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, I'll admit to the occasional blog browsing while sitting at the office desk.
I'll also admit that it's one of those few things keeping me from taking up smoking (read that as- I'm taking MY smoke break in the form blog perusal)
Interesting side note: there is an online debate/discussion as to the proper term for the discovery of a blog that you end up becoming quite dedicated to.... actually, the debate is more "what term should I use for the anniversary date of the day I first discovered my future spouse's existence via his/her blog"?  Read more about this HERE. 

Anyway. While on my surf board of teh interwebs- I remembered that a friend was blogging her journey of the Camino in Spain, so, quite quickly- I looked her up.

BIG BIG mistake. 
I got nothing accomplished for the next 10 mins as I caught up on her journey (read that as TWO smoke breaks). In fact, I had to shove my fist in my mouth to keep from laughing loudly. No, really. I did.
I also faked several coughing fits.
I was able to avoid suspicion.
I wish you knew her too. 
But, since you likely don't... I recommend you hit THIS LINK right now.

once in a while

once in a while... I'm really really sleeping when I'm walking around awake.

and sometimes... I'll be talking on the phone with you, and after you hang up- even though I'm putting my shoes on and leaving the house- I still have the phone to my ear, and I haven't hung it up, and I'm trying to figure out how to open the front door because my hands are so full.

but just once in awhile.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bits and pieces

It's a small town
(is there a broken record on this blog?)
So small... that word of the break in has gotten to the owner of the building that the two kids ran into. So small, that he called to apologize.
So small, that he was at the apartment in the building talking to the people who lived there, trying to get the whole story.

What else...?
Right.... Started the bins tonight. Lost track of how many eggs I stuck in the "eggsperiment" bin... I think there's 15. But 4 adults in the "4 worm trial", and two hand fulls of various ages in "the ark" back-up bin.
Turns out... FNT has more worms than I thought.
I thought he had one bin of worms and 5 of castings.... no.. he has 5 bins of worms.
I think I've found my soul mate.
Well.. other than the fact he's at least 35 years older- and married. I'm sure we'll work out the details. (JOKES people)

No, I'm not getting a dog- but good guess... only in my dreams. No dog till I have a house that I can afford without working 65 hours a week- and at this rate... it'll be never.
EXCEPT- that our house will be going off the market at the end of August. And we haven't had anyone thru the house in two weeks.

I was in the car the other day with Bethfield and Jenny, the talk turned to children... and yes, most definitely- I want several... though.. the chance of that narrow by the day. Bethfield posed the turkey baster question- and if I had any feelings about it. I do like turkey- but I will not be having any children thru a sperm donor, thank you very much. Too many issues there. Strangely enough- Roomie2 was watching Oprah the other day- and it was about sperm bank kids... it totally reinforced my thoughts...
In the next breath... Bethfield asked me "well, what about a really big dog? like a St.Bernard?"



My mind was still going in one direction... and I was shocked and ... shocked... I was SHOCKED!

...turns out, she'd moved on... she just meant I would more likely be able to pick up some lovely man by having a large dog as a pet... not that I should bare mutant children.

I laughed pretty hard.

OK... are you serious?

No, really? Is this for real? 

So I was thinking about how many hours I've been spending online- trying to decide who to get worms from (as I want to boost my bin) and just in general looking for other folks who are doing what I'm doing.. to talk thru some wormy things. And... adding up the numbers.... I was getting embarrassed

People at work, and friends are starting to roll their eyes at me.

Last night, I was getting out to my car to go to the store, but saw Friendly Neighbour T (FNT) watering his plants, so I decided to stop for a second and let him know about the break in the other night. He warned me about a family of skunks that had taken up residence under the other neighbour's shed... 
Now.. did I mention he was watering his plants with Coke? A large two liter bottle of Coke.
As I turned to leave, I took a closer look at his Coke bottle... it looked suspicious. 
On a whim... I say "feeding some worm tea to the plants?" 
FNT's eyebrows SHOT up. But, in FNT fashion, calmly and slowly said "yup."
Shocked unto death I croak out "are you serious?"
FNT : "yup"
Me: did you buy it in town?
FNT: nope
FNT: yup
Me (croaking more): are you serious????
FNT: yup (but laughing now)

... THe conversation continued, turns out FNT has been verimicomposting his kitchen scraps for about 3 years- he's got one active bin, and five bins of castings... we chatted for a little bit, but I had to get going, we parted- me smiling my frickin' face off, FNT simply smiling (but more animated then I've ever seen him).

When I got back from my outing, he and his wife were out on the front porch... watching the world go by... that's what people do in this neighbourhood. I hear from the porch (FNT's wife) call out "I hear you want some worms? take them all!".
FNT just laughs.

What are the frickin odds?
we're going to have to get together for some worm chats.

Monday, July 14, 2008

more on that later

in addition to the request for more on worm tea, there are some things that if I don't write them down, they'll be lost forever and they really shouldn't be.

After a talk about the pros and cons - St Bernard's vs. Turkey Basters ....

I found this note on my desk this morning.

your eggs
in crisper
people fridge

I thought it fit well.... more on all this later

Monday Bunday part two

Please let me out.... I won't do it again... honest... honest... no more sweater digging... no more flemish flop into the box.... no more fur embedded in your clothing... please... please... 

Bunday Monday

ok, back to the night of the break in....
"and what of 'Touf?" 

'Touf had staged a break in of his own. I had the door to my room closed- To avoid bun fur in my sweater box (under the bed... he really likes to dig around in it). Unfortunately, I'd left the door to my room (from the sunroom) partly open. 'Touf had shoved the door open and placed himself directly IN the sweater box. 

(by sweater box... I am referring to the suitcase that Sir Norton Pee Bunny destroyed two years ago)

(picture to follow... later)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

why not?

Ok, So I've been spending some time online in a vermicomposting forum.... ok.. yeah... I'm a bit of a dork... a bit obsessed of late. And by "some" I mean... hours reading information.
My bin has been doing really well, and after reading some other people's past projects, I want to give it a try too. Tonight I went out and bought three mini bins. (Pictures to follow sometime tomorrow) I've got three projects in mind. 

One- the ark- I've read it's a great idea to have a secondary colony set up... just in case something goes wrong, so you don't have to start from scratch.

 Two- the 4 worm challenge- taking 4 adult worms, and seeing how long it takes to get an established bin going/ see how they do after 3 months... do a count at the end.

 And finally, Three- the Eggsperiment- pretty much the same as number two, but starting with just egg cases. I haven't decided how many eggs to start out with... because I'm not sure if I can successfully have all the cocoons hatch. I've heard pretty wet is good - for the bedding I mean... to encourage the cocoons... I've heard that the darker they are, the sooner they are to hatching... so- I'm not sure if I should have older cocoons, or a variety of ages, or... just whatever I happen to scoop up first. Any ideas?

I was chatting with Bethfield today about what I want to do with all this... I know I don't have the time- nor am I committed to- making a business out of it, but... I might like to have a go at making the "worm tea" tea bags to sell at the farmers market. That sounds like something fun... and it's not too much of a commitment  ... we all know how good I am at finishing what I start.

... don't be surprised if a mini bin shows up under my desk at work.

post 1030, time... 0130

I'm trying to get into a better sleep pattern.
I remember last year my sister saying she was having a hard time sleeping... and I remember thinking "that SUCKS... glad I don't have that problem!" 
I've never had a hard time getting to sleep... especially after that year of not getting enough sleep- it was like my body learned "if you stop moving, shut down". 
Lately, I wonder if my body has memory problem.

Tonight however... that's not what's kept me awake.
Ok, so I made the foolish decision to stay up and watch the end of Jumanji on Tv. I'd never seen the end of it (did you know it came out in like... 1995? I had no idea) When I went to see it in the theatre, it was with a few people from my youth group- and the film tore. So we only saw half, and they gave us free tickets to come back to see it... and I never bothered. Anyway... the Tv version is pretty choppy. They skipped a lot I think. Or maybe the original sucked. 
No, I haven't been kept up by visions of rhinos chasing me down from a board game (like the movie)... no, instead, I was just doing some chasing of my own.
The movie ended, I stood up. I looked for 'Touf..  he was out in the sun porch, so I thought. Nope.. not on the sun porch.
So I turn to go back into the house, but glance outside at my car.
funny.. it's raining.
funny, the rain makes it look like I don't have that dent on the side of my car...
funny, the rain makes my car look clean.
funny... the rain makes it look like the interior light is on in my car.
the light turns off.

I look down the road and watch two youth... I'm guessing 16-17, backwards hats, close to the same height, baggy pants, one in black, one in tan, both with backpacks... laughing and walking away.

I walk out the door and follow them.

nearing the corner... and I've gained considerably on them 'cause they don't know I'm there.... 
I call out "ummm, excuse me?"
One starts to look back... and... the other says NO... and they keep walking.. they get to the corner, and I see them start to run as they round... 
So I TEAR down the street (barefeet ... my flip flops broke today) and round... to nothing. I keep running (even though I hear laughter and shouting coming from inside the first door on the corner) just to make sure they aren't around the side of the building....
I go and stand on the street corner for 10 mins
A guy and a girl come out the door, walk to the pizza place, and come back... they didn't buy anything. They try to talk to me as they return (I'm standing in front of their house). I grunt. and glare at them... knowing full well they were sent out to see if I was sticking around.
I walk back to the house.
Put on a sweater.
then go back to standing in front of their house.
get bored after two minutes.
and go home and call the police.
I should have just walked to the police station. 
It's across the street... it's just they make everything a hassle when you go in there... 
And besides. I've heard that none of them are single.
That... and I'm still not wearing any shoes

too wound up to go to sleep now. 
cop car just passed the house for the third time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yuppers, the swarm gathered, we buzzed, we danced, we may have drank (a little mojito or two), and yet again we flew back to the 80's with the McFlies.
Seriously- I can't think of a better way to spend the evening. Met up with some old friends, dragged along some friends from home (reluctant, and positive that it would suck- why don't people trust me?) (oh, right... nights of deception ARE my specialty, BUT- when I like something... it's because it's really good.. so future reference.... trust me!) Anyway, by the end of the night, they'd both gotten up dancing, and one even asked me about a future event that I'm forever blathering on about (whoa... maybe.. he... trusts... me..?)
The setting was great!
I'd never been to Lula Lounge before, though I've heard about a number of venues there. I REALLY liked it. It had a much sexier feel to it than say.. Hugh's room... (I love Hugh's though- it's a great sort of intimate spot... makes you feel like you and the band are hanging out together) More of a dance feel to it... so that was nice, and people DID come to dance! 
Plus, I was reading up on it- it offers Salsa lessons, dinner and a show for a really great price twice a week- I think I'll try to get back for that sometime soon.
So while my pocket book is now empty for the month (with my entertainment budget shot in one night) my tummy is happy, my ears are happy, and my friends are happy. All in all, a fantastic night.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

photo recap. How to camp.

figure a: How to start the morning camping.

Figure b: What to do while camping

figure b.2: What also to do when camping.

figure c: What to do at the end of the day camping.

-the more you know....

inching along

I figure if I add two or three links a day, I'll eventually get where I want to be....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

under the trees, I felt my heart happy

I went camping.
And now I wish that I didn't have to be home.
In fact.... all I want is to be back out there... not that I'm the best camper... it was noted that I've become increasingly skittish around campsite critters... I was willing to jump up on the picnic table when Mr.Coon made his arrival- and the single appearance of a june bug had me jittering for quite awhile (hoodie fully drawn!). But, it was more the whole group of people I was with.
I went with some friends from university- people that I've stayed in touch with over the years, and who were very important to me while I was at school.

I was hit by something big (well, not as big as the BMW that hit Frase- but that's another story) this weekend.
I haven't been able to shake the feeling of it

I'd forgotten how good it felt to be with friends that had a similar world view- friends from a similar set of experiences- friends with similar tastes- friends with similar interests... Friends that I could relate to on several levels, and who could challenge/stimulate me ...
I need to make it clear... I LOVE my friends/peers that I have here at home... but there's something to be said about the relationships that are built in the nurturing environment found in similarities... vs. the friendships that grow out of proximity.

I read this.. and it sounds horrible. Like I'm unhappy with the friends I'm with here in the 'Burg... not the case..
I just remembered this weekend what it means to be in relationship.

I don't really want to settle for less.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Bunday

Sunshine whiskers... 

Friday, July 04, 2008

Post 1000 (plus 23)

Awww, finally got it done.

Please be patient as I add all the little things back.

Going camping tomorrow (finally) just until Sunday- got to get into camping mode in prep for Shelter Valley! Consider this a warm up round.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


haiku for my worms.....

worms turn food to ground
little plants waiting hunger
growing food for me

my favourite haiku ever was from Sherman's Lagoon. It was about fish.


I'm feeling particularly sad for my garden boxes... they just aren't getting the loving they need lately. (read: everything is in desperate need of a transplant)
for some reason... nothing has really died (well, other than the Zucchis - but I blame the rabbits for that one.)

I'm out again this weekend... it's true, the long awaited camping trip is a go!
I thought for sure we'ed cancel yet another year's lakeside enjoyment!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

day by day.. play by play

ok, so the weekend went a little like this...

Friday- worked (ok, so I worked every day on the first 3 days of my "vacation") But, it was a party for the drama club... not really work. Then an evening of relaxation- uh... I actually can't even really remember what I did that night? (walked at the waterfront festival)
Saturday- headed out to the B&B, spent the time on the hammoc- burned myself when I fell asleep. "did I mention I burned myself extensively?"  Dad and Gale came out after I gave poor directions and we drank lime soda by the lake.
Sunday- slept forever. Had coffee in town with Mandamanda. Went back to the B&B, read on the couch on the porch in the rain, sat by the lake, had a BBq, caught a concert, went to a campfire, visited at the trailer... DIDN'T sleep.. made the mistake of drinking a pop and it kept me up.
Monday- Zoo- wished I was a baby spider monkey- remembered that I hate the Zoo in the summer, more campfire and trailer time, another concert, ate jerked chicken (mmm, spicey vendor food!)
Tuesday- hung out at home, watched cartoons, rode a float in the parade, had another BBq walked the waterfront, sat at the trailer, another BBq, had a campfire, squished a baby, saw some fireworks.....

no wonder I'm so frickin tired.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!!!

and now, back to your regular scheduled blogging....
(ug. and work)

how many tags may apply to the past four days? (you're limited to 200 charachters... shoot)