Monday, August 29, 2005

fuzzy tongue

I came home to something gross...
something that happens a few times each year... and I never know quite how to deal with it.
Each time I open my mouth or inhale deeply I get hit with this... this.. fuzzy feeling.
My rabbit is shedding again.
no surface is safe from his hairy covering.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

homeward bound, I wish I was

back home, back to the slow computer and back into the rush of prep for the festival.
I'm really pumped about it, but I'm getting more nervious as it approaches. I was given a pretty big task, and I'm trying to live up to the expectations. But I don't really have the network of people necessary to do this. if ANY of you have any leads that could help... let me know!

I'm looking for::

15-20 picnic tables
10 shade umbrellas / shade tents
6-8 large tarps

ANY extention cords (heavey duty) and ANY strings of twinkle lights

anyone have a good contact with Rotary or others who could help us with the picnic tables???? they are my main concern.

I have lots to write about Jr. Youth 2005- but it'll have to wait. You HAVE to see the DVD Jeff and Adam made for this year.. those guys are helarious.. or maybe it's just the lack of sleep? It was SO nice to have some all-nighter buddies this year.
Camp was fantastic- dispite the technical difficulties... It was so good to catch up with people there- people who are really increadible and mean alot to me- but who I only see once or twice a year...But there's that hint of sadness too, who knows if I'll see them again next year? I was in some SERIOUS pain still the first three days of camp, which ment that I didn't get to join in on some of the activities... then things got too busy with the newsletter , so I didn't get to do much on the water this year, sad. BUT the weather was amazing, the kids were fantastic! and God was working like crazy... Our worship band really was awesome- I was so blessed working with the guys (and we ROCKED the place) and even when my replacement jumped in (because my workload picked up)I was swept up in some pretty intense times with God. It was so great to see the kids get freed up to connect with God... that's probably my favorite part of camp... watching the kids as they find that sanctuary- as they let go of here, and hang on to holy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So there was this tiny error in that quote the other day... but enough of an error that it didn't really make sense... funny that no one caught it... wait no.. you probably caught it, but since I'm not there to be told... no one told me. right right... got it.
Go back and read it again...
um, things are crazy here, so I'm keeping it short, many page layouts to create... little to work with... Last year I vowed to myself I'd bring an extra person... but forgot. I'm really kicking myself for it this year... I had an offer at the last moment, BUT it was too late, all the numbers for camp were already worked out....
ok, pray for concentration... so far, I'm lacking in that department. Big time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


hmmm... having too much fun, can't talk

Sunday, August 21, 2005

start the kettle

make yourself all cozy like, because I've got some time on my hand and you're getting the first installment!

So even as I was pulling into the queue of SUVs and Mini vans lugging their boats North my mind (the part that's in working order) was racing.... What did I forget, who did I forget to call, where did I put my multi-vitamins? But as I pulled around the first rock-cut and saw some red and orange maples sticking out of the tree line, my heart TOTALLY settled.. I love Joy camp... it's such a place of peace... even the trip up there does something for my soul. I spend most of the drive trying to decide how far I'd be willing to commute to work... I figure (if I loved my job) I'd be willing to drive at least an hour... that only puts me in Lakefield... maybe I could find something further North?

:: side note:: Tim C. From Kawartha YFC is here this week, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and start some serious talks about that home/shelter... enough of the day dreaming and scheming? Pray for wisdom. And discernment... how much of this is just the idea of the program, and how much is the passion that I've been given?

So, I'm driving along and I pop in that mixed worship Cd- you remember the one? The one that I've nearly driven off the road because of? I took it out of the car this winter... it was getting scary, but it made it back into the CD case somehow... Anyway, I turn it on, and put it on random... two fantastic songs came on and just sent me into a great time of worship- it helped the trip to go by so much faster, I didn't even mind the cottage country traffic.

trees of life are blooming
and Your word
plants the seed
I feel it growing yeah,
Kindness leading to repentance
and we feel traces of deliverance
thank You for mercy yeah,
oh can you feel it?
it's the song of the redeemed
the pursuit of passion
for the one who set us free
oh can you hear it
we're crying out for more
and listen to the song it's turning into a holy roar!

And we come rejoicing and singing...
and crying out to You
can You hear the holy roar?
And we come rejoicing and singing and crying out to you Lord!
Can You hear the Holy roar?

don't know who that's by.. it was on one of the Passion CDs awhile back.

Soft fields of clover
moon shining over the valley
joining the song of the river
to the Great Giver
of the Great Good
And as it enfolds me,
somehow it holds me together
and I realize I've been singing
still it comes ringing clearer than clear

Here by the water
I'll build an alter to praise Him
Out of the stones that I found here
I'll set them down here rough as they are
knowing You can make them Holy

I think all my yearning has kept on returning to move me
down roads I'd never have chosen
half the time frozen
la la la la?
I know it was stormy
I hope it was for me a learning
the blood on the road wasn't mine though
someone that I know
has walked here before

here by the alter I'll build an alter....
knowing you can make them holy
knowing you can make me holy

Don't know who wrote that one... Steve Bell likes to sing it a lot...

so that set the mood for the trip FOR SURE.

ok...super prayer to start the week off::
Lord, help us to make You famous here this week.

ok... this week we've got Chris speaking- I love this guy, he's so willing to wait on what God's got to say, and not afraid to say it. This week's topic is going to be : Redemption, being redeemed people, being redeeming people....
I think I might need to back up a step... anyone know of "the green book"? (anyone who'd ever been handed the green book will know what I mean) There's this book by Henri Nowen... I'm not totaly sure what the title is, but basically it's a collection of essays on the passage thru grief to healing... it's got some REALLY great stuff in it, I like to avoid it at all costs. Sarah gave it to me last week with a page bookmarked... I should have known that God would continue to work here....

Chris (aka Strongbad) gave us this quote to dwell on....
Take it in, I'll write more later.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, "who am I to be brilliant, talented gorgeous and fabulous?" Actually who are you not be! You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. You were born to manifest the Glory Of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in all of us,and it is as we let our own light shine that we unconsciously give others the right to do the same."

unending quotes

Well, it's going to be hard... I mean to find WHAT to post... I'd write out every minute for you if I could, I don't want you to be missing out on anything. For now I'll just give you this... likely to be found on the back of many a t-shirt::

"And if you're on the worship team, I've got a surprise for you"

(Graeme aka. Buttercup- as he looks at them empty spaces on stage)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

it begins

yup, sweet connections... I've managed to enter into the most beautiful part of Canada, miles from nowhere.. and yet.. I've got a better internet connection than at home.
into connections.
I seem to have neglected to bring the right connection to the printer... go figure. is there such a thing as an adapter for my OLD printer cable into this pretty new lap top? I sure hope so! I think I'll catch a pony into town.. oh wait, wrong camp.
Morgan???? here little car, come on buddy...

Friday, August 19, 2005

brain hurts

my brain is in pain
and here comes more rain
am I going insane
let me pour down the drain.

yet again, proof that I should never take up song writing professionally.
Speaking of which:: our band has now officially existed for around 4 months. We've gone places, sung stuff... done band-type things... but we still have no name. really. That's dumb.
But really... my brain does hurt... the meds are wearing off.. and it's raining really hard... and the drugs are in the car.
I've had two pretty funny concussion-moments this week, but at the same time, they were pretty scarey... the whole idea that our brain holds soooo much information, and it takes so little to do some damage. I was given a very nice helmet at work by a co-worker today. The front says "boom boom boileau" and the back "watch yer noggin". Thank you very much.

I've got alot to do... and what is it I've chosen to do? yeah... I'm sitting waiting wishing.


How fun! yesterday I got Spammed! that's right, I got an ad placed in my comments section... guess I've fooled someone into believing that this site get's read.

OK ok ok, I heard you and it's been done, there's a link to that "singing on the floor" guy-in the side bar. But seriously, instead of calling me or asking me on the street/ in a bowling ally, let's be civilized shall we? Leave a comment!!!!

*now doing a little dance for sheer JOY*
Praise God
Praise God!
Amen! (really, where IS your accent????)
Today- I praise-ey God, because-ey......

Jr. High Youth Camp starts at Joy Bible Camp!!!!!!!!!
exceptional really... so prayer ninjas, back into action... I need you fighting evil as I drive up, as the kids load up into buses, as they head on their way... I need you fighting off evil from the camp site, from the kids minds... that they'd be coming in pumped and open to whatever God's got planned for them this week... That the counselors would be given many words of wisdom, that we as staff would be super sensitive to the Holy Spirit IN ALL THINGS!!! yeah yeah yeah... and that this would be a KICK BUTT week of fun...

apparently I'm playing yearbook editor again this year for the camp, soooo, I get to experience camp from the comfort of my own motel room- complete with wireless internet and shower... PLUS the bonus of all camp activities... PLUS singing in the worship band again this year... really, I've got the sweetest deal...
luuuuckeeeey! - right right, Napoleon's the theme this year. Good times.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

S vs. Z... the debate is ongoing

All my life, I've struggled with my spelling. I had a "free the vowels" type teacher in my early years who decided it was better not to make young children conform, but better to allow them to express themselves freely and creatively in their spelling. Looking back now, I figure she probably couldn't spell either.. it was just her excuse.
I now struggle with when to use an "S" and when so use a "Z".
I am not alone in this issue.
I have a young friend (who for the moment shall go unnamed) He has a problem with his pronunciation... ok well, really, it's just in the pronunciation of my name.. the dear young man CANNOT seem to understand the difference between "Lesley" and "Lezley".
OH!!! the horror of it all!!!
I am one traumatized by the endless taunting of young children, one with nightmares due to the tease.. ok, not really, I've just gotten carried away again.
To make matters worse, this poor poor boy is cursed with an "S" name himself! yes, poor Simon, forever doomed to hold the moniker "ZIMON" as his own....
let us all take a moment to grieve for this young lad and his speech impediment as he sets out on this... the first day of the next year of his life.....
Happy Birthday Zimon!
-again, I call all the able hands in Togo, West Africa to pin this boy down and plant him with many sloppy kisses!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


praise God..
Today I praise God because-ey... (remember to say with a Ugandian Child's Accent... it really it so much better)
I only have a few tents left to find for the festival!
because I was given a lovely CD today.. one that may in time become a collecter's item... yes yes, rescued from the trash at the last moment, recognized for the gem that it may become, I was given a copy of David Newland's new CD... ok ok, it's a burned copy of the origianl master's copy (pre-release) WITH.... da da DA! the songs in the wrong order... if you're nice to me... I just might let you listen to it.
I'm not losing it........ that WAS Valdy in the coffee shop yesterday.... (alright.. so I really only recognized his suspenders... saw them, thought "gee, those look like Valdy's suspenders" then looked again at the wearer and said hello, recieved his crinkley eyed smile and dicided it was in fact him... went outside, announced my discovery and was then told (in not so many words) "toot toot, you're riding the crack train".)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

there and back, ten cent cheaper gas

I will jump on the band wagon and complane about the price of gas to be sure. BUT. Gas can be had for ten cents less in Port Hope! yes, it's true, and I'm willing to drive the 7 mins just to get my gas there... and I have...

SO, the trip to Hamilton with Jenny was fun, (I am a huge fan of road trips)(dear sweet's a wonder what that little car puts up with!) We finally left town around 1:30... and arrived at Darcey's place two and a bit hours later (time for some Arby's)but there was no Darcey home... we walked back to the car as she and Matt pulled up. It was SO good to see them, and our hang out time went by SO fast before it was time to head to Tehillia!
Tehillia was great... really really great. For those of you out of the loop, that's a Young Adult's Worship Service that happens in various places around Canada, I've had the great pleasure of hitting 5 different ones - not counting the two times that T.Toronto has moved. This was one of the smaller ones, BUT... it was so good because the pastor wasn't up there manipulating emotions (my biggest pet peeve)he had an actual message, with an actual point, with an actual plan of action... VERY refreshing.
PLUS I got to see my friend Nathan (from Chatham) who is probably one of the funniest people I've ever met - yeah, Roy's got his work cut out for him now... I was trying to imagine what trouble the world would be in if they ever hung out. *shudder*.
We all hung out at this place called Gateway? I think that's what it was... a random food court in the middle of nowhere- where I selfishly refused to share my frosty with anyone,Matt and Jen discussed the contents of gravey, Darcey ate MEAT on her fries and Nate wowed us with his table clearing skills. lol... it was a pretty funny night.
I headed back to the Burg this morning, picked up some gas in P-dot, then met up with Eh-Tanya for lunch and the theatre...
I hadn't seen "My Fair Lady" before.. not even the movie.... oh, I haven't even seen "Pretty Woman"! So, it was a real treat. There were a couple of GREAT songs, that I'll probably rent the movie just to learn... It was pretty cool seeing a show at the Capital that wasn't a town production... As much as I love to support local talent... I like a good production once in a while... with people who sing in key!
Sheff's are home, I spent the evening there tonight... I do love those people.
All said and done... it's been a great 33 hours.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Sorry I haven't been able to write... I seem to have given myself a concussion.

I'll be back to the keyboard (maybe) tuesday night... I get to go and visit some nice people out in the Hamilton area tonight! Then Tanya and I have a play to attend...
ta ta!

Friday, August 12, 2005

new things

a few new things came into my possesion today.
I am now the proud owner of a Barbie Doll cup holder.... it's suppose to be for a water bottle, but it attaches upright to your handlebars!!!! luuuuucky!

I have new fish.
There's only one of my original fish left (well.. no. It's not even one of the original originals... the last "Melinda" fish passed on about a month ago... I think the others were so attached to it, they kicked the bucket too) I decided it was time to get new ones as the last live fish had finished eating the remains of the dead ones.... gross.

ummm, Les... what's a "Melinda" fish?

Well, let's see, that story? It harkens back to the old days of living in the Petes....
One day I decided, "I'm going to get me a fish tank". So I did.
It was a pretty tank, purple and plasic, what more could a girl want?
A girl could want some fish to put in it!
So, my friend Melinda and I went to Wallymart to purchase some fishies. We couldn't find a clerk anywhere!!! we walked up and down isles, we stood in open areas... none to be found. So we decided upon self service fishies. We got the net, we got the bag, we got the sales stickers (who knew they needed to be scanned first?).. and we got ourselves 6 lovely little goldfish.. they were so tiny... I loved each and everyone.
True enough the sales lady gave us heck at the counter... she even said it was like trespassing! (wow!) meh... we were buying them, not putting them in our pockets! But eventually I got those little guys home and into their tank. It was at that point that I realized I hadn't been to shopper-savey... I had gotten nearly all identical fish... how on earth is one to name them? There was one with a little black mustachio "Groucho" was his handle, and one with a black line down his back (a teeny tiny line that dissapeared after a year) and the rest looked the same.. I named them all Melinda. It was easier that way.

I'm bored... will anyone go to the bean with me? I think I'll head over at 7:30.


I have two choices for today.
I could: lay in my bed/on the floor/or couch
I could: continue to sit on the excercise ball.

This morning when I was taking the garbage out, I stood up, turned around and WHACKED my head on a large beam that supports the shelves in the garage. Because I was turning, it wrenched my head around and I heard a cracking noise... by the time I got to work (less than 5 mins later) I wasn't able to sit... no, not true, I was able to sit, but it made my legs go all tingley... I popped three extra strength pain killers, and when Roy phoned, I mentioned that I was going to call for a repacement...
I'm home now, I've slept for three hours, the drugs are still good.
Me and Napoleon are going to hang out on the couch for awhile.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

hang me out to dry

dear friends... I have a problem.
yes, that's right... a drinking problem.
I hear the first step is in admitting it.

I can't seem to raise a cup of coffe to my mouth without it spilling ON me, or ON my bike, or INTO my purse.

That is my problem.

If someone knows any tricks to remove coffee stains from the contents of my purse... money, cheque book, bills etc. Let me know.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

aannnnnndddd.... there I said it

ok, I told him I really did want to sing with him the other night, and that I was sorry I chickened out...... But I think that the way that I said it (the 'just in passing' manner) may have been mistaken.... for me not ever wanting to do it for real....

really I do want to sometime really

pleased as punch, pleased to punch

I wrote a nice long blog... It'd been awhile, I'd even recieved a phone call! (note, leave comments instead)
I fished it up and hit the spell check... and the spell check came up as a window saying blooger was off for repairs (or some such thing) sooooo I thought I was being cunning by hitting "save as draft"... nope... the WHOLE site was off. It ate my post. I was sad. I was actually happy with how it had turned out.
on a happier note, those of you who are friends with Norty will notice that his idol Lightfoot the cat is awake again... and starring in a new film... a definate MUST SEE (for those of you with high-speed) ohhh, the drama... the suspense... the drum brushes!!! Nort has added him to his own links.

also, those on the observant side may notice that there's been some additions to the links at the side bar... blogs to peruse in your spare time... NOTE:: not all are family friendly, I can't vouch for the language that may appear...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

another fantastic idea

Theresa came up with a great idea this morning. She said that I should borrow someone's baby next summer and take it to the hami-clan day.... such a great idea! most of them I never see, soooo, now that I've set myself up so nicely with the plan of a knock-up.... mooowaaaahhaahahaha... I can't wait to try it!

I don't know if I mentioned it before or not, but please be praying for Andy now that he's home. It's rough trying to fit back into Canadian culture, back in with your friends, finding who they've become, finding who you've become. Plus the agony of not knowing what's next. The shock of the stuff around you, and just the internalizing of all you've learned working overseas doing missions. I've always found the first two weeks to be a blur of emotions that never make their way out of me... then later (like 2-3 months later for me this last time) it gets pretty rough.
Anyway, keep him in your prayers please prayer ninjas.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

memory fails

I had three things I wanted to write... what were they?

right, one was PICK UP THE NEW CHATELAINE (if you have access to a store) Ladies, there is a fantastic article on body image... based on the changing room at the YMCA. I really liked it. no, really. It was great.

Mark has posted a few indonesia pics, and a fantastic piece on road rules... these rules pretty much apply to anywhere I've been overseas too... I LAUGHED remembering my own experiences thru his post, check M.Do at the side bar.

what the heck?????? the loudest train in the world just went by the house... it's shaking. this is a NO whistle zone...

nope... can't remember the other things.. I'll come back and edit them in when I do.

HEY! there's lots of exciting things happening in the next little while! Andy's home, BabyKates is moving in for a few days, I finally get my togo pics back (ok, so I've been kinda slow in getting them developed), I get to visit some friends in Hamilton :) , Eh-Tanya and I are going to see "my fair lady", Quinn's second B-day is this weekend, Camp is coming up quick (sweet vacation-by-the-lake!)whew! the summer's nearly gone!

(for those of you following the comments from the "happy Harem" post)::: CRILLY

the Hami Clan

Today we had the third annual-ish "Hami Clan" family gathering. Dispite the fact that Hamilton was Grandma's madin name.. we are all Hamiltons at heart... besides which "Roach Family Gathering" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
In attendance at today's festivities (which, I may point out, were held in the middle of NOWHERE! But I suppose the middle of nowhere is central to everywhere.) were the majority of the Hami Kids and their kids... and their kids! whoa baby... as if I wasn't already feeling low for not being married! this was quite the group to be hangin with.

Hami's Kids:

missing today were Ann (because she and her family live out west USA) and my mom.
pretty much everyone's kids came with their own children in tow (with the exception of the exclusion of my children and my sister's children... because they are, of yet- unborn.)

tally for the 1st generation of cousins (plus their husbands/wives)= 13 pretty good eh? we were only missing 4 other couples and one other spouse....
total tally for 2nd generation... 10 small people under the age of 5... not too shabby
number of times I was asked "so, you seeing any nice boys?" = 11
number of times I was asked "so, when are you settling down?"= 5

answer to most of those questions:: "I'm thinking of getting knocked up this year so I'll fit in better at our next gathering."

response:: priceless

Friday, August 05, 2005

Praise God

So, I was having a rough day yesterday, and as I climbed into my bed I just asked God to speak... I was feeling pretty dry.
I picked up my bible and said "God, I need something good here." then I let it fall open:: disclaimer, I held the maps so I wouldn't open to one of those....
the book fell open right to 1 Peter 1..... just what I needed.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

humiliation part::2

ok, so as planned I marched into the office Wednesday morning, mind made up as to what I was going to say to Mr.Finnan in regards to the chicken move I pulled Monday night. "hey, sorry that I chickened out the other night" (this was the script in my mind) "whatever are you speaking of Lesley Marie?" (he'd say) "well, I really and truely want to sing with you... you're one of my most favorite singer/songwriters... it's even on my life list of things to do... and well... I just got scared, I didn't want to blow it... and I didn't want to throw you right off... well, umm... maybe sometime I could sing with you? it could even be just here in the office... I mean, sometime maybe...." (that's how it'd go, then he'd hear me and want to have me sing back up some time... oh yeah... pie in the sky baby... pie in the sky)
His van was parked in it's place by the back, but there was no one in the office! I went in and opened the place up (for those of you who can, stop by it's just on Division St.... look for the green and yellow sign). just as I finished setting up, he came in dragging tents and other stuff, I went out to help him carry it in, intent on jokingly bringing the subject up. But he was on a mission.
Then he left.... not to return until noon.
He didn't actually come back until around 1-1:30, and brought in tow his girlfriend... a very very nice girl.. ... so I kept quiet.
ok ok ok
right right and all that stuff...
I've missed my opportunity.


ok. I haven't been writing.. because I've been fretting- "what else is new?" you might say.
yes, it's over a boy... whatever. You'd think by this age I'd be over the fretting... but no.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ok, as promised our "Happy Harem" (Man, Crilly, Boi), unfortunately or rather... Fortunately? it's only my own computer at home that is possessed and causes pictures to blow up... so no more fat sleeping chicks... sorry guys. (I know you wanted to see that again!)


warning label

there should be a warning label on pickle jars::

caution: may cause burning if hot


caution: don't bother to make 1/2 a bushel's worth of pickles with Be-bop-kins.... you'll laugh too hard, and besides, no one in his family eats pickles...

humiliation of Lesley MaGee

alright, I confess, I'm not the most bravest person you're likely to meet.

Last night there was a volunteer picnic and concert/ open mic thing at the Shelter Valley Site- just to start getting us pumped about the festival... as if! who's not already pumped?
It POURED rain right up till 5:27... picnic to start at 5:30, what perfect timing really. Dispite that, we (the Sheffs and I) had our picnic INSIDE the sheff homestead, then headed out to the site. Everything was nice and fresh out there, the grass smelled great... it was beautiful (for those of you who HAVEN'T been out to the site, you really need to check it out).
There were a few announcements, then some random got up on stage (random because I can't rememebr his name), then Aengus played a few tunes (Log Driver's Waltz included), then Shamus was finally cajoled into going on stage... Quinn followed and gave quite the "nearly-two-year-old" proformance... clapping and playing with thte shaker... he even climbed up on Aengus' guitar case and used it as a stage. The random came back, then Aengus, then Shamus.... I guess there weren't enough people who know how to play out in the crowd. I would have liked to have sung, but I couldn't think of one that Shamus knew how to play... so I jokingly said that I'd only sing with Aengus, and that I wanted to sing "Lately"... to which both Shamus and Mary-B jumped up and informed Aengus.....
I turned to the Sheffs and said... "well, well, looks like it's time for us to go!"
to which Aengus laughed.... and I turned bright red and said "no way"....
here's the thing... I really do want to sing with him... he's one of my favorite singer/songwriters EVER... it's even on my life list... I just didn't want to be humiliated singing around him... singing's his thing... I'm just a newbie!!! a poser!!!! I don't want to be known as "that girl who tries to sing" to him... so I said no... but the manner in which it happened... I think I've humiliated myself more.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Unfortunately we were infiltrated by some potty mouth... I'm sorry to those of you who read the comments before I was able to delete them, I guess I ticked someone out there off.
soooo, if you want to leave a message, you'll now have to be a blogger user, sorry guys! But this way we can at least block those who are leaving inapropriate messages.
If you want to set up an account, but you're a little intimidated by the computer, let me know, I'll come help you out.