Monday, August 27, 2007

Bunday Monday

not an incredibly flattering picture of me... but look at that arm-load of bunnies! Normally spazzy Fynn has calmed right down with the addition of Pontouf in my arms... no more "bun on my head" *phew*

Sunday, August 26, 2007


friends... I love you ...
I realize that at this time of year, I have a tendency to disappear.. to ignore you... to ahhemmm.. maybe even snub you.
But there's a darn good reason.

however... please, if you see me, and I've been wearing my pants backwards all day, even if I have been ignoring you, tell me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 secrets.

oh man... I've been tagged.

I'm suppose to give you 8 secrets about me... I have to think about them first.
Who has secrets????

click the picture for the post secret video :)

small town lovin'

here's a sampler of why I love a small town.

I went for my coffee the other morning, downtown, at the Bean. As I approach, I'm greeted by an older man sitting at "his" table, he asks me how the new job is going.
I walk into the Bean, the owner yells from the back of the store "Lester, Bester, Pester!" (variations on my name that only he can pull off) I flip open the lid of the coffee card box, and taped to the lid is my card.... someone's been adding their stamps to it. I pay, and glance at the "question of the day" ... the man in the back corner yells "you're too late Les".

Outside the shop, the man from the mountain equipment store asks me why I'm not riding my bike today. I cross the street back to my car, as I get in I hear a faint "hey!" being yelled from the window in an apartment above the street... I glance up, and see my neighbour, working construction finishing the details on the iron-worked balcony.

Later I'm driving, waiting to turn left at an intersection, a small boy is waiting to cross the street, standing beside his bike. The light changes, and he waits.... I wave him to go ahead, and he races across the street, but not before yelling out "Thanks Miss!".

I'm in a store, wandering and enjoying the air conditioning.... when a woman walks up to me and says "Hi, I was wondering... where did you get that tee-shirt you're wearing? I really like it... and it looks really good on you." Her teen aged daughter stands smiling beside her....

I walk to my grocery store, and the lady doesn't ask me if I want to buy a bag, she remembers... I pull my fabric bag out of my pocket after I've paid....

I walk home and at the corner am greeted by a friend I haven't seen in a bit in her car, we block the intersection for awhile, but people drive around... she gets a little animated in her conversation, retelling a story, and a neighbour who's walking home overhears and asks us if everything is ok (greeting us both by name).

*le sigh*
good stuffs.
this never happens on a weekend

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bridges over Northumberland County

ok, I stole the title from Ruth....

The following link is for an on-line petition,
to name the portion of Highway 401 from Trenton to Toronto to the "Highway of Heroes" ... this is the portion of highway that all fallen soldiers travel, when they are returned home.
Here is a link from the local newspaper verifying this story:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the office

as in... the tv show.. and my new life!
ok, so I won't be there (in the office) in the future as much as I am now... but... for now, my reality is pretty similar to the show.
I love it!
I was created for this environment... I have NO bloody clue what I'm doing (there's a lot to take in right now) but.... it's great.
so, if you think of it, pray for me. I'm trying to absorb a ton of info, in a limited time (as I have next week off for SVFF). Thankfully, it's not expected that I figure everything out right away... my boss said give it a month before any of it makes sense... so I'm clinging to that hope.

Ninjas, please pray for some friends of mine as they are on the hunt for a house!!! pray that the right thing for the right price would come their way.... and SOON!

I was looking at my calendar... it's the end of AUGUST!!!! how did this happen???? SVFF is only a few days away.... eeeeeeeek! so much to do... if I disappear for a little while... you'll know which field to find me in

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

ahhh... did I do that?

As with any new job, there are reams and reams of paper to be read, countless polices to put to heart, and names to put with faces.
I'm feeling silly.
I've been in and out of that building nearly daily for 6 years prior to being employed there.
And, in that time, I've met... pretty much every person who works there, or is supported there. Now, here's the problem.. it's not that I've "met" them for real, it's more, I've heard their name in passing, or, just seen them so often that they deserve the Canadian traditional greeting "hey how's it going, [insert comment about the weather being too hot or too cold or too dry or too wet], see you later!" So, combine that with- my inherent inability to remember names... and you've got a disaster.
There are about 20 staff in this building... they all know my name... and I can't remember who is who.... thankfully though, there are multiple Tracy's Tammy's and Patty's, so I figure I have to get it right some of the time.

I LOVE the admin lady... though mostly she spends her time laughing at me as I wander around trying to orient myself.... she's approached me 7... yes, 7 times in the two days I've been working for them asking me how to pronounce my last name... I heard rumour that she's extremely nervous she's going to mispronounce it on the tele-directory... I didn't bother to tell her she's misspelled my first name on everything.

Ok, so... I'm sitting with one of the managers today and she's giving little antidotes of things that have happened, and how they fit under after word of a lie...

Her::"So, on occasion there are minor accidents that occur on the property, and so and so is the one you'd go to see about such and such.... for example, there was a time that someone backed their vehicle into the hand rails and they needed to be repaired"
Me:: "uh... that was me"
Her:: "oh!" (starts laughing)

Her:: "on occasion our own personal property can get ruined... yadda yadda yadda.... for example, if you were to drop your cell phone and have it run over in the parking lot..."
Me:: "uh... that was me too"
Her:: (nearly doubles over in laughter) "I was just using that as a fake example" (more laughter)
Admin lady:: (walks into the room) "now, has she told you what to do in case you run anything over with your car?"
Her:: "we've got to get this girl a parking space so she doesn't have to drive around"
Me:: bright red.

I'll find the link to the van back-up incident eventually.. ever get caught up in reading your own archives?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I spent some time at value village this week, and dove in to try to find a lovely treasure for myself...
I did find a fantastic hoodie... dark green, cozy.
And, it came with an "extra special bonus", someone's old kleenex.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I love my snooze button... I'm sure I've mentioned it before. Last year, when my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I knew right away. An alarm clock, with a single GIANT snooze button on the top, so I couldn't turn off the alarm by accident (a huge problem with my old one). So, sure enough, for my birthday, I opened the bag, and sitting pretty there was my new lovely. One who'd sit faithfully by me, nudging me awake in seven minute intervals.
I love my snooze button.
It was with great sadness (ok, not really... ok, maybe it was with glee) that I hit it for it's final time this morning. Today is my last morning at CH.
Starting tomorrow, I start my work day at 9:00... and on a few golden days.... 9:30!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

yes, I'll sign an autograph

I'm published.... um... in the most dorky-est of ways...
it's true... I wrote a love letter to a pooch.

see if you can find me... hint... I'm all of page 8 and page 9.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bunday Monday

we gotta stick... we gotta stick. (singsong voice)
(top floor of the condo... and, Fynn indwelt by satan again)

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Metro Toronto Zoo has this dino exhibit going on right now, I didn't know about it, as things like that sort of miss my radar...
"Dinosaurs Alive" is it's title, and ... well.. it was really cool.
The exhibit is set up in a large tent-like building, near the kid's area with the petting zoo and water pad, there's a spot to line up (assuming you actually go to the zoo during prime time and have to line up? Who does that?). There are signs as you're going in, "warning, dinosaurs are life like and the movement and noise may scare young children". I laughed at the signs..... but..
Heck.. I was a little unnerved at one point!
So, the building/tent thingy is set up so you walk into it blind to the rest of the room, there's one Dino, then a small hallway that leads straight to an exit, or, you round the bend and enter into the main room.
SMART thinking! Of the four families that entered with us, three had to walk straight to the exit, their children, who on the way in had been chattering about the Dino's and how much they loved them and yadda yadda yadda- were screaming and crying in fear.
It took me probably 3 to 4 minutes to convince the guys I'd brought that the dinosaurs weren't real.. and that... no, they weren't trying to eat them, no they weren't alive, no they don't have to feed them anything, yes, they were robots, NO they didn't need cages, No, they weren't going to be chased, no, they really were safe.... NO... they aren't REALLY alive.. honestly, that was the conversation, over and over... It was hard for them to grasp it.
After all, a zoo is filled with live animals, and the sign said "dinosaurs ALIVE"...

So, a room filled with true to life sized latex? motorized dinosaurs... growling, screeching, dipping, clawing, tail swinging... I was ok till I noticed the T-Rex high above me, leaning in, about to bite my body in half...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

little ditty

here's a little song that gets stuck in my head these days, and while it doesn't totally reflect the nature of my past.... I hum it.

As featured this month on David Newland's page... (and written by the jaunty cap wearer himself)

Well it's over, when it's over
And it's over when you're walking in the rain
And you'll never get that feeling back again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain

And it's over, when it's over
And you're lugging all your luggage down the lane
And you're never gonna pass that way again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain

We had so many things to talk about
On the sunny days when skies were bright and blue
Now I only seem to walk about
And the only thing that's blue
Is the heart that wasn't true...

Well it's over, when it's over
And it's over when you're walking in the rain
And you'll never get that feeling back again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain
And it's over, when it's over

And you're lugging all your luggage down the lane
And you're never gonna pass that way again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain

Tweet tweet, starlings in the maple leaves
Singing silly songs of love's refrain
Sweet sweet darling how my poor heart grieves
In this lonely little lane
Trudging for the train...

Well it's over, when it's over
And it's over when you're walking in the rain
And you'll never get that feeling back again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain

And it's over, when it's over
And you're lugging all your luggage down the lane
And you're never gonna pass that way again, oh
When it's over and you're walking in the rain


ok, I love the zoo...
ok, how many posts have I started with "ok"?

SO, yesterday for work, I took two of our guys to THE ZOO. The Toronto Zoo of course... and, since work paid for my ticket, I was one third of the way towards a year's membership.
SO, guess who caved and paid to buy one for herself?

zoo pics and dino story to follow.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

must have been a slow night in the 'burg

ok, so last night, I run downstairs to the front porch to pick up the last of my crap... when I see this....

That would be two of the SIX police cars surrounding MY CAR!!!! ok, ok, not just my car, but also the van that they have pulled over and surrounded. There's NOTHING to do in the 'burg, so six of our (what? 10?) cars have to pull over a group of college aged boys who have been doing door to door sales for some energy company all night in the pouring rain.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

can I get a translation here?

ok, So I'm in the theatre, and the new Mr.Bean trailer comes on... Mr.Bean goes on vacation...
He's going to France... you know there's going to be trouble.
The theatre is nearly empty, there's maybe? 10 people inside.
Mr. Bean is ordering something from a desk clerk, he answers "oui, non, oui, non" the clerk says, you have an excellent command of the french language.. to which Mr.Bean says "mucho gracias".
I laugh.
One other person laughs.
The kid sitting a few rows back turns to it's parent and says "was that french?".
To which the parent responds "no honey, it's funny because it's Italian."

le sigh.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bunday Monday

welcome to a new feature here at the parsley patch,
A little thing we'd like to call "Bunday Monday".
That's right, a day just for a bunny picture, because... everyone needs a little bunny lovin'

top floor of the bunny condo:: Pontouf loves his bottle of frozen water on a hot day... Fynn was there first, but a giant baby bunny dropped on him and pushed him to the corner. Note the food EVERYWHERE... it's those paddle sized feet digging it out of the bowl...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

the band played on

All my life I've wanted to be in a band.... I've jumped in here and there in the past, been the back up vocalist for many... but it's never been quite right... there's not been all that much commitment by some of the members, and the few times things have looked promising.... they've fizzled out before even a name could be decided on.
But... no more, I've found my calling, my calling's called me, and despite my weaknesses on the bass, I get to do what I've always wanted to do... in theory.
meet the band....

ok... now that you've met us... let it be known that I near cried for joy when I read this.

get your shirt, and I'll sign it... I'm an original member after all.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


to the one I love....

I love to spend time with you. I love to rest with you. I love the way we don't have to plan anything. I love the way you find things that I like to do, and that there never seems to be enough time to fit everything in. I love that you're never predictable. I love that you're reliable. I love that I can be serious with you... or just silly. I love that you get along with everyone, that everyone is excited to see you and be with you, it makes me love you more...
Saturday, I love you... I wish I could see you more often.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

what do you get when you take one bathtub, two bunnies, and a camera?

photo sesh!
ok, didn't want to fight the redeye reduc ... so pretend Fynn Fynn isn't indwelt by Satan.

First encounter!
Fynn:: are you eatable?

Pontouf:: *flops to the ground* Why yes! I am!

Pontouf:: I have big feet.

Fynn:: yes you do... lean into it.... this is how you work the camera....

Editor's note:: I did NOT pose them.... they really do sit like this...
errrrr... and like this......


Well, now that everything's gone down I can let you know.
I had to make sure that our guys had the info up front (it's too much of a stress for them to hear things without all the details, and I wanted them to get it together....) and I had to wait till all the paperwork stuff was done with the union rep (ha ha.. I've never been in a union... new things!)
So yeah, I'm going to be working at Community Living.
Doing pretty much the same job I do now.. but slightly different.

I have big shoes to fill, it'll be good- I like challenges

Also good, I'm stepping "out of the bubble". Finally.

This weekend is a weekend of cleaning.. pray for some cooler weather, as it's the sunroom I need to clean...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's official.

Well folks, it's official.
Time to celebrate.
I gave my two weeks notice today.

Due to the nature of my current job, err... rather, due to the people that I currently support- and their ability/inability to process things the way we process things, please don't talk about this news at work until I've had the opportunity to sit down with them TOGETHER and give them all the information.
Seriously... even if you're at a different program...

but now...