Wednesday, August 27, 2008

it was a long line up.

I felt bad for the people in the grocery store today.
The one's in the line up.... when we pulled up with four carts:

150 lbs carrots
3 cases of lettuce
10 large water melons
65 lbs of onions
10 bunches (large celery)

uh.. I can't remember what else.. but I remember one lady getting mighty ticked when we took the last 11 red onions.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

welcome to the blogosphere

Barbie - long time reader, SVFF diva, and general encourager of all peoples- has decided to dabble in the fine.. um.. art? of blogging.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bunday Monday

I forgot my camera at the festival site.

You can bet there will be more than bunny photos here come next week.

Also- I'll be out at the site full time (not coming home to check email and the like) starting thursday, so if you're trying to get hold of me, call the cell- I'll call you back when I get the chance.

4 sleeps.... earlier to bed.

busy day.
I smelled of Pulled Pork, Bleach, and sweat.
A great combo really.

had some help from some lovely people.... more on that later.

Tomorrow looks like it's men's day in the kitchen, D's returning for his second run at the dishes second day at the site, Pirate Dave is sailing into town and Lee is lending his skills. 
I for one, am very much looking forward to it.

Svff 5 sleeps

IF I sleep, there's only 5 sleeps to go.

Classic pre-fest quote.... now, remember- the set up crew consists of a number of manly men types... beer drinking types.

We'd just finished eating lunch when Lulu says
"we have yogurt, or we have beer".
To see their faces.... 
It was beautiful.

All the fridges are clean, the stoves are clean, the counters are clean, the shelving is clean, the wash stations are... washed, the water is running, most of the electricity is in place, we unpacked boxes, dragged around boxes, kicked at boxes, and cursed all the boxes. We found bleach. I made Chicken Corn Chowder ('cause the way to a man's heart is.... wait.. no... 'cause the way to get things done at a festival is thru a stomach) (that's better). And we built community. We're good at that one.
And I only nearly cried (out of pure joy) twice.

Early start tomorrow. 
We're in for something good.
So long as I remember everything I need (got into my car FOUR times this morning before I succeeded in leaving the house- I'd sit down, then remember something else I'd forgotten).
Le sigh.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

wide awake

First day at "The Site"... AND the day of T.Lam and Naomi's wedding. 
I should be sound asleep- done from the day's events. But my brain says "no way Jose, you're not sleeping yet". I'm ok with that. There's still lots to process.
I'm not going to be ok with it when the alarm goes off in the morning.

The Wedding first- as it's slightly more important. (at this point)
It was lovely. Big wedding party! They both had five stand for them. That's 12 people on the stage... plus pastor Jeremy... it was a big group. The dresses were Asian inspired- the girls looked SO good. The guys had pretty neat tuxes too- no coller- which gave an Asian feel too. And Naomi's dress was beautiful. With a red sash.. I liked it a lot. They both looked great. 
The big party after was at Golden Beach- I'd never been there, it seemed like they had a pretty sweet set up there. And the food was amazing. THEN... Karaoke Craig was there- (So now I've seen both DJs this summer from the "old days" at shoeless... ) it was nice to see him...
all in all.... it was a great night.
I've made a commitment to not blog everything that comes out of J.Mac's mouth.. but you may assume that many funny things were said.

Ok, SVFF site stuff...
AJ was home for the wedding, so first off, we dragged him out to the site- where he promptly did three things 1) he had a tour 2)he fell in love with the place 3)he had to work hard (as we gave him things to carry and people to meet.
Assume that if you come out there over the next week, you'll have the same experience.

We got there and the two main tents were up. This year we've got one 20x40? tent for the kitchen.. and a 30x60 for dining. The big tent is so open- it has a great feel to it, I think it's going to give hospitality an even more inviting atmosphere. So, the tents were up- and all our crap was in piles ... so we set to work getting the bare bones in place so the plumbers and electricians could do their job... when I left after lunch we had: all 6 wash stations in place, the hand wash station set in place, the 3 food prep sinks/counters, the single stainless steel work station, the cold service counters, the shelving had been found, two working fridges installed- two broken ones removed, the gas oven in place, the electric oven in place.... and a chalk board welcoming everyone home.
It looks like a kitchen now.
And tomorrow is more of the bare-bones same.... the next day begins food prep and cleaning.

This is where it starts to get busy.

There's also a wedding shower for roomie1 tomorrow night... and I need to sneak in some time tomorrow to cook chowder for 30ish- which is fine, I have GTI to thank for the ability to churn out vats of food in a hurry.

I'm excited.
And I'm nervous.
And... I think I'm ready to sleep now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm so grumpy.
vacation has officially started and I hate everyone.
I think it comes from having to be nice too much ....

don't try to cheer me up, I just need to hate for a bit.

Friday, August 22, 2008

festival season approach

I was just scanning thru  my past entries, looking for SVFF stories.. and realised that I've done a rather shoddy job of documenting/processing my time at the festival. 
I was trying to figure out why... and then I looked at the most recent copy of "play-by-play, day-by-day" (the giant to-do list that spans 3 sheets of paper) and remembered it's for a few reasons.
1) who's got the time?
2) who's got the Internet?
3) electricity?
4) it's pretty awesome- but there's a lot of emotion (a lot gets invested into this) so if I stop for a minute and start to think- I cry- 'cause every emotion for me= cry. Cry= stay away from the computer.
5) at the end of the weeks of me talking incessantly about what I'm doing- I figure it's the last thing anyone wants to hear. 

But this year will be different. I will be journaling. Because I can't stand to lose yet another year to my poor memory.

Today I nearly lost my mind- having to stay an extra 45 mins at work- trying to get my stuff done, and other people's jobs done- because it seems everyone is on vacation at the same time... seriously, if I had to be there much longer- I'd have lost it. If I'd had to deal with one more "issue" .. I'd be toasted.
But, it's passed. I'm in one piece. I didn't throw up (which is what I do when I'm stressed) I didn't get the hic-ups (because I was barely breathing) I didn't scream (because I was muttering) I didn't swear at anyone (because I was swearing at myself) and I didn't do anything to make life difficult for anyone else next week ('cause I can't stand for people to be mad at me).
All in all, I think I did really well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what if I want to be a dobro?

Sometimes when I walk around, I make odd noises.
It's just something I do. My sister and I made lots of noise growing up... sometimes it was just sound. LOUD sound... random sound.
When I'm concentrating, I make an aweful whistle. I don't even like the sound of it. But it happens.
Sometimes, I trumpet.

Like.. I sound LIKE a trumpet.
It's a gift.

Anyway, tonight I was minding my own business, leaving the GTI building, trumpeting.
Out on the steps of the building was a little boy. I think he was 4 or 5- he belonged to one of the volunteers that joined us tonight (mmmm, meatloaf!)
I trumpet my way out the doors and on to the steps, where the boy just stares at me. I figure he's about to commend me on my incredible trumpeting skills, so I get ready to say "oh, it's nothing"... but instead I get...
"what are you doing?"
quick change of direction... and mumble out "I'm being a trumpet"
Kiddo: why are you being a trumpet?
awfully humble me replies: well, sometimes it's fun to be a trumpet.
Kiddo: Well, you don't need to be a trumpet. You can just be yourself.

Monday, August 18, 2008

et phone home

honest to goodness conversation that I just had on the phone...

the phone rings.... I recognise the name on the display as the old couple I got my first batch of worms from... so I answer... (side note:: I'd answer no matter who was calling- who are we kidding?)

L: Hello?
W: Hello this is  Mrs. worm lady**
L::Hello Mrs. W! how are you doing? This is L.
W: Oh, Hello L, I'm fine- I don't know that I know you. 
L: Oh, you met me thru your husband, I got some worms from him awhile back.
W: Oh! well, that's nice. How are things with you L?
L: Things are good thank you, how are the two of you doing?
W: Well, things aren't so good around here you know. But, we'll be here until the weekend if you're trying to reach us ok?
L: Ok.
W: well, take care.
L: uhhh, ok, you too? Bye.
W: Bye now.

** name protected as this is a rather embarrassing story

I hung up and started laughing. But then I got worried- Mrs. Worm Lady is elderly, and she's been having some health issues- I'm sure I remember someone not too long ago saying that she was having some memory problems. Also, they open their home often to some people who are not always so trustworthy. So I called back.
And got the answering machine.

I left a detailed message for Mrs. AND Mr. explaining why I was calling and left my number.

Then called the Sheffhouse ... because I needed to share with SOMEBODY! 

I get PaSheff on the phone... who launches into a story about a dead guy he didn't know about.  (yeah... ?) At this point- or rather, during this story about the unknown dead guy, I'm trying desperately not to start laughing. And it's not working well, so I cover the receiver and start making hand motions at my roommate- who looks as confused, if not more, than I. 
The dead man is given some body to his newly-passed life- and I then share with PaSheff my Mrs.W story. PaSheff is unable to make a complete sentence he's laughing so hard. So I say "do you think she's going thru something right now?" Without missing a beat, he replies "you mean like the phone book?"
And now I can't talk, I'm laughing too hard.

A little while later, the phone rings again.

It's Mrs. Worm Lady returning my call.
L: Hello?
W: Hello, this is Mrs.W calling. We just spoke.
L: Yes, I left a message because I wasn't sure why you'd called, and I wasn't sure if you were ok.
W: I know you're the young lady who helps across the way [referring to GTI- she lives on the property behind the motel]. I was returning your call.
L: Well, yes, I just left that message after you called, I wasn't sure why you called the first time.
W: There was a message on our phone, you called here.
L: I haven't called in ....
W: We've been away. For a month
[I called the week before I got my worms... that was months ago!]
L: oh... ok
W: Well, We're doing poorly here right now, we're under quarantine I have to go now Bye.

L: uh... bye?

such greatness

Ok, often I have a problem with a variety of agencies... I hate people slipping between the cracks and ending up hurt... yet again.
But today... today my heart is sailing.

I've always wanted to use that phrase- I always wondered what it would really feel like to have a "heart that was sailing", and now I know. Or at least.. know in part... because I've never really been sailing. (side note:: anyone want to take me sailing sometime? It's on my life list- I'll even write your name down as the person who's helped me accomplish that goal)

A few months back I was sent to a meeting of help agencies in our county. The meeting was in regards to a need that could be met if all the groups pulled together for a little bit, and if the main agency (running the meeting) was willing to take the project on.
I went to the meeting as a rep for work- but I threw in my two cents in regards to some things going on with GTI. I made a request, and figured it would be lost along the way. This was MONTHS ago. I sent an email or two, called twice... and that was the end. The project was completed last week.... I phoned this morning just to see if maybe, just maybe- something could be worked out for us still.
I gave my first name, and was about to explain the reason for my call when the woman said "oh! I was hoping that I'd hear from you this morning, I've got the packages all ready for you, I set them aside last week and they are under my desk- I'll put them at the front office with a note attached."

Seriously... that was very very cool.

bunday Monday

So, what really goes on at night?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

chart... graph... or sliding scale?

is there a tool by which we measure lazy by?
and where would you rate typing one-handedly on a laptop sitting on your bedside table?

um.. hypothetically speaking of course.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

window shopping

I'm here in the window again.
Seems like it's the place to be. My place for thinking. My place for renewing. My place for focusing. 
Maybe it's not the window so much. Maybe it's the opportunity to sit in one space and not be bothered- not be distracted by the laundry, or the sweeping, or cooking... or fussing with the rabbits... or worms... or the million and twelve other things that seem to draw me into being busy... The things that keep me from thinking.

Window... visiting friends.... coffee.... muffin.... 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

snip snip thanks

Ok, so we got all that yard work done yesterday- my legs are a little sore (lots of bending and raking). 
Today, the old lady who lives to the South of us came to the door... picture her with me... OLD. Dark wrap around glasses, flowing flowered blouse, Blue coiffed hair, "walking stick", and heeled shoes. 
"Pauline" had asked me to trim her side of the hedge the other day, she'd offered $10. I said we'd do it for free, but she was coming to the door to pay for what we'd finished. 
I opened the door to let her in- when out of nowhere.... thump thump thump... giant thundering bunny comes running to great our guest.
"Pauline" gasps, looks down at thunderbun and says "is this your companion?"
I nod.
"Well, I guess people will do anything these days".

Public Service Announcement

When the information is left out for you to read for two weeks- and everyone around you knows you've read it.... It's polite to acknowledge it. ESPECIALLY if it effects other people directly.
After you've done it more than twice... I'm likely going to get pissed at you, hold a grudge and blog about it. 

chop chop

in celebration of the lock box coming off the front door (finally- I've had an open wound on my hand from whacking it going into the house) and the sale sign being removed.... we had a garden party last night.
wait.. no we didn't...
we attacked the garden, realizing that if the landlords hadn't bothered the entire time the house was on the market- they sure as heck weren't going to now that it was off the market.

Needless to say- it's nearly presentable.
Needless to say- the bushes can be seen past.
Needless to say- There is a HUGE pile of brush to be disposed of.
Needless to say- I'm covered in scratches.
FNT (Friendly Neighbour Tom) is the best thing EVER.

ummmm... I guess if I felt the need to write them down.... they weren't really "needless to say".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh small town.

I went to rent a movie the other day- apparently the little corner store a few blocks away has movies for .99
I go in, pick out my movie... and am told it costs $20.99. This confuses me. So I ask "why $20.99?" The lady replies "there is a deposit on the movie first". I ask her if I can buy a membership- or something- to avoid the cost, and she says no. So I ask if I have to pay the deposit every time I rent, or if it carries over forever and someday I get my deposit back... She laughs, and says "no, only deposit sometimes."
So I laugh.
Because I have NO FRIGGING CLUE what she means.
Then she says "sometime, no pay the deposit, I get to know your face."

And that my friends- is how things work in a small town.

Monday, August 11, 2008

awesome in 3s

1) someone googled "crossing rebel flags with bucks in the middle tattoos" and my blog was at the top of the list.

2) D: "it smells good in here, what did you have for supper?"
me: "Beets!"
Roomie 1:: "KFC"
Roomie 2:: "... Capt'n Crunch"

3) Don't want to jinx it, but the house is going off the market tomorrow. As in... TOMORROW. We will need to have a house warming party. And I will need to finish unpacking my stuff.

(4) 16 sleeps till Shelter Valley!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Part 3?

Another night of deception. 
And, as any good night of deception should be- this one was not planned to deceive anyone.

All week BabyKate and I have been looking forward to watching Romeo and Juliet in the park (bring your lawn chair type event). We knew that we'd be skipping the run... and so we made it extra special by eating lots of crap for dinner too. 'Cause, you know... that's a good idea.
Dinner was greasy and lovely, and we splashed on the bug spray before we walked to the park.
It's not a long walk to the park, but it's annoying to carry your chair there... 
Especially when you get more than halfway- and discover that Sunday the Ninth of August does NOT in fact exist. 
But that a good time was had by all on Saturday the Ninth of August.

oh! but we did get ice cream and hung out at the trailer... so all was not lost.

"the big smoke"

now... I didn't mean that.
(that's a link above)
Plans for an afternoon of Mojitos and Hot Tubbing are still in the works, we've just got to plot out an alternate route- the 401 is closed.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

one track mind

Ok, sometimes... I don't pay attention to what's going on around me while I'm doing something... I mean, I'm attentive- I'm just not good with details while I'm getting something done... Because I'm pretty focused on finishing it.
Case in point this evening::

I'm pretty sure the roommate is going to kick me out.

I started to shred paper for one of the worm bins. (Yes, I said bins... remember when I started one? and then the one turned into four? and now it's five?) Anyway, I'd just gotten a bucket of compost for one of the bins. I haven't been home much in the past two weeks, so the amount of organic matter (OM) has been minimal- and this new bin eats A LOT. So, I'd gotten a pile of compost, and I wanted to cover it with some extra shredded paper to cut down on the likelihood of fruit flies- So I started shredding and I had the bin in the kitchen with me so I could add water to the paper and pop it into the bin.
So that's what I did.
And then I realized that WHILE I'd been shredding, my roommate, whom I'd been chatting with while I worked, was making her sandwich- on the counter beside the bin.
The OPEN worm bin.
You know... the worm bin full of WORMS.
And I'd just plopped it there beside her sandwich and was working away, oblivious to the suddenly cold looks coming my way.
'Cause I'm a little slow that way.

For the record:: I noticed my error and was horrified by my own actions. 
Also for the record:: I always wipe the counter with disinfectant afterwards... so you can still come eat at my house.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Oh my.
The week is over.
My brain is on frazzle.
It's all been good- just haven't stopped to breathe yet.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Night on the Town

I spent the night in the smoke on Sunday.

I love going to the city for these little visits- I love the excitement and newness of it. I love the faces, the smells, the action, the heat, the sounds.. all mixing and thudding together into one big dance... till you find yourself in the middle of the floor, not knowing which way is up or out, and not even caring.

But I also like to come home.
Lazy afternoons at the bean.
Old friends reconnecting over a slow supper.
Picking food from the garden.
Tiny living?
or Tiny Town living?
Can you do both?

hear it?

The past three or four days have been increadible... in terms of one liners.
the only problem is... with my memory- I can't remember a blessed one of them.

but they made me laugh.

Bunday Monday on a tuesday

Ok, so last night I gave up after 4 attempts to upload a photo...
just thought I'd let you know.