Saturday, April 28, 2007

breaking news

so at karaoke I'd always get frustrated with the song "walkin in Memphis" I thought it was a spelling error when the line "walkin' with my feet ten feet off the Beale" came up... "what the frig was a Beale?"
Thanks to this week's Couch Surfing Video, I now now that a Beale.. is not "A Beale" but rather..."The Beale".

It's a street.
Thank you once again Couch Surfers.
side note:: the title "war on them" doesn't refer to starting a war... it's more on fighting the reoccuring theme out there of it being an "us vs. them" sort of world... it's a fight against the idea of "them"

oh, by the way, I've got a new surfer coming next week. I think I may start Scrap booking my surfers... 3 in one year is awesome for a random town like the 'Burg. Anyone else out there getting any visitors?


So while the worms were drowning in my driveway yesterday morning, I dragged myself to my car... with the intent to drag myself to work....

Never before in my life I had a flat tire... So last week when my tire got a little soft and I actually had to go put air in it, I was a little nervous! One week later I was putting more air in it! horrible. And I don't want to buy a tire. (my new mantra)

SO, back to the drowning worms.

I walked to my car and the first thing I note:: my tire is not flat.
Thank you God!
I walk a little closer and the next thing I note:: there is hissing.
The rain drowning the worms is now pointing my ears to my tire... the rain drowning the worms is all over my tire....
The rain drowning the worms is now bubbling and hissing.... at a giant nail stuck in my tire.

It's ok... my mantra helped... it got patched last night.

Friday, April 27, 2007

little green friends

I have a few new friends... I'll be checking in on them on occasion. Just to see if they need anything.

In celebration of Earth Day this year my house group decided they were fed up with the garbage picking up that generally accounts for the participation of their peer group. They wanted something a little different, soooo the suggestion was to see if we could plant some trees.
GI Nette called up the town to search out some options and low and behold! The town was in need of a few good men (and women) armed with shovels!

So, an army of tree planters was formed, and we marched together to fight global warming (and soil erosion). By the time the rain came pouring down we'd planted a little over 125 trees and had decided that perhaps tree planting was a new way of life.. at least for a few of us....

I'll be stopping in every once in awhile to encourage my little trees to grow... everyone needs some lovin'.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

overheard in the 'burg

in the style of New York::

One liner Wednesday (but heard monday)
But aren't they the same thing?

guy telling his tale:: "I see church people"

overheard by- get me the commune

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

looking for entertainment?

so, If'n yer lookn' fer some good ent-e-tainment this here week...

head to this address

tomorrow night...

to listen to these guys

any questions?

Friday, April 20, 2007


I like it when I get enough sleep... I remember my dreams, and while they still aren't as vivid as the "f.p.b." dream after Togo.... well... they are entertaining.

Last night I was in a hotel room with a group of my friends... and there were four distinct piles of clothing from the previous day's wear. These piles were huge. I'm talking more than 8 articles of clothes per day. Who does that???? And the piles had started to run into each other as I'd been flinging them around looking for two missing pieces of clothes... Two VERY important pieces of clothes.. they were needed IMMEDIATELY, I had someplace to be! One small black shirt and a ... black mask???

Did I mention I was Batman?

The rest of the dream had me sitting out front of my Grandmother's house, opening walnuts and letting out the 6 miniature bugs. Did you know that if you open the walnut they grow? But if you leave them inside to get out on their own they stay small?

Ah... dreams.. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

got it all wrong...

So last week in a desperate attempt to bring on spring... I wore my flip flops... and it snowed.
This morning when I woke up the sun was shining, but having learned my lesson, I layered up and found the socks.

Should have worn my flip flops...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


ok.. feeling better, and, the "avoid the computer" experiment is over too. All is better with the world.

So much better... that I realise what I forgot to do... I forgot to write about the Hoot... Which is odd, because I'm pretty sure I blogged about it the MINUTE I got home last year... and talked about it incessantly afterwards... This year... it only got the incessant talk-up.

Hootenanny '07 was fantastic! A slightly different line up from last year, but with most of the old crew returning... missing was Oh Suzanna! and a few others.... but the addition of Jim Bryson made up for it....
So what the heck is the Hoot? Like the "good ol'days" music, groups of crazy people outdoing and joining in on each other's music, this is the best explanation I could find for what happened Good Friday night at the Lawless gallery...::

What: Carolyn Mark’s Western Hootenanny Revue. Why: It’s like an alt-country
Muppet Show hosted by a belligerent saloon mistress **

The music jumped and swayed, the people clapped and laughed.. there were kazoos of sorts.. there was yelling and stomping... there was a fawn, a gas mask, a circus, an eggplant, a drum, several guitars, mandolin, a saw, a bass... and people rotated from one to another in the fantastic dance known as the Hoot.

Sigh... 360 odd days to go till next year's.

**stolen from Urban Trendz Mag.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Dear blog....
I'm sick.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

oh those commercials... snort!

Ok, I love a good commercial. No, really, I LOVE a good commercial.
Catchy jingle? Witty hook line? Fantastic series?
I'm yours.
I lived for the new Brick commercials in the mid nineties.... I craved the Snapple Lady, I still rap out the 80's McDonald's ditty... (side note:: it was a compitition down in the states, they just gave us the song up here, also, I can't find any snapple lady commercials)

And now? I'm in love with the Mac guy (don't worry Dolly, you're safe).

But I realized I've got a bit of a problem.
Rather, I just realized - as I was talking with the Roomie about the way the MacBook prices have been coming down, that I have a big problem.

When I said;

I've been thinking about the MacBook for awhile now, but I'm afraid to get it because I'll have to relearn all the keys for Puzzle Pirates.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hang on in there...

So... are you still reading? Are you still checking?
yup... I've been blogging in my head.
I decided to see if I could take a break from the computer for a bit.... I decided that since the internet wasn't hooked up at work, this would be the perfect time to see if I could go more than a week without going online.
Did it work?
Why not?
I got phone calls.
Phone calls?
Phone calls.
From who?
All the people who regularly contact me by email.
So after one week, I've been online 4 times. 1 of those times was work related...
interesting eh?
I'm back...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

two is always better than one....

And I'm not talking bunnies, or hands....

I'm talking about nostrils.
How often do you have BOTH clear enough to get a steady flow of air thru them? ... At the SAME time I mean.... I'm taking a poll.
Do you have equally clear nostrils 90% of the time, or 1% of the time? Or do you sit somewhere in the middle? (This is on average over the course of life)

I'd have to say I'm a .5-1% of the time sort of gal. So imagine my surprise this morning, when after a rattling sort of schnoz for the first few minutes of the day was blown out to become two perfectly clear holes in my face allowing for maximum air intake... oh the BLISS. I was afraid to move... afraid to tilt my head for fear of it's premature disappearance... I sat... for a full 4 minutes and enjoyed my morning oxygen... then stood... and it was lost.

My nose is raw from trying to recapture that moment