Monday, August 16, 2010

putting up..

At the market on Saturday morning, I noticed that the orchard had brought along pears for sale. Know what that means?

My mouth is very excited to start canning.

Now, maybe this falls in the too much information category, but... While I was in the shower this morning, I decided to give a new razor a try. I'm the gal that buys the cheapy razors. None of the crazy fancy stuff, no way! Why would I want three blades when OBVIOUSLY one works just fine on it's own?

In my cheapy package last month, I found a free promotional giant 3 bladed pretty razor. I laughed when I found it and chucked it into the toiletries bin. It was overly girly, had a girly name on it... was CONTOURED to fit my hand, and looked shockingly like a woman's body. But today I gave it a try.

I'm in love.

I want to go rub my smooth as silk legs on every person I pass.


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Rabbits' Guy said...

If you can green beans I hope they are better than my Grandma's were --- blech!