Thursday, December 30, 2010


it's that time to start thinking about the coming year...

I generally make my year's resolutions on my birthday- as a matter of not wanting to fail, or not wanting others to see me fail. This year I forgot, so I'm in the same boat as everyone else, facing the new year with some new ideas and plans.

so, what are they going to be?

eat foods that are worth the calories. and enjoy them without guilt
play more music
write more music
play more of my music
find joy in all things
grow confidence, care less about what others think
be more honest with myself and others
have more face to face time with people
pace myself.


caitlin said...

Those are excellent resolutions, LBeee! I may steal them for myself.

I wish I could have face time with you!

L.Bo Marie said...

I'D love face time with you! I guess one of us should buy a plane?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Not in the show? Who do we have to go kill?

Yea - I'ld settle for just a couple of those!

Good luck.

I have heard it said that you would care a lot less about how little others think of you if you really knew how little they ever do think of you - or something like that.

L.Bo Marie said...

no no, no one to kill- just much better options out there.

I'll work on my ability to learn a song really quickly- That's defiantly my weak point in an audition. Or I should learn all the songs before going to an audition- it's my confidence (lack of) in a newly learned piece that kills me.