Saturday, March 02, 2013


So, back to the topic of FAI and it's goodness.

I've been hearing this name "New Country Rehab" for the past couple of months.. but hadn't had the time to check them out... and I didn't know anyone who'd seen them live.

When I saw how often they were playing on the schedule, I figured I could make it work at least once...  So I sat in on a session.... and then FOLLOWED them around from set to set... Yes, I know I promised myself I'd catch lots of new music... I figure I could have heard a lot more if I hadn't seen these boys play on Friday night.

Sitting in, I recognized all but one of them from other projects they've been working on over the past couple of years... one can not forget Ben Whitely and his giant smile... I felt like giggling thru most of their songs... he's my new favourite folk muppet... (that's right, move over David Gillis!) But then the steely gaze of their singer/fiddle player John Showman would bring me right back into the words... don't look that man in the eyes.. you'll lose your soul to the song.

Plain and simple, they're fun. They're HAVING fun. And they're supporting each other in a style that they all seem to enjoy playing...  I haven't given the album a listen yet, but here's a limited time link to stream it... Go see them live. They're just the right mix that soon you won't be able to catch them playing in a little local gig.

As I posted several times on Facebook last friday night... "NEW COUNTRY REHAB, that is all".

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