Friday, February 07, 2014

(A late) Thursday Confessional

This one is so so good.
I nearly posted it last Friday when it happened... then as is the case, things got a little busy and I forgot to take the time to type... Wait, that's not totally true- I started watching "go call the midwife" on Netflix and I stopped doing anything productive.

So, remember that time I bought a car and was so excited?  I'm still excited.

I was feeling a little down, when after having the car for just over a month... the windshield wiper fluid stopped pumping. I filled the darn reservoir thing, I even popped the hood and listened for the pump to turn on when I turned the wiper thingy.

It's obvious that I know a great deal about cars. I know how to pop the hood, I know how to fill the reservoir, and I know that the thing that you turn to make the wipers work is called a "thingy".

The pump wouldn't turn on. The one for the back window would, and I'd watch with glee as the fluid would spray the back window... totally useless though as it's a wet snowy winter here and the FRONT window is what I need to keep clear.

I spent a week throwing snow on the windshield every time I stopped (so it would melt and I could clear the window), then I just got in the habit of pulling over at every service centre and wiping the window at the pump. I even drove to the city with Manda and Jen for our vacation... and pulled into random service centres along the way.

I bit the bullet and decided that I was going to take the car in last Friday to get looked at. I had a few errands to run with a friend first, one of which was a fill up at the pumps...  Friend asks me what my milage is like in town... and I realize I've only kept track when I've gone on the highway, so I reach over to reset the trip ticker... and knock the windshield wiper thingy with my arm... setting off the wipers in a full glory show of wiper spray and clean windows...

In this new car, I'm suppose to pull the thingy, not turn it.

So when I first got the car I knew how to work it... and then forgot after a month... and then spent FOUR WEEKS not knowing how to operate my car and being too slow to get it looked at.

Have I mentioned the manual is in french?

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