Thursday, June 18, 2020

(june 17, 2004)

This year my blog is old enough to get its driver's license.  Sixteen years of digital records.   

When I started it, it was a place to put my travel adventures as I got ready to head to Togo, West Africa.  A few years before I had traveled to East Africa and done a series of newsletters-all in the time before things like mail chimp existed to sort and send bulk messages... half the messages would bounce back, and it being 2001 at the time, my hotmail account would have a hissyfit and stop functioning.  I figured that on this trip, I'd save myself some grief and let folks come to me if they wanted to know what was happening. 

Writing has always been a thing for me, I started journaling in grade five after reading Anne Frank, "what if this becomes the only living record of the greatest upcoming world tragedy?"  
I literally wrote 14 full journals about boys and horses and really vanilla teen drama between the ages of 12 and 18. 
Very useful.

But, here we are. 
My style continues to change, things that are important to me continue to change. I edit out most of the stuff about boys and horses (now bees) and drama.
The most constant thing in my entire life. 
I'm thankful for it. 

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