Tuesday, June 02, 2009

um... editors?

ok. best part of my day by far.
I have to submit some advertising for a car wash we're hosting as a fund raiser for the "AKTION" Club. The "AKTION" club is a service group thru work that I help to run- hosted in part by the local Kiwanis Club...

So, I like to use the interwebs.. and tried to submit my little blurb via the online version of our community newspaper. ("community newspaper" to be a topic for another day)
I clicked on the tab... and was brought to an error page.

and I just sat and giggled.

An error occured while processing the request.

Please help improve the website by telling us how did this error occured

Your Name
Your Email
Your Phone (optional)

giggled at the spelling and grammar... and wished I worked for a newspaper too.


The Bunns said...

No you don't ... trust me. Sometimes it is good to work for places that really don't need a lot of help ...

Unknown said...

You could've sent me something and I would've posted it. Same thing with any upcoming events.

L.Bo Marie said...

Nview, it was the spelling errors that made my day.
I'm sick that way.

I'll totally send you info the next time! Thanks :)