Sunday, August 11, 2013

it's the feet... and the claw thingies

I'm standing in my bathtub having a shower.. and trying desperately not to cry.

When it's summer, I treat my hair like it's curly, when it's winter I treat it like it's straight. What does that mean?  Winter is filled with combing and brushing and washing my hair nearly daily- zero humidity calls for it. But in the glorious summer? ah yes, my hair goes free. I only brush it when I wash it, if I wash it. curls like to be free.

Today was a hair washing day.

I dunked my hair under the spray of the water and the smell of a campfire from 2 nights ago was recharged and released ... I love that. I grabbed the brush and fought the good fight (and won). I threw the dead cat's worth of hair that I'd combed out into the trash... and looked down... and that's when I saw it circling the drain...

an earwig.

there had been a freakin' dead earwig in my HAIR.

So. I'm standing in my bathtub having a shower... and trying desperately not to cry.


Account Closed said...

Oh no. All that protein lost.

Jkimmett said...

LMAO!! Thanks for the laugh this morning. I do the same thing with my daughter's hair, in the summer I only brush it when she showers. I hope I don't find dead critters in her hair. hahaha.