Wednesday, January 01, 2014

just a wee lad

The year is still so young.
How come it feels like eons since last night?

So, resolutions. You got em?

This year I resolve to:

-Enjoy the things I enjoy. as guilt free as possible.
-Try to speak up better on my own behalf.
-Figure out a way to make life financially feasible *

*note: I'm getting by just fine, and my financial adviser says that when I retire I'll actually be better off than I am now.  Maybe what I mean is, I want to find a healthy balance that doesn't leave me worrying.... ok... leading to...

-Worry less.
-Make out big time on New Year's eve 2015 with some handsome devil.

Maybe I need to think of these as intentions again, instead of resolutions. If only to lessen the pressure. Last time I was successful at a "resolution" was 5 years ago when I resolved to "eat more cheese". I've never been so successful with something as I was that year.

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