Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New things

A new year.
This was my 5th collage party. A night of beauty all around me. Beautiful people, amazing creations. 

I missed last year's party, but last year I was with 4 lovely women at the cottage... that was a beautiful time... so it didn't feel like I was "missing" anything.

This year I just didn't feel creative.  I came with a plan for one project, then sort of gave up after I halfheartedly finished it.
Every year I struggle to create something, and every year there's something not quite right with my results. .. not that there's a right or wrong where art is concerned, but I shouldn't be forcing it. I was missing the ladies from the cottage. Women who mean the world to me, but who can't be a part of this community for reasons I don't understand.

So. I'm starting the year off "meh".
It can only turn around from here right?
I believe the phrase has been "duck you 2013". Or something not so censored.

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