Monday, April 28, 2014


Last night I had a nightmare that I had a spider crawling across my face, I woke up to find my nose dripping, no... running, across my face.

A stream of snot from my nose to behind my ear.

I have never had allergies like this before.

I haven't tasted anything in weeks.

I caved out of desperation.
I bought a neti pot.

I've heard amazing things about them, promises that my sinuses would be flushed clear, reduced allergy symptoms.

Um. Yeah... once.
I've gotten it to work once.
One time the water has gone into my sinus and run out my other nostril.
One time only.
My sinuses are so plugged that the water can't even get into my sinuses.

I bought my fourth box of Kleenex this month. The month isn't over yet.

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Heather said...

Are you against allergy medicine? They have drugs for these things... :-)