Friday, May 02, 2014

Air waves

There's been some talk between myself and a dear friend about the possibility of starting our own radio program. Have I mentioned this before?

Mostly it would be hilarious, and when we tell people about the idea, they seem to agree that it would be awesome and they would even tune in.

Our town started it's own radio station. All volunteers,  it reminds me of a university or college radio station.  You never know what you're going to hear. One guy will make a comment about the weather... while not actually having looked outside all day or even glanced at a forecast.

Or someone will put the programming to "random" and you'll end up listening to a 60's piece, Aengus, then some serious opera, then a cowboy tune, then the Killers all in a row.
I text Aengus every time they play him.... because, why not?

Tonight I was singing along to "does your chewing gum loose it's flavour on the bed post overnight"  then "footloose" while we drove back from IKEA in the work van.

I tried to explain to my coworker about the station, how sometimes it's on random, and sometimes it's loosely connected... but when I got home tonight the Dj just... um... nailed it?

"I've got a run of ten songs coming up next... and they've all got one thing in common... it's a loose thread but they all have one tiny syllable in common... they all have one syllable names!"
"First up, a tune by "Ben Fold's Five"....

I was already laughing when the song started, so I still don't know if the dj swore on air because he realized his clever tie-in was ruined with the first song, or because the band dropped the F bomb in the second line.

I love radio.

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