Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Witness to a crime

I love a late night walk.
I've seen the entirety of town beneath the streetlights.
Friends from less safe cities shudder at the thought of walking the streets after midnight. They worry.
A few weeks ago, not too late...  I was walking the town, bratty dog at my side,  when I was witness to a crime.
Sort of.
Standing outside the store was a young man in a hoodie. Hoodie up, face covered by shadows, smoking. He threw the butt on the ground, glanced over his shoulder and scurried in the shop door. It was weird. Nearly midnight on a friday. There were no cleaning vans parked nearby.
I looked closer, there were more figures lurking about in the store's shadows!
I slowed our pace. I didn't know what to do... do I call the cops? Do I call one of the store's employees? I tried to take a closer look.
There was something.. off. I mean, I try not to categorize people, I try not to think in terms of stereotypes... but one of the guys looked suspiciously like the guy from the computer store... and one looked like the guy from a rival trivia team who works at a local internet provider... one was drinking a bottle of pop. These guys were more geek than hoodlum.
But why were they lurking around in the dark in a bookstore?
I watched for a little while and decided that they probably weren't stealing things, or at least they weren't causing damage.
The next morning I mentioned what I'd seen to one of the store's employees.
Did you know there's Dungeons and Dragons group that meets on friday nights at the bookstore?
*edit to add: or maybe it's "magic, the gathering" *  

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Heather said...

HAH! Too funny!