Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall ... down

I've got my autumnal cold.

Now I'm at the BORED OUT OF MY MIND part. I can't imagine how I'd be if I'd stayed home in bed the whole weekend... I ventured out a few times for an hour or two...

This morning I went for a walk at the harbour... It's getting pretty empty... I turn to a friend and say "do you think they take them out of the water, or do you think that those were all visitors that have left?" ... they laugh... and then I see the sailboats lined up on the pier waiting for the trailers to come take them to storage.

In my defense, there was a tall yacht blocking my view of the pier.

Then a massive salmon launched itself out of the water (twice!) chasing a bug... saved by the splash.

Random thought- I'm actually missing the gardening job this week. Not just the extra money, but the excuse for being outside, and the clients... I really miss one of the families we worked for.

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